– Chapter 1- The Villain overwrites his destiny

It was late in the evening, almost midnight, and only the bar’s windows had lights that still flickered. Streets were nearly empty, and most of the people outside were knights guarding the city’s walls.

Some rowdies and gangsters roamed around; they were also the only ones making any noises as they threw bottles around while laughing out loud.

But all in all the town was peaceful.

‘I am not used to such peace.’

He let out a sigh while running his hand through his black hair which he dyed using magic.

White Star, the sobriquet who most people recognize him as, was standing on a part of the wall, as he observed Rain City.

It wasn’t his plan to come here in the first place.

His goal was Harris Village only; he was going to kill everyone there and get the wood attribute ancient power he desired so much. Everything went well.

He easily got the ancient power while his people killed all the villagers.

But something felt wrong as soon as the power became one with him.

It didn’t feel complete; something was missing.

Nothing made sense. He could see the annual rings of life and everything worked just fine, but his feelings told him something different.

White Star was not a person who listened to his heart, he never did.

Just this time was different. He couldn’t stop doubting.

Nothing was left in Harris Village and the White Star could not feel any more ancient powers so he made up his mind and traveled to Rain City, leaving the Arm members behind to take care of the rest.

The White Star didn’t know why exactly it was Rain City. It was his heart that screamed the town’s name. It was a weird feeling. He wasn’t familiar with such things but now he was here.

The White Star was moving around with dyed black hair and a simple brown robe without his mask on his face. Even though it was nighttime, he didn’t want to catch any unnecessary attention.

His plan was straightforward; he would just stroll around the town. He would feel the ancient power if it was near.

It was just that the town was bigger than expected. The White Star probably needed two or three days to look in every corner.

The thought of it was boring. The White Star hated to waste time but he couldn’t just destroy an entire city.

He had the power to do so, but the risk of being found out was too high. He didn’t need useless obstacles in his way.

The White Star jumped from the wall without even looking down.



His landing was softer than he expected. The White Star was sure he was near an empty alley.

When he looked down, the White Star saw the reason why it was so soft.

Under him was a person.

It was surprising for the White Star since his senses would tell him if someone was near but he didn’t feel anyone. Or maybe he simply ignored the fact that someone was there.

The person under him smelled like alcohol.

‘Just some drunk guy.’

The White Star didn’t know if he knocked him out or if he was already unconscious from drinking too much.

Whatever it was, the White Star just wanted to leave him there but after taking a second look, the man caught his attention.

Crimson red hair like the White Star originally had. Beautiful white skin and a face tinged red probably because of the alcohol.

White Star couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful he looked, the man also reminded the White Star of himself.

It was just a random drunk man but White Star could feel similarities.

It took some time for him to realize what he was doing.

Putting his hand on his forehead he began to shake his head.

The only thing they shared was the hair color, the unconscious man seemed weak, very weak. It was stupid to compare him with himself.

The White Star was about to leave when he heard the red-haired man grumble.

“Urgh…that hurts.”

He watched how the man got up while rubbing his head.

The interest in the stranger was still there so without noticing the White star watched him, waiting for his reaction.

When their eyes met, White Star was shocked for a moment. Not only their hair color was the same both shared the same eye color.

That was what the White Star believed. It was dark but he could see the brown color in the man’s eyes.

Hazed eyes stared at him and the silence of the night took over. Both of their eyes were locked on each other and both were thinking about what to do.

The easiest way was to leave the stranger there but it would be a pity. The man was interesting.

His reaction was unlike others.

A plain person would begin to scream, complain, or demand an apology from the White Star.

This person just watched him with intoxicating eyes.

He may have looked like someone drunk but the man in front of him was sober. The White Star could tell from his look.

The longer the White Star observed him the longer he felt strange.

Like a spell hit him which didn’t make sense. He could feel no mana from the stranger nor anything else that could do something with magic.

The man was indeed strange.

But the White Star wasted too much time with the man already, he remembered his goal and he should start now if he didn’t want to take three days.

The White Star was about to turn away from him and walk out of the alley but the red-haired man tugged his cloak and stopped the White Star from moving.

Was the man angry? Did he want to fight after the White Star landed on him?

There was no way the man would fight him, his grip on the cloak was weak, really weak.

So what was what the stranger wanted? Was he hurt and was about to ask for help?

Misty eyes were locked on his again, it seemed they were glittering a bit.

The man opened his mouth and the White Star was about to listen very closely.

“Are you hungry?”



There was no reaction from the White Star at first. He didn’t expect such a question.

Why did the man want to feed him?

After the man received no answer, he tilted his head in confusion.

“You don’t want anything? I can give you food.”

“Wait… I need to think.”

Going with the man the White Star could fish for some information, maybe it wouldn’t be so painful and boring when he went with him.

The White Star kinda liked him but it seemed not enough for the curse to activate and kill the stranger. In the end, it was just interesting how the White Star felt.

Yes, He was curious how a man like him who drinks his life away lived. Especially when he was that young.

Before the White Star answered his question, he used his wood ancient power on the man.


‘His time is warped!’

Who was this man and why was his time warped?

Wasn’t it by coincidence? Did he know something about him?

Maybe he followed him from Harris Village. The White Star needed to keep an eye on him.

This man wasn’t someone simple, he wasn’t just a drunk person who decided to feed strangers, he must have targeted the White Star.

“Yes, I am very hungry.”

Hunger was a feeling he couldn’t feel anymore because of his curse so it was an obvious lie, but he wanted to know what this man was planning.

Whatever it was, he was underestimating the White Star.

“Then come with me, I will give you food and a place to sleep.”

‘Is he inviting me to his place?’

The man didn’t mention a sleeping place, did he always invite strangers to his house?

The White Star could feel the urge to protect this naive man.

He shook his head at his thoughts and followed the red-haired man.

As they left the alley, White Star noticed how the man could walk properly.

‘Did I hurt him when I fell into him?’

It would make sense but it wasn’t his problem. The stranger didn’t even say anything so why should the White Star help him?

It was the man’s fault for not watching out.

Walking further the man stumbled on his own feet, he almost hit the ground and hurt himself more.


The White Star went to the man, took his arm, and supported it on his shoulder.

‘It’s annoying how weak he is.’

Surprised, the man made eye contact with the White Star.

“Thank you, I could have walked on myself-”

“You were too slow, it was frustrating.”

The White Star didn’t let the man finish. It was annoying how slow he walked. It would go faster like this, the White Star couldn’t waste more time.

The man was light as a feather, it was nothing to support him till his house.

He expected many things of what his house could look like or if you call it even a house, maybe a tent. Anything but the mansion high on the hills.

Could you even call it a mansion, it looked more like a castle.

It seemed fit for the lord of this territory.

Was this stranger the lord? No, he was too young to be one, and also which lord could drink alone in some alley?

So that meant he was the son of the lord.

The man’s clothes looked elegant but also too simple, a white shirt, brown trousers, and leather shoes. The only thing that attracted people’s attention was his blood-red hair and his beautiful face. No one would expect him to be part of high nobility.

They made it to the estate and the man looked around as if he was hoping no one was near, the White Star could hear how he mumbles quietly.

“I hope no one is in the kitchen.”

He looked a bit scared.

It was an adorable face he made that reminded the White Star of a little bunny or puppy. Being weak must be stressful.

They made their way, what White Star could guess because of the man’s mumbles, to the kitchen. As they entered White Star could see the huge kitchen.

When the man turned the light on after he sighed in relief, the White Star could see how clean the kitchen was. No speck of dust could be seen and everything was sorted.

He never saw such a clean kitchen.

The red-haired man got some bread and other things already out. He probably was about to make a sandwich for both of them.

He tried his best to be as quiet as possible and looked around his surroundings.

Just what was he so scared of?

It was already weird how he made the sandwich by himself as a noble. Even when it was late, couldn’t he just demand food from his maids and servants?

He was strange.

The sandwich was soon finished and the young man was about to give it to the White Star when suddenly, the door opened.



Did he just curse? A noble’s child?

The White Star was amused by him, he did so many things he never expected. It was refreshing.

Through the many years of having hundreds of lives, he could easily read people’s minds but this wasn’t the case for the man.

“Young master, what are you doing here?”

The White Star turned around to see a man in his late twenties. By the looks of him, he seemed like the chef of the kitchen, and he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

But it didn’t catch White Star’s attention.

‘He knows how to kill and already killed many.’

The man had a dark aura surrounding him and he reeked like blood.

They both made eye contact.

“Young master, who is this?”

The kitchen guy could also tell that the White Star wasn’t a normal person, he also killed many and killed not too long ago. He must smell the blood from him.

“A guest, he is hungry.”

The chef raised his eyebrow.

What? Was it the first time the young noble bought someone over? So it was not normal for him to invite strangers. Was the White Star the young man’s target and the sandwich has poison in it?

He couldn’t understand him, what was his goal?

The kitchen guy continued talking.

“You could just call me, young master. I serve you at every hour.”

The noble went to the White Star and pressed the sandwich in his hand.

“Too late now.”

It looked like the elder guy was about to snatch the sandwich away but the White Star took a bite before he could do it.

No matter how badly the sandwich was made, The White Star wouldn’t be able to taste anything.


But it tasted good?

Why was he able to taste, it should be impossible.

Did the curse weaken or is it because of the red-haired man?

His time was warped after all. He needed to test it.

Oh, and the sandwich also had no poison, so confusing.

“Give him a room to sleep in, he will stay here for a while.”

That wasn’t White Star’s plan but now he found such an interesting person he didn’t mind. He would need time to study him.

The most important thing was to know his name first.

“Thank you for your generosity, I shall pay you back someday. What is your name?”

“Cale. Cale Henituse and there is no need for payback, I have everything I need.”

White Star made a quiet scoff. The noble’s name was the same as his. This couldn’t be a coincidence, fate was playing with its strings.

“What a beautiful name.”

The White Star smiled.

“My name is Ruth, it’s a pleasure and honor to meet you.”


Cale suddenly gasped.



The White Star was confused and also let out a gasp

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