Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 450 – He’s Human (4)

Cale’s hands that were reaching toward the sky weakly fell down.
His slumping hands were still slightly shaking. Cale did not think about making his hands stop shaking.

A silver light.
He could see the large and half-transparent dome covering the entire plaza. The silver light was shining brightly.

“Young master-nim!”

Gashan quietly shouted to him with an emotional voice.

“Raon-nim must have arrived!”

Cale did not cast his shield. He didn’t need to do so.

– Human!

He heard Raon’s voice that was filled with urgency. Cale lifted his head up. Raon’s silver shield looked quite sturdy.
This should be enough to resist multiple aftershocks of the White Star and Choi Han’s attacks.

‘So smart.’

Cale sighed at the fact that Raon cast a silver shield and not a black shield. He was a kid but he was a smart kid, like a certain someone.

‘I guess he is the Dragon Lord’s child. He also got a young noble’s level of education by being with Eruhaben-nim since he was young.
…He’s no joke the more that I think about it.’

Cale heard some footsteps coming toward him as his expression turned serious. He turned his head toward the direction of the footsteps only to see crown prince Valentino looking at him with an extremely odd expression.

Was he smiling, crying, or angry? He opened and closed his mouth a few times without saying anything with that confusing expression.

“…Young master Cale, is that silver light your doing as well?”

Cale had to think after hearing this question that took Valentino so long to ask. This silver dome that was like his silver shield was actually Raon’s shield, but he could not tell Valentino that Raon had cast it.
He could not reveal the existence of a Dragon so easily.

‘There are no mages nearby either.’

Mages would instantly realize that this silver dome was a magic shield, but unfortunately, there were no mages with Valentino because of the mana disturbance tools.

‘Should I say that it is a hidden ally mage helping out since the mages from the Lord’s Castle may end up coming here?
Yes, let’s do that.’

Cale organized his thoughts and opened his mouth to speak. He was about to say that it was a great and mighty mage ally helping out.
However, Valentino was a bit faster.

“Yes. You don’t need to say anything. I already understand enough of your thoughts.”

‘My thoughts? What do you know about my thoughts?’

Cale looked toward Valentino in shock, but the crown prince who seemed to be thinking about something shook his head before turning away from Cale and walking toward a nearby knight.

“What the…?”

Cale’s mumblings did not reach Valentino. Instead, Cale felt his trouser cuffs starting to get wet.

– What do you mean, ‘what the,’ you stupid human! Human, you are an idiot!

He couldn’t see them, but Cale could draw out the front paws grabbing his leg. The sniffling noise echoed in his mind.
It was definitely Raon. Cale finally realized something.

‘I don’t hear the mana disturbance tools alarm anymore.’

The wiiiiiing noise that had sharply and loudly echoed through the entire territory could no longer be heard. That symbolized just one thing.

‘Did they find and destroy the mana disturbance tools?’

As Cale wondered where Eruhaben who should have come with Raon could be…

– D, destroy everything! Beat it to a pulp! Obliterate it!

As Cale tried to ignore Raon’s shouts as usual…


He heard a loud explosion. Cale’s head automatically turned toward the source of the explosion.


Cale could not gasp out loud. Gold mana was shining like the moon.
At the center of that radiant gold light was a beautiful gold-haired man who made even the Whales look ugly.

Cale heard a resident’s mumblings reach his ear at that moment.

“…The Lord’s Castle’s roof is- t, the roof is broken!”

That explosion had just come from the Lord’s Castle.
The triangular roof of the tallest tower within the Lord’s Castle had turned into dust and was slowly disappearing. He had cleanly destroyed only the top floor and the roof. Maybe that was why, but there was no debris either.
Cale thought he could see the people running out of the Lord’s Castle in fear after hearing the loud noise.

– As expected of gramps! Human, the mana disturbance tools were in there! Gramps said he would destroy them all!

‘T, these vicious and fierce Dragons!’

Cale could not help but smile even with a pale expression. The corners of his lips that were dyed dark red from blood slowly started to rise.

‘Ah. I feel relaxed.’

Cale’s mind was quite at peace.

– Human! We can use magic now! Ahahahaha! Just sit here and wait! I’ll be back after destroying things!

Raon’s rambling voice made him feel so at peace. It was amazing.

– You unlucky bastard. Why does a smart bastard like you always bleed after slamming in with your bare body? Tsk.

Cale could hear the ancient Dragon click his tongue and nag at him, but even that made Cale feel at peace.

“Young master-nim, that sir is-!”

Cale nodded his head at Gashan’s bright voice and calmly responded.

“Yes, he’s on our side.”

Gashan was not the only one listening to that statement. The crown prince and the nearby residents all felt relieved after hearing his voice.
The crown prince could not ask the bloody Cale a question and asked Gashan instead.

“Who is that person?”
“He is a mage-nim on our side.”

Valentino was a smart person as well. His expression instantly brightened.

“…Mage? Does that mean the mana disturbance tools have been destroyed?”
“Yes sir.”

He immediately headed toward the knights after hearing Gashan’s response. The Knight Captain urgently rushed toward Valentino’s side.
They could now use magic. That meant that there were many things Valentino could do now.

The individual who had been waiting for this moment more than anybody else let go of Cale’s pants and shot up into the sky.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

Choi Han was jumping across roofs having trouble holding the White Star back. The White Star was angry but could not launch any strong attacks toward Choi Han. Choi Han was a precious individual.

“You can’t attack properly.”

Choi Han who realized this started to slowly test the White Star’s patience. The White Star snorted at him.

“I didn’t know you had such a personality.”

The White Star dodged Choi Han and sent his fire toward the silver dome. The fire that started from his sword flicked down like a whip.
Choi Han jumped in between the two.

“Did you think there was anything you knew properly?”

The White Star sneered at Choi Han who continued to talk endlessly during their fight and swung the fire whip.


Then there was an explosion.


Both the White Star and Choi Han groaned. Choi Han who had charged toward the fire whip with just his sword groaned because of the hard head that slammed into his back.


The White Star’s fire was blocked by a different water wall.

– Choi Han! What’s wrong with your hands? Are you okay? You don’t need to worry anymore! The great and mighty Raon Miru has brought goldie gramps who is just slightly smarter than me!

Choi Han’s back hurt where Raon headbutted him, but there was a smile on his face.

‘Raon’s head is so hard.’

He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he was having such a useless thought during battle. However, the thing that was making his smile even bigger was the sight in front of him.
He could see the White Star start to frown. He could also see the gold rope that was making him unable to move.

“…You dare!”

The angry White Star tried to move his arms. However, his arms could not move properly as if they were chained down.
His gaze followed the gold whip tying his arms down and saw ancient Dragon Eruhaben.

“…Damn prey like you dare to……!”
“I guess you are calling me prey since you were a Dragon Slayer at one point.”
“How were you able to get through the mana disturbance to destroy the mana disturbance tools?”

Eruhaben laughed at the White Star’s question. The answer was simple.
Using magic in an area where mana was chaotic and not normal could damage the user because of the clashing of regular mana and the chaotic mana.
That was why only spells that did not require much mana had to be used. Of course, mages under the high-grade level could not even try to use those kinds of magic when the mana disturbance state was as bad as it was here, and even high-grade mages would feel sick and feel like throwing up.

“Who knows?”

Eruhaben strengthened his gold whip as he responded.

“I don’t want to tell you.”

The White Star then saw the whip tying him down start to twist. The White Star immediately swung the fire sword toward Eruhaben after feeling the whip trying to rip away at his arms.

“Aigoo, I should dodge a Dragon Slayer’s sword.”

Eruhaben chuckled as he dodged the White Star’s sword.

“…Are you making fun of me right now?”

Eruhaben smiled at the White Star’s reaction and shrugged his shoulders.


Choi Han heard Raon’s voice in his mind at that moment.

– That’s not true! That’s right! He’s making fun of him! Our gramps is doing a great job! He’s the best! Oh, Choi Han. I’m going to soon learn how to destroy mana disturbance from gramps and my, m, mo-, anyway, I’m going to learn it! Just wait! Tell the human I’m going to learn it soon and that Raon Miru will be able to get it done! Ah, also!

Choi Han’s shoulders flinched for a moment.
He was not the only one. The moment the White Star’s sword slammed into the chuckling Eruhaben’s gold shield…


His body flinched.
The ancient Dragon under the gold shield laughed out loud after seeing this reaction.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you expect this much after the mana disturbance tools were destroyed?”

Raon was talking in Choi Han’s mind as well.

– Ah, also! Good Mary is here!


Choi Han finally realized where the flow of power that made him nervous had come from. His gaze headed toward the west.
The desert that turned black during the night time….
He could see something creating a path on the empty desert and walking toward them.


The people inside the plaza could see it as well.
It was something that was as black as the now black sand.

“D, Dragon?”

There was a large Dragon above the sand.

“Bone Dragon!”

A Dragon made with numerous monster bones.
The necromancer in a black robe was standing on the head of the Dragon made of black bones.

Tap. Tap.

The people who were dazed by that sight turned after hearing footsteps. There were people jumping on top of the houses in the city. They were the Dark Elves.

Cale took out the golden top’s whip.

‘Are you okay? We were worried!’
‘Are you hurt? Let’s really go see the World Tree-nim next time! Let’s go ask her for some medicinal herbs that are good for the body!’
‘…Chaos…destruction…I am sad…You…should… not… go chaotic…or destroy yourself…I will do it……’

He opened his mouth to speak.

“Deliver my message.”
‘Yes, yes, of course!’
‘To the Dark Elves, right?’
‘Will deliver whatever you wish. Happiness. Peace. Love.’

Gashan and Cale made eye contact at that moment.
The crows were looking at the plaza.
Cale started to speak again. The plan would continue. They had to stick with the original plan even more after being hit like this in order to protect the Dubori territory and prevent it from being destroyed any more.
So everyone…


Tiger Gashan carried Cale on his back and started to run.
They were headed toward the Land of Death.

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