Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 111 – Scary (4)

But there was another individual responding to Cale other than Pendrick.

– Human, I know who he is! Do you want to know? He was the Elf that stood behind the Elf that talked to you in the inn! I remember everything because I am a great and mighty Dragon!

‘No, I already know who he is.’

Cale started to frown after his mind became rowdy with Raon’s unnecessary explanation.

‘And why is he like that?’

Cale was anxious about Pendrick’s reaction. Pendrick slightly lifted the hood of his robe. Although his ears were still covered, Cale could see the Z shaped scar around Pendrick’s eyes.

“Sir, we met at the inn. I remember that we made eye contact.”

This was true. Cale had flinched after seeing the scar by Pendrick’s eyes.

“I see.”

However, Cale feigned ignorance until the end. He also made his responses as short as possible. He had learned from his experiences.

‘Cannot say too much.’

He kept ending up being dragged into messes the more he talked to someone. Cale turned away from Pendrick and started to walk in the opposite direction. He was heading toward the top of the pit.

Crumble. Crumble.

The black rocks broke as he stepped on them. Cale’s red hair fluttered in the wind.

‘He’ll stop thinking about me now.’

Of course, Cale was wrong.

“Sir, did you earn an ancient power?”

Cale did not stop walking, even after Pendrick started to speak.


He gave a short answer.

Pendrick flinched at the cold and indifferent voice. He looked at the back of the man who was walking away.

Why would Pendrick have come here even though the village was in trouble? It was because of the scary feeling he got from the lava.

Pendrick was aware of his status as an Elf who could not handle an Elemental.
The only things that he had going for him were his healing and fighting abilities.

For someone like him, that scary lava was a tempting power. He wanted the power to help his village. He thought that the fire might be able to burn that thing that was a poison to the Elves.
However, ancient powers were things that required a lot of luck to acquire. They were said to have predestined owners.

“Excuse me!”

Pendrick started to run toward Cale.
Cale flinched at the sound of someone running toward him.

‘Why is he following me?’

Cale started to walk faster. However, he still responded to Pendrick.

“What is it?”
“Could you please lend me the strength of your ancient power?”

Cale thought that he shouldn’t have responded.
Cale started to frown. How could someone suddenly launch a hook like this? Cale wanted to sigh, but just turned around with the frown still on his face.


He then flinched.
An Elf was standing behind him. Pendrick had lowered his hood to reveal his Elf ears.

The novel had mentioned that the Whales were so beautiful they could put the Elves to shame. However, as one of the main character’s party members, Pendrick had a different kind of beauty compared to other Elves.

He was someone who lived in despair as an Elf who could not handle an Elemental. However, he still had a purpose as a healer. Although his face was pale, Cale could not deny that Pendrick was handsome.

– Is that Elf sick? He seems very pale.

Although Pendrick looked pale, he was not sick. But he sure was handsome. Cale continued to stare at the Elf, Pendrick. This made Pendrick start to think.

‘He really isn’t an average person.’

Cale did not even flinch after seeing an Elf. Although Cale was not speaking, Cale’s gaze seemed to be telling him to hurry up and explain.
Since he had brought it up, he needed to explain the details.

“I am an Elf and I live in the Elf Village.”

Cale held back a sigh. He turned his gaze away and looked far away as Pendrick started to explain. He felt like his luck was really bad. It was always a mess whenever he left his house.

At that moment, something Pendrick said caught Cale’s attention.

“An organization has invaded our village in an attempt to steal the branch of the World Tree.”
“What? Wouldn’t the Elf Village be destroyed if you lose the branch?”

Cale was so shocked that he accidentally blurted that out loud.

The World Tree was an existence of legends. Most fantasy worlds were said to be supported by a World Tree. However, the World Tree wasn’t really that grand of an existence.

However, it existed in a special location and helped the creatures of nature live peacefully. As for the Elves, they used a branch of the World Tree with permission in order to build their villages.
It was a village made with the help of the trees and nature. The Elves lived in that village, and the World Tree’s branch used illusion magic to let the Elves live without danger.

The Elf Village would disappear if the World Tree’s branch disappeared.

“Yes, it will be destroyed.”

Pendrick hid his shock as he calmly answered. He then started to observe Cale more thoroughly.
There was a reason this person did not become shocked after seeing that he was an Elf.

‘He knows a lot about Elves.’

Unlike most people who had fantasies and curiosities about Elves, this man in front of him had some knowledge regarding Elves and Elementals.

“That is why the Elves and Elementals are currently fighting against that organization.”

Cale maintained his expression as he asked about, ‘that organization.’

“Who is that organization?”
“We are not sure. However, they are wearing clothes that have a red star and five white stars. We could not determine the identity of the organization, even after conducting an investigation.”

‘Crazy bastards.’

Cale could not tell why that organization, called Arm or Umm or whatever it was, was doing these things.

– They really are terrible people! Those baddies must be punished! They want to destroy the Elves homes?! I will destroy the world if our house is destroyed!

Cale ignored Raon and asked what he wanted to ask.

“So why do you need my ancient power?”

He wanted to know what his power had to do with their battle.

Pendrick asked a question instead of answering Cale’s question.

“Do you know what is the most poisonous substance toward Elves?”

Cale knew the answer. As much as he didn’t want to, he definitely knew the answer. Cale let out a sigh.

The Elves and Dark Elves did not have a good relationship with each other because of dead mana.

“I do not know if this power of fire will be able to burn dead mana.”

Dead mana was like poison to the Elves.

That was why the Guardian Knight had left his Elemental at the village when he went out to investigate. Elementals were not affected by dead mana, so they were currently the ones protecting the Elf Village.

Pendrick’s gaze became even more pensive. This was someone who really knew a lot about Elves. It was difficult to find such a person.

“I still want to test it out. Please help us. They are spraying water infused with dead mana, and even the Elementals could not take care of it.”
“And why should I help you?”

Pendrick was suddenly at a loss of words.
However, Cale was thinking about someone at this time.

The person he was thinking about was someone who was always in pain but carried on because the pain was not very severe.
He was thinking about the necromancer, Mary. Since he planned to put her to use quite a bit, wouldn’t it be great to erase some of his debt to Mary?

Especially if things were going to be like this anyway.

“That, we will reward you for your assistance.”

Pendrick stumbled as he answered. Cale just asked right back.


Pendrick flinched after seeing that Cale was interested. What should they give to a human? The Elf Village was poor in human standards. It did not have money, treasures, or jewels. All they had was wood.

“Yes sir, that, you see, for your reward-.”
“No need.”
“Excuse me?”
“There’s no way Elves living in nature have money or jewels to give.”

Of course, Pendrick the Healer and the Elementals could still give him a reward.
However, Cale did not say that part. Why?

‘Elves like humans who are not materialistic.’

Elves were a race that liked being minimalists.
Cale had already made up his mind, especially since Raon was strongly encouraging him from a while ago.

– Human, I want to punch that magic spearman in the face!

Since the strongest in their party was saying that, what could Cale do about it? Furthermore, Pendrick had lived until now because Cale had twisted the story. He didn’t want him to die here. There was also something that Cale needed to verify.

“I will help you.”

Pendrick could see the man starting to smile for the first time.

“It is not like I can just ignore someone in trouble.”

It was an indifferent tone, but Pendrick started to feel thankful.
He knew that the man in front of him had no reason to help him at all. That was why he was having such a strong reaction to the man’s willingness to help. Pendrick opened his mouth to speak. However, the man started to speak before he could say anything.

“Plus, that organization sounds like those punks I have met before.”
“What do you mean?”

Cale looked toward the other peaks and started to speak as if he was reminiscing about the past.

“There was a time when I went to help the Whale Tribe. They had given dead mana to the mermaids to spread mermaid poison throughout the ocean.”
“How terrible!”

They were trying to kill the ocean and everything in it! Pendrick was angry.

“And they tried to kill the people at the Roan Kingdom’s capital using bombs. I barely managed to prevent that.”

Pendrick suddenly recalled an incident.
The Roan Kingdom’s Plaza Terror Incident.
He had learned that people who seemed to be from the same organization had attempted such terrible deeds when he went out to investigate.

He also heard the name of a noble who was said to have an ancient power. They had said that he had used his ancient power to save the citizens before falling over in exhaustion. That person also had red hair.

“… Cale Henituse?”

Pendrick could see that the man still had a gentle smile on his face.

“Hmm? You know my name?”


Pendrick could not help but gasp. This really was not an average person.

– Human, why are you smiling like when you are with the crown prince? Are you trying to scam someone?

Cale could hear Raon’s voice, but he ignored it as he asked Pendrick.

“Tell me the location of your village. I will grab my group and head over right away.”

Pendrick bowed his head.

“Thank you very much.”

He could see Cale Henituse, the person he felt was very cold at first, gently smiling like his thank you was enough compensation for helping the Elf Village.

Of course, Cale was smiling because he was thinking about how to take as much as he could from the Elves.


Rustle, rustle.

Cale felt the leaves flying by his face as he rushed forward.

Tap, tap.

The kittens, On and Hong, were jumping across the trees while keeping up with Cale.


Choi Han approached Cale.

Cale’s group was currently heading for the valley between the seventh and eighth peaks of the Ten Finger Mountains.


Choi Han started to wince at Cale’s cold response. He then asked in an awkward voice.

“Do we have to dress like this?”
“May I ask why?”
“One reason is to hide our identities.”

Ron, Beacrox, and Lock, who were following behind Cale and Choi Han, started to pay attention to their conversation. Cale and Choi Han continued to speak while not slowing down at all.

“And the other reasons?”

Choi Han could see Cale smiling.

“To annoy them.”

Choi Han closed his mouth. In his opinion, Cale’s real reason had more to do with annoying Arm than hiding their identities. Choi Han was not wrong. Cale did not like this secret organization that continued to get in his way of living peacefully.

– Human, do I just need to stay far away like this?

Cale nodded his head. Raon was flying high up in the sky, but, as a Dragon, he should have been able to see Cale’s nod.

Cale had told Raon to stay out of the Elementals’ range since they were going to the Elf Village. However, Raon was still nearby, just in case something went wrong.

“Young master-nim, I can see it.”

Cale raised his head after hearing Ron speak. Something odd could be seen in the distance.

Clang, clang! Bang!

They could hear the sounds of swords clashing together, as well as the sound of explosions.

“How odd.”

Cale agreed with Lock’s statement. The valley between the seventh and eighth peaks was fluctuating, and they could see a different location flashing through the fluctuation.

That was the Elf Village.

Cale shared his sentiments while looking at the entrance to the village.

“What a mess.”

There were Elementals that materialized into physical bodies, as well as some Elves who were fighting against the secret organization.

“Let’s go.”

Cale started to smirk. He quickly rushed toward the boundary of the village.


Fog covered Cale’s body. Cale did not need to say anything else for Hong to immediately start spreaingd his poison inside the fog. A poisonous fog soon protected Cale’s body.

“I will take the lead.”

Beacrox put on a white glove as he stepped forward. Choi Han was already in front of him.

“Young master-nim, I will quietly follow behind you.”

Cale could see Ron slowly disappear into the forest without making a noise.


Cale turned around after hearing the noise, only to see that Lock’s claws had grown. Lock awkwardly smiled, as if he was embarrassed. He was still very shy.

Cale looked back to the front as he approached the loud Elf Village.


It was a mess with the screams of humans, animals, Elves, and Elementals. The strong individuals within the Elf Village suddenly stopped moving. All of their gazes headed toward the seventh peak.
They could see people heading toward them quickly from the seventh peak.

“M, more enemies?!”

One of the Elves shouted in disbelief. However, the Elf soon flinched.


One of the enemy’s arms was missing. The person who cut the arm off was none other than the person who was in front of the new group of who he thought to be the enemies.


He could see it clearly once they got closer.

“Who, who are you?!”

One of the enemies shouted. They had black outfits with five white stars and a single red star. Some of the enemies started to shout in disbelief.
The Elves could see that the outfits the people coming from the seventh peak were wearing was the same as the enemies, however, it was done with a terrible patch job.
The people wearing outfits that had stars that looked like a newbie had sewed them on soon approached them.

“Hyung-nim! It is them!”
“Pendrick! What did you say? Them?”

The Elf’s eyes became wide after hearing Pendrick’s words.
At that moment, Cale arrived at the battlefield with Choi Han and Beacrox in front of him. He could see a familiar face.
Choi Han, who was in the front, started to speak.

“Won’t they be angry?”

Cale’s group was pretending to be the secret organization, just like they had done at Hais Island. Cale casually responded.

“I want them to get angry. Wouldn’t that be great?”
“It definitely would.”

Cale listened to Choi Han’s response as he looked toward the familiar magic spearman. It was the same one who thought he was going to get away safely from Hais Island, yet ended up getting injured by Raon’s mana arrow.


The magic spearman, who had a spear in his hand, let out a gasp of disbelief. He looked toward the people who made him run away from Hais Island before sighing and starting to speak.

“They’re driving me crazy.”

Hearing a villain saying something like that made Cale start to smile.

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