Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 563 – We will now start the first record (3)

Night had arrived.

The night sky looked as if the stars would rain down as if they were snowflakes.



Alberu Crossman turned his head toward the voice behind him.


Tasha walked toward him.

She was one of the few people here who knew of Alberu in his current appearance.

“Why don’t you sleep for a bit?”

Alberu shook his head while looking at Tasha’s concerned gaze.

“I slept a bit earlier.”
“Are you talking about the one hour you slept?”

Tasha clicked her tongue and stood next to Alberu.

Tasha’s eyes looked at her nephew whose face was covered by a mask as he was in his quarter Dark Elf appearance.

She could feel the fatigue and pressure on her nephew even with the mask covering half of his face.

She looked down to look at where her nephew was looking.

“I don’t know when that black barrier would disappear.”

The black barrier that was covering this large hole was visible even underneath the night sky.

It could not be helped.

There were numerous people gathered a bit away from the black barrier.

The Mercenaries Guild without the Mercenary King.

The Dark Elf and Elf Alliance.

The mages who follow Rosalyn.

The people from the Molan Household.

There were numerous other people gathered by the black barrier as well, and the lights were not going off even in the middle of the night.

Tasha started to speak while looking at that.

“They will only become more chaotic as time passes by.”

Alberu started to frown.

Tasha noticed his gaze and opened her mouth to speak again.

“Your majesty.”

But someone speaking stopped her from talking.

“I’ll be heading out now.”

Tasha left so that the two people could be alone.

The other person walked up to where Tasha had been standing.

“Your majesty.”

He started to speak again to Alberu who did not respond.

“Do you want to die?”


Duke Fredo chuckled.

He started to speak to Alberu who was glaring at him.

“The Western continent is quieter than I expected. The Eastern continent as well.”
“Is there any reason for it to not be quiet?”
“…Mm, Cale Henituse’s absence?”

Alberu looked away from Fredo.

‘Damn it.’

He actually did not have time to chat with Fredo nor even his aunt.

Cale Henituse’s absence.

The fact that the vow of death was cut.

Choi Han and Alberu were not the only ones who knew about this.

There were a lot of people.

There was a meeting that took place in the Jungle’s Section 7 shores in the past.

At the end of that meeting, the representatives of four kingdoms and one tribe gathered together and made a vow of death.

Prince John of the Breck Kingdom.

Litana, the Queen of the Jungle.

Witira, the future Whale Queen.

Harol, the Whipper Kingdom’s Toonka’s chief advisor.

And Alberu and Cale, as the representatives of the Roan Kingdom.

All those people had made a vow of death in order to maintain the secret.

‘The Western continent is quiet, as Fredo mentioned.’

At least that was how it seemed on the outside.

Alberu knew that his tent would be extremely loud with video communication devices going off with calls from the Breck Kingdom, Whipper Kingdom, the Jungle, and the Whale tribe once he went in.

Alberu had to explain things differently to all of them.

There were not many people he could trust enough to tell everything.

The reason the Western continent was quiet was because the leaders were keeping the fact that Cale Henituse was missing because of the Demonic race a secret.

Alberu and the Roan Kingdom’s chief executives were busy controlling the information going out with the other kingdom’s chief executives nonstop.

Alberu escaped from there for a moment.

He was a bit tired.

He was a bit worn out.

He wanted to relax and rest for a bit.

‘…Damn it. Even that doesn’t work.’

He couldn’t relax and catch a breath.

It was not because there was too much work.

‘My shoulders feel heavy.’

Underneath that black barrier…

He had no idea what might pop up from the Endable Kingdom.

Raon had told him some of what was going on after chatting with Eruhaben earlier, but Eruhaben’s side was still unable to properly deliver any messages about the Endable Kingdom right now.

He always had to prepare for the worst.

The weight of having to do so was heavy.

But Alberu was thinking that it would have been okay if that was the only thing.

“…Cale Henituse.”

That bastard.

And one other bastard.

‘I decided to make a deal. I’ll be back soon.’

Choi Han.

Alberu’s heart sank while thinking about these two people.

“It feels so stuffy.”
“Hmm? Isn’t it cool in here?”

Alberu ignored Fredo, turned around, and headed toward his tent.

He started to pray.

Whether it is a test or whatever, just destroy it all and come back. You bastards.’

Alberu stiffened his tired face.


He closed the tent entrance after coming in and looked around.



Beeeeeeeep- beeeeeeeeeeeep-

Alberu took his mask off while listening to the video communication devices going off all around him.

He returned to the blonde hair and blue eyes crown prince Alberu Crossman and touched the corner of his lips with one hand.

– Your highness!
“Yes. What is going on?”

Alberu Crossman had a relaxed smile on his face as he greeted people again while hiding his fatigue and the pressure he was feeling from the situation.

He was hoping for time to pass.

He knew that those bastards would definitely come back if he waited.

* * *

“Damn it, how much time has passed?”

Park Jin Tae wiped some blood off of his mouth.

“I don’t know, sir!”
“Hey, what the hell do you know? Hmm?”

Lee Chul Min looked as if he had been unfairly treated, but Park Jin Tae didn’t even look at him.

He was only looking forward and his hands were quickly moving.




Another bullet shot out.


There was an explosion with the bullet at the center. A monster’s body that was burnt to a crisp joined the pile on the ground.

There were corpses like this piling up on the eastern and western sides of the building.


Park Jin Tae bit down on his lips, but blood still managed to drip out.

Lee Chul Min started to frown.

‘I’ve never seen the leader use his ability so much before!’

One of the attack team members stepped forward.

“Leader. Why don’t we fight too-”

Park Jin Tae sternly shook his head.

“Did you forget that we are following Kim Rok Soo’s orders? You guys just support me!”

He could see more balls of fire flying toward the monsters.

Park Jin Tae looked toward the building windows.

Some people noticed his gaze and shook their heads.


That was the signal that the ingredients for the flaming arrows and fireballs were gone.

He frowned and looked at the approaching monsters with disgust.

“Why do these damn Grade 3 monsters keep coming with no end in sight?!”
“Leader-nim, why are you laughing while saying that?”

The corners of Park Jin Tae’s lips started to go up after hearing his subordinate’s comment.

“Hey! Of course I’m laughing, should I be crying when everything is going exactly as Kim Rok Soo said it would?”

He looked toward Jang Man Soo’s shields.

Bang! Baaaaang! Bang!

The monsters were still trying to break them.

Jang Man Soo was sweating bullets but was still capable of fending off their attacks, forcing the monsters to gather to the east and west to attack the now-defunct central shelter.

But that shield would only last for two hours.

Park Jin Tae looked toward the only person on this battlefield who seemed to be surrounded in peace and silence.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

Kim Rok Soo was focused on the shield that seemed to be barely holding on.

The moment Park Jin Tae looked at him…

Kim Rok Soo lowered his head.

He then raised his wrist.

Park Jin Tae’s heart started to beat faster.

‘Run when I tell you to do so.’

He recalled what Kim Rok Soo had told him.

Cale opened his mouth at that moment.


Cale started to run into the building once he said that.

Craaaaaaack. Craaaaaaack-!

Park Jin Tae could see cracks starting to appear on Jang Man Soo’s shield.


He urged on his subordinates who were already running away after hearing Rok Soo’s order.

Park Jin Tae saw a black-haired punk running very quickly at that moment.

It was Choi Han.

The attack team members on the eastern side had already headed for the door and Choi Han picked Jang Man Soo up.

“Huff. Huff.”

As Jang Man Soo barely managed to open his tired arms and got on Choi Han’s back…

Park Jin Tae took something out of his pocket and put it in his ears.

He then stepped back.


The monsters were charging in from the now defenseless eastern and western sides.

Park Jin Tae tightened his grip around his gun.

It was at that moment.


Cale slammed the roof door open.

“Huff, huff.”

“Rok Soo!”

Cale made eye contact with Grandma Kim as he was catching his breath and immediately headed toward the ledge.

Lee Jin Joo was standing there.

Cale looked down.

“I, I’m at my limit.”

Jang Man Soo’s two arms slumped down.


The shields were destroyed.

The shields on both the northern and the southern sides crumbled.

That made the furious monsters explosively charge forward in their place.


Park Jin Tae shouted to Choi Han and Choi Han quickly headed for the door.

Park Jin Tae was covering Choi Han’s back as he shouted.

“Kim Rok Soo, what is that bastard doing?!”

The monsters almost instantly got up to the building.

“We had a plan! Why isn’t he going through with it?!”

It was the moment he shouted in anger.

{It is now the promised time.}

He heard Lee Jin Joo’s voice.

Park Jin Tae covered his ears.

They had discussed this in advance.

Her voice would reach everything within its range.

Cale raised his hand.

Lee Jin Joo nodded her head and Cale lowered his hand.


An extremely loud and high-pitched voice shook the area.

It felt as if the world was rumbling.


The charging monsters reached for their ears.

There was blood dripping out of all of their ears. Some of the weaker Grade 3 monsters started to stumble and fall as well.

The charging monsters stopped moving for a moment.

And at that moment.

They could see some human hands on top of the roof.

There were extremely weak psychokinesis or weak gusts of wind coming out of the tips of those hands.

There were others with very weak abilities as well.

Finally, there were some strong people without any abilities.

All these people who were not much help during hunts were on the roof ledge with earplugs in.

They looked to see the silent order.

Cale’s hand moved down once again.

“Drop them all!”

They started to push with everything they had once Cale gave the signal.

The ability users activated their abilities to their fullest extent.


The items they had moved to the roof since last night without stopping started to fall.


A large piece of a building fell down.


Three monsters fell after being hit by that large piece of a building.

That was the beginning.

Pieces of the buildings and all sorts of things started to fall on the Grade 3 monsters behind them.


They continued to hear the monsters screaming.


Park Jin Tae watched a monster in front of him falling over after a sharp chunk of cement landed on its head.


Park Jin Tae started to laugh.

He turned around after feeling someone pulling him at that moment.

“What are you doing?”

Choi Han had pulled him in and the people inside the building quickly started to close the door.

Screeeeeech- boom!

The door was closed.

They then almost instantly piled heavy things in front of the closed door.

The first-floor windows were boarded with wooden planks and other items as well.

Park Jin Tae ignored all of this and immediately started to run to the roof.

‘Kim Rok Soo, this bastard, he really…’

He had quickly run up to the roof and started to speak while looking down.

‘This bastard, Kim Rok Soo, he really-’

“He really knows how to use his head!”

Grandma Kim looked down as well.

She then walked over to Cale who was standing by Lee Jin Joo and grabbed his hand.

“Rok Soo, some walls were created as you said.”

Monsters were piling up around the square building.

Pieces of buildings were piling up with them.

This was another wall that would protect the central shelter.

Park Jin Tae walked over to Cale.

“This should make it difficult for the other monsters to approach.”

Grandma Kim nodded her head.

“Yes. It should take some time for them to climb over these monsters and debris to attack. Good job.”

But the smile quickly disappeared from Park Jin Tae’s face.

“Kim Rok Soo, everything happened just as you said it would.”

Cale started to look elsewhere.

Park Jin Tae continued to speak while looking at him.

“Some Grade 1 monsters should attack soon if things go as you said, right?”

Park Jin Tae could see the Grade 2 monsters slowly revealing themselves behind the Grade 3 monsters.

“You said that Grade 1 monsters would appear after the Grade 3 monsters disappear but before the Grade 2 monsters start coming.”

Cale closed his eyes and then reopened them.

In the past…

As there was a shift from the Grade 3 monsters to the Grade 2 monsters…

A small number of Grade 1 monsters had appeared.

It was as if they were tasters, giving a taste of the true attack from the Grade 1 monsters that would soon come.

‘At that time.’

Cale made eye contact with Park Jin Tae who was looking at him.

“Is it doable?”

Cale continued to think while listening to Park Jin Tae ask him a question.

‘You died at that time.’

The people who protected this building and tried to buy the others time to escape had all died because of just a few Grade 1 monsters.

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