Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 589 – Before the sun comes up (1)

Cale turned back toward Alberu.

‘I don’t know whether the information underneath the boulder is related to the sealed god, but-’

He had a feeling that it would definitely be helpful.

Cale had currently walked out of the central shelter to talk with Alberu and Choi Han in a nearby area.

“That is why…”

Alberu was silent for a moment before he continued to speak.

‘I must explain to you what is going on right now.”
“I see. Please go ahead.”

Alberu opened and closed his mouth a few times before starting to speak, almost as if he was sighing.

“All other kingdoms on the Eastern continent except the Molden Kingdom have allied themselves with the White Star.”

Cale started to frown.

“That is why it is likely that I will need to remove the troops that I have stationed by the Gate to the Demon World if I leave the Eastern continent.”

The reason they were able to stay there despite the pressure from the Eastern continent was because Alberu had personally been there.

The Eastern continent did not want to attack the future king of a strong kingdom on the Western continent.

They didn’t want their actions to start a war between the continents.

“And it might be difficult to set up camp by the Endable Kingdom again if we withdraw now.”

Choi Han, who had been listening, started to speak.

“Your highness, what will happen to our allies who are currently stuck inside the Endable Kingdom?”
“Eruhaben-nim said that they should be able to last for a few weeks because they are with the priestess of the God of War.”

He looked toward Cale and added on.

“The Molan Household, Mercenaries Guild, and Duke Fredo have said that they will stay in the Eastern continent to help them as well. The Elves and Dark Elves will keep both sides informed.”

Cale started to speak.

“It looks like you’ve already planned to return to the Western continent, your highness.”

Cale and Alberu made eye contact.

“Yes. What we are doing right now is inefficient.”

Both of their eyes were calm.

“We must rescue you and our other allies who are currently stuck inside the Endable Kingdom. That fact has not changed.”

Alberu continued to speak.

“However, it is inefficient for us to just be gathered around the Endable Kingdom without a plan. We can’t even teleport into the Endable Kingdom because of the black barrier covering the sinkhole. It’s the same situation for the people inside.”

Of course, the White Star’s side might have a way to get out as they were able to negotiate with the other kingdoms on the Eastern continent.

Either way, all Alberu had been doing was watching the black barrier.

“In that case, we might as well research a different method and get things prepared for the right time.”

The moment Alberu was waiting for…

“The moment when you finish your test.”

That moment would be when Cale returns from this test.

“I can tell when that would be.”

Alberu would plan accordingly as he was able to chat with Cale and knew when that would happen.

Cale quietly observed Alberu before starting to speak.

“You should be able to proceed with that plan as long as Eruhaben-nim and the others are safe.”

Alberu smiled before adding on.

“I plan on just charging forward if our allies within the Endable Kingdom are in danger.”

He was smiling, but Cale and Choi Han could tell that Alberu was being serious.

Choi Han started to speak.

“…I should be there to help you as well.”

Choi Han felt sorry for the others who were struggling while moving back and forth between the Eastern and Western continents.

Alberu awkwardly smiled as Cale started to speak.

“Why is the Eastern continent siding with the White Star?”
“…I don’t know.”
“The Molan household and the Mercenaries Guild must be looking into it.”

Alberu nodded his head instead of responding to Cale who seemed to understand the flow of things without needing him to explain.

“Then what is the situation on the Western continent like right now?”

Choi Han’s ears perked up as well as Cale asked about the Western continent.

That was where his home, his other hometown, was located.

“I plan on getting their cooperation to support us as much as possible.”

Alberu’s voice was firmer than when he had been talking about the Eastern continent.

“I think we will need to gather as many strong individuals as possible.”
“Strong individuals……”
“Yes. We need strong individuals.”

Both Cale and Choi Han nodded their heads at Alberu’s firm statement.

They knew why Alberu was emphasizing the need for strong individuals.

“Cale, you said that you saw statues of 8 unranked monsters?”

The eight sculptures Cale had seen on the altar in the Endable Kingdom’s underground…

“And that two of them were even stronger than the strongest monster you have ever seen.”
“I believe so.”
“Then we definitely need strong individuals.”

The Dark Tiger slightly frowned.

“But there are a lot of obstacles and not enough time to drag in these people who only care about their own kingdoms.”

The kingdoms on the Western continent were willing to cooperate with Alberu for the peace of the continent, but they were still hesitant to send their strong individuals, who were tied to the strength of their kingdom, into a dangerous situation where they might die.

Alberu understood this and did not want to force someone who did not want to come to come.

“That’s what’s complicating things for me right now.”

Alberu was able to talk about this because he was with Cale and Choi Han.

“We are lacking in both quantity and quality compared to the Eastern continent that has teamed up. I need to gather strong individuals no matter what it takes.”
“…There are some strong individuals.”

Alberu turned toward Cale after hearing that comment.

“What did you just say?”

Cale continued to speak with an odd expression as Alberu asked in a slightly scolding tone.

“There are strong individuals who have not taken anybody’s side yet. Very strong individuals.”

There were individuals like that?

Alberu’s eyes opened wide and he immediately started to speak.


Cale thought for a moment before slowly starting to speak at Alberu’s urging.

He then said a single word.


Each member of this race was very strong.

They were the greatest battle life forms in the world.

Nothing could match the strength of the Dragons.

“I’m not talking about Raon or Eruhaben-nim. There are more of them.”

Alberu looked shocked for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Ha, haha-”

He was laughing.

Alberu stopped laughing and started to speak.

“That makes sense.”

It really did make sense.

It made sense to drag the Dragons into this battle.

Cale leaned toward Alberu and started to speak.

“I have Lord Sheritt-nim and Eruhaben-nim who would know where the other Dragons are located. I also have Raon, who is said to have the potential to become a Dragon Lord in the future.”

There was no need to carry this heavy burden on their own.


They would use all the cards they had available.

“Let’s drag the Dragons into it.”

Cale started to smile.

“We’re not doing this just for our own benefits.”

The Dark Tiger slowly started to smile as well, revealing its fangs.

“Your highness, this issue is related to the Demon World.”

Sheritt had said the following.

She had said that the Dragons had closed the Gate to the Demon World whenever it showed signs of opening or actually opened.

“If we can find the Dragons that are scattered throughout the world… They should be willing to help at least once, if not more.”

Alberu started to speak.

“…I’ll be in even more of a time crunch if we need to drag the Dragons in as well.”

His eyes seemed full of energy even though he was saying that.

He looked as if he had found a way out.

“It’ll all work out, your highness.”

Choi Han chimed in with a bright voice as well.

Cale nonchalantly commented at that moment.

“You’ll be in a time crunch, but, you’ll feel quite confident when we barge in. These are Dragons.”

Choi Han and Alberu looked at each other for a moment before nodding their heads.

“That is true.”
“You’re right, hyung-nim.”

Cale looked up at the sky for a moment and started to smile.

If they were able to gather the scattered Dragons and convince them…


The other two looked at Cale after hearing that odd laugh.

“Even that white thing will probably be shocked.”

Cale looked cheerful for the first time in a long while as he called the White Star that way.

* * *

The palace library inside the Roan palace.

In a stealthy room deep underground.

“Hey, crown prince! Can I get started now?”

Alberu who was leaning on the wall of the stone room nodded his head at Raon’s signal.

“Yes. I leave it to you, Raon-nim.”
“Alright! I’ll do a good job for your request, crown prince! You’ll give me delicious cookies!”

Only Raon and Alberu were in this place right now.

His gaze headed toward a large boulder located on one side of the stone room.

He could see the text on the boulder.

< Descendants of the cursed blood. >

< The touch of the Sun God will always be by your side. >

< The moment a person with that darkness becomes the head of the household, the sky will be destroyed and the ground will tremble. >

Alberu came here to find the potentially hidden record of the Sun God that was described in Saint Jack’s book.

Saint Jack, Cage, and Hannah tried to come here with him, but Alberu only brought Raon inside.

The three of them were waiting outside the library with the others.

It could not be helped.

‘I don’t know what might come out.’


‘I also don’t know what might be left here.’

Whether it was his secret…

Or the secret of the Crossman household…

He had no plans to camouflage those secrets as something else.

However, he didn’t want too many people knowing about it.

It was not a good story.

That was why he came with Raon.

It was because Raon knew that Cale was Kim Rok Soo.

Raon also knew about Alberu’s true identity.

This young six-years-old Dragon and his aunt Tasha were the only ones Alberu could relax around right now with Choi Han and Cale missing.

“I’m getting started then!”
“Yes, sir.”

Raon’s chubby front paws headed toward the boulder.


Black mana started to gather at Raon’s paws.

Alberu started to think as he watched.

‘Based on the blueprints of the library… Getting rid of this boulder shouldn’t affect the foundation of the library.’

The boulder was exactly the size of the wall, so just taking this out of here safely would allow them to look underneath it.

The black mana headed toward the boulder.


The boulder started to shake.

The boulder started to move with Raon using his now much better mana control.


The walls touching the boulder started to crack.

Alberu could not hide his anxiety as he watched.

What could be down there?

What secrets, what shameful things would be hidden underneath?

“…Oh my.”

Alberu started to frown.

Raon started to shout in shock.

“Hey, crown prince! This isn’t moving!”

It shifted a little, but the boulder didn’t move at all.

“Raon-nim, please step back for a bit.”
“I got it!”

Alberu walked past Raon and headed for the boulder.

The boulder was fine even though the walls on both sides of it were cracking.

He recalled what Jack had said.

‘The sun will rise between two large cliffs facing each other. The memories of the sun will be buried where the sun rises.’

‘And the only person who can reach the sun is someone who has overcome the curse of the sun.’

‘Only that person will be able to bring out the memories buried underneath this boulder.’

He opened his mouth to speak.

“…Only I can take it out.”

Alberu slowly reached his hand toward the boulder.


But nothing happened.

He could just feel that the boulder was warm.

“…It’s warm?”

The boulder was warm?

Alberu’s eyes clouded over.

He started to think.

What would make this boulder react?

He thought about it some more.

He then decided to try out the few things that came to his mind.

“Crown prince!”

Raon shouted in shock as Alberu swung his dagger.


A small wound appeared on his palm.

Drip. Drip.

Blood started to drip from the wound.

‘This boulder is a boulder that curses the Crossman household and reacts to the one who has overcome the curse.’

How would this boulder recognize that person?


His first idea was blood.

Alberu put his bloody palm on the boulder.

It was at that moment.



There was a loud noise and Alberu stumbled.


His head was starting to hurt.

His legs grew weak as if a large amount of blood had been sucked out.

“Crown prince!”

A shocked Raon tried to support the stumbling crown prince’s back.


But Raon removed his paws in shock.

“…It’s hot!”

The crown prince’s body was as hot as fire.

Alberu caught his breath and started to speak to Raon.

“I am okay, Raon-nim.”

He then looked forward.

“This seems to be the answer.”

Raon’s eyes opened wide.

The boulder was changing.

Actually, it was melting.

It was slowly melting away as if it was reacting to Alberu’s fiery hot body and blood.

Alberu quietly watched the text on the boulder slowly disappeared.

And once the boulder stopped melting…


He took a step back and started to laugh.

About half of the boulder had melted.

There was new text inside the boulder.

Alberu recalled the original statements on the boulder.

‘Descendants of the cursed blood.’

‘The touch of the Sun God will always be by your side.’

‘Never set your eyes on taking over the sky.’

‘The Sun will always rise.’

‘The moment darkness is planted in your bodies…’

‘The moment a person with that darkness becomes the head of the household, the sky will be destroyed and the ground will tremble.’

He then looked at the new statements.

< When a person with darkness is aiming to take over the world. >

< When the sky is being destroyed and the ground is trembling. >

Alberu’s gaze headed toward the ground where the boulder used to be.

< A member of the Crossman bloodline who has chosen a different path than the first Crossman. >

< Only you will be able to wield this spear. >

At that spot…

< During the time when darkness had descended on the world. >

< Is when the sun will rise. >

There was a white spear.

< You, someone with your own convictions. >

< Take out this spear. >

< Go forth. >

< Fight to protect your convictions. >


< Become the sun. >

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