TWSB – Chapter 91: He has a secret (2)

‘Everybody knew about it? I was the only one who didn’t know?’

“Your highness…… Would you like some more Tarte Normande?”

Ganael warily asked. I was still for a moment before suddenly looking up at the young boy.

“Hmm? No. I’m okay. I’m full.”
“But you only ate one tray……”

The child had been frequently checking on me since last night.

As for Benjamin, who was calmly standing there, he seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit today. I did my best to smile and shook my head.

‘It’s okay. It’s understandable that I didn’t know. Ganael and Vice Captain Élisabeth have quite an age difference and neither of them told me about it. So it is not weird that I didn’t notice. It’s not like I need to know about his personal life. That’s up to the couple and the adults of the households.’

– Clang.

‘……No, but seriously.’

I put my fork down.

“Yes, your highness.”

The young boy stopped mid-action and stood up straight. I stared at Ganael.

“Are you happy? Fi…… Your fiancée treats you well, right?”
“Excuse me? Yes, I am very happy. I’ve enjoyed every single day of this year.”

His honey-colored eyes gently curled up.

“Of course, I was not happy when you fainted or during the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts, your highness.”

He followed up with that comment.

‘Why are you only telling me that you are happy? I also asked if your fiancée is treating you well.’

I nodded my head and suppressed this ominous feeling building up inside me.

I couldn’t even remember how I washed and went to sleep at the Count’s Estate after hearing Sir Michel call Ganael his future son-in-law.

Breakfast was over by the time I snapped back to my senses.

‘Let’s quickly get past this shock.’

I quietly consoled myself.

I will have to use my healing powers on Sir Geens soon. I also need to talk with Eva about how to fight for the young Duchess position.

I didn’t need to worry about Ganael.

‘Vice Captain Élisabeth is cool and mature, so she should be a good s, spouse.’

– Knock knock.

“Come in.”

I responded to the knock. Vice Captain Élisabeth appeared through the door.

‘Someone who can’t be a noble……’ (TL: This is a Korean saying about a person who appears when their name is called. Basically, the servants had to come whenever their masters called for them, so the fact that she showed up when he thought about her is what made him say it. A more ‘common’ phrase is ‘even a tiger shows up when you talk about it.’)

“Did you sleep well, your highness?”
“Hello, Vice Captain Élisabeth. We ended up being in your care last night. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”
“Not at all, your highness. It was an honor for the Count’s Estate to host you. And……”

She smiled brightly and opened the door. I heard a noise that made me extremely happy.

– Screeeech!


Demy and the entire red panda trio rushed into the room.

I was shocked but still managed to hug the little cuties that crawled up my knees.

I couldn’t believe that they were here because Rhea was scared of everything and Perry was shy.

Demy pushed against my chest with his paws and stood up. He seemed upset about something.

– Sqeeeeeeal!

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Big bro stayed out the whole night without telling you. Isn’t that right?”

– Kiiiiiiiiiii, kiiiiiiiiii!

“Oh my, I did something super terrible. I didn’t even give Demy his late night snack.”

– Cruuuuuuuuu

“Should I stick by Demy’s side all day as an apology?”

The little punk was quite thorough while sharing his feelings.

I grabbed Demy’s front paw to give a handshake of apology and rubbed all of their backs.

Vice Captain Élisabeth laughed out loud.

“A Royal priest truly is different, your highness. I heard that priest Sand suffered quite a bit. Percy is in young lady Christelle’s room.”
“Did you bring all these kiddos from the Imperial Palace to the Count’s Estate?”

My eyes opened a bit wider.

I raised all of them and gave them their names, so it was probably not easy to lead them anywhere even if Sand released his ether.

‘Why would she do that when we are heading back soon?’

“’Stay out for a few days since you went out together. It is nice to have the Imperial Palace so quiet.’ That is a message from her Majesty.”
“Excuse me?”

I asked, wondering what I had just heard. She then came over to my table and handed me a luxurious golden card.

The Empress’s seal was on the outside in a cherry colored sealing wax.

I repeatedly read the card that stated the same thing Vice Captain Élisabeth just told me.

The handwriting was rough and carefree.

‘Is this perhaps……’

“Have I been kicked out?”
“It’s the opposite, your highness.”

Benjamin, who has had a smile on his face all day, explained.

He didn’t forget to refill my half-empty cup of pine needle tea.

“It seems as if her Majesty has given you some free time as she trusts you to a certain degree, your highness. His Royal Highness is by your side as well.”

‘Free time as a diplomatic hostage?’

The two things did not seem to go together.

I wondered if I should relax and enjoy it, but a part of me was thinking that there wasn’t much to do outside since I was mainly a homebody.

‘I would be super happy if she finally realized that I am a guy with no ambitions whatsoever.’

“You can consider it a reward for capturing the demonic beast at the theatre.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth commented. That seemed to make more sense.

I nodded my head and she respectfully saluted, saying that she will be on her way now.

She then gently smiled at Ganael.

‘Wow, wait a minute.’

“Vice Commander Élisabeth Moutet.”

I called out to her.

“Yes, your highness?”
“Please come here and take a seat.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I patted an empty chair next to me. Ganael’s face turned pale.


“Your highness. You see…”
“You stay quiet, Ganael.”

The young boy shut his mouth at my comment.

I was quietly looking at Vice Captain Élisabeth, who was seated across from me looking extremely uncomfortable.

The two attendants were seated on either side of me.

The only person who seemed relaxed was Benjamin, who was enjoying a cup of coffee.

“Umm…… I apologize for calling you trash before.”

I opened my mouth.

I definitely remember saying something like that when I was scolding Eva at the Imperial Palace temple.

I said that a twenty-four year old marrying a sixteen year old was trash.

I didn’t know Vice Captain Élisabeth’s situation back then and it wasn’t directed at her, but I didn’t want to hurt her because of a difference in culture.

Her cat-like grey eyes opened wide.

“Excuse me? N, not at all your highness. That’s okay. I don’t think it is weird for such comments to be made.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth smiled bitterly and waved her hand.

I could feel Ganael getting antsy to my right. The young Countess calmly continued to speak.

“Ganael became sixteen back in February. Just like you are thinking, it is not common for someone in the Empire to get engaged as soon as they become an adult. I know that Ganael is young-”
“I confessed, your highness!”


Ganael suddenly interjected. I looked at the young boy in shock.

His gold eyes were sparkling with desperation.

The red panda trio clenched onto my shirt as if they were nervous.

“I asked Vice Commander Moutet to marry me when I was six years old. She told me that I was ten years too young, so…… I proposed again ten years later.”

Benjamin’s shoulders started to move up and down.

I was dumbfounded as I looked back and forth at Vice Captain Élisabeth and Ganael.

The young Countess quickly commented.

“But I really didn’t know that he would propose to me again ten years later. It’s the truth, your highness.”
“My family, the Viscount’s House of Callamard and the Count’s House of Moutet have been close for hundreds of years. That is why I have been close to Vice Commander Moutet since I was young. Margrave Moutet and Sir Michel were against it because I was too young, but…… I was okay with it. Because I like her!”

My face turned red at the young boy’s words that seemed to come straight out of a romance manga.

For about the next thirty minutes after that…

I had to be attacked by Ganael’s TMI bombs without being able to say anything.

I knew that the young boy liked to chatter, but I didn’t know that he was such a logical and eloquent speaker.


1. Vice Captain Élisabeth has treated him well since he was young,
2. She is quite talented, being both intelligent and skilled at sword arts,
3. Such an amazing person was his first love,
4. Marquis François Duhem warned him that the brave ones get all the beauties,
5. Officially proposed the day of his coming-of-age ceremony,
6. And even mentioned the specific socioeconomic benefits of their marriage.

His flow of speech, from the introduction to the development, climax, and conclusion, was so good that I couldn’t even cut him off.

‘Why is the Marquis involved in everything? He’s like an extremely well-known brand that appears in millions of movies.’

“……Okay. Congratulations. I’ll pray for you to have a beautiful love.”
“Thank you very much, your highness!”

The young boy smiled as brightly as an evening primrose. I felt as if I was shriveling because my mental strength had been used up.

Vice Captain Élisabeth, who needed to go to work soon, also looked as if she was completely exhausted.

She seemed extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

The fertile hen. I must catch the fertile hen for Vice Captain Élisabeth…… (TL: In Korean history, each family used to have one fertile hen that would give them eggs/chicks. Usually this very important hen was caught and served to the son-in-law when he came to get their daughter. So it is a symbol of serving an extremely important person)

“Are there any other secrets I should know by chance?”

I rubbed my face with my hands as I asked. Demy started to fall asleep in my lap.

Three pairs of gazes looked toward me.

“I’m not asking for you to tell me your secrets. I just want to know if there is anything else that is common knowledge to everyone but me.”

Benjamin laughed out loud.

I couldn’t help but laugh as well because it was rare to see him laughing like this.


“That is why I hope to push my brother aside and become the young Duchess of Blanquer.”

– Piruuuuuuuuuu! Pipipi!

Eva energetically spoke as she stood holding the hem of her dress.

Percy sat on the Imperial Prince’s shoulder, adding sound effects, while Christelle quietly cheered.

I almost clapped because I was swept up in the mood.

The red pandas, who were curled up together and napping on a warm rock, wagged their tails to show agreement.

The greenhouse at the Moutet Count’s Estate had high and wide ceilings.

There was a large greenhouse at the Imperial Palace as well, but I had never been there because it was quite far from Juliette Palace.

This one seemed good enough to take its place.

Sir Geens was supposed to stay in bed until today, so it was hard for him to come out.

I decided to be thankful that I was able to try out most of the healing circles I’ve learned on him.

“Anybody can become the heir if will alone was enough.”

Imperial Prince Cédric commented while drinking his espresso. Eva started to frown.

I gently pulled at the Imperial Prince bastard’s clothes. He looked at me with a disgruntled gaze.

“She does not only have a will for it, your Royal Highness. Eva has received the blessing of the divine item. She has legitimacy as well.”
“You’re calling the young lady by her name.”

‘Are you even listening to me?’

I held back a sigh.

Eva said that she would go with Vice Captain Élisabeth when she headed out for work.

It was so she could go clean the Imperial Palace temple. She was a commendable child with a good sense of responsibility.

I held the young Duchess back and created this setting with the Imperial Prince and Christelle.

Sir Michel called it a ‘small reception for the development of friendship among youngsters’ and provided a place for us.

It wasn’t completely wrong.

“I think that it would be good for the three of you to build a relationship with each other.”

The orange eyes scowled at my comment. Christelle tilted her head as if she was amused.

‘Basically, it seems as if the three of you could…… Use each other very well.’

It sounded weird but it was the truth.

Empress Frédérique and Cardinal Boutier seemed to look forward to the fall of the trash young Duke.

They also seemed to think that the Imperial Prince would benefit in the future if he helped out with it.

I internally clicked my tongue at them saying that they were true politicians, but, after thinking it through once more, that was also a good thing for the progression of QNW.

“If Eva can become the young Duchess with help and support from the two of you, you would be getting a reliable alliance with the person in charge of the territory by the border, your Royal Highness. The House of Blanquer is a well-reputed mage household, so it would also help you out with your political position.”

If things continued like that, the Sacred Bow of the Tree of Life would basically be in the main couple’s hands.

This calculation would not make sense to most people, but it was possible because they were the MCs.

As long as Christelle wanted the divine items, it was normal for the Sacred Bow to stand on her side.

Even if she couldn’t be chosen as its master like with the Ark of the Wind Deity, at least the chosen master would be on her side.

“For Eva, it is her chance to get the power that she has always been dreaming about.”

‘She’ll also be able to reconnect the House of Blanquer’s connection with the Imperial family.’

I was just a supporting character and a diplomatic hostage, so it was difficult for me to be very helpful to Eva.

But I could at least lay down the bridge that would connect her to others.

“What do you all think about this?”

‘Maybe the reason I prevented him from killing Robert Blanquer at the dueling ground was to create such a connection…… Mm. Let’s not take it too far. I can’t inflate my ego too much. I just want to use a good opportunity and maximize the gains. Preferably in a way that is beneficial to the two main characters that Jung Eunseo cherishes so much.’


The Imperial Prince and Christelle silently looked at me.

‘Don’t do that, it’s scary.’

“Furthermore, Eva is a talented priestess. She’s only sixteen and already a bishop. She could fill the two of your ether if you need-”
“As I expected.”

The Imperial Prince sharply cut me off. His irises seemed to be on fire.

“Are you planning on abandoning your duty?”

‘What the heck is he talking about? Why are you suddenly moving it forward so much?’

“I don’t know about his duty, but Prince Jesse’s eyes were sparkling. I wonder if you like this fight for power, your highness. Should I be a young Duchess as well?”

Christelle supported her chin with both hands as she smiled.

‘And why did your thoughts go astray like that?!’

“P, please don’t fight because of me. This is good for me, but still!”

Eva seemed to tear up as she shouted. Percy tilted his whole body.

‘What a mess.’

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