TWSB – Chapter 3 – A person’s crash landing (3)

After organizing my notebook all morning, I did some other stupid things since I finally had some time to myself.

“……Status window.”

Of course, a half-transparent window or text did not appear in front of my eyes.

I had wondered if I became someone like the main character in a game world or something, but the reality was so cold it was freezing.

I became so embarrassed at myself that my cheeks and the area around my eyes all turned red.

‘I should just go eat.’


“Your highness, I brought you some books you might enjoy. Her Majesty also gave permission for you to take a walk in the garden whenever you wish.”

“Thank you very much. That is wonderful.”

After taking the same route as I did in the morning to eat lunch, the young attendant who brought me my bag in the morning brought over some books along with the good news.

I thought that this child would leave quickly as well since Benjamin and the other attendants had left me alone, but the boy hesitated as if he wanted something.

“Do you have something to say to me?”

“Ah, that……”

The boy turned red and didn’t seem to know what to do.

He seemed to be about fourteen years old. He had fluorescent sky blue colored hair and his large gold eyes were memorable.

“M, my name is Ganael Callamard. I am Viscount Callamard’s eldest son.”

“My name is Jesse Venetiaan.”

It really was an unfamiliar name.

It felt awkward just hearing him introduce himself, so I told him my name as well, and the boy smiled brightly as if he was less nervous now.

Ganael quickly continued talking as he blushed.

“Your highness, I don’t think there is anybody in the Empire who does not know of your revered name. Everybody is curious about you even though they don’t show it…… There are many devout believers in the Empire. It is a historic event that a royal priest from the Holy Kingdom has come to the royal palace.”

‘Wow, didn’t I just get a huge chunk of information?’

I clenched my jaw that was trying to drop and did my best to look calm.

I wanted to write down everything Ganael just said into my notebook, but I could not do that.

Devout believers, royal priest, historic event…

Ganael continued to say that it was unfortunate that he met me in such a situation, but that it was the honor of the Callamard household for him to be able to serve me by my side.

I guess he was saying that it was sad that I came as a diplomatic hostage, but that he was really happy since I was right here.

It shocked me that such a talkative kid was able to maintain his emotions this morning.

“Ganael, could you tell me how old you are?”

“I turned sixteen last February. I am twelve years younger than you, your highness. My coming-of-age ceremony was a small one because I was preparing to come to the palace……”

The boy smiled shyly as he rambled on.

If he’s sixteen, then that meant that he was seventeen in Korean age.

‘He looks much younger than that….. Wait a minute. If I am twelve years older than this kid, that means that I was twenty-eight years old. I’m twenty-eight as well, so that meant that Jesse Venetiaan and I were the same age.’

This was new information as well.

“You’re working so hard in the palace despite being so young.”

“Hehe, it’s nothing, your highness. To be honest with you, I requested to work in the palace after hearing that you were coming. The Viscount didn’t oppose my decision either. In fact, he praised me for doing something that follows our family creed.”

I gathered a lot of new information almost instantly while chatting with Ganael.

They were all just bits and pieces, but as someone who had never read the original < I quit my job and ended up as a noble young lady in another world >, each and every piece of information was important background information and description of this world.

Ganael then said, ‘I’m sorry if it is disrespectful for a person in a lower position to say this, but please speak informally.’

I said that I would since it was obvious that he wanted to get closer to me and the boy looked so happy that he might start jumping up and down.

“That is why, if it is okay with you, your highness…… Could you please listen to my confession?”


I was so anxious that my voice cracked. I have no idea how we got to this topic.

Ganael became even more anxious at my reaction and quickly shook his hand around.

“J, just informally, your highness. I’m sure you are still fatigued from your journey so it doesn’t matter if it is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even next week. Whenever it is convenient for you……”

The boy looked nervous, as if he thought he put me in a complicated situation.

But I really felt like dying.

He wants me to listen to his confession?

I then remembered that Ganael said that I was a royal priest.

‘Did Eunse ever tell me that QNW’s second male lead was a priest?’

“Mm, I’ll try to make some time for you soon.”

I guess she did say something like, ‘our cute Jesse has a holy face and his occupation is just as holy.’

I responded with a typical Korean’s ‘let’s hang out sometime’ type of comment and Ganael started smiling again.

I needed to focus.

I needed to figure out exactly what a priest does, as well as what kind of god these people served before I did anything.


I looked at the books Ganael brought me once he left.

< Biweekly Riester - Everything about the Empire’s Beau Monde (High Society) >

< History of the Riester Empire: Focus on the interactions with the Venetiaan Holy Kingdom >

< What Our Lord Gave to Behold >

There was a thin magazine, a history book, and what seemed to be an essay.

‘Did they rhyme on purpose with that title?’

First of all, I could tell for sure that the Empire’s name was the ‘Riester Empire.’

All three books looked like they would be helpful to me and they seemed very different from each other so I shouldn’t get too bored.

Ganael, who seemed like he would be good at his job, seemed quite sharp too.

I guess you need to force yourself to be sharp if you want to be an attendant in the palace.

I picked up the magazine first.

I saw that it had, in small font, ‘March 15, 1613, of the Holy Calendar’ on the cover.

Underneath it in a much larger font was the text, ‘The Scoundrel of the Holy Kingdom is coming to the Empire.’

Was this talking about me?

「In two days, Prince Jesse Venetiaan, the man who is known as the most handsome man in the Holy Kingdom, will come to the Empire. Although he is coming as a diplomatic hostage, her majesty has pronounced that his official title will be a ‘Confessional Priest’ from the Venetiaan Holy Kingdom.
What impact will he, who is said to have caused quite a number of scandals in the Holy Kingdom’s Beau Monde, have on Riester’s Beau Monde? Newspaper expert, Lady Sarah Belliard, digs deep into the atmosphere at the Holy Kingdom’s Royal Palace that has kept itself isolated for 30 years as well as Prince Jesse’s personality. 」

‘……That’s a lot to take in. I guess I have a pile of things to learn.’

I had that thought as soon as I opened the magazine.

The MCs of other novels have an extremely fortuitous encounter in the beginning, or their abilities are like hacks from the start or things like that.

Unfortunately, it looked like I would have to dedicate myself to writing and repetitive memorization that I have not had to do since my college admission test days.


I lifted my hand and lightly slapped myself.

That is for the ‘main character’ while I am just one of the many male characters who doesn’t really impact the MC’s life.

According to what Eunse told me, the second male lead always remains as a supporting character and never becomes the male lead.

Let’s remember what happened when I said, ‘status window’ in the morning.

Nothing had happened.

I calmly took out the notebook in my chest pocket with one hand while grabbing the quill pen on the table with the other.

My goal was my survival and returning home. It was not something like saving or conquering this world.


I really did stay in my room studying.

I wondered every so often what the hell I was doing when I was inside a novel, but I pushed past it with the will to go home and eat grilled kimchi fried rice with my family.

The attendant children’s eyes were always sparkling whenever they came in with snacks and herbal tea.

Ganael must have said something to them.

The children would turn red and rush out if they made eye contact with me or I smiled at them because I was embarrassed.

“Aigoo, my hips.”

I thought things might be different because I was in a prince’s body, but his muscles became sore after sitting in the same position for a long time, just like my original body.

I slowly got up and walked to the window.

I was planning on taking care of my stretching and vitamin D absorption at the same time.


I saw some people outside the window.

There were numerous figures outside the glass window that showed me the back of the building.

My room was on the East end of Juliette Palace and they were on the palace’s West end, so it was hard to tell who they were.

There seemed to be five or six of them, and two of them were holding weapons and sparring against each other.

It looked as if the back of Juliette Palace was a training ground.

Clang Clang.

I could hear the sound of swords hitting each other.


I flinched at the sharp noise that pierced my ears. A sword seemed to have broken during the sparring.

The person who broke his opponent’s sword into two was holding a sword in his left hand while looking down at his right hand as he opened and closed it multiple times.

He then slowly raised his head.

He and I made eye contact.


I quickly closed the curtains and moved away from the window.

My instincts told me that I should do that.

I had a feeling that he would still be looking this way if I looked out again.

Was it just my imagination that our eyes met? However…….. The gaze had been so fierce.

His gaze had been so firm that I could tell that he was looking at me despite the large distance.

“Your highness?”

“Ah, holy smokes!”

I almost jumped.

My heart that had been shocked twice in a row was beating wildly.

“I’m very sorry, your highness. I came in because I was concerned as I heard no response after knocking multiple times.”

“……Don’t worry about it, I am okay.”

Benjamin seemed quite shocked at my reaction.

I awkwardly caressed my neck.

“Um, I was looking out the window. I didn’t know that there was a training ground here.”

“I see. The rear of Juliette Palace is an outdoor training ground specifically for royal use. His Royal Highness, the Imperial Prince, sometimes spars at this time.”

‘The Imperial Prince? Is he different from the Imperial Crown Prince that Eunse was always talking shit about?

Does that mean that the Imperial Prince was one of the people outside?’

Benjamin must have seen the curiosity in my eyes as he calmly added on.

“Yes, your highness, the esteemed individual outside is his Royal Highness, Prince Cédric Riester. He is the Empire’s first Imperial Prince, the only royal grandchild, and is someone who will shine as brightly as the sun. Romero Palace, the palace in front of Juliette Palace, is his highness’s residence……”

Cédric Riester. The Empire’s first Imperial Prince, the only royal grandchild, and someone who will shine as brightly as the sun.

That meant that the Imperial Prince will soon become the Imperial Crown Prince.

The male lead of QNW had the nickname of ‘Crapdric.’

The reason he got such a nickname was because his name started with a C. Crapdric and Cédric. A very simple puzzle was put together in my mind.

Then was the person who just made eye contact with me……

“Imperial Prince Cédric is also responsible for the Juliette Palace. The royal family member residing in Romero Palace has been in charge of Juliette Palace for generations. I can set some time for you to meet his highness if you would like, your highness.”

“No, that is okay, Mr. Benjamin.”

I quickly responded. Benjamin seemed to get extremely chatty as soon as the Imperial Prince was mentioned.

I made up my mind not to get involved with the Imperial Crown Prince, well, simply the Imperial Prince for now, just this morning.

It’ll be difficult to completely have nothing to do with him since he’s my neighbor, but I want to avoid getting to know him on the first day.

“I…I wish to live every day as quietly as today.”


Benjamin seemed shocked to hear that.

It was an obvious reaction considering my title as the ‘Scoundrel of the Holy Kingdom.’

“I know my situation. I just want to read some books and spend my days chatting with the attendant children. I hope there aren’t many times I need to meet with important people.”

“Your highness, if you have felt unsatisfied with our service of the facilities at Juliette Palace……”

“No, it’s nothing like that, Mr. Benjamin.”

I cut him off before Benjamin got the wrong idea.

“I just wish to go home alive. It’d be ideal to have all of my limbs intact as well.”

I then smiled. I meant every word I said.

Translator’s Comments

The first run-in with the Imperial Prince! Jesse’s reaction is gold, isn’t it?

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