Soulmancer – Chapter 28: New Friends & Lengthy Raid ends

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Cursing inwardly, Daniel cautiously stepped forward as the boss monster parried, then redirected the attack with both his axes. The collision’s recoil tensed the young demon’s arm, prompting him to exhale deeply, “Hmph!” He tightly gripped the hilt of his weapon. Despite weariness permeating every nook and cranny of his being, the recently acquired [Agility] and [Stamina] from the Titan Orcs’ waves still enabled him to move his body.


Resenting his weakness as a [Medium] Difficulty Demon Walker and humiliated by an inferior creature, he gritted his teeth with regret welling up in his heart. Briefly considering saving innate strength and Demonic energy against the assassin, he knew survival required utilizing every power in his arsenal. Just then, a shiver ran down his spine, interrupting his train of thought.



“Dammit!” Daniel’s dull senses alerted him to the appearance of the Titan Orc Lord behind him, accompanied by the resonating snap of air pressure. Simultaneously, the cunning monster swung its left axe in a large, potent curve, enough to tear apart the demon’s head. At this moment, the Demon Walker, raising his weapon, felt his heart jerk, as extreme exhaustion tensed every nerve. Not only that, but he also realized that the faint [Demonic Anti-magic] had dissipated, attempting to fend off the incoming magical attack.

“Of all times…”

Exhausted of his [Demonic energy] and with his [Demonic anti-magic] worn off, he took a deep sigh. To achieve his goal of defeating this inferior peasant, even if only partially by critically injuring them, all he needed to do was attack regardless. Gnashing his teeth, he strongly clenched the hilt of his greatsword and swung it vertically. However


As the two attacks collided, poison diffused into the chilling air. The aftershock vibrated through the demon’s weapon. In that split second, Daniel’s legs pressed into the unpaved ground and thrust toward the monster.


Slightly moving away from its lofty body, the air resounded with its movement. Out of nowhere, an onslaught deflected that attack and sent a horizontal purplish crescent swing of its axe toward Daniel.


In a matrix-like state, impending dangers crept at an agonizingly slow pace. His body, burdened by fatigue, felt unusually heavy, as hypnotic hollow demons terrorized his mind. Despite the weariness, he relied on his acquired title. His arm, weary but determined, morphed to guide the hefty shield in front of the impending attack, aligning himself safely behind.


The air vibrated as the poison melted the floor, piercing through the air. Despite the hefty and high-grade shield gained in the C-rank raid, this attack seemed unusually potent. Unfortunately, the shield’s effectiveness against B-rank attack was a bummer for the young demon.


The powerful impacts reverberated through his entire body. The shield, overwhelmed by the relentless assault, forcefully sent Daniel flying.


“Ugh! Kiekkkk…”

His mouth widened as he slammed into the opposite wall. The poisoned impacts carved deep slashes on his shield, causing his hand to tremble as the urge to lose consciousness surged. Bleeding, Daniel slid down the crumbled wall as debris tickled down his head, preventing him from falling unconscious.

Only then did he realize that if he hadn’t mustered his strength to guard his shield at the last second, he would have died. It was humbling to admit that a mere orc, though evolved, could ‘actually’ pose a threat to a weakened royal demon. Frustration etched by his gritted teeth, he found it impudent for such a situation to unfold. ‘What will father and mother think of me now?’ Daniel wondered, feeling like a coward and a disgrace to the special lineage of demons until the end.


As blood trickled down his lips and head, his foggy eyes slowly opened. ‘There’s no way out now,’ he murmured, his shaken gaze forming the image of the blue-haired mage, ‘…Jenna, I guess I did.’ His thoughts trailed off, swallowed by the intensity of the moment. ‘No,’ he repeated, “No!” He refused to be beaten by a mere large pig. ‘Never! I’m a royal demon, for hell’s sake.’

With that declaration, resolution, and persistence to survive flickered into existence in his heart. He threw his shield aside.

[‘Strength’ stat had been converted into ‘Constitution’, ‘Stamina’, and ‘Demonic energy’]

As the blurred message flashed, Daniel rose slowly, engaging in an action he typically refrained from, even on Eliluam. It harkened back to something he’d come across in a ‘Forum’ discussion about a Walker facing dire circumstances. The individual confidently converted their high stat to the one needed.

After analyzing this on the forum, a curious Walker asked Beelzehub to share the method. It was surprising that Daniel decided to employ it in this situation.

[Your demonic energy slightly increases by 3.]

[Your constitution slightly increases by 5.]

[Your stamina slightly increases by 6.]

[Your Strength has rapidly decreased by 15.]

“I suppose keeping an eye on the forum did pay off,” he muttered with a scowl, cracking his neck left and right. As he started walking, he sensed a decrease in his strength stat, but the sacrifice might prove worthwhile if he could land a critical blow on the repulsive pig in front of him.


[Demonic Power Charge: 35.37%.]

The dancing quick charge displayed on the side of his retina, his greatsword crying out with dark energy, his body surging with adrenaline and ‘lightness’ from relentless exhaustion. However, the demerit of the [Demonic Anti-magic] and the fatigue from the past battle hadn’t been nullified, making enduring it more possible.


Daniel charged at the gigantic Titan Orc Lord, who had just knocked him away.


“Come on, oversized Pig!!!!”

Closing the distance in a blink, he swung his weapon. The monster responded in kind, and a sharp sound, accompanied by demonic energy, rang out.


The purplish poison dispersed as the tension of dark energy shook one of the axes, causing it to shatter under the pressuring strain. Normally, when a monster’s dual weapons broke, its confidence was expected to waver, accompanied by a sense of incomprehension. However, instead of this reaction, the monster perceived the situation as a threat and responded with a deafening roar.


Dodging the air-shattering pressure, the Titan Orc’s adaptability awakened, his attention firmly fixed on the young demon. Crimson’s hollow eyes brimmed with intense savagery as he coated his axe with dense purplish mana. With a powerful swing, he attacked both horizontally and vertically.


‘At the same… time!’ Briefly puzzled by the swerving cross-like attack showcasing the monster’s newfound flexibility, a strange goosebump rippled across his body. The potent assault convulsed the cold air, closing in on him—clear evidence of adaptability. “Damnit,” frustration curled the young demon’s tongue. Swiftly, he retrieved the tossed shield, encasing his body in demonic energy. With his newly enchanted [Constitution], he balled, fending against the crashing attack.


Friction intensified as clashes resounded, the shield sizzling on the brink of destruction. Seizing the distraction, the Titan Orc Lord swung another attack.

“Ahhh! Fuck,” Cursing, the young demon infused dark energy into his feet, leaping away. The attack struck the ground, scattering shrapnel.


Gasping for air upon landing, Daniel’s arms trembled violently, bearing bruises and burns alongside the steaming, destroyed shield.


He didn’t hesitate; instead, discarding what appeared to be a mere shell of his shield, he propelled himself forward. As the poison-mixed mana thrust approached, his right arm muscles infused with Demonic energy morphed. Adopting a spearman’s throwing stance, he launched his energy-coated greatsword like a javelin. The weapon swiftly cut through the air, intercepting the incoming attack.


Sliding swiftly past the chaotic onslaught and towards the distracted boss monster’s legs, Daniel narrowly evaded the thrust of its greatsword. The Orc Lord, however, skillfully dodged the attack, a line of crimson blood marking the close encounter with the weapon on its cheek. “GRR!” In a swift sequence, Daniel delivered a strike to its vulnerable spot, followed by consecutive punches to its calves.


The Titan Orc Lord howled in pain as its bones and testicles cracked. Its expression twisted in terror, and its body quivered with the agonizing shock. Due to being a leader, the intense pain transformed its jerking expression into malicious determination, and it swung its axe downward in an attempt to retaliate against the one who had inflicted this injury

On the other side, the young demon, currently lacking innate strength and [Strength] stat, relied on enhanced [Constitution] and coated his fist with [Demonic energy] to execute such attacks.

Initially, Daniel had hoped to finish the Titan Orc Lord with his greatsword, but he regretfully tossed it aside earlier to fend off an attack, leaving him without a clear solution.


As the sharp axe bore down, Daniel deftly rolled away, causing the poison-magical weapon to slam into the ground. The purplish substance it released melted the floor. “Ugh!” he groaned, rolling like a boulder, his flesh parting with the floor and accumulating bruises and dirt.

Soil and blood spurted into his eyes, obscuring his vision. Amidst the chaos, a familiar authoritative voice reached his pointy ears.

“Thankfully, I’m not too late. ”


The Titan Orc Lord closed the distance to the young demon in seconds, ready to cut him into two pieces of tofu, but was unexpectedly pushed back by a gush of colorful wind. Goofy crimson blood spurted from a yellowish severed section of its body.


The severed arm from the Boss Monster lay nearby, and it belatedly comprehended the dire situation, releasing a cry of agony. “KRRRR!” The shadow, which had previously launched the attack, swung a sword.


The Titan Orc’s other arm, wielding the axe, dropped to the ground as a yellowish-crimson line appeared. Daniel gulped, his throat dry, witnessing the heterochromatic sinister mana he had seen before.


The Titan Orc Lord, floundering left and right, bleeding profusely, turned its head. A shocking voice flowed from the young demon’s lips as he raised his head. “Human…” he uttered, blinking his foggy eyes for clarity.

“Well, I guess this will do.” He flicked the aurora shortsword in his hand. The young demon’s pupils widened as they scanned from the sword up to Izel’s blood-parched face, wrapped with a black blindfold. Pointing his thumb toward the demon, the blind Walker said, “Nice job, Daniel. I saw you fight well.”

“Big bro Izel,” he exclaimed, a mix of astonishment and joy coloring his expression as a myriad of sensations overwhelmed him. “W-when did you arrive?… What about Jenna?”

“Um. I told you not to call me big bro, I might get killed you know, and…” The blind man trailed off, it was because, when he was about to say something the Titan Orc Lord, finally comprehending the situation, hastily charged toward him with a poisoned axe clenched in his mouth in a desperate attempt.


Ducking quickly, he unleashed two swift punches to the Lord’s jaw. A low growl echoed from the impact, shattering both its teeth and axe. Staggering backward, the blind man, with an intense expression, leaped toward the Monster. Locking his [Flawlation] with its eyes, he rotated vertically and swung his shortsword with precision.

[Critical point detected.]

[Reaction speed: +6%.]

An aurora-like heterochromatic aura cries out.

[A clean slash has been initiated.]


A chilling sensation slashed through its chest armor as the black, thin blade sliced through. Simultaneously, the massive body collapsed forward.


Blood splashed. As chest to head hit the ground, the gush of crimson blood and flesh splattered across Daniel’s face. Izel nonchalantly continued, “…He is dead now.”

“Ah, I see.” Daniel could finally take a deep breath, feeling relief from surviving till the end.

Izel flicked away his shortsword, cleaning the blood and mess, finally witnessing the end of these raids.

Congratulations. You have defeated the raid objective, Orc Lord.

The fortress of Dungeons informed them of its completion.

[Stats Boost Long Collar Cloak active effect is presently undergoing a 24-hour cooldown.]

As the cloak’s cool-down message lingered from his previous encounter with the dealer, a black glow emanated from the bleeding corpse. Simultaneously, a familiar voice resonated in his mind, intensifying the haptic feedback.

[Special conditions have been met.

Activating ‘Soul Assimilation (E)’]

[Would you like to devour the Goblin King ‘Albino’?


Ignoring the familiar message for now, Izel claimed his victory. His expression differed from the usual, yet underwhelming compared to the battle against the Dealer and another outcome he’d experienced. Still, he was thankful to have survived and appreciated those who pushed their limits to protect him. Unconscious during parts of the battle, he knew he wouldn’t be alive if everyone had neglected him, even if it was compulsory for raid completion. Particularly Daniel, who, right now, endured this stage, utilizing every struggle in the book despite his overly exhausted body to lower the Titan Orc Lord’s guard. Truly, he was a demon of a friend, a genuine hero. With that thought, Izel witnessed a nonchalant victory in this B-rank Raid.

Congratulations. You have raided the Fortress of Dungeons B-rank dungeon.

Time Remaining: 00 minutes, 05 seconds.

As a reward, you have received, Mana stats +20.

As a bonus reward, you have received ‘100 Verdes’

All Rewards have been added to your stats.

Please move to the waiting room.

With a cascade of messages enveloping his mind, the blind Walker immediately sensed a surge of energy coursing through him, reflecting the changes in stats. The +20 mana boost proved as valuable as any skill or item, enhancing his capacity for mana-related activities. In other words, ‘… enduring the lengthy raid was worthwhile,’ he concluded.


Turning his head towards the emerging sound frequencies jamming his [Sound Reading], he witnessed the appearance of multiple portals. His [Flawlation] outlined the crimson hue surging from three adult-sized oval openings in front of the deceased Orc Lord’s throne. “Ugh!” he silently groaned. Although the raid had concluded, inner confusion and mental stress still entangled his thoughts like a mess of strings.

“Finally, the raid is done,” Daniel exclaimed with relief, accepting Izel’s help to get back on his feet.

“Yeah, you seem thrilled about heading back to the waiting room, huh?” Izel remarked.

“Well…” The young demon groaned, “…that’s the only place that can heal this royal demon.”

“Thanks for protecting me when I fainted,” Izel appreciated Daniel’s efforts. While he didn’t fully grasp the events, he acknowledged that not everyone would shield someone unconscious to minimize injuries.

Daniel felt a bit awkward with those words, unexpected from someone who stirred his heartbeat and demonic blood. It was a strange feeling he hadn’t experienced before, leaving him momentarily speechless.

Upon reaching Jenna, who had sparks of currents dancing around her, Daniel released a deep breath and spoke casually, “Jenna, I can’t believe I almost died, but thinking of you made my will to live skyrocket.”

Wrinkles formed on Jenna’s forehead as she mustered strength, angrily tossing her broken staff at Daniel. “S-shut up!” Frost escaped her lips.


Daniel, catching one half of the rod with an orb and dodging the other, chuckled lightly. “So beautiful as always.”

Izel, feeling relief, smiled at their cute demeanor. Despite the green-haired mage despising teasing, a faint fluster crossed her face, but she quickly returned to normal.

“By the way, how did you defeat the Titan Orc Lord so easily?” Her mage curiosity emerged as she wondered if something happened to the blind man while he was unconscious.

After hesitating for a moment, the blind man spoke, “Even I don’t know myself; I feel a bit lightheaded, perhaps.”

Upon hearing those words, Daniel faintly smiled, while Jenna shook her head. She pondered on the peculiar nature of the blind Walker—humble while asking questions, yet seemingly oblivious to his enemies. His mind, a mysterious canvas, was never certain of his feelings until he experience them. Despite this, all seemed well, and survival was assured.

“I guess I’ll be going now!” Daniel yawned, expressing his eagerness to bid his farewells.

“Hmm. So quick, will you be okay?” Izel inquired.

To Izel’s concern, the green-haired mage nodded, “Well, I think it will be fine since he did push himself recklessly today.” She spoke nonchalantly as if reflecting on her previous actions of protecting a human mid-battle.

“Hey, shut up, mage! Not a single word!”

“Heh… ehe!” Exhaling frost from her lips, Jenna teasingly chuckled, heckling the young demon. It seemed to be her first time retaliating against the habitual provocations from the damned bastard.


Izel, unaware of what occurred in his consciousness, struggled to grasp the unfolding events. Frustration etched wrinkles on the demon’s forehead, while Jenna, emitting frost, playfully teased him. They found themselves closer than before, and all Izel could manage was an appreciative smile in this moment of camaraderie. Amid the levity, the blind Walker clenched his fist, thoughts racing. ‘The young demon successfully overcame the raid without much trouble.’ Initially skeptical of the demon’s heroics, he now cherished the chance of friendship.

His bright smile, carefreeness, bravery, and confidence defined him as a hero. Despite having no chance of winning, he faced a boss monster with determination. Initially, he wanted to assess the party’s value, but this raid revealed them as a diamond among gold. Would he let someone proven worthy to go? Unclenching his fist, he acknowledged he just met the guy. Friendship’s budding feeling lingered, but in the Fortress of Dungeons, such sentiments were absent.

Izel considered the unsettling truth that his closest friends might turn into foes under the fortress’s command, and for survival, he might need to eliminate them. After completing this reflection, Izel coughed lightly and spoke blankly, “Daniel, this raid was fun, so stay safe.”



“Well, yeah, it was fun fighting alongside you…” Daniel bid his farewell, turning to Jenna and adding, “And you too, beautiful.”

Gritting her teeth, Jenna turned away in embarrassment, remarking, “You scared me when you were fighting the boss, you know!”

Scratching the back of his head, Daniel reassured her with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll be more careful.”

As the young demon trudged in the direction of the portal, he suddenly paused and turned back. Both Daniel and Jenna exchanged puzzled glances.



Contrary to their confusion about why he stopped, the young demon hesitated, his lips moving slightly as if wanting to say something. It doesn’t matter, does it? ‘I’ll head out..’ Hell, it does matter. He hesitated again and looked at his system window for some reason. After a moment, he smiled brightly as if offering his party mates a parting gift with his final wish.

D-rank Walker Daniel Lan. Northwestern has sent you a friend request.

D-rank Walker Daniel Lan. Northwestern has sent you a friend request.

Both Walkers were stunned by the unexpected messages. The words seemed to sear one’s vision and perplex the other’s thoughts. Jenna, wearing a subtle expression, appeared dumbfounded at the irrational turn of events. Meanwhile, Izel’s initially gloomy demeanor brightened, though he swiftly regained control. Delight washed over him as he realized this wasn’t the end of their relationship. He faintly smiled back at the young demon, who nodded in a friendly manner.

You’ve accepted the friend request from Walker Daniel Lan. Northwestern.

Jenna hesitated, his actions seemingly irrational and unexpected. Despite being a carefree young demon, he wasn’t oblivious to the coincidence of this endeavor. Struggling to bite her lower lip, considering her ambition and survival, she couldn’t accept this. With a few currents dancing around and blood slowly beading down her snow-white skin, she managed to say, “… I don’t think I can accept…”

Before she could finish, Daniel, who was on the verge of entering the portal, cut her off. “I know you’ve been thinking rationally from the start…” His smile widened, and his cobalt-like eyes emitted warmth, “…But I don’t care whether you’re a rational thinker or not. As long as you follow me through thick and thin, watching out for me, you’re my friend and comrade.”

Jenna’s eyes widened in shock at the nonsensical words spewing from the young demon. Despite the absurdity, she found herself smiling. ‘I guess I should entertain irrational thoughts for a moment,’ she thought. Gazing at her lavender interface, her finger hesitated before slowly pressing the ‘accept’ button. She pondered whether this decision would either lead to her destruction or set her on the right path.

You’ve accepted the friend request from Walker Daniel Lan. Northwestern.

As Daniel caught sight of the next message on his retinas, he joyfully chuckled and entered the portal. “Hahahahaha, father, mother, I’ve got a girlfriend and a big brother.”



Their reactions were a vague, mind-jerking response to Daniel’s awkward words. Both of them shared the same thought: ‘Did he ever take a hint?’

With that, the last thing both Walkers saw was the portal slowly retracting from a full-adult-sized magical surging circle to nothingness.

Izel’s faint smile also faded away. He guessed he would miss his smile; perhaps he could see him soon in the future.

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