Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 112 – Scary (5)

“Just who are you?”

Choi Han responded to the magic spearman’s question.

“The secret organization.”

Choi Han was very confident with his answer now. Cale could see Choi Han starting to smirk through the opening in his mask. He couldn’t believe that Choi Han was smirking. It was not fitting Choi Han’s character.

“What a bunch of lunatics.”

They could feel the magic spearman’s true feelings. He looked angry and annoyed. Cale started to smirk even wider than Choi Han.

‘So why do you do these bad things to harm other people?’

“Hey kid, who are they?”
“Who are they?”

There were two people who seemed to be working with the magic spearman. There was a boy who seemed to be about 12 years old, as well as a middle-aged man.

– Neither of them are as strong as the magic spearman. However, the young boy is special.

Their handy strength detector, Raon, explained to Cale. Furthermore, Pendrick had already described these two to Cale.

‘The young boy is a tamer. Based on the type of words that he uses, it seems that he just looks like a young boy. He made the animals that seemed to have lost their will to spread the dead mana against the Elves. The middle-aged swordsman protects the tamer.’

They could also see hundreds of soldiers from the secret organization. On their side, the Elves had, at max, two hundred adult Elves. Even with the help of the Elementals, it was no wonder that the Elves were struggling, especially since the secret organization was using dead mana against them.

“Hyungs, who are you and why are you pretending to be us?”

Cale made eye contact with the tamer boy who was looking at him.

Tamers were said to have special abilities. They could become friends with living animals and monsters and fight together with them, or they could take away the animals will and make them like a zombie.

An animal or monster that has their will taken away can never return to normal. Even if they are released from the taming, they will go berserk until they die.


Cale could see animals with bottles of dead mana in their mouths around the young boy. There seemed to be at least two or three hundred animals. The animals seemed to have been poisoned by dead mana as well, as their entire bodies were filled with black veins.

‘The wolves living in the valley all lost their wills once the young boy’s eyes turned white. Our biggest issue right now is the tamer boy directing the animals to release the dead mana.’
‘Each time he does that, he makes his subordinates temporarily retreat so that they are not affected by the dead mana, so the Elves can only avoid the animals with the dead mana and retreat as well. Since they control the timing of that attack, we are unable to launch a proper attack.’

And there were two strong individuals protecting the young tamer boy. It was at that moment.


One of the animals suddenly blew up. The wolf that blew up because it could not handle the dead mana that was released slowly disappeared without a trace as black smoke started to rise from its corpse.

“I, I cannot forgive them.”

Cale turned around to see Lock’s eyes turning red. Of all the animals out there, the animals that the tamer boy had picked were all wolves, foxes, or similar animals.
The young boy’s eyes suddenly turned wide.

“Huh? There are claws on that man’s hands. He must be from the Wolf Tribe. Wow, I want to make him mine!”


Lock’s teeth became sharp and his anger was visible on his face. Choi Han stood in front of Lock and covered his sword with his aura. Both the tamer boy and the middle-aged man flinched after seeing the aura that showed that Choi Han was a sword master. The middle-aged man asked the magic spearman.

“Are they the ones who messed with the mermaid incident?”
“Yes, it was those crazy bastards.”

A cold voice interrupted the middle-aged man and the magic spearman who were looking at each other.

“You weaklings sure have a lot to say.”

The two men turned toward the source of the voice. Cale lightly laughed before he gave an order to the owner of the cold voice who was looking at him.

“You can fight.”

Beacrox put on four pairs of white gloves to get revenge for his father. There was a longsword in his hand. However, the first scream did not come because of Beacrox.

“Aaaaaaahh! My arm!”

One of the secret organization’s soldiers had suddenly lost their left arm. They clenched onto their shoulder as they started to scream. However, they could not see the person that had cut their arm off. A moment later, Cale could hear a quiet voice from behind him.

“Young master-nim, it is a cruel sight to look at. Are you feeling okay?”

Ron was the perpetrator. What a sly old man.

This was why Cale was so confident today. He looked past the secret organization and toward the boundary of the Elf Village. A small defensive wall could be seen.
Cale could also see Pendrick and the Elves looking at them with blank expressions. Cale gave the order while looking at the Elves.

“We will first get to the boundary.”

Cale’s body shot forward by using the Sound of the Wind.

“Our first priority is to block them!”

The magic spearman shouted. The hundreds of soldiers and animals all charged toward Cale’s group. Cale looked toward them and started to smile.
The magic spearman flinched as they made eye contact. Cale then started to speak to the magic spearman.

“You think this fog is just for show?”

The fog surrounding Cale’s body quickly started to spread. On and Hong had gotten much stronger than before.


The chilling meowing of the kittens echoed in the valley. The white fog quickly turned red as Cale charged into the approaching enemies. However, Cale was not afraid at all.

The enemies in the front of the army started to grab their necks.


It was difficult to use deadly poison against a large number of enemies, however, it was possible to paralyze them. The ones who managed to approach Cale through the paralysis all lost their left arms.

“Young master-nim, do not push yourself too hard as you run.”
“I know.”

Ron was using a dagger in each hand in order to cut off each of the enemies’ left arms without any hesitation. He was being nice by not killing them. Ron was currently using the left arm that Mary had made for him. The arm, which seemed to be a bit grey, had no issues keeping up with his right arm.

A whirlwind started to form in Cale’s hand.

“Remove the fog.”

The fog disappeared.

“Add poison to the whirlwind.”

The whirlwind turned red. A kitten who was dyed black jumped off of a tree and landed on Cale’s shoulder. It was Hong.
Cale shot up two poisonous whirlwinds into the sky as he continued to charge forward. Ron kept up in order to protect Cale. Lock was not far behind them, growling with his fangs showing.


Although Lock had not transformed into his berserk state, the animals that had lost their wills still flinched at his growl. Their instincts made them feel fear, as it was the growl of the Wolf King’s heir.
Lock quickly caught up to Cale and asked.

“Young master-nim, can we heal them?”
“In that state, probably not.”
“They can’t return to normal?”
“… I understand.”

The way to save those animals was to quickly kill them and remove the tamer’s control. If they just got rid of the tamer’s influence, they would continue to go berserk while suffering from the dead mana. Cale peeked at Lock moving away before continuing to move forward. He could hear the magic spearman shouting from a distance.

“Where are these bastards always popping out from?!”

The magic spearman clenched his teeth and started to shout. Beacrox started to attack him as he did that.

“Shut the hell up. I plan on using all of my white gloves today.”


Beacrox’s longsword clashed against the magic spearman’s spear. The magic spearman started to cast a spell with his other hand.



“Shit! This is why I didn’t want to come here!”

The magic spearman shouted, as if he was tired of this. His fireball was easily broken by Lock’s punch. Lock’s hand burned for a moment, but he ignored it. This was the Wolves’ style of fighting. They fought without thinking about defense.
However, Lock’s goal was not the magic spearman.
He was aiming for the person the magic spearman was protecting.
The magic spearman urgently shouted.

“Shit! Ahjussi! Protect Ballad!”

Lock’s sharp claws were aiming for the tamer. However, there was no one to block Lock. The middle-aged swordsman was currently in a fierce battle.

“Damn it, where did these bastards come from?!”
“Oh, looks like you still have enough energy to flap your mouth. Shall we raise it up a level?”

Choi Han leisurely continued to attack the swordsman. The swordsman’s body started to become covered in injuries. However, Choi Han did not kill him, instead, he just looked around as he pushed the swordsman to his limit.


However, the tamer was still laughing without worry. Lock’s sharp claws instantly arrived in front of the tamer.

“Time to catch a Wolf!”

The young boy’s eyes instantly turned white. However, there was something covered his eyes the moment they turned white.

‘The wolves on our side all lost their wills once the young boy’s eyes turned white.’

Pendrick had explained it in detail for them.


Another kitten that was dyed black appeared. The kitten, who was covering her usual silver color, instantly landed near the tamer and covered the tamer’s eyes with her fog.

“Huh? What is this?!”

The tamer became anxious.
Cale’s first goal was to prevent any more animals from becoming tamed.
Lock’s claws headed toward the tamer’s eyes that were covered by the fog.


However, there was a small dagger that stopped Lock’s claws. Suddenly, a mummy-like assassin wearing white appeared from the shadow of the grass. The dagger in the assassin’s hand turned in an odd direction and aimed for the back of Lock’s hand.

“I guess I need to cut your fingers off.”

The moment the assassin said that, he could see that Lock was smiling.

Pendrick had said the following to Cale.
‘It looks like there are two people protecting the tamer.’

However, right before Pendrick had climbed to the top of the mountain, Raon had told Cale that the magic spearman had just arrived.
In that case, who were the two that Pendrick had seen protecting the tamer?

“Number 1! Dodge!”

A voice called out to the assassin. At the same time, the man named Number 1 twisted his body to the side after hearing a different, cold voice.

“You are going to cut off whose what?”

It was Choi Han. His sword cut through the assassin’s side.


However, the assassin covered the tamer boy’s neck with his arm and retreated to the back. Lock’s claws only managed to scratch the boy’s palm.

“Ow! Number 1, I’m hurt! I’m going to kill that Wolf!”

The boy started to cry through the fog.


Lock clicked his tongue and carried On in his arms as he rushed toward the boundary of the Elf Village without looking back.

The tamer started to shout.

“Kill those young mutts!”

And old man’s voice echoed in the valley as the animals’ eyes turned red. Choi Han immediately headed toward Beacrox. He was supposed to go to Cale, but he was worried that Beacrox would lose his rationality during the battle.

“Where are you going?”

Beacrox asked Choi Han with a stoic expression. Beacrox was weaker than the magic spearman. Choi Han, who had been worried about Beacrox for that reason, looked back and asked in shock.

“What is up with those gloves?”
“I was annoyed.”

Beacrox, who had thrown a total of eight gloves toward the magic spearman, was smiling. They stopped talking at that moment and instead started chasing after Cale, who had arrived at the boundary to the Elf Village.

Thanks to Ron’s guard and Hong’s poison, Cale had arrived at the wall in a straight line, like he was running a 100m race.

“Pendrick, good to see you.”

Pendrick nodded his head with a blank expression.

“Yes, yes sir.”

Cale looked past Pendrick, only to see another familiar face.

“Good to see you again too.”

It was the middle-aged Elf he had met in the inn, the Guardian Knight, Jeet.
Jeet could not believe what he was seeing. Adult Elves were strong because they could handle Elementals. However, they were not at this level.
This man had a sword master, a Wolf Beast person, a poisonous fog, and an assassin of unknown strength protecting him. Furthermore, the other swordsman seemed to be as strong as Jeet as well.

How could all these strong individuals show up together?

They were all as strong as the Royal Knights. Jeet looked toward Cale Henituse, the man leading these experts, and barely managed to speak.

“Yes sir, it has been a while.”

He was still respectful toward Cale. Jeet asked his Elemental as soon as he saw Cale.

‘Is he a Dragon?’
‘No, he’s a human. However, the power of nature is strong in this one.’

He was not a Dragon. However, Jeet had heard about this noble and the things that he had done. Pendrick had explained it all to him. Pendrick also mentioned that this human had agreed to help them without asking for any compensation.
Even though Elves did not like humans, they liked lifeforms that were pure and had a sense of responsibility.

Cale could see an old Elf with white hair and beard walking toward them. It was the Elf Chief. However, unfortunately, he did not have time to greet her. (I double checked the raw and it does indeed say beard but it is a woman )

“Cale-nim, everyone has arrived.”

Cale saw that everyone had arrived and walked toward the front of the wall. Choi Han and Beacrox followed next to him. Cale was walking confidently, as if he was walking on top of the walls of the Henituse castle walls.

These walls were too shabby to be called castle walls. He could see animals rushing toward them from below the wall.

“Kill them! No matter what, make sure to kill them first! How dare they do that to my precious baby skin!”

The tamer really was not a child. The old man’s voice made Cale turn around.
All of the three hundred animals with bottles of dead mana around their necks rushed toward him like they had gone crazy. The Elves and the materialized Elementals all flinched. This was much worse than the attacks until now.

“…Cale-nim, is this okay?”

Pendrick turned pale as he looked toward the liquid dead mana falling between the animals. The ground turned black as soon as the liquid landed on it.
Pendrick could hear Cale’s voice at that moment.

“I did this on purpose.”

Pendrick flinched and turned his head.

“Excuse me?”

Cale looked peaceful as he stood on the wall with the Elf Village behind him. He looked like he was the chief of the village. Cale stared at the fact that only the animals were attacking before he started to speak.

“He’s still cool-headed.”

The Tamer had veins popping out of his forehead, but did not make the soldiers become poisoned by the dead mana. The soldiers of the secret organization were all stationed behind the animals. And behind them, at the way back, was the tamer and the trio of protectors.

Pendrick noticed this as well, and his eyes turned cloudy as he started to frown.

“Are you trying to get rid of the animals and the dead mana first?”

The battle would be in their favor if Cale used that lava-like fire to burn the animals and the dead mana in the bottles around their necks.

Rationality was telling Pendrick that this was the correct decision. The Guardian Knight and the other Elves all kept their mouths shut as they looked toward Cale. This was the reason they had asked for Cale’s assistance.
Although they had lived with these animals in harmony, they had no choice. It was better to release them from this pain as quickly as possible.


They could hear Cale’s calm voice. Cale wanted to know the strength of the, ‘Fire of Destruction,’ before using it in his own territory. He was curious to know about the strength of the true, ‘Fire of Destruction,’ and not the useless one that the Elf had gained in the novel.
That was why he was going to go all out, just once.

Cale smiled at the Elves and responded.

“I plan to attack them.”

Cale stretched his arm out.

Boom. Boom.

His heart was beating as a rose-gold light appeared on his palm.

The magic spearman flinched and started to shout. He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

“Everybody attack! Ahjussi, Number 1, the two of you attack too!”
“You want us to go through the dead mana?”

The magic spearman started to frown at the middle-aged man’s question. He then coldly gave an order.

“It’s an order.”

The middle-aged man, the assassin, and the hesitating soldiers all bit down on their lips and started to charge toward Cale after hearing the magic spearman’s order.

“Yes, kill them! Scratch up all of those bastards’ faces!”

The tamer was shouting. It was at that moment.


The Elves looked up at the sky. Raon, who was in the sky, started to speak to Cale.

– Human! What is this? Is it okay for me to stay here?

It was at that moment.

– Wow……

Raon was amazed.

“Shit! Blin-.”

At the same time, the magic spearman started to scream, but his shout was drowned out.


A red thunderbolt struck down from the sky. Everybody could see nothing but red for a moment. It was also so loud that their ears were ringing.

Once that thunderbolt disappeared, they could all hear something else.

Cale hunched over and started to cough.


Blood was coming out of Cale’s mouth.

‘Shit! They never said there was a recoil effect!’

‘The Birth of a Hero,’ did not say that there was a recoil to this power. Cale then remembered what the owner of the ancient power had said.

– If it is you, if it is someone like you, who can throw all this money away, you’ll be able to overcome anything!
– Use it to melt anything in your way. You will survive through the pain.

‘Damn it. Why couldn’t he say it’ll hurt?’

Cale had not paid much attention to what the owner of the ancient power had said.

Cale covered his mouth with one hand.

Drip. Drip.

Blood continued to drip down.

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