Loaf of the Count’s Family

Cale woke up at 5am as he does every morning. He never liked waking up but he had no choice anymore. After the farm idea didn’t work out, he managed to chat with Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo thanks to the God of Death owning him a favor for saving the world and all. They agreed to let him run a bakery instead, as long as he woke up at 5am every morning to bake.

Cale: Grumble, why did I agree to do this?

He walked into the bakery that was affectionately named the Loaf of the Count’s Family, a name he came up with thinking back to the time he gathered a bunch of bread to unlock the Indestructible Shield.
Raon was already there baking, well, more like playing with flour.

Raon: Human, look! I’m a White Dragon like my mom now!

Raon was covered in flour from head to toe, having done nothing useful for Cale’s baking.
Thankfully, Cale was rich enough that Raon messing with flour wasn’t an issue.

Cale used the Sound of the Wind to clean up the area and went into the warehouse to get new flour. He did not dare to use dirty flour to bake. That would not be sanitary. He would do it right if we was going to do it anyway.

He brought the flour out and used the sky eating water to start making his batter.

‘It’s all about the kneading.’

Cale thought to himself as he kneaded the dough.

‘Push and pull, push and pull.’

He was finally getting used to this now. His breads had sucked at first and did not rise properly, but they’ve looked good for the last few weeks. He channeled the Fire of Destruction into the Clay Furnace he had created with the help of the Super Rock and threw the batter inside. Most breads required time to proof but his Clay Furnace that was heated by the Fire of Destruction added a special element that required no time to proof.

Cale: Time for the filling.

Cale went back to the warehouse to grab some ube. These ube were fresh from Mila’s farm. Ah, Mila. She was the reason he could not go through with the farm idea anymore. Raon and Dodori talked about how Mila’s farm was enough. There was already a bunch of crops and trees so whyy double the effort to farm when there was already a great farm here?

He just helped her by using his Indestructible Shield to help her plants grow faster. It was a win-win since he got fresh ingredients for his bakery while Mila didn’t have to work as hard and had more time to spend with Dodori. They were currently on a journey promoting Cale’s biography that Dodori had personally written.

Raon: Human, you’re making ube rolls?! When are you going to bake me an apple pie?!
Cale: Raon, you know the rules. We have to stock the bakery first and then you can have your pie.
Raon: Darn it, that stinking rule! Can I give you a gold coin from my piggy bank and pretend I bought all the bread?
Cale: Raon, I thought you were a great and mighty Dragon. The great and mighty Raon Miru can’t even wait for his pie?
Raon: I, I, I AM great and mighty! I can wait! Let me help you, it’ll go faster!

Cale smiled and handed Raon a whisk.

Cale: Here, will you whisk this for me?

Cale didn’t actually need it but he knew Raon just needed something to do. It’ll probably end up all over Raon’s face anyway.

Raon: I got it!

Raon floated the bowl and whisk over to himself and started whisking.

Cale had given Raon some heavy whipping cream and sugar. If Raon did a good job, he would have whipped cream. If not, it didn’t matter. But at least it would keep Raon occupied for a while.

Cale: Now, the ube.

Cale used the indestructible shield to held the ube grow a little. It was already fresh, but using the glutton helped make ingredients return to the perfect condition.

He chopped up the ube and threw it in the pot to boil when… he heard Raon’s nervous voice.

Raon: H, human… look, I look like Clopeh!

Raon did manage to whip the cream, but he had it on his head like a wig.

Raon: My hair is long and white like crazy Clopeh!

Cale chuckled and grabbed a towel to wipe Raon off.

Cale: Raon, how about you go put up the sign instead? Today’s special is ube rolls.
Raon: I got it!

Raon flew out to write on the sign. It had not taken long for the great and mighty Raon to learn how to read and write.

Cale watched Raon leave before turning the stove off, taking the ube out, adding some sugar, and mixing it together into a ube cream filling.

He used the Sound of the Wind to float the bread out of the furnace (safety is always first) and stuffed each roll with the ube filling.

Cale: Now for the final touch.

Cale brought out his plastic sticks with Raon’s face on it that he placed on each and every one of his breads and placed them gently through the center of the rolls.

Cale: Perfect.

Cale places the rolls in the display and looks out to see Raon’s sign:

Today’s special, Ube rolls!

Raon’s signature paw print was at the bottom right corner.

Cale smiled, knowing that he had truly found his happiness, even if it required him to be up at 5am every morning.

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  1. TheRottenGirl

    My heartu~ seeing this makes me wanna see Cale rest too and baking with Raon, On, Hong, Choi Han….with everyoneeee how wonderful would that be🥺


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