Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 374 – As Your Temper Dictates (1)

Move this white castle.

Eruhaben started to contemplate the words that just came out of Cale’s mouth.
Lord Sheritt was an illusion chained to this castle.

‘In that case, when we move the castle…the Lord who is chained to it would naturally-’

Eruhaben was thinking that she would move with it.
He subconsciously wet his lips with his tongue.

The White Star would continue to attack now that he knows the location of this castle. He would try to get rid of this castle at all costs.
But if it was possible to move this castle during such a time, it would be a good ending for both Raon and Sheritt.

However, there was a big issue with this plan.
Eruhaben gulped.

‘This is a castle that the Lord, who was known as the Emperor of Magic, built with all of her strength. Would we be able to move such a thing? Is it even possible?’

There were bound to be many complicated magic formations in this castle.
The castle may break if they touched the wrong thing.
Would it be possible to move the whole castle while avoiding such a catastrophe?

Eruhaben’s mind was becoming complicated.
There was a simple reason for it.

‘It seems possible, but it also seems impossible.’

It was because the possibility was not very obvious.
It was at that moment.

He could hear Cale’s voice.
Cale was walking fine unlike his usual situation after using ancient powers as he casually spoke to Raon.

“Raon, the plaza in the Super Rock Villa is very wide. There’s a lot of space there. If we raise the ceiling of the cave a bit, this castle should fit in there.”

Raon fluttered his wings and blankly stared at Cale.
Cale didn’t care as he continued to do what he needed to do.


Cale placed his palm on the large dome’s wall.
He then continued.

“Either that, or we can move it to the Forest of Darkness. It’s not like anybody goes in there.”

Cale could still hear the Elementals through the top’s whip in his hand.
Cale listened to their voices and shrugged his shoulders.
The group could see Cale nonchalantly add on.

“I have a lot of land. I also have a lot of money to buy more land. You know that I’m rich.”

Bud Illis started to think after hearing Cale’s words and seeing Cale’s actions.

‘…Where am I right now?’

The Mercenary King had mistakenly thought that he was on vacation somewhere listening to an immature young master of a wealthy family showing off his wealth.
However, the wealthy young master in front of him just continued to speak.

“Tell me the land you want.”

Cale kept it straight and to the point.

“I’ll move it there.”

‘Well, I have a lot of money, so it is fine to spend it on buying land.
Land never goes away.’

Cale was satisfied with his thoughts and nodded his head as he asked Raon a question.

“What do you think?”

He also asked the question to Lord Sheritt.

“What do you think ma’am? Excuse me, Raon’s mother-nim. I have a lot of land. I’m also very rich, so I can always buy the land if you want it somewhere else.”

Cale continued to speak to the Lord who blankly asked back.

“Didn’t you say that Raon is the owner of the castle? You said that the doors would always open wide for him. That’s how the magic is set up, right?”

Cale didn’t know much about magic.
He also didn’t know how a magic cast by someone at the level of the Dragon Lord would function.
That was why it was difficult to understand the magical theory behind whether this castle could move or not.

However, there was something Cale was thinking about.
She had said that Raon was the owner of this castle now.

“Then if the owner wants to move the house, they can move it, right? Isn’t that how things are in the world?”

It’s all about whatever the owner wants. There was nothing more to it.
And if Raon’s mom who was sort of like a tenant wanted to move as well, then that was fine. What problems could there be?

Cale was looking at the group with a gaze that seemed to be asking what the issue was.
The Mercenary King lowered his head and quietly mumbled to himself.

“…What he is saying definitely makes sense, but……”

There was technically nothing wrong with what Cale had just said. What he said was correct.

“…But it isn’t that easy of an issue……”

However, Bud decided to stop thinking about it.

“This is the kind of person he is.”

The Cale that Bud had seen until just now was someone who successfully blocked the White Star’s thunderbolt attack and was showing off his wealth now while looking fine.

Such a person would just consider this castle, no matter how large it was, to be the house of the little Dragon that travels with him and would not find it difficult to move such a house that was covered in magic.

“Mm, yes.”

‘Let’s stop thinking about it.’

Bud thought that this was the most rational choice.
He decided to stop thinking about it.
It was at that moment.


He could hear Raon’s voice.

“What is it?”
“You are the greatest genius.”

‘This is nothing.’

Cale lightly shrugged his shoulders.

The Mercenary King who was watching the human and the Dragon chat could not resist anymore and went against his own decision to stop thinking about this.

“I don’t think this is the time to be doing this?”

He pointed to the outside of the dome.

“There is a good chance that the enemy will continue to attack.”

It happened as soon as he finished saying that.


They could hear something banging on the dome.

The group all turned toward the dome.

Bang! Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds could be heard from all around the circular dome. Anyone would be able to tell that these sounds were coming from attacks aiming to destroy the dome.
The group started to frown. Bud urgently added on.

“See! The second round of attacks has already started! And the White Star-”
“The White Star is coughing up blood.”
“Yes, that bastard will cough up blood! Who cares if he coughs up all of- huh?”

Bud looked toward Cale with a blank expression. Cale didn’t care as he waved the golden top’s whip in front of the group and continued to speak.

“According to the Wind Elementals, the White Star is currently coughing up blood after using his powers.”

Eruhaben’s eyes clouded over.

“Looks like the White Star overdid it. I guess he still has not found the earth attribute power?”
“That seems to be the case.”

The ancient Dragon looked toward Cale who was casually nodding his head with an odd expression. He then thought about the white crown that went back into Cale’s pocket earlier.
That was the reason Cale was still fine right now.

“Then let’s go out and fight right now! This is a chance!”

Bud raised his voice. He was now speaking urgently with excitement rather than concern.

“The White Star may be coughing up blood, but we are still fine! Won’t it be better to fight right now? This is our chance to defeat the White Star right now!”

The Wind Elementals were still blabbing away at that moment.

“The Bears and Lions are trying to destroy the boulder dome right now!’
‘Oh! The mage has activated a teleportation magic circle!’

He gathered and organized the information delivered by the Wind Elementals before sharing it with the others.

“The mage has activated a teleportation magic circle and it is ready to be used at any moment.”

Bud started to frown.
Eruhaben started to speak.

“They made it so that the White Star can run away at any moment.”
“Correct. The Lions and Bears are trying to destroy this dome right now.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging sounds became even louder.

Bud bit down on his lips.

The White Star was coughing up blood.
Their group was better than expected.
In that case, it would be advantageous to fight.
It could even be a chance to kill him.

However, if a teleportation magic circle has already been activated, then they were guaranteed to have a difficult battle against the Bears and Lions while the White Star ran away.
This dome was both a barrier for Cale’s group while being a signal for the enemies to tell them to run.

‘Too bad.’

But found this situation to be upsetting.
They worked so hard to defend against the White Star’s attacks only to not even be given a chance to counterattack.

‘But this might actually be better.’

There was no guarantee that nobody would get hurt if they fought against the White Star once again right now.
An expected situation might occur while both sides fought with their lives on the line. That was why it was better to be satisfied with the fact that nobody got hurt and prepare for the future.

‘At least we now know that the White Star has not gained the earth attribute ancient power.’

That information was enough for this battle to have been worth it. They were also able to meet with Sheritt and learn about the White Star’s secrets, and there was a chance they could even find out more.
Bud slowly stopped frowning.

Cale was still calmly explaining the outside situation.

“In addition, the White Star is currently not doing anything and just observing the castle.”

The group could see Cale taking his hand off of the dome wall and looking toward them.

“Do you know why the White Star is just watching?”

Cale smiled as if he was entertained and continued to speak.

“It is because he doesn’t know that there is another exit from this place. Isn’t that the case, Lord-nim?”

Lord Sheritt had said that there was a secret passage that only Sheritt and the first Dragon Slayer knew about.
The White Star who did not know about that passage was probably waiting for Cale’s group to come out, while leaving himself a path to escape if needed.
Either that, or he was waiting for the Bears and Lions to destroy the dome to launch a second attack.

“Regardless of what the White Star is thinking, he just considers us as rats in a cage right now.”

The only exit that the White Star knew about was to destroy this dome.
Lord Sheritt who was listening to Cale started to speak.

“But we are not rats in a cage.”

The two of them made eye contact.
Sheritt continued to speak.

“The secret passage should take you to the Dragon Slayer village. I’m certain that you’ll be able to find the White Star’s weakness there.”

Eruhaben chimed in next.

“Then some people should head for the Dragon Slayer village right now. The others will stay here and protect this castle.”
“I alone will be enough since I cannot leave the castl-”
“I will do it as well, Lord.”

Eruhaben cut Lord Sheritt off and said he would help as well. Both of them needed to be here to at least prepare for any future attacks.
The ancient Dragon also needed to research ways to move this castle.

Eruhaben turned his head and started to speak to Cale.

“The Lord-nim and I will protect the castle, so you take the others and go to the village. If everything is as you said, then the White Star is probably unable to do anything right now.”

This was the thoughts going through Eruhaben’s mind right now.
If they are able to move this castle somewhere else after Cale returns with the White Star’s weakness…
He, similar to Bud, was thinking that they would have gained a lot from this battle.
Then they could use the things they gained in this battle to have an advantage over the White Star in the future battle.

“Sounds great.”

Cale happily nodded his head.

“Choi Han, Raon, On, Hong, and Bud will go with me. Ron and Beacrox will stay here and help Lord-nim and Eruhaben-nim.”

The team to go to the Dragon Slayer village was determined.
Nobody had any complaints. They all just seemed ready to do their best with whatever tasks they were assigned.
Then they heard Cale asking the Lord a question.

“Ah, Lord-nim.”
“What is it?”

Cale quickly asked back.

“The Dragon Slayer village should have an exit as well, right? Other than this secret passage.”
“…Of course there is?”
“That exit connects to this area?”

Cale nodded his head with a satisfied expression.
He then started to speak to the group who would remain at the castle.

“The two Dragon-nims should be able to easily defend against the Lions and Bears’ attacks if the White Star does not do anything, however, instead of doing that…”

‘…Hmm? Don’t easily defend?’

Eruhaben looked toward Cale.
He felt that something was weird.
Cale continued to speak in a serious tone.

“Why don’t we pretend that we are barely able to defend? Isn’t that the way to make sure that the White Star does not run away and instead continues watching as he thinks that the dome would break soon?”

The group members’ expressions all turned odd.

“The White Star’s side is probably thinking that we barely managed to defend and that everybody is worn out right now. That is why I think we should act as if that was the case.”

Eruhaben blankly asked back.


What was the point of acting like that?
Cale easily answered that question.

“Then we will use the original exit of the Dragon Slayer village to return here.”

Everybody started to think about what would happen when Cale left this castle in a way that the White Star didn’t expect and then came back.

The corners of Eruhaben’s lips slowly started to curl up.
Bud’s lips were doing the same thing.
Cale didn’t care as he started to explain the next part of the operation.

“We will come back like that, and then…”

Cale, Choi Han, the children averaging nine-years-old, and the Mercenary King would return without the White Star’s knowledge.

“Then we will smack them from behind.”

Smack the White Star from behind.

Mercenary King Bud licked his lips as he asked a question. His voice was cautious but full of anticipation.

“…We’re going to fight against the White Star?”

He heard a blunt response back.

“Then you want to just send him back? Let him go after we’ve just been on the receiving end?”

Bud suddenly felt refreshed inside.
He started to nod.
Cale was right. They couldn’t just let the enemy leave after they had only been on the receiving end.

Cale was still listening to information from the Wind Elementals as he continued to speak.

“Well, we probably can’t defeat the White Star right now.”

Even with the White Star coughing up blood, there was a high chance of Cale’s group being in danger if they fought head-on.
They weren’t prepared and they could not put everything on the line in an unexpected battle.
Furthermore, the White Star would naturally run away after Cale’s unexpected attack.
It didn’t matter.

“Shouldn’t we at least give them a good smack before they run?”

Cale was the type of trash who needed to do something to let out his anger.
The corners of his lips slowly went up as well.

“Let’s turn them into the rats in a cage.”

‘The White Star thinks that we are the rats in a cage.’

“Let’s scare the White Star into running away.”

A leisurely escaping White Star?
Cale had no plans of letting it be that way.

Cale whose smile was getting bigger heard Raon’s voice.

“…H, human, you’re excited right now!”

Raon was right.
Cale was a bit excited.
He agreed that that was the case.

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