Why Am I Karin? – Chapter 1

After waking up in an unfamiliar, overly pastel blue room, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, before suddenly clutching my head as memories poured in, overwhelming my senses and making me groan in pain. It’s the memories of a young noble lady named Karin Orsena, the oldest daughter and heir to the Orsena Dukedom in the Roan Kingdom. She was fed up with being treated as a tool for gaining power for her father, and stressed to the point of breaking from the pressure of always being a perfect duke’s daughter at all times, and thus ended up poisoning herself with hemlock (honestly, of all things why hemlock? It’s so painful) so it could all end. Her body is what I ended up in after making a wish on a shooting star last night and then falling asleep. However, somehow I gained her memories and now our memories have mixed for some reason? Well, whatever, it’ll definitely help since I certainly don’t know how etiquette and noble society works. What I do know is that I’m on a ship that is going to sink, and I want out as soon as possible. Noble society seems like such a pain, and my father is a complete fool. Now, let’s think.

(Well shit, now what? I’m now living in this poor girl’s body, and I only have a single maid that I can trust. In order to not get swept up as collateral damage when my father inevitably fails to put his preferred prince on the throne, I gotta get on Crown Prince Alberu’s side and gain some resources in case I get disowned once I’m no longer useful or married to some old geezer in exchange for my father gaining some benefit… I need wealth, personal connections, and some power or useful skills. According to her memories, I have a talent for magic, and can use mana, so I can become a mage. In addition to that-)

As I was immersed in planning my course of action, Karin’s loyal maid named Iris came in with a small tray with tea, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Good morning my lady, I brought you some tea brewed with rose hips and lavender as I noticed you had a migraine last night. I have also told the master you were not feeling well and could not attend breakfast today, as you wished. Would you like to hear your schedule?”

(Iris is so thoughtful and kind! I’m sure Karin wouldn’t have been able to last this long without her support and care, I’ll need to be nice to her.)

“Thank you Iris, I’d like some of that tea please. Also, I’m not feeling well, so please clear as much as you can off today’s schedule. I don’t need a doctor though; you know the routine.”

I took the warm teacup from Iris, and gently took a sip. It was lovely and sweet, with a minty aftertaste. It was incredibly refreshing. After finishing the tea, I told my maid my plans for the day.

“Of course my lady, I will get things settled so you can have a rest day. Do you need me to get you anything for your magic studies? Last time you told me you were trying to learn how to use a magic stone to imbue your earrings with shield magic.” 

(Wait a minute, imbuing an item with magic? That gives me a great idea! Maybe I can enchant an item if imbuing items with attributes and simple spells is possible. I do not know what attribute I have though… Karin was partial to making wind-like spells and earth-like spells if I remember correctly? However, according to Karin’s memories, the potential and tendencies are linked to the soul, so it’s completely possible I am completely different from her. I hope I can do it, it would be a very useful skill to have once I escape from this place.) 

“That would be lovely Iris, please get me a chisel and two dozen simple bracelets without ornaments. I have a new idea I just had that I’d like to experiment with. Also, for the rest of today, please do not interrupt me aside from when it is lunchtime.”

“Yes my lady. I will bring them shortly.”

Now alone in my room, it was time to organize my thoughts and ascertain my reality. I am not in The Birth of a Hero, the novel Kim Rok Soo read that followed the journey of Choi Han. I am in the world of the novel Trash of the Count’s Family, which follows KRS!Cale. I am now Karin Orsena, the young lady of one of the two ducal houses in the Roan Kingdom, and she is currently 20 years old. Known as the flower of Roan’s high society, her appearance is gorgeous with wavy silver-blue hair and hazel eyes akin to a cat’s. Her body is toned and fit while still looking slender. Honestly, she’s a beauty unmatched by anything I’ve seen before. According to Iris, I have about two months before Kim Rok Soo is transmigrated, which is when everything will start to change. 

After holing myself up in my room (workshop), I discovered that because my soul is not from this world, I am capable of imbuing items with pure mana unaffected by any natural attribute or tendency. It comes directly from me and only me. It’s pure, clear silver energy, and it means I can do literally anything with it. Upon this discovery, I completely buried myself in practice and study, my goal to create an enchanted item that has never been created in this world: an item that makes your plate sturdier when worn. It sounds impossible and crazy to even think about making something like that, but Cale is definitely going to need it. My conscience won’t allow me to let him bleed as much as he does when it can be lessened by an item to make his plate stronger. I won’t leave this room until it’s finished.

Two months later

“I did it! I am so friggin awesome!”

“My lady, language please!!”

“… Sorry. My bad, Iris.”


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