Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 562 – We will now start the first record (2)

Jang Man Soo subconsciously grabbed Cale’s clothes.

“T, that-”

He could feel the vibrations from the ground he was on.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The ground was shaking because of the monsters moving toward them.

Jang Man Soo started to shout.

“I, is it okay to send him in there alone?! What if-”

‘What if he ends up dying?!’

Jang Man Soo looked at Choi Han who was heading out on his own and then at Cale without knowing what to do.

His face was already covered in sweat and his pupils were shaking in fear.

Cale made eye contact with those shaking pupils.

‘He was like this in the past too.’

The moment the central shelter was destroyed, Jang Man Soo could not act properly at first because he was suppressed by chaos and fear.

He was someone who had lost both legs to a monster.

He said that his knees got cold whenever he saw a monster.

He felt the same fear that he had felt when he had lost his legs and feet even though there was nothing underneath his knees.

That was why Cale needed to show him.

“Huh, huh?”

Cale started to smile while looking at Jang Man Soo’s eyes that were full of fear.

“It’s okay.”

Cale pointed to the front.

“Take a look.”

Jang Man Soo slowly looked forward.

He could see Choi Han kick off the cement ground and jumping up into the air.


The tip of Choi Han’s sword pointed toward the sky.

Jang Man Soo had seen many sword-using ability users such as the former shelter leader Lee Soo Hyuk, but he had never seen a sword like Choi Han’s.

It was a different style of sword.

But he was familiar with the thing coming out of the tip.

“…A Yong.”

The sparkling black smoke gathered together to create a large Yong.

The tip of the sword moved from the sky to the left.

The black Yong started to squirm.

The sword slashed from left to right.

The black Yong seemed to roar as it followed the path of the sword.


The black Yong gobbled up the monsters.

The footsteps of the monsters disappeared from the spot the sparkling black Yong had passed by.

All that was left were the corpses of the dead monsters that fell to the ground.


He couldn’t say anything else.

Jang Man Soo felt as if electricity was flowing throughout his body.

Was this really a human’s strength?

All of the Grade 3 monsters in the front had been killed.

Silence filled the area.

People were even quieter than when the world had been covered in darkness.

This darkness that appeared in front of them under the clear eye and in the face of despair was sparkling brightly in everyone’s eyes.

Jang Man Soo’s eyes headed toward the back of the boy who had landed on the ground again.

It was a young boy with a slightly unique outfit and sword.

The boy was calm.

He just stood there with his back facing toward them.


The silence was broken.

Jang Man Soo looked behind him.


Park Jin Tae was laughing so loudly that his shoulders were moving up and down.

He had no choice but to do so.

“Keke, this is driving me crazy.”

He really felt as if he would go crazy.

He had felt suffocated looking at the Grade 3 monsters approaching them.

He had thought that he might even die from the pressure.

But the moment this Choi Han punk used his powers…

The pressure he felt from the Grade 3 monsters had all disappeared.

‘This is not human strength!’

He now felt an even stronger pressure suffocating him.

‘Lee Soo Hyuk?’

Lee Soo Hyuk was nothing compared to this guy.

That person could have gotten stronger by now as well, but he still could not compare to Choi Han.

“…Kim Rok Soo was right.”

He was certain.

He believed that he could survive if he listened to Kim Rok Soo.

No matter what.

He then started to speak loudly.

“Snap out of it if you don’t want to die!”

It was at that moment.


New monsters came forward while stepping on the corpses of the dead monsters in front of them.

Choi Han’s black Yong had stopped the monsters in the front, but he couldn’t stop the hundreds of monsters all on his own.


They heard monsters shouting behind the building as well.

North, south, east, and west.

Monsters were coming at them from all sides.

Park Jin Tae raised his head.

He could feel Kim Rok Soo looking at him.

He seemed to be saying, ‘It’s your turn.’

“Heh. Funny bastard.”

Park Jin Tae started to laugh as he moved his hand.

He then took out the entire holster at his hip.

He then released his grip.


The holster fell to the ground.


Lee Chul Min and the other members of the attack team all looked toward him.

But Park Jin Tae was looking at Kim Rok Soo.

“We will follow Kim Rok Soo’s orders.”

He walked toward Kim Rok Soo, Jang Man Soo, and Lee Jin Joo.

“For at least 24 hours.”

For one whole day.

“Kim Rok Soo over there is the king of this shelter.”

That was their only way to survive.

He could not feel any type of pressure from Kim Rok Soo.

But Park Jin Tae felt a different kind of pressure while walking toward him.

‘Yes, that gaze.’

The way Kim Rok Soo was looking at him….

That turned into pressure.

His gaze seemed to have complete confidence that he would be able to do something.

That gaze felt like pressure to Park Jin Tae.

He started to laugh.

He was used to it.

He was used to this kind of expectation-filled pressure.

Pressure was something that had accompanied Park Jin Tae for most of his life and he enjoyed this type of pressure.

He put his hand inside his shirt.

He wrapped his hand around the cold item in his pocket and grabbed it.


A small pistol revealed itself to the world in Park Jin Tae’s right hand.

Park Jin Tae, National Team member for Shooting.

Guns, swords, missiles, etc.

Most of the weapons used by humans prior to the cataclysm were still useful.

However, they were not useful compared to the abilities used by ability users.

Weapons from prior to the cataclysm were not very useful against these monsters.

A monster they might barely be able to kill with almost a hundred missiles could die easily from an ability user’s odd ability.

But such irregular things had become the new normal in this world.

This gun was a new weapon in ability user Park Jin Tae’s hand.

Jang Man Soo started to speak while looking at Park Jin Tae who was walking toward them.

“Ah, whatever! I have no idea!”

He clenched his eyes shut after seeing Kim Rok Soo smiling at him.

He then tilted his body to one side. He spread out his arms.

His hands were pointing to the north and south.

“…Hey, Rok Soo.”

He quietly started to speak with his eyes still closed.

“Will I be of any help?”
“Of course you will. We can’t do this without you, mister.”

Jang Man Soo started to smile.

“Really? That’s really the case?”

‘It won’t work without me? I’m useful? I can do something?’

Jang Man Soo’s lips were shaking.

“Alright then, why not?!”

Jang Man Soo’s hands started to glow.

Jang Man Soo.

He had a defensive ability.

He had lost his two legs, but his two arms were fine and could use this power still.

Walls started to appear in both of his hands.

They were thick, wide, and tall half-transparent walls.


The moment a cold sweat flowed through Jang Man Soo’s forehead and fell to the ground…

“Fucking crazy!”

Park Jin Tae was laughing as he swore.

Cale’s head started to move.

The three-story building that had been the central shelter.

It was now just a building with one side of it broken.

Wall rose up on the southern and northern sides of this square building.

The walls were approximately 1.5 stories in height.

They were much higher than even the monsters that were taller than humans.

Cale clenched his fists.

‘It worked!’

Jang Man Soo’s power was the same as in the past.

Cale lowered his head.


Jang Man Soo was laughing.

He slightly opened his eyes and looked at Cale.

“Hey, did I do it right?”
“Yes, mister.”
“But I think I can only hold this up for about two hours.”

Cale started to laugh.

“That’s enough.”

He looked away from Jang Man Soo and raised his head.

The smile disappeared from his face.

The Grade 3 monsters would attack from the east and west since the southern and northern sides were blocked.

Choi Han had come back and Cale patted his shoulder instead of telling him, ‘good job,’ and started to speak.

“Squad 1 to the east.”

Choi Han started to move to the monsters charging in from the east.

Cale then patted someone else’s shoulder.

“Squad 2 to the west.”

Park Jin Tae started to move west.


Cale had to listen to Lee Seung Won who had walked up behind him.

The uncertainty was somewhat gone from Lee Seung Won’s eyes now.

“Grandma said everything is ready.”

Cale turned around after hearing that.

The three-story building.

They had pulled off all of the doors and windows of this building last night.

Grandma Kim was looking down at Cale from the top of the roof.

Cale’s gaze started to move.

He looked toward the building’s eastern and western sides.

He could see people in those windows.

They were not ability users.

But they would all participate in this battle.

Cale raised his hand.

He then started to look elsewhere.

First, he looked to the west.

He was looking at Park Jin Tae.


Park Jin Tae did not respond to Lee Chul Min.


He just continued to laugh.

“It was real.”

It really was real.

“It’s just as Kim Rok Soo said it would be.”

Kim Rok Soo had said the following.

‘North, south, east, and west. The Grade 3 monsters approaching on all sides will be different.’

‘If we block the north and the south, the monsters coming toward those directions will end up divided and follow behind the monsters to the east and west. The monsters at the front of the eastern and western sides are slightly more difficult to handle.’

‘First, the western side.’

‘The Grade 3 monsters coming from the west are poisonous monsters.’

The monsters in the front right now were poisonous monsters Park Jin Tae had faced before, just as Cale had said.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

So many monsters were coming toward them that the ground was shaking.

Park Jin Tae stood in front of those monsters.

Cale lowered his hand at that moment.

Lee Jin Joo started to speak only loud enough for the people in their central shelter to hear.


Park Jin Tae could see flaming arrows flying above him.

He raised his head.

People were throwing items that were on fire out of every building window.

Some of them were shooting arrows, but most of them were just throwing stuff while trying to make sure that they wouldn’t hit Park Jin Tae’s group with it.

Kim Rok Soo had said the following.

‘They are poisonous, so let’s burn them all right away.’

‘You and the shelter people fight together.’

Burn the monsters.


Park Jin Tae quietly mumbled to himself before turning his head.


Cale tilted his head to one side.


Park Jin Tae’s hand started to move after seeing Cale mouthing for him to fire.

“Ah, this is so fun.”

He instantly finished loading the gun.

The others could not see any bullets.

But he could see the bullets.

He pointed the gun toward his targets.

The targets were the monsters spewing poison in the front as well as the fire thrown by the others.

Park Jin Tae pulled the trigger.


A small bullet shot out through the barrel.

Park Jin Tae opened his mouth to speak.


The small bullet that was quickly flying suddenly exploded.

Fire shot out and spread in all directions.

Attack-type ability user, Park Jin Tae.

His attribute was fire.

The fires that the others threw touched his fire.


A large explosion occurred.

Park Jin Tae looked toward the non-ability users on top of the building and started to shout.

“Throw some more! Throw out more fire!”

He was speaking to the people of the shelter who were looking at him.

“Let’s burn these motherfucking monster bastards to death!”

Click, click!

Park Jin Tae’s gun pointed at the targets again.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

The fire-spewing bullets were flying toward the monsters.

Lee Seung Won quietly mumbled at that moment.

“…The battle for everyone to move to the new base together has started. Approximately 24 hours remain. We must survive here for 24 hours.”


Lee Seung Won turned his gaze.

A black sword was chopping down Grade 3 monster after Grade 3 monster on the east.


He turned again after hearing a sharp noise.

Fire was burning on the west. The fire was burning the monsters to death.

Lee Seung Won then looked forward.

He could see Kim Rok Soo looking around at the battlefields while standing next to Jang Man Soo.

Lee Seung Won moved his hand that was clenching the badge up to his mouth and continued to record.

“…the current states of the battlefields look hopeful. It seems doable.”

However, there was still a long time for them to survive.

Lee Seung Won continued to mumble.

“…I wish that night would not come.”

Cale did not hear that whisper.

However, Cale started to frown while looking at the battlefields.

‘We need to keep as many of our fighting-capable people safe until night time.’

The first crucial moment.

Nighttime would be that moment.

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