Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 598 – Look at the back of the person standing in the front (3)

Inside the dark subway tunnel…

The rose gold light that was as red as blood flowed out in all directions.


The loud noise that sounded as if the entire tunnel would crumble shook the surrounding area.


Kim Kang Hoon subconsciously took a few steps back.

His eyes were in pain from the sudden bright light.

He could not hide his shock.

“…Such strength-!”

‘He had such strength?’

He had heard a lot of people talk about Kim Rok Soo’s strength, but it was completely different seeing it in person.

‘He has foresight and a thunderbolt like this-!’

Kim Kang Hoon heard Lee Seung Won, who was on his back, start to speak at that moment.

“That’s not all.”
“There’s more.”

He could only gasp in shock as he stepped farther back.

It was at that moment.


He gasped once more.

As the rose gold light disappeared…

“…I guess it is an unranked monster even when it is split into two!”

The blue headed monster that had curled up its body could be seen.

Bae Puh Rum shouted as well.

“There aren’t any injuries!”

He recalled what Cale had said.

‘This Electric Eel has scales. They’re so strong that most attacks won’t even leave a scratch.’

He had also said something else.

‘That is why we need rescue team leader Lee Soo Hyuk.’

Bae Puh Rum looked toward the spot where the rose gold light had disappeared.

In the short opening created when the blue head that was curled up slowly raised its head…

He could see Lee Soo Hyuk running toward that opening.

‘The blue head will curl up and protect itself with its scales when I attack.’

That was their chance.

‘Leader Lee Soo Hyuk will definitely create an opening.’

Kim Rok Soo’s voice echoed on his mind.

At that moment…

“How disappointing.”

Lee Soo Hyuk and the blue monster’s eyes met.


The corners of Lee Soo Hyuk’s lips started to go up.

“I was planning on chopping off your poisonous fangs first, but I guess I’ll just have to put that off until later.”

His sword then slashed sideways.

Kim Min Ah started to speak while standing next to Bae Puh Rum.

“There’s no noise.”

The sword was swung.

However, there was no noise at all.

Joo Ho-Shik started to frown.

“…Is he cutting the wind as well?”

There wasn’t a black aura like Choi Han.

It wasn’t like Kim Min Ah’s attack that caused a gust of wind or an earthquake due to its strength.

A fancy rose gold light or a shield did not appear as with Cale.

All he did was silently swing his sword sideways.

But Cale could see the drops of sweat gathering on Lee Soo Hyuk’s forehead.

Lee Soo Hyuk gave everything he had to this silent action.

His sword, his attribute, activated its powers stronger than ever before in response to Lee Soo Hyuk giving it his all.


These scales that Cale wouldn’t have been able to damage even if he used any or all of his current half-powered ancient powers together…

A portion of those scales was slashed.


The tender skin underneath the damaged scales was cut open and blue blood shot out.

Compared to this large and long body…

This small injury was extremely small.

It was only about half the size of an adult woman’s palm.

The reason that people were able to survive the attack of the first unranked monster in the past…

It had a lot to do with Lee Soo Hyuk’s power.


Lee Soo Hyuk stumbled and knelt down after creating that opening.

“You worked hard, sir.”
“…You’re speaking respectfully again?”

Cale supported Lee Soo Hyuk from behind.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s back was completely drenched in sweat.

At that moment…


The blue monster that had never expected a sword to cause it an injury screamed and raised its body.

Blood dripped down from the cut, but the monster was so angry that it did not care.

They could feel the monster preparing to release its powers in anger.

“…It truly is no joke as you mentioned. I could only cause that small injury while using this much of my strength.”

Lee Soo Hyuk scoffed before using his sword as support to stand up.

He had won most fights in the end until now.

But he felt something while looking at this unranked monster.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to defeat this monster if I wasn’t prepared.’

And if he had tried to carry the weight of everything on his own…

Not only would he have had to use all of his strength, but he would also have had to put his life on the line.

‘But not now.’

He had created an opening.

‘Now then, next!’

It was someone else’s turn now.

Lee Soo Hyuk felt Cale pushing him back down and started to speak.

“Park Jin Tae!”

The opening.

The opening that was half the size of a cheek.

It looked small, but it was quite large for a certain someone.

Especially since that person was Park Jin Tae who had a gun in his hand.


Park Jin Tae let out a deep breath.

The barrel of his gun had already been pointed at the opening from the moment Lee Soo Hyuk had slashed it open.


The moment the blue head noticed Park Jin Tae…

“You’re too late.”

Park Jin Tae had already pulled the trigger.

Tang! Tang!

Two bullets shot out in succession.


The blue head tried to twist its body to dodge the things it would have normally scoffed at that were flying toward it.

But it wasn’t easy.

This subway tunnel only left a bit of open space for a monster of its size.

Choosing to split into two and make itself weaker for stealthy movement…

Choosing to go through this narrow tunnel…

When those things became an obstacle for the monster…


One bullet hit the wall of the subway tunnel and exploded.

As for the remaining bullet…



It pierced into the monster’s injury and exploded.

The exposed skin without any protection was no longer gushing out blue blood. Once the explosion happened, the injury opened farther and it started bleeding black.

“Screeeeeeech! Roooooooooooooar!”

The monster twisted its body in pain.

But even that was not easy in this narrow tunnel.

There were still many hunters left.

“I’m going.”

A person reported to Cale before darting forward toward the blue head.

It was Kim Min Ah.

Her eyes were focused on the flailing blue monster’s body.

‘Your accuracy still needs work.’

Kim Rok Soo had said that to Kim Min Ah after their few days of training had come to an end.

‘But I won’t tell you the direction this time. You need to aim on your own.’

‘Will that be okay?’

‘Of course.’

Kim Min Ah could feel the wind that was surrounding her body as she moved forward.

This wind belonged to Kim Rok Soo, who was paler now after using the rose gold thunderbolt.

Kim Rok Soo had added the wind for her, but it was up to Kim Min Ah to decide how the wind would move.

‘Your strength is the greatest.’

She swung a spear.

‘You should be able to pierce through it even without perfect aim as long as even a bit of it touches that injury.’

‘You don’t need me to hit it perfectly?’

‘Well, you’ve worked hard the last few days. It should work since you trained hard.’

She had trained hard.

She had trained a lot as well.

She couldn’t recall how much sweat she had shed in the training ground with Bae Puh Rum.

She clenched her hand.


The spear cracked a little under the pressure of her strength.

She was not using the weapon she usually summoned.

That was why it now had a crack.

The blue head twisted its body in order to dodge the spear.

Her spear did not manage to reach the opening on the blue-headed monster’s wound.

Not yet.


“Ugh! You should know that I’m here too! I can’t let our Min Ah’s attack end up missing.”

Bae Puh Rum was surrounded by the wind as he slammed into the blue head.

That made the monster return to its original position.

They had planned for Bae Puh Rum to do this.

The monster’s injury ended up being located exactly where Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum had planned.

“Bae Puh Rum, good job.”

Thanks to him, her spear ended up landing on target.


She heard it crack.


Kim Kang Hoon gasped.

“I knew it! I knew they could do it!”

Lee Seung Won was cheering.

The injury caused by Lee Soo Hyuk and expanded by Park Jin Tae…

There was a steel spear that was somewhat crushed from Kim Min Ah’s Herculean Strength stabbed into that spot.

Kim Min Ah had stabbed the spear into the monster’s body, all the way down to its bones.

“Huuuuuu, huuuuuu.”

Although it was only half of the monster, it still took a lot of strength to stab an unranked monster with enough force to pierce a weapon into its bone.


Kim Min Ah continued to breathe heavily.

Kim Kang Hoon’s eyes opened wide at that moment and he started to shout.

“Huh? Huh? Dodge!”

The monster glared at Kim Min Ah and charged toward her.


There were two large fangs visible in its open mouth.

Those fangs were dripping black liquids and looked ready to pierce right through her.

“It’s okay.”

The moment Kim Kang Hoon heard Lee Seung Won’s confident voice…

“Did I do well?”

Bae Puh Rum quickly flew over, hugged her, and retreated.

This area might be narrow for the monster, but it was wide for humans, allowing him to quickly move around.

“Yes. You did well.”

Kim Min Ah patted Bae Puh Rum’s head and then looked toward Kim Rok Soo.

“\Good job.

Kim Min Ah started to smile once she saw Cale’s mouth form what seemed to be those words.

Cale smiled as well.

The steel spear stabbed into the blue head’s body…

And the fact that the blue head’s ability was water…

“Why aren’t you using your ability?”

The blue head glared at Cale.

It realized that the leader and the person who would land the final attack was Cale.

Lee Soo Hyuk started to mumble while looking at the blue monster that was glaring at Cale.

“Steel and water. It should work properly this time.”

Crackle. Crack.

“Kim Rok Soo’s thunderbolt should work.”

Cale’s entire body was surrounded by rose gold thunderbolts once again.

A person next to Cale clasped his hands together.

“I have faith.”

It was Joo Ho-Shik.

“I have faith that the Commander-nim’s thunderbolt will follow the spear into that monster’s body and make that bastard perish!”

His gaze and his faith headed toward Cale.

“I have faith!”


The rose gold light became even stronger.

Cale felt the power of the Fire of Destruction with his entire body as he started to think.

‘…I will give it my best.’

Cale decided to use as much strength as he could possibly use in the present situation.

He needed to do that this time.

‘The yellow head……!’

There was one more bastard to take down.

Choi Han and the others should be holding that bastard back right now.

This group needed to quickly meet up with them over there.

Cale noticed the blue head look somewhere at that moment.

He opened his mouth to speak.


The blue head had already changed directions by the time he had shouted.

The blue head headed for the ceiling of the subway tunnel.

The others started to run toward the blue head at the same time.

“We were expecting that!”
“Bae Puh Rum, shut up and attack!”

Bae Puh Rum and Kim Min Ah recalled what Cale had said.

‘If it keeps being attacked and is placed in a dangerous situation, the monster will try to get out of the tunnel and head above ground.’

The two of them had wondered if that would be bad.


‘But it doesn’t matter.’

Cale picked up the walkie-talkie and started to speak.

“Please get it ready.”
– Yes, sir. I got it.

Jo Min Yeh would be up there even if the blue head managed to make it out.

Jo Min Yeh, the spider web fisherwoman.

The spider web she casts was a thicker web than anything in the world.

Even if the blue head managed to make a hole in the ceiling, Jo Min Yeh’s spider web would be waiting for it.

That was why Cale had said the following to the others.

‘Once the blue head is flustered because of the spider web…
I will kill it.’


Cale headed toward the blue monster that was pushing its head into the ceiling.

‘It’s possible.’

It was possible to hunt them one by one without having anybody die.

Cale had that thought and channeled even more of his Fire of Destruction into his hands.

“I have faith!”

Joo Ho-Shik shouted and the others prepared to attack to support Cale.

“I’ll slash off one of the poisonous fangs for now.”

He heard Lee Soo Hyuk next to him.


Cale started to laugh after hearing that even though he was extremely tense.

“If you have time to say that- mm?”

It was at that moment.


Cale saw something.

“Our dear Commander Rok Soo. What’s wrong?”

Lee Soo Hyuk found Cale’s reaction odd and looked at him before turning toward where Cale was looking.

He then saw it.

“A horn?”

There was a horn coming out of the blue head’s forehead.

He then had a thought.

‘Rok Soo never mentioned a horn?’

He had not heard about a horn at all.

Lee Soo Hyuk quickly started to turn toward Cale after realizing that.

Lee Soo Hyuk was the only one who could hear Cale’s quiet mumbling.

“…It’s different than the record.”


Lee Soo Hyuk’s gaze was focused on Cale.

However, Cale had no time to pay any attention to Lee Soo Hyuk.

It was because something else he had not expected had happened as well.


There was a sharp noise coming through the walkie-talkie.

‘An emergency signal!’

This was the noise for when there was an urgent situation.

Cale turned on the walkie-talkie and heard Choi Han’s voice.

– Rok Soo hyung! It has one more ability!

Lee Soo Hyuk started to frown in shock.

On the other hand, Cale’s gaze started to sink.

‘I knew it-’

Why had Cale continued to be tense while preparing to fight this unranked monster when his record should have had all the information?

Why had Cale gathered as many people as possible even though his record told him all of the monster’s weaknesses?

It was because of a simple reason.

‘The record’s blind spot.’

There were times his record did not have all the facts.

‘Just like what happened right now.’

The appearance of the first unranked monster.

All of the records he had about this incident were based on the memories of the survivors because it was before the new system had been created.

In that case…

Couldn’t their memories have been wrong?


‘It’s possible that they did not see all of the monster’s abilities.’

Wasn’t it possible the monster had more abilities than they had seen?

The battle against the first unranked monster had been when most people had not properly developed their abilities to their fullest extent.

Their judgments and experience were lacking compared to the future as well.

There could be missing variables in his record.

Bang! Bang!

The now horned blue head slammed its horn into the ceiling.

Craaaaaaack. Craaaaaaack.

The ceiling slowly started to crack.

But it did not matter. Jo Min Yeh’s spider web and people to help her should be waiting above.

‘But the situation had changed.’

Cale started to speak.

“Choi Han. What is the yellow head’s other ability?”

– Baaaaang! Bang!

He could hear loud noises and things breaking coming from the other side of the walkie-talkie.

Things were urgent on that side as well.

No, it should be even harder than this side.

Cale started to frown.

“Choi Han!”

He heard Choi Han urgently responding after he shouted Choi Han’s name once more with anxiety.

– Earth! Or maybe dirt!

‘Earth? Dirt?’

– The yellow head has currently changed directions and is digging through the ground!

Cale made eye contact with Lee Soo Hyuk at that moment.

Both of them realized it at the same time.

‘It’s coming.’

‘It’s heading over.’

Cale’s gaze slowly headed back toward the blue head.

– The yellow head is moving south! It is heading toward Daeyeon station!

The yellow head was heading over here toward the blue head.

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