TCF Announcement

Hello all,

The TCF author has announced a month+ hiatus until March 9th. As a result, we will only be releasing TCF on Mondays until her return (with one week of break as sponsors would have caught up to last chapter prior to her return).

As you may have noticed, we released a new series, SMPU, on Friday! SMPU will be taking over the Friday release slot for at least the next month.

Click HERE for a description of SMPU

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-EAP team

7 Replies to “TCF Announcement”

  1. Panos

    Thank you for the heads up.
    I was wondering why there was no new chapter.I hope when the author return she will continue to give us the quality of story we got so far.

  2. Dragon of the north

    Thanks, I was wondering where Friday’s chapter of TCF went. ☺ So it was just a break. I was a little worried. 😥 I read SMPU, it was good. When TCF is back, will SMPU continue on Fridays? 😶


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