Soulmancer – Chapter 31: Preparation II & Back Home I

“Now,” he mused, “all that’s left is to use the runic stone and return.” Yet, his thoughts wandered as he briefly pondered whether he could bring the equipment he’d brought here back to the outside world. If possible, he’d never be broke again. Selling E-graded items alone would guarantee him millions of Lupin, excluding the bothersome ‘transporter fees’ and additional taxes.


As usual, an invisible pocket-dimensional rupture manifested abruptly, discernible only to him. Following his thoughts, the tattered, bloodied-stinking clothes materialized in his grasp. With a distorted and repugnant expression, Izel proceeded to fold them. The inventory, an isolated space per “How the inventory worked” information in the Forum, suspended all conditions of each object stored within. In other words, the ‘aging process’ proceeded slowly. Despite this, the noxious scent emanating from the patches of decayed flesh within the clothes assailed his nostrils, affecting his sensitive disposition. Overwhelmed by the mind-jarring odor, the blind man hastily placed the clothing on the white linoleum floor before him.

“This… needs to be… disposed of properly.” Izel mused aloud, his voice shaky. It was one of the things he had to take care of upon his return, along with a much-needed shower. Despite the urge to vomit, he stored it back in the Inventory. “Blegh!”

In addition to that, Izel decided to treat himself to a proper meal to overcome the memories of relying on jerky, wheat bread, and waterskins with unreasonable demerits. Even though the blind man had grown accustomed to the meager diet, he still felt an internal itch whenever he had a meal. The only things that allowed him to endure such hardships were the gentle and rosy thoughts of enjoying a proper meal, a refreshing shower, and getting some relaxation.

“But… that’s impossible when I return.”

He despised admitting it, but the harsh truth lingered. Without his ‘Hunter ID,’ returning to Eliluam wouldn’t miraculously change a thing, despite his newfound strength. He remained the blind, slow learner and slow achiever who suffered defeat at the hands of an E-rank Hunter and endured humiliation from [Cascade] Guild leader Velkist Cambormir. A blind teenager confined to a mundane room with a shabby television, alarm, and recorder by his worn-out bed, surrounded by bags of junk, rats claiming ownership of the place, and a dull sense of humor sustained by 2,000 Lupins borrowed from ‘Jane Austen.’ Reflecting on his old life, tears welled in his dulled, sharp golden eyes. “What a pathetic life I was living!” Yet, his lamentation was short-lived. He resolved to transform that life, making a few million Lupins a substantial sum to sustain him for years.

‘In that case, I’ll need to acquire several E-rank weapons,’ he pondered, wiping away his tears with his palm. Without sufficient Verdes, such plans would have to be abandoned. Fortunately, he had saved enough, a reasonable amount that would easily cover the purchase of any E-graded items with manageable details.

[Remaining Verdes: 60]

With a substantial amount of Verdes at his disposal, Izel pondered the possibilities of his purchases. Instead of succumbing to worry, he summoned the ‘Trading Center.’ Instantly, a ripple emanated, and a shopping catalog unfolded in his mind. As a soothing feminine voice narrated, he began to browse through the list, full of each item’s size, shape, type, weight, description, and dual demerits. Clicking his tongue in disapproval, he sighed, ‘Items with only one demerit.’ Initiating another intuitive command, he couldn’t bear the brutality of dual demerits on items.


And in an instant, the voice flipped through the trading center catalog, reverting to the old category. Navigating with precision, each shift aligned with Izel’s specific desires. After perusing the majority of items for sale, he gained a clear sense of what to purchase.

“Let’s begin with,” Izel confidently selected, “Purchase this, and… ”

[You have purchased ***** (E).]

[11 Verdes have been deducted.]

[You have purchased ***** (E).]

[7 Verdes have been deducted.]

[You have purchased…]

[13 Verdes have…]

[You have…]

[4 Verd…]



As the spring of messages went haywire in the blind man’s mind, he shrugged his shoulders, flexing his hard-earned Verdés. Promptly, upon any purchase, the items appeared on his bed.

[Remaining Verdes: 8.]

Having only 8 Verdes left might seem quite low right now, but to Izel, it was a worthwhile purchase. Amidst thousands of items, graded from very low to miscellaneous ungraded stuff like furniture and even skills, the sales in the trading center rolled through his mind. Yet, he always found what he needed.

“Hah… It feels like my brain is about to fry from overload,” he restlessly murmured, briefly caressing his forehead as his face turned a bit pale.


After completing the mental labor, he turned off the Trading Center. Smiling at his purchases, he couldn’t make use of them because of their subpar quality, but they were perfect for selling. “Well, then,” his mind shifted to the next task at hand, “Let’s delve into training.” Indeed, to train in recent insight gained during the last raid.

— — — —

“Mana Inspection,” Izel thought aloud. A fundamental skill recently acquired during a break in the last raid, echoed in his thoughts. Remembering the insight from the mage, Jenna’s voice replayed in his mind.

“The four stages to accomplish the basic form of [Mana Inspection] consist of—.”

“[Mentifery], [Flux Control], [Efficacy Equilibrium], and [Highlight],” As he rose, he stood motionless a short distance from the plush, white bed at the center. Exhaling and inhaling, he concentrated slowly and steadily, with epiphanies of the past revving in his mind.

“Izel, to achieve [Mentifery], you have to focus at all costs, imagining what actions you want your mana to fulfill…”

“Having done that. [Flux Control] is making mana flow in your mana veins and steadily steam to every nook and cranny. Then, toward and through all the layers of your skin.”

Following the mage’s instructions, Izel focused on his mana, which bubbled up and flowed steadily throughout every nook and cranny. Unconsciously, a familiar serene sensation, akin to his first practice of the skill, overtook his respiratory and circulatory system. It made him feel awkwardly cozy, soothing all sections of his brain with Alpha waves, inducing a profound calmness. This time, the relaxation was more intense, surpassing the effects of antidepressants and fluoxetine pills. It resembled the soothing feeling he experienced during therapy in the ‘Entertainment section’ in the First District—something akin to that. Moving on…

“Lastly, [Efficacy Equilibrium]: Equally thin out your mana at the last layer of your skin and slowly expand it through the skin pores.”

Izel, recalling the prodigy-like mage’s contour demonstrating the [Efficacy Equilibrium], decided to give it another try. This time, his [Mana] stat had recently increased by 20, offering a better chance for success. “Hu!” Exhaling, his serene mood concentrated.


With the ‘Titan Orc Slayer’ title in action, bluish-green mana gathers at the final layer of his skin, ready to permeate his body hair pores. In contrast to the past, where his mana density fell short, the increased [Mana] stat now results in significantly denser mana, smoothly thinning out—an evident improvement. As he inhales, the almost evenly thinned mana stretches, skillfully burrowing through his follicles. Upon burrowing through, it irregularly morphs in some areas, conveying to the blind teen that more persistent training is needed. Still, this development showcases a mile of progress compared to before, indicating that if he continues this way, it will only be a matter of time before he masters the art of properly thinning out his mana.


Izel didn’t think like that; rather, guessed he should utilize the ‘special automatic recovery’ in the waiting room as an advantage. ‘I’ll keep trying,’ he inwardly persisted, aiming to give his all.

Soon, beads of sweat trickled down from his forehead to his delicate neck as his concentration deepened. Gradually, his mana penetrated through his follicles, maintaining a somewhat irregular shape—manifesting as ripples. Although not perfect, it achieved partial stability, embodying [Efficacy Equilibrium]. Izel found the second attempt worthwhile, clenching his fist tightly.


The straightened-out mana expanded through the air, revealing a fresh perception of the Izel. With joy, he exclaimed, “Finally!” The mana, resembling ripples, slowly permeated the desolate room, allowing a subtle awareness of its surroundings. While not advanced enough for tasks like fully exploring or easily identifying the unseen nature of things like [Flawlation] or sensing unfathomable phenomena like [Sound Reading], it offered a new means of cognition surpassing normal senses. However, his joyful expression faded quickly as…


The ripples-like mana dissipates. And the power insides extinguished as its near ‘expansion’ got almost to the other side of the room. This unexpected detachment lightly tickled his [Sound Reading], and strew the air around him.


“Huu!” Izel’s smile broadened. “What an improvement,” he exclaimed, sensing his growth in [Mana Inspection], even though it was slight, it was better than before. Filled with resolve and determination, he opted to practice more to achieve perfection and control

If someone had observed his entire training up to this point, they would have found it hard to believe that such a person could find satisfaction in his growth. No, they would undoubtedly be irritated by his refusal to belittle himself. However, a careful observer might have noticed the despondency and deep-seated depression that truly consumed him. Izel, a blind man with a mind as fragile as glass, strived to keep himself together, like a delicate balance that could only withstand cracks but must never shatter. Izel comprehended this reality; he understood that he possessed nothing and amounted to no more than a speck of dust in a nutshell. Yet, acknowledging his humble state was crucial, for if he allowed himself to stay down, he would never rise again in these cruel worlds.

Izel, having completed the training, reminisced about the final discussion regarding the last stage of [Mana Inspection].

“[Highlight] could only be utilized when a Hunter, who had perfectly learned the Three Stages of [Mana Inspection], to highlight any presence, locate, identify, and track the target(s) according to one’s mana quality and limit.”

“Hmm,” Izel mused, deducing that he had already performed this task earlier. Indeed, as the mana expanded in a straightened-out manner, he highlighted the entire cozy room using his ‘fresh perception.’ From pinpointing the white bed at the center to tracking the glowing gems embedded in the ceiling and discerning the layers and tiny patterns of the linoleum floor—every detail was sensed by him before the mana detachment.

Observing the warm development he had just achieved and feeling no signs of exhaustion, Izel quietly mumbled to himself, “… Shall I try this again?” Opting to try out the next training.

[Hellflame (?) had been activated.]


Izel raised his hand, and as his skin turned oily, sparks ignited, forming a searing bluish-dark sphere on his palm. The strange humming frequencies, reminiscent of an otherworldly melody, were slightly subdued compared to before. As he channeled mana into it, the humming occurrence lessened even more, creating an eerie yet mesmerizing atmosphere.

[Inferno: 30]

The newly increased ‘fuel’ stat echoed through his thoughts. In contrast to his initial attempt, where he possessed only a mere 20 [Inferno] stat and a faint trace of a ‘title’ with a lower [mana] stat, this time…


His new achievements were partially enough for the unstable sphere of [Hellflame] to slowly stabilize. Gradually, but surely, more mana and inferno channeled amid his deep concentration. Soon, Izel began to wonder inwardly just how long he had focused.

[You have created a partially proper ‘Hellflame’.]

[Skill Proficiency had Increased by 2%.]

Above Izel’s oily palm, a partially refined ‘Hellflame’ took shape. As he released a deep breath and wiped away sweat from his forehead, he mused, “That’s much better.” The flow of mana and inferno seamlessly morphed its outer shell. The burning orb of [Hellflame] was now partially stable and manageable, unlike the unstable morphing without mana or the violent instability he experienced in his last attempt. Izel’s skill proficiency was evident as he successfully created a half-fledged yet manageable [Hellflame].


The sizzling, fist-sized manageable [Hellflame] howled, demanding its power be unleashed despite its flaws. As expected, Izel struggled to fully control it. ‘Still…’ He aimed his palm at the white wall ahead. “This should be better than before,”


As a potent beam surged forth from Izel’s grasp, the [Hellflame] gleamed and blazed with intensity, casting a brilliant light through the waiting room, evidently the raging power of the gatekeeper.


The distant whitewall exploded upon impact, crumbling as shrapnel scattered amidst the veil of dirt and dust.


Though the well remained stationary compared to his enemy, he never envisioned unleashing such a chaotic mess in the waiting room again. Despite being unable to witness the crater, and shattered wall, the blind man discerned the deafening ripple and dominant mid-range pitch frequency assaulting his ears, accompanied by the persistent tickling sensation of dust swirling around his nostrils. A series of coughs involuntarily escaped him amid the cloud of dust.

As though not given the luxury to absorb the view of the Hellflame’s power, the waiting room was bathed in a gentle light as the room’s auto-recovery system kicked in. Damages and shrapnel seamlessly fused, gradually restoring the once chaotic room to its pristine condition. Although the recovery process took a bit longer, it appeared the ‘Hellflame’ attack hadn’t covered an extensive area, yet its formidable firepower couldn’t be underestimated.

“I can’t fully control it yet,” Izel sensed both his mana and the ‘Inferno’—purple energy—leaking out of him like a deflating balloon. The consumption for this skill was exorbitant; it demanded all of his ‘Inferno’ and half of his mana to conjure a manageable Hellflame.

‘I need more inferno power and higher proficiency,’ he mused briefly. However, he also realized the necessity for extensive training to master the skill perfectly. It wasn’t just about stabilization; he required a substantial amount of practice to make it truly usable. The fair-skinned teen initially applied the principles of [Mana Blasts] he had learned from Jenna, one of the most essential techniques on Eliliuam for mage-type Hunters. As the mage had instructed, creating a devastating mana blast in the form of a fist-like orb involved gathering and morphing mana into a single point before releasing it. ‘Simple but highly destructive,’ he reflected. Due to its straightforward principle, the blind man found it easier to apply this technique to [Hellflame] for stability. Yet, despite his efforts, it proved insufficient for full control and stabilization.

“This technique really isn’t my style,” he admitted. Normally, there were plenty of Knight-type Hunters who specialized in morphing energy balls or beam shots, including [Mana Blasts], but Izel could estimate that they weren’t as excellent as Mage-type Hunters with high [Mana] stats, potent mana pool, and creative mind. Despite the technique not being his preferred choice, Izel applied its principles to ‘Hellflame’ and attempted not to create [Mana Blast] for himself. In the end, although his [Hellflame] was manageable, he decided to seldom use it in upcoming battles until it became stable and usable, except when incredibly necessary.

“Huu!” Izel exhaled steadily as the waiting room regained its pristine state as if the damages had never occurred. Alas, they did happen. Nevertheless, Izel walked back to the center bed, having experienced new developments in both [Mana Inspection] and [Hellflame]. Not specialized in mage-related traits, Izel knew he could never manifest a [Mana Blast], no matter how much or dense his [Mana] stat is.

Drenched in sweat, he sought solace in the Waiting Room recovery, allowing the fatigue to gradually release its grip on his weary body.

Healing all injuries and status fatigue.

After a short but impactful training session, Izel felt a twinge of hunger. He reached into his invisible inventory, pulling out a few pieces of bitter-flavored jerky and inconsistently salty slices of wheat bread, nestling the jerky between the bread. As he munched away, relieving his hunger and stress, he held a waterskin from his slightly charred, pocket-sized bag, gulping down the food. Despite the familiarity of these uncomfortable survival foods, Izel sensed an itch in his throat and a lingering bitterness on his tongue. Izel sighed, savoring each bite of bread and jerky. The confectionery, with its bitter taste and mouth-wateringly soft yet dry texture, faded with every chew and swallow. A swig of water followed, washing it down seamlessly.

After a few minutes of eating, he delved into training with his [Basic Swordsmanship]. Despite lopsided stats, particularly in [Agility] with and without [Cloud Boots], he aimed to enhance full control time. Gradually, his light swings, thrusts, and creation of a new magical barrier exhibited a noticeable improvement, accompanied by abrupt changes in movement. It was a slight enhancement, not a drastic change, but both his body and mind remained in pristine condition. Even if fatigue set in during training, the waiting room swiftly rejuvenated him. Another thirty minutes passed, during which he addressed additional deficiencies like reflexes, resulting in a modest increase across all areas.


An explosion reverberated once more, its cause distinct, yet the effect was staggering. Mana surged relentlessly, hurtling at breakneck speed, accompanied by a barrage of diverse attacks assaulting the pristine wall with relentless force. Shrapnel scattered, mingling with dirt and dust that cloaked the air in obscurity.

Healing all injuries and status fatigue. This effect is consistently applied in the waiting room.

As he gasped for air, both he and the waiting room were once again enveloped in a gentle, colorful light. Yet, a grey vapor exuded from him, amidst the room’s auto-recovery. While shaking off fatigue, Izel felt a hint of enjoyment, causing his lips to tense into a reverent smile. Briefly, the dust completely faded away. “Training… is always nice.” Following his training, the obvious choice was to take a rest before his next endeavor.

The A-rank dungeon raid begins in 17 hours and 19 minutes.

Yawning, he drew nearer to the white bed at the room’s center, simultaneously keeping tabs on the other Walkers’ conversations. With no valuable information surfacing in the forum, Izel reclined on the bed, allowing himself a few hours of rest.

The A-rank dungeon raid begins in 15 hours and 6 minutes.

Izel’s mind jolted awake as if whacked with a cane, still half-asleep. Pondering how much time had passed in the real world, he hoped it hadn’t been too long before he’d be missed. “Jane Austen,” a familiar name slipped out of his mouth. Would she be worried about him? He shook his head, doubtful. Regardless, of whether she’d show it or not, he anticipated a smack in the head for his disappearance.

“Ah!” He swallowed dry spit, his body shivering as he contemplated the future temper and fuss from this mysterious person. Despite that, a smile crossed his face. “I guess she’ll be happy to see me.” He knew she would, even if she’d rather not show it, feeling embarrassed about her true feelings. Handling three personalities for three specialized jobs on Eliluam wasn’t easy, after all.

Lost in thoughts, he had his dinner and exercised to shake off the stiffness. The waiting room, as usual, relieved and healed all fatigue and exhaustion. Time flew by quickly. Ruffling his white-silver hair back, a few bangs fell onto his front. Well-dressed for the next move like a ripper, he pushed mana into the runic stone he had been fidgeting with. And at that moment…

Walker Izel Ethalt Blind had activated the ‘Runic Stone’ to temporarily exit the barrier.

‘Authorization to exit’ is needed from Beelzebub.

‘Authorization to exit’ is granted.


‘Authorization to exit’ is needed from the administrator.

Confirming your intention to return.

‘Authorization to exit’ is granted.

Consuming the Runic Stone to return to Eliluam.

All Dungeons Raids had been halted for the next Seven days.

A cascade of white noise enveloped his senses, ushering in an unfamiliar sensation that seized control of his mind.


The atmosphere hummed with vibrations around him. He sensed his body lifting and his mind descending into a hazy state. Like black paint swirling through a canvas of countless colors on a white background, his sense of direction melted into a void. It felt as though he was disconnecting from the world, his consciousness adrift in the vastness of time and space.

* * *

Diffusing into puzzle pieces, disconnecting from an exclusive world, and connecting to a different World, everything began to piece together as one. The once-condensed world, a mixture of myriad colors on a white canvas, abruptly separated, revealing a mundane room bathed in familiarity.

The eucalyptus-like scent that had permeated the air transformed into ‘Lavender,’ a fragrance recommended by Jane Austen for its anxiety-relieving benefits. His sense of direction returned, and his mind became clear. Around Izel, he finally sensed ripples and frequencies spanning about.

At this moment, his consciousness stirred, and his heart sank as his drifting attention fixated on a specific point. It was a familiar bed, with the same softness. According to the ripples and faint mid-range frequencies jamming his [Sound Reading], he found himself in the same old studio room he occupied seven days ago, just before accepting the Fortress of Dungeons’ Invitation. Seating himself upright with his back against the colorless wall, Izel turned his head to take in the familiar air pulsing through his lungs.

“This is the room I rented after finishing high school,” he pondered aloud. Unable to take the college entrance exam due to insufficient cash, an unstable mind, and dulled senses, Izel tried to make ends meet with the last lupins his parents left before disappearing without a trace. His thoughts trailed off as a strange yet familiar haptic sensation tickled his ears, originating from just beyond the edge of his old, stiff pillow, close to his orb-like alarm.



Almost immediately, a recorder emitted a cracking sound, and a monotonous feminine voice began playing through its speaker.

[Ten Rules that all Hunters must know and follow before and within a subterranean labyrinth.]

[Tips, well-established in becoming a Famous Ascender.]

[A High-Ranker advised me on the most efficient way to become a High-Ranker even if one is disabled.]

[List of rules on how to raid subterranean labyrinths after taking multiple ‘dirty job’ runs.]

[How to apply for the ‘Hunter’s ID’ using only ‘Detection-type skill’ and the gruesome training that follows.]

Each headline and its corresponding lists were narrated flawlessly, leaving no detail overlooked. A subtle smile graced his lips, accompanied by a comforting sense of familiarity that enveloped his mind. “To think, there was a time when I copied all of this knowledge into a recorder and listened to it every morning after the waking sound of the alarm,” Izel murmured to himself. It wasn’t long since he embarked on that routine, and truthfully, this recording instilled in him a hopeful belief that his dream might actually come true. Repeatedly pounding that knowledge into his head each day, he mastered every single speck of information.



After the recording’s outro beeped, Izel sighed, attention drawn to the flickering, no-signal shabby television saturating the room with its jumbled noises. The harsh ripples and irritating frequencies emanating from the bunky set permeated every fiber and cranny of his room. Indeed, everything. The colorless ceiling housed a whizzing fan, its rusted mount clunking against the ceiling, while bluish LED strips traced the corners, casting a sad, punky atmosphere reminiscent of his recent past. Amidst it all, boxes of cans and wrapped-up trash cluttered the entrance, resembling an actual dumpster.

Expanding his [Sound Reading], the cacophony of vibrations echoed through the air, reverberating from the harsh old gears into the atmosphere. They traversed and bounced off the mirror surface into the small kitchen, enveloping it in a symphony of invisible sound. Within the steel sink, the nonexistent water tap faced an onslaught of unwashed and malodorous plates and utensils, while rats asserted their presence as if they owned the place.

“This… is utter disorientation,” Izel muttered. A throbbing headache gripped him, and he instinctively clutched his head. As the pain slowly subsided, he pondered what had befallen his room during his sudden disappearance into a perilous unknown. The once-faint, satisfying smile that marked his survival transformed into a frown, now laden with the fear that everything he had toiled for might be a mere figment of his imagination.

Walker and Returnee Izel Ethalt Blind had returned to his Residence safely.

His thoughts abruptly halted when the intrusive messages echoed through his mind. Yet, that wasn’t the only interruption. Another message unfurled

The ‘Runic Stone’ would Automatically Return the Walker to the Fortress of Dungeon after Seven Days.

‘Runic Stone’ demerit Activated.

Return Time Countdown begins.

Time Remaining: 6 days 59 hours, 58 minutes, 56 seconds.

prompting him with a sense of urgency to delve into all his business within the allotted time limit.

‘You’re so mean,’ he thought, pouting as he lifted himself off the bed. Suddenly, something strange bumped into his [Sound Reading].


“Huh?” The mysterious objects pierced through the air, heading towards him. “Wait… What the heck?” His dull eyes stared blankly at the approaching items – a jet-black shortsword and its impeccably crafted scabbard. Not only that, but numerous other items, seemingly everything he had brought from the Trading Center, were also hurtling through the air from…


“Phew!” Izel released a deep breath, gracefully tilting his head and body to elude a barrage of weapons hurtling towards him, each poised to strike if he dared drop his guard. Notably, his aurora shortsword sped toward his forehead. Bending backward, the obsidian blade, along with its aftershock, grazed passed him and left a more pronounced dent on the wall than the other projectiles.

‘I almost died a mysterious death,’ Izel mused with a sigh. Recalling the harrowing experience, akin to a dog’s death. Cold sweat adorned his cheek, a testament to his first stroke of misfortune upon returning. Following that mind-bending ordeal, his [Sound Reading] ability also alerted him to the absence of his ‘Black Collar Cloak.’ Yet…


His involuntary scream echoed, wretched, provoked by the acrid odor that assaulted his senses. The volatile scent was so awful, it felt as if he were high and teetering on the brink of demise. Amid this olfactory assault, his torn and nasty clothes reverted to the initial attire he wore when accepting the invitation. On an aged table close by lay his ‘Boost Long Collar Cloak,’ his [Cloud boots], and a partially-burnt pocket-sized bag. Consequently, he found himself barefooted. Battling the assaulting smell that jerked his brain, his instinctive reaction was to hastily discard his clothes.

“I take it back; this isn’t a great memory – it’s a complete nightmare,” he scowled, frustration etching wrinkles on his face as if they stemmed from visible smoke. With a nonchalant shrug, he discarded the stinking, tattered clothes onto the floor, breathing a sigh of relief. “Damn. Stinking.”

Before grasping the Runic stone, Izel carefully arranged all the items he had brought on his lap, including the foul, bloodied garments, hoping to teleport with them. According to the Forum, contrary to his skepticism, it was, in fact, true that he could connect with this world using any items. However… this was an unspeakable and wicked act of the Fortress.

Just before contemplating the clothes in deep thought, he staggered, lost his footing, and tumbled onto the bed.


“Freaking hell,” he muttered, annoyance and frustration evident in his tone. After a moment to collect himself, stars still dancing in his vision from the impact, he realized the multitude of tasks ahead. The noxious blend of odors assaulting him – a mixture of offensive scents emanating from his clothes and the repulsive kitchen stench – became unbearable. Perhaps heightened senses from his experience in the Fortress or an increase in his stats had left him more aware. Regardless, he couldn’t pinch his nose in his awkward fallen state.

Overwhelmed, he succumbed to unconsciousness, pondering, ‘I thought I just needed a bit more cash; turns out, I need to tidy up my room.’

With this realization, Izel resolved that it was time to clean his room before making some big bucks.

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