Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 604 – Even if it takes my last breath (4)

Alberu Crossman.

Ron and Beacrox of the Molan Household.

Mercenary King Bud Illis.

On and Hong.

“We’re going invisible!”

Finally, Raon.

This was the list of people infiltrating the sinkhole with Alberu.

“Wow, Raon-nim, you truly are amazing.”

Bud was amazed as he watched the black mana surrounding all of them.

They were now invisible and other people could not see them.

“I am great and mighty so I was able to upgrade my invisibility magic so that people in our group would still be able to see each other! Something like this is just basics for me now! Of course, I don’t expect our human to praise me and give me an allowance once he returns!”

Raon shouted before surrounding the now invisible group with wind magic.

Bud blurted out in amazement while watching everybody quickly and stealthily descend.

“Being able to use magic truly makes things easier.”
“Our human told me something! He said to use things that make life easier! Those were some cool words! I really want to see the human!”

Hong and On responded to Raon’s shouts.

“I want to see him too, nya.”
“We’re going to see him for the first time in a long while, nya!”

Raon’s chubby cheeks twitched after hearing On’s words while Hong’s round eyes were starting to sparkle.

Bud looked at the three of them with pity before cautiously starting to speak.

“But we… Won’t get caught, right?”

Bud received Beacrox’s cold gaze at that moment.

“We will not get caught. The Molan household does not get caught.”
“…Ah… Of course.”

Bud awkwardly responded to Beacrox’s cold, no, completely frigid voice.

‘As expected of the Molan household. He truly is vicious.’


Bud heard someone scoff at that moment.

Bud turned his head toward the voice and saw Ron.

He flinched after seeing Ron who was laughing while touching a small dagger that seemed extremely dangerous.

‘…The father is even more vicious.’

Ron started to speak to the Mercenary King who was looking at him, regardless of whatever thought was on Bud’s mind.

“Nobody will notice us until we get to our destination. Isn’t that right, your highness?”
“That’s right.”

Alberu was still looking at the different floors of the Endable Kingdom.

As they continued to pass floor by floor… He nonchalantly continued to speak while they headed down.

“There’s a unique existence here that could make it so that the Endable Kingdom won’t care about us at all.”
“…What do you mea-”

Bud suddenly got chills on his back.

It was at that moment.

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang!

Loud explosions started to shake the Endable Kingdom.

“It is starting.”

Ron started to look at something.

He was looking toward the source of the explosion.

There were radiant golden rays of light shooting upward as if they were stars floating close to the ground.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang! Bang!

The golden dust shot up, exploded, and roared.

“It’s Goldie gramps!”

Raon subconsciously clapped his front paws together as he looked toward the golden dust with joy.


Bud finally realized the unique existence that Alberu was talking about.


A strong enemy that the White Star could not ignore had been quietly waiting inside the Endable Kingdom this whole time.

Alberu looked at the golden dust as he recalled a conversation he had with Eruhaben.

‘Eruhaben-nim, isn’t it difficult?’

‘Haha. Are you worried about me right now?’

Eruhaben had been quietly laying low because he could not use teleportation magic once Cale’s test had started. He had laughed while responding to Alberu who was asking about his situation.

‘This isn’t very hard compared to the things I’ve had to deal with in my 1,000 years of life as a Dragon.’

Deputy Chief Priest Cotton. The resting place created by the God of War’s priestess was safe.

There had been endless attacks from the outside, but as long as this resting place was safe… It wouldn’t be much of an issue for Eruhaben.

‘In order to survive, you need to know how to recover and rest properly in the middle of war and chaos.’

That recovery and rest would become strong weapons to protect yourself and others during the important moments.

Eruhaben had been resting and recovering his strength while worrying about Cale and the children.

It was because he knew that the time would come to use his strength.

Eruhaben had said the following to Alberu.

‘The God of War’s resting place is a great place to relax.’

The only issue was that the resting place would only last for about three months.

‘It was about to run out of time.’

Alberu recalled how Eruhaben had a cold expression on his face while leisurely laughing.

‘I will cause quite the chaos as you asked.’

That was what he had said in the past.

And now…

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang!

That chaos was full of bright radiant golden light.

The fluttering golden dust particles were symbols of Eruhaben doing as he pleased.

Alberu thought about someone as he saw that golden light.

“That ghost-like bastard.”

The person he was thinking about was Cale.

He recalled the long message Cale had written on his, no, the tiger’s back.

It was after he had discussed fighting together.

It had been an extremely long letter.

When Eruhaben had told him he would cause quite the chaos, Alberu had mentioned a portion of that letter. It was something that Cale said he must tell Eruhaben.

‘Eruhaben-nim. There was something Cale said you must make sure you do.’

‘What is it?’

‘You must survive.’

Alberu had been able to see the shock on Eruhaben’s face.


Alberu realized that something was up with Eruhaben after hearing him asking back in shock.

That was why he shared Cale’s will in an even more stern voice.

‘That is what Cale told me. He said that that was the only way for him to survive.’

‘…What does my survival have to do with that punk’s life-’

‘He said that the entire plan would fail and he would die if you lost your life, Eruhaben-nim.’


‘It’s the truth.’

Eruhaben just closed his mouth.

Alberu had continued to speak while looking at Eruhaben.

‘Cale Henituse is not the type of person who would lie about such a thing.’

Eruhaben’s silence was his way of agreeing with Alberu.

The Cale Henituse he knew would not say things like that for no reason.

‘Eruhaben-nim. The goal of this mission is for nobody to die. Do you understand, sir?’

The ancient Dragon had soon responded.

‘Ha, hahaha-’

The ancient Dragon had laughed for a while before smiling and nodding his head.

‘Yeah. I will only use my strength to the point I will not die.’

‘Yes, sir. He said that you cannot be close to death either.’

Eruhaben had started to frown.

‘Close to death? My goodness. That unlucky bastard has no problem saying such disrespectful things to a Dragon.’

‘That punk does like to do that.’

‘I guess he wouldn’t be Cale Henituse if he didn’t.’

Alberu had thought that Eruhaben seemed happier than ever before through the video communication device screen.

‘Anyway, I got it.’

Eruhaben agreed to do as Cale asked and he was now moving those words into action.

“…But it is still too early to relax.”

Alberu’s eyes sank coldly behind the helmet.

He could now see the white castle that was the center of the Endable Kingdom.

They would soon land in the central region of the Endable Kingdom.

“We will be as quiet as possible from here on.”

But he was the first to be unable to do what he just said.


He heard an explosion.


Alberu’s gaze started to move.

Crackle! Crack!

The 8 sculptures that seemed to be in the shape of the unranked monsters…

The underground area he presumed they were located…

The area where the black orb that had captured Cale Henituse was located…

The ground right above that underground area was starting to crack.

Craaaaaaaaack, craaaaaack-

That crack was completely visible even in the dark and was quite large.

“Raon-nim! Please increase the speed!”

‘I got it, crown prince!”

Alberu’s body quickly started to head toward the cracking area.

There were many people already there.

“It’s the White Star!”

Raon shouted as Alberu started to frown underneath the helmet.


The ground had crumbled.

Something black then shot up from underneath.

“I, it’s our human!”

Raon’s eyes opened wide in shock.

Inside the half-transparent black orb…

Cale was weakly lying inside it.

He couldn’t even tell if Cale was breathing.

Once the ground crumbled and the underground area appeared…

“T, they’re all attacking o, our human!”

Numerous black mages were launching attack magic toward the black orb.

They seemed to be trying to destroy the black orb at all costs.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The black orb with Cale inside was shaking every time it was hit.

There were no cracks nor even scratches on it, but it wouldn’t be weird if it broke at any moment.

Cale Henituse’s body inside the orb was shaking left and right from the aftershock of the attacks.

“I will destroy them. I, I will destroy them all!”
“I’m going to destroy them too, nya!”

Raon and Hong subconsciously raised their voices.

“It’s okay. Calm down. We can’t raise our voices, nya.”

The two children shut up after hearing On’s comment.

They then looked toward Alberu.

Alberu was looking at the center of the enemies.

‘…The White Star.’

The White Star was standing there with his white mask that covered half his face as he quietly observed the black orb.

A large number of his subordinates were next to him.

There were others in addition to the black mages who looked ready to attack the black orb at any moment.

“Your highness, it doesn’t seem as if that many of them went to handle Eruhaben-nim.”

Ron’s voice was calm and gentle.

It seemed as if the majority of the enemies had remained here even though Eruhaben was causing a mess.

‘That means that the White Star is focusing everything he has to destroy that black orb.’

That was probably why he made it possible for magic to be used again.

That was probably why he was willing to risk being attacked from the outside.

Alberu started to speak.

“What about the Chief Priest?”

Alberu recalled how Cale had written for him to be wary of the Chief Priest.

‘Hyung-nim, the Chief Priest might try to call forth the unranked monsters.’

He could not let that happen.

At least not in the current situation.

Beacrox pulled out his greatsword and started to speak.

“He is in the front.”

Alberu nonchalantly commented.

“Fuck that bastard up first.”

Bud smiled and mischievously shrugged his shoulders.

“Wow. I love your choice of words, your highness.”

It was at that moment.


The White Star shouted and people holding bows aimed their arrows toward the black orb.

The White Star reached his hand out.

‘The sealed god said so. He said to do as I please.’

He had wanted to destroy this black orb from the beginning.

However, as the sealed god’s contractor, he had to be wary of the god’s reaction and had only launched weak attacks toward the black orb while observing it.

‘I still need the sealed god for now.’

He had a lot of things to eat up while using that god.

There was something he needed to steal from a god in the end.

‘That’s why I couldn’t let Cale Henituse become a contractor like me no matter what.’

But the sealed god finally told him.

He said to do as the White Star pleased.

That meant that he could kill Cale Henituse.

He would definitely kill him.

The White Star shouted.

“Archers and black mages. Attack!”

Numerous magic attacks struck the black orb.

Numerous arrows tried to destroy the black orb.


The moment they heard an explosion that was much louder than the others…

As the citizens of the Endable Kingdom who had been quietly laying low for the past few months were shaking in fear inside their homes while holding their breaths…


The White Star held the crackling fire sword in his hand.

“I will kill him.”

He would destroy the black orb and kill Cale Henituse.


However, the White Star, Cale Barrow, soon started to laugh.


Some of his subordinates started to shout.

“That is……?!”
“…A silver shield……!”

Once the dust from the explosion disappeared from the black orb…

They could all see a silver shield that was completely surrounding the orb.

The White Star frowned for a moment before he started to smile and shout.

“You’re here!”

The White Star could now see Alberu and the others who were no longer invisible.

The White Star was happy to see the enemies he had expected to appear.

He was going to kill all of them this time.

Alberu, who had been watching the White Star, started to speak.

“Look at you laughing like a fucking buffoon.”

Alberu started to speak to On and Hong, who were on his shoulders now, while Bud stood there in shock of the crown prince’s choice of words once again.

“I leave it to you guys.”
“Meeeeeeeeeeow! I got it, nya!”
“Yes, sir.”

As Hong and On jumped off his shoulders…

“Fog! Dodge!”
“Ugh! Poison, it must be Cale Henituse’s Cats!”

Fog and poison.

The combination of the two attacked the enemies.

“Get started.”

Bud, Ron, and Beacrox headed towards the ground after Alberu gave the signal.

On and Hong were controlling their poisonous fog so that the three of them wouldn’t be affected.

“I’m heading toward the black orb!”

Raon headed to his position on his own. Raon’s magic would be the strongest shield to protect Cale.

Alberu watched as everybody headed for their positions.

He then reached his hand up into the air.


– Yes, Alberu Crossman-nim.

A white spear appeared in thin air and ended up in Alberu’s hand.

– The Unbreakable Spear’s first battle. Congratulations on using it for the first time.

The spear knight in black armor headed toward the center of the battlefield, toward the White Star.

* * *

“Hey, are you okay?”

Choi Jung Soo quickly supported Cale who was coughing up blood.

Cale, who barely managed to avoid falling to the ground, clenched the Steel Feather Hawk’s feathers as he started to speak.

“…This isn’t enough.”

Cale’s eyes were looking at Choi Han’s black aura.


There was a loud explosion but the yellow head was still standing firm once the dust settled.


The monster had many small injuries covering its body, but its roar shook the area around them as it opened its jaw.

Its sharp fangs were revealed.

Drip. Drip.

The poison that should have been the blue head’s ability was dripping to the ground.

“…It became way too strong.”

Lee Soo Hyuk’s gaze sunk down as he charged toward the monster.

Choi Han, who had just launched an attack, was charging toward it once again as well.

“Prepare to attack!”

The long-distance attack squad on the castle walls was supporting the vanguard attack squad as well.

But Heo Sook Ja, the leader of the long-distance attack team, started to mumble.

“…It’s not enough. We need something big, we need a strong attack.”

They needed something to make the yellow head instantly stop in its tracks.

They needed a strong attack that would give them the opening to launch everything they had.

The person who was watching this from up in the sky knew that that was the case as well.


Cale wiped the blood away from his mouth as he made a comment.

“Looks like I need to fight too.”

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