Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 452 – Right Arm (2)

The White Star pointed his sword toward the sky. The fire of disaster looked ready to touch the black net falling toward him.


However, that red fire was blocked by the shining black aura again.


The White Star could see Choi Han who groaned as he was flung away. He could see a golden whip flying past Choi Han as well.

“Did you think I would fall for this again?”

The White Star created a water wall.


The water wall blocked the black net. His body moved forward at the same time. The White Star easily dodged the golden whip that was approaching him like the snake. His body quickly approached Eruhaben.
Choi Han tried to respond to that quick movement but a transparent wall got in his way.

“Ugh! This wind……!”

The White Star’s wind wall was blocking Choi Han’s path to the White Star. The White Star used that opening to dodge Eruhaben’s whip and move even closer.

“Don’t touch my gramps!”

He ignored the young Dragon’s urgent shout.

‘You’re all just damn prey.’

He was not afraid of any Dragons when there was no Dragon Lord.

‘Look at the current situation. The world is so chaotic and so many Dragons have died but they all just mind their own businesses and live their lives. That’s the kind of creatures these Dragons are.’

“Yet they are pretending to be family.”

He found the young Dragon and the ancient Dragon in front of him to be stupid. He continued to dodge the whip and finally reached a point where he could touch Eruhaben if he reached his hand out.
His hand holding the sword made an arc. Fire burned following the arc and headed toward the Dragon.

“I was waiting for you.”

The corners of the ancient Dragon’s lips went up at that moment.
Eruhaben released the golden whip with no hesitation.

This gold light was not his attribute.
Powder or dust. These tiny particles that could not easily be seen was his attribute.
It was a power that could not be seen when covered by something luxurious.

The ancient Dragon could see the White Star who had walked into the tiny powder particles he had spread out in the area.
He ordered his mana.


Explode little particles.

‘Each and one of you may be weak, but your combined strength as you surround him is not weak at all.’

The first particle exploded. No sound was made. However, an uncountable number of particles then started to explode as well.
The White Star started to frown.


Baaaaang, Baaaaang, bang, Baaaaang!

He could not see in front of him. Small explosions happened every time he tried to move his hand.
He could not move as his two legs, two arms, and his body were all surrounded by the exploding dust particles.

‘This Dragon bastard- he dares to…’

The water wall blocking the net disappeared. Eruhaben started to speak.

“Move back!”

Water burst out of the exploding particles as soon as he moved.


The particles were instantly washed away by the water and the area around the White Star became clear.

“Ha, haha-”

The White Star looked down at his sleeves. His suit that wasn’t his style but he wore as he was going to a celebration had turned into a mess from the small explosions.

“…I guess you’re looking down on me.”

The Castle of Light. What was giving these bastards who had hidden inside the Dragon Lord’s castle because they were afraid of him the confidence to come at him now?

Boom, boom- boom!

He heard the drums.

‘Are those drums making you bastards confident? Do you think you can defeat me because a few of the kingdom’s soldiers are coming?’

He could see the ancient Dragon charging toward him again. He could also feel Choi Han who had crossed the wind wall charging from behind him as well.
He lifted his head.


The fire shot up to the sky. He split the fire into both of his hands. There was a strong gust of wind inside the fire. This wind was similar to a typhoon, another natural disaster.

“I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with this.”


The sky started to cry.
Black clouds gathered in the sky following the White Star’s will. The black clouds slowly started to cover the stars, the moon, and everything else in darkness.

“Your goal is to destroy my plate?”

He charged forward toward Eruhaben like an arrow.

“I won’t let you!”

Choi Han launched his black aura like an arrow from behind the White Star. The White Star waved one hand. The fire with the store inside opened its jaws and gobbled up the aura.


Then there was a large explosion. Choi Han had to step back.
The fire sword and a hand covered in gold dust clashed at that moment. Another loud explosion echoed in Choi Han’s ears.


The gold light slowly started to disappear as it touched the fire. The White Star looked at Eruhaben as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Do you hear the cries of the sky?”

The ancient Dragon’s hands started to shake. The White Star pushed with even more strength. The Dragon Slayer’s Sword of Disasters. This was an extremely dangerous power for Dragons.

‘Just a little more.’

The White Star stabbed his sword a little farther in.
This fire would soon destroy the ancient Dragon’s gold mana and rip apart his two hands. The White Star saw the ancient Dragon’s stiff expression at that moment.

“Who knows?”

The ancient Dragon stoically observed the White Star and continued to speak.

“It’s too loud with someone yapping on. I can’t hear anything else.”

‘What? Yapping?’

The White Star realized something at that moment and raised his head.
He had gotten rid of the water wall. Then that thing that was being blocked should have fallen down. However, the black net did not come to bind the White Star. The beautiful night sky sparkled in the White Star’s eyes.


He then heard someone let out a desperate scream.
Eruhaben started to smile.

“It looks like someone else is screaming. Hmm?”

The White Star looked over Eruhaben’s shoulder to see someone caught by the black net.
He looked like a fish. The person who was screaming as he was caught in one, two, three, numerous layers of the net was Bear King Sayeru.

Crackle, crackle.

It was not just a black net. There was a faint current flowing through the net. Sayeru’s clothes burned every time it touched the net and the current shocked Sayeru’s skin.
The White Star started to frown.


‘Why did you unnecessarily try to help?’

Eruhaben smiled and covered the White Star’s angry eyes.

“Alright then, shouldn’t we continue our fight?”

Gold dust covered the ancient Dragon and rose like a storm.
Sayeru continued to feel pain from the currents of the tightening net and could not even see properly because of the net.
He did not see that the Black Bone Dragon was approaching him.

“Damn it, that was so sudden!”

Sayeru’s light-covered hand tried to rip the black net.


The net made of mana ripped with a burning sound, but there were so many layers that it would take him a while to get out.
He heard a calm voice in his ear at that moment.

“You should use more of your ancient power. Do you really think you can get out of the net with just that?”

The shadows of the Dragon’s wings had covered him. Sayeru raised his head. He could see Cale’s cold gaze looking down at him.

“You bastard-!”

‘Fine, I’ll get out of this net!’

He drew out the ancient power inside his body. A bright light surrounded him. It was not just a simple light.

– Human! My net is burning! That was so hard for me to make!

The burning light instantly started to burn the net away.
Sayeru looked as if the real sun had appeared in the world.

“Kehehe, I just need to last a little longer.”

He heard hear the sky rumbling.
The White Star would soon use that power. He just needed to resist until then. He tried to shoot up into the sky with the light surrounding him.
He tried to run.


However, something got in his way.

– It was hard to make, but I just need to make it again. I am great and mighty, you stupid Bear!
“This net is, again!”


Blood spurted out of Sayeru’s mouth. His plate was slightly shaking every time he used his power. He could see Cale’s smiling face.
It seemed to be saying that he was aiming for this. Sayeru bit down on his lips.

‘Do you think I will lose? I will resist. I will escape.’

Sayeru recalled his younger days when he was very weak and poor. He then released light once more. The light started to gobble up the net again.


However, his body flinched after coughing once more.
It was at that moment.

“It really has to be an incompatible power.”

Sayeru heard a robotic voice above him. He raised his head. He could see the necromancer swinging a bone sword covered in dead mana.
The light coming off Sayeru’s body brightened the necromancer’s hideous face.

It also brightened the black bone stabbing down toward him.

“I, I-!”

‘I can’t lose like this.’

Sayeru tried to move his light-covered hand up.

“Please don’t do that.”


He heard some burning noises.
Sayeru could see the Bone Dragon’s front paws that were holding his arms. The black bones started to melt. However, it was enough to hold Sayeru down.

Mary was a necromancer who uses bones. She used to only fight in the back until she learned some martial arts from Tasha.
She then created a bone sword and continuously added her dead mana into it. This was a dead mana infused sword that only a necromancer could use.
It also had her desire to step up and fight inside it.

This sword was made of dead mana, something of the darkness attribute that was incompatible with light.
That sword stabbed into Sayeru.


His piercing scream was even louder than the rumbling in the sky.

“I made a mistake. I really should learn sword arts from Choi Han.”

Cale calmly responded to Mary’s statement.

“It’s fine.”

He smiled while looking at the person who pushed Mary away.

“We still managed to cut off his right arm.”
“…You bastard, because I’ve been going easy on you-”

The White Star was growling in anger. Standing behind him was Sayeru who no longer had a right arm coughing up blood while his body was shaking.
Cale’s smile became even bigger.

‘Now that we cut off the first right arm…’

“Shouldn’t we cut off the second?”

A water spear appeared in Cale’s hand. The spear started to become dyed in a dark blue color as thick as the abyss.


Cale charged toward the White Star the moment wind surrounded his body. He was heading toward the White Star who was trying to protect Sayeru who was on his side.
It wasn’t that Cale had not used this strategy of taking people hostage or taking care of the White Star’s people one by one to make him a loner because he didn’t know about this strategy. However, now that the enemy did it first, Cale would only feel better after returning it with at least double the pain.

Raon had been in pain because of the mana disturbance.
He couldn’t tell whether Choi Han was laughing or crying.
People were shaking in fear without being able to sleep at night.

‘This bastard, who does he think he is to pull this kind of crap?’

Who cares if he is the White Star?

“Hahaha! You dare to come at me with that body?”

The White Star sneered at Cale who was charging toward him. Not only did Cale look terrible because of his pale complexion and dry blood, but his hand that was holding the spear was shaking as well.

However, Cale still charged forward.
He focused his gaze on the White Star who was sneering at him. Then, behind Sayeru who was hiding behind the White Star…

He saw Choi Han raise his sword.
This was the stance Choi Jung Soo used to take when he called his Yong into his sword.

Choi Han’s Black Yong was aiming for the White Star’s back. That sword was different than normal. The Yong rising from the black aura seemed to be infused with a natural disaster.
It was only half of the power, but it definitely seemed to be the power of a violent natural disaster.

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