Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 373 – Night Has Arrived (6)

It was a battle between a spear and a shield.

The numerous thunderbolts had gathered together to become a large spear.

“…My liege.”

The mage who had been with the Cats shut up after hearing the White Star’s order.
There was a shield around them.
They were outside the range of the thunderbolts, however, the shield was there just in case an unexpected assault happened.

The White Star wiped the blood off his mouth.

He was overdoing it.

It was not because of the three Dragons’ shields.
He was not scared of those Dragons’ shields.


A bright smile appeared on his face.


The Arm members and Beast people inside the shield covered their eyes. Some of them covered their ears.
Some of them even crouched down close to the ground.

They were trying to protect themselves from the thunderbolts that shined so bright that the flash might blind them, the explosions that were so loud, and the ground that shook so hard.

The White Star could then see everything.

“…It’s that.”


The white thunderbolt spear pierced through the first layer of Cale’s shields.
The rose gold wall of fire surrounding the dome started to ripple.

The White Star’s eyes opened wide.

“He has all of them…every single one.”

The large dome was made of all five natural attributes.
Seeing that made the White Star unable to feel the pain inside his body.

He had the sky.
He had everything above the earth.

Now the only thing left was the earth itself.
As long as he got one of those earth attributes!
Once that happened-!

“Keke, kahahahaha!”

The White Star started to laugh.

“I’m so curious!”

‘I’m extremely curious!
Cale Henituse, you have not fully absorbed the ancient powers. However, you have the balance that I lack.’

The White Star strained himself more than he originally planned after seeing Cale using all of his powers.

He needed to know.
He needed to know the strength of Cale Henituse’s shield.

The White Star licked his lips.

“…One more. I just need one more.”

The contents of the ‘book’ brushed past the White Star’s mind.
He had read it tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of times to memorize the contents.
He had repeated the contents of the book over and over for the past 1,000 years.

That ‘book’ had said that only two humans had earth attribute ancient powers.

These two were the real White Star who had almost become a god in the final battle and the person who was the last to die.
It was a power that only the two of them possessed.

The White Star currently did not feel any of the pain and fatigue that he had been plagued with for the past 1,000 years.

‘The end is near.
I am almost complete.’

He laughed as he started to shout.

“I’m so curious! Will you be able to keep this up?! Hahahaha!”


The white thunderbolts had swallowed all of the light from nearby.
However, there was a fire within it that had still had not lost its color.

The owner of that fire was supporting the rock dome.
His fists holding the top’s whip and the crown were touching the dome.

‘Wow! The White Star is laughing as if he has gone crazy!’
‘Of course a crazy bastard laughs like a lunatic. Shut up with the obvious nonsense! Cale Henituse seems to be struggling.’
‘I’m so curious! Will you be able to keep this up?! Hahahaha! That is what the White Star just said.’

‘Damn it!
These obnoxious Elementals!’

Cale was currently extremely sensitive because of the Wind Elementals who were loudly chatting away under the guise of reporting the situation.
He was full of disbelief as well.

“This motherfucking crazy bastard!”

‘What? You want to know if I can keep it up?
Someone should smack you on the back of the head! One day, I will beat him to death!’

Fire could be seen in both of Cale’s eyes.
However, Cale’s arms were shaking.


He could feel the thunderbolt spear trying to pierce through the wall of fire.


Another crack appeared on the jewel on the white crown.
More power flew into Cale’s body.


Eruhaben subconsciously started to frown after feeling the movement of that large amount of power.
However, he could not easily go toward Cale.


They heard another loud bang.


The inside of the dome shook vigorously for the first time.


Mercenary King Bud Illis had to catch his balance from the sudden shock.
It was so strong that even a sword master like Bud almost lost his balance.
However, Bud jerked his head up to see that the dome was still fine.

However, Cale let out a quiet groan.


The first layer, the fire, was destroyed.
The rose gold fire disappeared into the air because of the large white thunderbolt spear.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Then came the wind that was helping the fire burn even stronger.

‘Ahhhhh! We have to persist!’
‘We have to persist!’
‘Let’s help him, help!’

The whirlwinds started to break apart each time they touched the thunderbolts.
The Elementals did everything they could, but Cale could feel that they had reached their limits.


Cale clenched his fists even tighter.


The third wall.
The water wall was up against the white thunderbolts now. The sharp spear dove into the water.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Cale’s heart was going wild.
Two walls had been broken already.
Two ancient powers had been destroyed at the same time.

Normally, Cale would have fallen or fainted from the recoil. He would at least be trying his best not to faint.

‘This is driving me nuts.’

However, Cale did not faint.
His bloodshot eyes looked toward the top of the dome.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

His heart was running wild.
He couldn’t hear the voices of the other ancient powers.
He couldn’t even hear the voices of the Wind Elementals who ran away from the thunderbolts after reaching their limits.

Cale could only hear the loud pounding of his heart.
He could feel the strong power that was flowing out of his heart.

It was vitality.

This power that was trying to save Cale started to reach toward his hands, feet, and every corner of his body.

The Vitality of the Heart.
Cale could feel the presence of this power better than any other power for the first time.

This power represented life.

Cale could clearly feel that he was alive and living in this world.


The water wall crashed into the white thunderbolts.


However, even that water could not get rid of the thunderbolts.
The Sky Eating Water could not eat the sky this time.

However, Cale was smiling.


The white spear now charged toward the large tree roots. Cale felt it the moment the thunderbolts reached the trees.

‘…It decreased.’

It was weaker.
The thunderbolts were weaker now.

Cale’s hands were shaking.
The strong power from the crown had left his body, but new power was flowing in.
It was power coming from the crown that had sucked the blood of Dragons, the strongest existences in the world.
Then there were the powers of the five attributes that held the power of nature.

The human body was very weak in comparison.

That was why his body was shaking. However, the smile on his face was only getting bigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The large tree roots threw themselves at the thunderbolt. They all burned and disappeared without even leaving ashes behind.

In the end, all of the roots disappeared.

And finally.
The spear from the sky crashed into the shield from the ground.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The thunderbolt shot down toward the large dome surrounding the white castle.


The dome shook once again.
Mercenary King Bud Illis looked toward the ceiling.
He was inside the dark dome, but he could see Cale supporting the ceiling.

Clunk. Clunk.

He could see pieces of rock falling from the ceiling.
The boulders were breaking.
The dome was breaking.


Cracks started to appear on the dome as well.
The thunderbolts still endlessly struck the dome.

“Ke, kekeke-”

However, Bud Illis started to laugh.

The thunderbolts beating down on the dome were becoming weaker.
The large spear was becoming dull and breaking apart after breaking through the three Dragons’ shields, followed by the fire, wind, water, and wood barriers.
And finally…

Clunk. Clunk.

Bud Illis started to laugh out loud after feeling dust falling on his face.


Clunk. Clunk.

Small pieces of boulder continued to fall from the ceiling.
But he was happy.

“…We survived. We survived!”

He didn’t hear any more bangs.
He didn’t feel any shaking either.

It was so quiet that he could hear these small pieces of rock falling on his shoulders.

There was no way Bud didn’t know the meaning of that silence.

The shield did not break in the end.
One spear could not get through many shields.

Lord Sheritt raised her head.

It was dark.

The castle that was covered by the boulder barrier was dark. The world that used to only be white was dark.
She then heard a quiet voice next to her.

“…Our house is okay……”

It was Raon’s voice.
Sheritt did not have the confidence to look down at Raon. She just stared at the dark ceiling and blinked a few times.

However, she moved her hand.
She could feel the round head in her palm.
She started to speak as she continued to stare at the ceiling.

“You’re smart.”
“…I learned from the human.”
“Yes. You learned very well.”

She approached the center of the dome’s ceiling with Raon still in her arms.

“Huff. Huff.”

She could see Cale who was breathing heavily.
Eruhaben was already supporting Cale.


Cale could see Raon leaving the Lord’s arms and flying toward him.

‘…That apple pie.’

Raon had an apple pie in his paws once again.
The front paws that had been supporting the boulder dome were covered in dirt, but he had a whole apple pie in those dirty paws.


Cale let out a sigh.
It was at that moment.


Cale lowered his head.
He could see another crack appear on the jewel at the center of the crown.
The crack cut through about half of the jewel.

The jewel looked ready to break with one more crack like that.

“You unlucky bastard.”

Raon was shouting in front of him while Eruhaben’s sighing voice came from behind him as Cale blinked.


Raon continued to speak with a shocked expression as he approached Cale.

“Human! You’re fine! You look better than I expected! You haven’t even fainted yet!”

Eruhaben added on as well.

“You’re fine this time.”

Cale shrugged his shoulders. He really was fine this time.
He was a bit tired, but it was not enough to make him faint. His body slowly returned to normal.

Cale clenched the hand that was holding onto the crown.
It was all thanks to the power he had received from the crown.

Eruhaben supported Cale and slowly descended to the ground. The Lord and Raon followed behind them.

“Young master-nim.”

The others quickly approached Cale.

“…Why do you all have such expressions?”

They all seemed shocked.
All of them had not expected Cale to be okay like this either.
Expressions that seemed happy but confused, relieved but flustered filled the faces of the children averaging nine-years-old. It was at that moment.

“…I will show you the way.”

He heard Lord Sheritt’s calm and collected voice.
The secret passage to the Dragon Slayer village.
Lord Sheritt and Cale made eye contact.

“Hurry up and go. I will protect this place. The White Star bastard has overdone it, so he shouldn’t be able to attack like this for a while. I can handle the Bear tribe and the Lion tribe.”

Cale quietly listened to Sheritt’s calm voice

“I cannot go with you, but I can lead you to the passage entrance right now.”

Sheritt was about to say something else but stopped herself after seeing Cale open his mouth.

“Do you have a question?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“What is it?”
“Lord-nim, are you chained to this castle?”

Lord Sheritt hesitated for a moment but responded without looking toward Raon.

“Yes. I am chained to this castle. Everything inside these castle walls is my territory.”
“…So, you are tied to the castle and the castle walls correct?”

The Lord slowly nodded her head at Cale who asked similar questions twice. She then tried to speak again as she was concerned.
She didn’t know what kind of attack the enemies would launch next.
She needed to quickly send them away.

It was at that moment. Cale spoke first before she could say something.

“Who would you say is the master of this castle now?”
“That is obviously-”

Sheritt paused for a moment before finishing her response.

“It belongs to my child.”

It was Raon’s castle.
That was why the castle gate would always open wide whenever Raon visited.
Cale nodded his head with a stoic expression and Sheritt opened her mouth again to speak.
However, Cale was faster once again.


However, he was talking to Raon and not her.

“What is it, human?”

Raon had flinched after hearing that this was his house before peeking at Lord Sheritt, who was not looking at him, and then responding to Cale.
Cale then casually asked Raon a question.

“What if we move this castle and the castle walls?”

Raon’s wings fluttered.

The black Dragon’s eyes clouded over. The Dragon jerked his head around and looked toward Eruhaben.
Lord Sheritt, whose expression had changed after hearing Cale’s statement, and Eruhaben both flinched after seeing the fierce look in the small Dragon’s eyes.

Raon didn’t care as he approached Eruhaben with sparkling eyes and responded to Cale.


Cale bluntly asked back.

“What is it?”
“Human, you are a genius.”

Cale scoffed.

‘This is nothing.’

The small Dragon’s eyes were burning with a strong desire to make it happen.

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