Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 597 – Look at the back of the person standing in the front (2)

– Detonate.

The moment they heard Kim Rok Soo’s voice through the walkie-talkie…

Bae Puh Rum raised his voice.

“The attack has started!”

Boom! Boom!

They heard the ground rumbling in numerous locations.

Bae Puh Rum was on the ground above Daeyeon station, located between Gwangan station and Seomyeon station. The people here were guarding all exits 1 through 4 heading underground to Daeyeon station.



Monsters started to appear from within the thick fog.

The monsters were running wild as if they had gone crazy, no, as if they were struck with fear.

‘It is exactly as our Rok Soo hyung, no, our Commander-nim said it would be!’

Bae Puh Rum recalled what Kim Rok Soo had said as he watched.

‘Other monsters will run wild once the unranked monster appears. It will be different than when the monsters attacked the original shelters, but monsters from all around Busan will start to rampage.’

Kim Rok Soo had said that in a stern tone.

‘We need to kill the unranked monster first without getting swept up by that rampage.’

Bae Puh Rum’s heard someone’s voice at that moment.

“I guess we can get started now?”

The person who spoke was Ki Hee Ran, the Chungbuk representative who was responsible for Squad 5.

“Yes, ma’am!”

Bae Puh Rum responded energetically and repeated what Kim Rok Soo had told them, word for word.

‘In order to not get swept up in that rampage… Please quickly and efficiently take care of the monsters above ground.”
“You just need to quickly and efficiently take care of the monsters!”
“I know.”

Ki Hee Ran then started to run toward the monsters that had appeared from within the fog.

She then started to shout.

“Let’s go!”
“Yes, ma’am!”

The Chungbuk ability users all cast their abilities as they moved away from the Daeyeon station entrance and rushed toward the monsters.

Ki Hee Ran’s eyes were glowing gold.

“One behind the building in the 3 o’clock direction! One 500 meters in the 7 o’clock direction next to the shopping mall building!”
“Yes, ma’am!”
“Yes, ma’am!”

The Chungbuk ability users quickly split up and headed toward the locations she had shouted.

Everything she saw would have been monsters.

“Fuck them up one by one!”

The fog did not hinder her sight at all.

This was the reason Cale had asked Ki Hee Ran to be the squad leader for the above-ground attack team along Line 2.

“Wow. She’s no joke.”

Bae Puh Rum was amazed by Ki Hee Ran’s efficient and accurate orders before flinching.

– This is Squad 2.

It was from Squad 2 that had just detonated the bombs in Suyeong station.

– We have confirmed that the first head is blocked in the tunnel.


Bae Puh Rum subconsciously clenched his fists.

The first step had succeeded.

Their plan was to barricade one of the two monsters between Yeonsan station and Suyeong station to start.

‘Now we just need to get rid of the second head during this time!’

He needed to wait for Kim Rok Soo to contact him in order to do that.

Did Cale read Bae Puh Rum’s thoughts?

– Good job.

Kim Rok Soo gave a short praise before commenting on the next step.

– I’m currently by Namcheon station.


Bae Puh Rum flinched once more.


Daeyeon station was one stop away from Namcheon station.

He slowly looked behind him… He looked toward Exit 1.

They had destroyed exits 2, 3, and 4 on purpose.

Exit 1 was the only exit that was clear to go through.

And right here at Daeyeon station… The members of Squad 3 were waiting at the stairs heading underground through Exit 1.

– Will step on the second head’s tail soon.

Kim Rok Soo’s stoic voice continued.

Bae Puh Rum looked at each of the people stationed at the stairs.

“I guess it’s time to go.”

Kim Min Ah got up after making eye contact with him, and behind her…

“I truly believed it would succeed.”

Joo Ho-Shik had his hands clenched together as he stopped leaning on a pillar.


Lee Chul Min quickly got up after seeing Park Jin Tae get up while Park Jin Tae was quietly looking somewhere with his face that was full of injuries.

Bae Puh Rum and the others were all looking in the same direction as well.

The dark Exit 1…

One of the people who was standing at the boundary between the dark staircase and the outside picked up his sword.

– Squad 3, go.

That person started to speak after hearing Kim Rok Soo’s voice.

“Let’s go down.”

That person was Lee Soo Hyuk.

It was at that moment.

“Please have a safe trip!”
“Leader-nim, please return soon!”
“We’ll be waiting for you right here!”

Around Exit 1… No, the rescue team members stationed by all exits at Daeyeon station raised their voices toward the people heading underground.

There were a couple hundred of them.

These were Lee Soo Hyuk’s original rescue team members as well as some battle-type ability users from the Seomyeon shelter.

Their goal today was not to rescue people but battle monsters.

There was also another group of people.

It was the group of ability users led by Jo Min Yeh, the Jeonnam representative.

“…I hope this goes well.”

Jo Min Yeh could not help but be concerned as she looked at the people heading underground.

The violent rampage of the monsters, the fog covering all of Busan…

And this unknown monster…

She couldn’t help but be concerned.

Jo Min Yeh stood in front of Exit 1 and started to speak.

“Everybody stay alert!”

Bae Puh Rum, the last of the people heading underground, heard Jo Min Yeh’s voice as he quickly headed down.

He then held the walkie-talkie out as he started to speak.

“Umm, leader-nim?”

He called Lee Soo Hyuk leader as the rescue team does.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s gaze slowly headed toward Bae Puh Rum before looking down at his hand.

“You hold onto it.”

He said that before quickly heading down.

Bae Puh Rum looked toward Lee Soo Hyuk and quietly sighed.


Lee Soo Hyuk had not even spoken sharply to him… But the atmosphere around Lee Soo Hyuk was no joke.

‘It’s not just that person.’

Park Jin Tae was serious as well.

The two of them were standing shoulder to shoulder in the front of their group.

“Hey, come to the back.”
“Yeah. Okay.”

Bae Puh Rum quickly headed back after hearing Kim Min Ah’s voice and put the walkie-talkie up to his lips.

“This is Squad 3. We are currently heading underground. We will get there soon.”

Kim Rok Soo did not respond.

That meant that the three people on Kim Rok Soo’s side had found the second head’s tail and were stealthily following behind it.

Everybody here realized that fact and came to a single conclusion.

‘The monster will be here soon!’

They would finally meet the monster they had been preparing to defeat.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s gaze sunk a bit as they continued to head underground.

It was at that moment.

“…Are you not nervous?”

He heard Park Jin Tae’s voice behind him.

“I’m not sure. Nervous……”

Lee Soo Hyuk gave a short response.

“I really don’t know.”

He really didn’t know.

He didn’t know whether he was nervous or excited.


‘Maybe I’m looking forward to something.’

Fighting against a monster did not cause excitement or anticipation.

But for some odd reason, Lee Soo Hyuk had multiple emotions going through his mind today.

Lee Soo Hyuk slightly loosened the grip on his scabbard.

‘Maybe I am like this because of how things are.’

He had been feeling tired.

There seemed to be no end to these battles and people who needed saving.

He had seen too many of his friends fall down and leave this world.

After experiencing all those things over and over again for close to a year, Lee Soo Hyuk had become filled with this unknown fatigue.

But Lee Soo Hyuk’s mindset had slowly changed after meeting Kim Rok Soo again.

The weight of his burdens and responsibility had moved to someone else.

‘Kim Rok Soo.’

Although his identity had not changed, that punk had changed too much while they had been away from each other.

“I’ve been properly stimulated.”

The corners of Lee Soo Hyuk’s lips started to go up.

“I’m going to light the torches!”

The torches started to light up one by one after Bae Puh Rum shouted.

The torches they had prepared in advance were now lit.

They could see inside Daeyeon station now.

Lee Soo Hyuk stood in front of the platform.

He then looked to the right.

Bae Puh Rum heard a noise from the walkie-talkie in his hand.

– Passed Kyunsung Univ. & Pukyong Nat’l Univ. station.

Lee Soo Hyuk stepped off the platform.

Step step.

He then started to walk.

He was headed in the direction of Kyunsung Univ. & Pukyong Nat’l Univ. station.

Not quickly…

But not too slowly…

He was just walking.

He could feel it under his feet.


In the distance…

In the darkness away from the platform lit by torches…

He could hear something destroying things and getting closer.

‘It’s coming. The second head is coming.’


Lee Soo Hyuk tapped the hilt of his sword with his thumb.

The blue blade became visible every time he tapped it.

It was at that moment.

– Go.

The moment he heard Kim Rok Soo’s voice in the walkie-talkie behind him…

“Let’s go.”

Lee Soo Hyuk kicked off the tracks and darted forward.

“Yes, sir!”

Park Jin Tae and Kim Min Ah were right behind him.

Lee Soo Hyuk didn’t even look back at the two of them.

He only looked forward.

Even though it was pitch black and he couldn’t see anything…

Chhhhhhh- bang! Bang!

He could feel the monster getting closer and closer as the sounds of destruction became louder.

Lee Soo Hyuk could feel his heart beating wildly.


“…I guess I am in the front as I wanted.”

He had been placed in the vanguard.

‘The person who would run into the monster’s face first…’


‘…Is me, Lee Soo Hyuk.’


The blade that had been hidden inside the scabbard revealed itself.

Lee Soo Hyuk saw the bright eyes of the blue monster that glowed in the darkness.

He finally met it.

He met his prey.

He met someone once again as well.

“Hey, Rok Soo. Didn’t I get here right on time?”

He couldn’t see behind the large blue monster.

However, he was certain that the punk who would soon step on this monster’s tail was there.

It was at that moment.


In the darkness behind the blue monster…

Crack, crackle!

There were red currents shooting up.

He didn’t need a response from Kim Rok Soo.

“You’re here.”

That was the response.

He heard a voice at that moment.


Kim Kang Hoon released his stealth ability as soon as Cale shouted.

The blue head flinched.

It noticed the enemies behind it once the stealth was broken.

Kim Kang Hoon quickly retreated with Lee Seung Won on his back. He heard Lee Seung Won’s voice as they moved.

“This is the start of the recording.”

Kim Kang Hoon Rum got chills all over his body.

Crackle. Crack!

The red current that was roaring along with the wind…

The current that was traveling through Cale’s body and overflowing made the blue head stop moving.


The subway tunnel cracked as the blue head tried to turn around to face them.

Was it because this eel had twisted its body?

Cale and the others could see a person with his sword drawn behind the blue head.

Kim Kang Hoon retreated even farther as he heard Lee Seung Won’s voice.

“Commander Kim Kang Hoon and Rescue team leader Lee Soo Hyuk.”

The rose gold current shot forward with the wind.

“The first battle of this war has started.”

Kim Kang Hoon saw Cale’s mouth start to open at that moment.

“Lee Soo Hyuk!”

Cale could see Lee Soo Hyuk smiling after hearing him calling his name.

Lee Soo Hyuk started to speak.

“Are you just saying my name like that because you became the commander?”

He said that to himself before looking toward Cale and saying something else.

“Yes, Commander-nim.”

Cale started to smile.

He had been waiting for this moment.

The moment he could fight against the enemies with his team leader once again.

He had gone through numerous simulations in his head to not only survive but to achieve a perfect victory.

He would see the end of that simulation now.

He gave Lee Soo Hyuk an order.

“Cut the poisonous fangs off.”

The snake-like blue eyes of the monster looked toward Cale.

He looked toward the monster and continued to speak.

“I will hold this bastard down.”


The person surrounded by rose gold thunderbolts crashed into the blue monster that looked similar to an imugi of legends.

On the other side of that rose gold thunderbolt was a person with the ability of the slashing nature of a sword charging in as well.

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  1. Magic&Myths

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    He had been waiting for this moment.

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    Lee Soo Hyuk started to speak.

    “Are you just saying my name like that because you became the commander?”

    He said that to himself before looking toward Cale and saying something else.

    “Yes, Commander-nim.”

    Cale started to smile.

    He had been waiting for this moment.

    The moment he could fight against the enemies with his team leader once again.




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