Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 590 – Before the sun comes up (2)

Alberu looked at the white spear for a long time before he started to speak again.

“…It’s a divine item.”

A divine item. An item of a god.


Alberu just felt like laughing.

The corners of his lips twisted up.

The Crossman household.

People with this bloodline have always been worried about the gaze of the Sun God as they lived.

That was why they always worked hard to not fall into a path of evil, even if they did not do a very good job of leading the kingdom.

‘Who would have been at peace knowing about this curse from a god?’

They always had this sense of worry in a corner of their hearts.

This was especially true for the patriarchs of the Crossman household who knew about all these secrets.

It was even more so for Alberu, who had to live his life while hiding this Dark Elf blood.

Alberu subconsciously started to speak.

“…Like he’s done anything for us.”

Worse words for this grudge that Alberu had in his heart did not flow out as he held himself back.

He said something else instead.

< When a person with darkness is aiming to take over the world. >

< When the sky is being destroyed and the ground is trembling. >

< A member of the Crossman bloodline who has chosen a different path than the first Crossman. >

< Only you will be able to wield this spear. >

< During the time when darkness had descended on the world. >

< Is when the sun will rise. >

< You, someone with your own convictions. >

< Take out this spear. >

< Go forth. >

< Fight to protect your convictions. >

< Become the sun. >

“Fight to protect your convictions-”


“Become the sun.”

The corners of Alberu’s lips went up in an odd way.

He didn’t think he had always been like this, but it must be because he had faced all sorts of things these days while being involved with Cale’s test.

‘I don’t want to do as a god tells me to do.’

He didn’t want to become the sun that the Sun God was talking about for some reason.

However, Alberu…

“Well… I’m sure it’s still considered becoming a sun.”

Alberu was planning on becoming the sun of the Roan Kingdom.

Lately, he had actually been thinking a lot about what kind of sun he wanted to become.

‘The Earth that Cale Henituse originally came from is too different from this world.’

According to Choi Han, there were social hierarchies like Alberu’s world and some nations still had monarchs.

But this country called Korea where Choi Han and Cale had lived did not have a monarch anymore.

Choi Han had told him many things to Alberu as Cale was busy.

Alberu learned many new things from these discussions and there were things he heard that were contrary to Alberu’s current thought process.

Alberu chuckled while thinking about those moments.

“…He sure felt like an instructor.”

Choi Han was actually quite talented in teaching people things.

‘Did he say that his original dream was to become a martial artist and a teacher?’

“Crown prince!”

Alberu, who had been thinking about something unrelated to this situation, heard Raon’s voice.

“Hey, crown prince, what is this?”

Raon slowly moved toward Alberu and peeked his head to look at the white spear and the new words on the boulder.

Alberu could see where Raon’s chubby paws were pointing.

The divine item of the Sun God.

The white spear.

Alberu started to speak.

‘What is this? This is…’

“This is mine, Raon-nim.”

‘It’s mine.’

The corners of Alberu’s lips went up.

He had no plans to live as the Sun God’s sun.

However, in order to live following his own wishes…

Boom. Boom. Boom.

This white spear that had been making his heart beat wildly; this immense power that this white spear was channeling over to Alberu…

He would take it.

“Raon-nim, please step back a bit.”

Alberu moved Raon behind him just in case.

Raon moved following Alberu’s hand while channeling mana in both paws. It was so that he could cast a shield at any moment.

Alberu took a few breaths before he took his bloody hand and the other hand… And moved both hands forward.

He then grasped the white spear.

It was at that moment.

– Hello sir.

“What the hell?”

Alberu quickly removed his hands from the spear.

The world was quiet.

Alberu looked at his hands before reaching them out again.

He touched the spear.

– Hello sir.

He could hear a stiff voice in his ear.

‘It’s the spear!’

Alberu was certain that this spear was talking to him.

“Son of a…”

Raon, who was watching, opened his eyes wide after hearing Alberu’s comment.

“Hey, crown prince! What is it? Are you hurt? Crown prince, you don’t usually say things like that, unlike my human! What is going on?!”

Alberu could hear Raon’s shocked voice, but he had no time to pay any attention to that.

It was because the white spear continued to speak to him.

– Hello sir.

But it was a bit weird.

– We will now commence the user registration.

It was very weird.

– Please state your name.

Was there a divine item like this?

– This product is an attack-type weapon created by Earth 3’s greatest expert and has a special ability.


Alberu was certain about what he had just heard.

‘It said Earth 3?’

Wasn’t the name of the planet Choi Han and Cale came from called Earth?

But it was Earth 3?

Did that mean there was an Earth 1 and Earth 2 as well?

Alberu was thinking that he might have ended up with something amazing.

Not because this weapon was strong…

Not because it was a divine item…

But because this weapon itself might be a bit of a hint for Cale and Alberu.

– Specifically, this item has significant durability as it was created from the bones of an Ex-Grade monster, which have been designated as the most terrible monsters. It is the only thing that is capable of breaking that monster’s bones and can be considered the life work of an expert.

Alberu flinched again.

‘The most terrible monsters?’

Earth 3. The most terrible monsters.

This, ‘Ex-Grade’ term.

For some reason, this seemed to be related to the monsters’ grades Cale, no, Kim Rok Soo had while living on Earth.

“…Would you look at this?”

Alberu realized that the situation was flowing in an odd way.

One corner of his lips started to slowly go up.

It was at that moment.

– Is your name, ‘Would you look at this’? The item will now be reg-

Alberu frowned at the stiff voice and urgently started to speak.


– Canceling the registration. Please state your name again.

Raon was looking at him with a, ‘what is the crown prince doing?’ type of expression. However, Alberu didn’t know this as he started to speak again.

A calm but firm voice flowed out of his mouth.

“My name is Alberu Crossman.”

– ‘Alberu Crossman’ is being registered as the first user of the Unbreakable Spear.


The white spear started to glow as the stiff voice said that.

“Hey, crown prince! The spear is glowing once you said your name!”

Alberu looked down at the white spear and started to think.

‘I should go back to sleep right away.’

He needed to hurry up and meet Cale.

He felt as if there would be a hint in this item given to him by the Sun God.

* * *

The Steel Feather Hawk peeked toward the Dark Tiger as it started to speak.

“This bastard is too different during the times it is blanking out and when it is not, don’t you think?”

The Dark Tiger moved according to Cale’s will when Alberu was not possessing it, but it was quiet.

“Lady. Saying such things is rude.”

The Steel Feather Hawk frowned at Mister Rabbit’s response before turning away.

“Hmph. Rude, my ass. Look at you pretending to be all gentle! You just go around beating people up with your ears!”
“…Such words are a bit-”

The Steel Feather Hawk ignored Mister Rabbit and looked toward Cale.

“Yes, noonim.”

Cale looked toward the Steel Feather Hawk at her calling.

“I’ve been flying around looking for a place to stay.”

There was an odd glow in Cale’s eyes before it disappeared.

‘She seems to have made a decision.’

Cale had made a special deal with these two leader monsters.

The contents of the deal could be easily explained.


The humans would give these two monsters their own territory, and in return, these monsters would work together with the humans to maintain their territory and the nearby areas to prevent monsters from attacking humans.

This was only possible because they were leader monsters that could instill fear and pressure to control Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters and communicate with humans.

“Noonim. Where do you wish to say?”
“I like Mount Jiri.”
“I see. Then I will speak with the people at the central shelter near Mount Jiri.”
“Okay. I will get rid of all the monsters causing them issues! So please tell them to accept my becoming the Queen of Mount Jiri!”

This leader monster’s natural instincts made it desire to become the monarch of a territory.

Giving some territory over to a leader monster might seem very dangerous and concerning.

‘But now that the world is already like this, mountains or wide forests are already beyond human control.’

Mountains, forests, oceans, all these places would turn into a haven for monsters.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to have a monster that was on good terms with the humans and wanted to squash other monsters as a leader there?

‘It might actually be better.’

Of course, Cale didn’t completely trust these leader monsters.

He couldn’t tell what they were thinking.

‘That’s why they each told me one of their weaknesses.’

Prior to making this deal, the Steel Feather Hawk and the White Rabbit had told Cale one of their weaknesses. What they told him were in line with the records he had, and could actually be recorded as critical weaknesses of these monsters.

‘And when the battle against the unranked monster ends…’

Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Min Ah, Choi Jung Soo, etc.

There would be enough people to take on these leader monsters.

That was why it would be pretty effective to coexist together even if they were wary of each other.

Cale started to speak to the Steel Feather Hawk.

“I understand, noonim. However, you will need to look for somewhere else if the people at the central shelter do not agree.”
“Well, I guess I can go elsewhere if the humans say no.”

The Steel Feather Hawk was quite generous.

Cale then looked toward the White Rabbit.

“Ahem. I still don’t know yet, Mister Rok Soo. I enjoy beautiful places that set the mood, so I will need to keep looking a little longer.”
“Hmph. Where the hell are you going to find a beautiful place when the entire world is full of monsters?!”
“Ahem. Ahem.”

Mister Rabbit feigned ignorance at the Steel Feather Hawk’s comments.

It was at that moment.

Knock knock knock.

Cale opened the tall door to the training ground after hearing someone knock.

It was Choi Han.

“Rok Soo hyung. They’re asking for you to come.”

Cale made sure his clothes were okay before he stood up.

The Steel Feather Hawk commented while looking at Cale.

“Hmm. The humans are probably having a mental battle amongst themselves and throwing a fit. Aren’t they just dying to eat up our dongsaeng?”

Mister Rabbit agreed with that statement.

“I agree, madam. I don’t know whether they will accept Mister Kim Rok Soo as the leader.”
“But what can they do? What can they do when that’s what our dongsaeng wants?”

Cale said goodbye to the Steel Feather Hawk and Mister Rabbit who were chatting with each other.

“I must head out for now. I will be back later.”
“Bye, dongsaeng.”
“See you later, Mister Rok Soo. I will be cheering you on as you give your speech.”

Cale left the two monsters and walked away from the training ground with Choi Han.

Screeeeech, clunk!

The door closed and Choi Han looked toward Cale as he started to speak.

“There’s still a lot of time until your speech, but a lot of people have already gathered.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, hyung-nim.”

Choi Han gave a short response before stepping forward to lead the way.

Cale followed behind Choi Han to his destination.

The two of them walked out of the castle at the center of the Seomyeon central shelter.

“…We got here pretty quickly.”

Cale could see a large building close to the central castle.

This building was close to Seomyeon station and had originally been a large department store.

But there was a new, stylish building here instead of a large department store.

This was the meeting room and auditorium.

The people at the Seomyeon central shelter all gathered here whenever they had important information to share.

And now…

“…It’s my first time in Busan.”
“Ha. Who knew this mess would come all the way here.”

There were people climbing the stone steps in front of the building and entering through the open door of the auditorium.

Most of them were not from Busan.

“Rok Soo hyung. People are apparently here from more areas around Korea than expected.”

They were people who had traveled from all around Korea.

Starting from nearby Changwon, Yeosu, Ulsan, Gangneung, Chuncheon, Daejeon, Seoul, etc.

These were the ‘ability users or leaders’ who had come from all around the nation.

There was a black invitation in their hands.

Cale quietly observed them without approaching the auditorium.

‘Each of them are people who will become at least Grade 3, if not Grade 2 or Grade 1 ability users in the future.’

Either that, or they had significant influence.

Well, some of them would die before they could get there.

“…Strong individuals.”

This was truly a gathering of all the strong individuals from around the country.

And one of those strong individuals…

Walked up the stone steps toward someone who was leaning on a pillar by the entrance.

“Woo hyung-nim!”

Kim Woo was the man leading on the pillar.

“It’s been too long.”
“It sure has! Have you been well, hyung-nim?”
“Just so-so.”
“By the way, Woo hyung-nim…”

The leader of Changwon’s Seongsan-dong central shelter asked Kim Woo a question.

“Who the heck is this Kim Rok Soo person?”

His voice was quite loud and caught the people gathering in the auditorium.

As for Kim Woo who had received that question…

He started to look somewhere.

He then started to speak.

“He’s coming right there.”

The people gathered inside the auditorium… The people chatting outside the auditorium… The people warily looking around…

All of them turned toward one person.

Kim Woo continued to speak.

“That person is Kim Rok Soo.”

Cale started to smile as all gazes focused on him.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been the center of attention like this.”

His voice sounded oddly entertained.

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