TWSB – Chapter 60: Leave him to Enjoy it (1)

I received my first ‘birthday present’ a week later.

To be more specific, it was Cardinal Boutier willingly accepting my request, but… It was a great gain for me!

“Right this way, Prince Jesse.”

An attendant of the Empress Palace respectfully opened the door for me.

The knights in silver armor protecting the entrance respectfully bowed as well.

The entire Empress Palace except the main entrance and the lobby was a giant maze. The place I am visiting today was also a new place for me.

“I’m sure her Eminence has already informed you about it, but please let me guide you through it one more time. There is an old ether barrier in the deepest part of the Imperial Family Library to the far left. Only a direct descendant of the Imperial family can enter through it. You may access any other bookshelf here, however, it will be difficult to leave with a book. The library is open all year so please visit at your convenience whenever you’d like.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”
“I hope that you find the books here to be informative. Please let me know if you need any assistance.”

The attendant bowed with disciplined movements and walked away. I couldn’t help but smile.

I couldn’t enter the library let alone the Empress Palace when I first transmigrated here, but now I can come here whenever I like.

Building a relationship with the Cardinal and helping out Imperial Prince Cédric was worth it. Furthermore, this was the Imperial Family Library.

“We will be waiting outside as well, your highness.”
“Good luck, your highness.”

Benjamin and Ganael warmly commented.

I called an attendant over so that they could prepare a place for the two of them to rest. I waved at them, and turned around.

I then looked at the large room in front of me.

A ton of information was waiting for me.

There was so much that I was worried whether I could use them properly.

“I’ll need to use them well if I want to go home.”

I mumbled to myself and took one step forward.

Luxurious windows reaching the ceiling filled the wall across from the entrance.

The scent of old books filled my lungs and dust scattered like paint in all directions as the rays of the late spring sun filtered through.

The right wall was full of books, stacked three stories high. The first two stories were accessible by a ladder while the third story was like an attic with a place to sit.

The left side resembled a University Library with closely lined up ebony bookshelves.

It reminded me of a movie set.

I gulped. I pulled my notebook out of my pocket.

“The first thing to look for…… Divine item.”

I started with the shelves on the left.

All the books Ganael brings me are ones out on the market, so they were easy to read and informative. However, they sometimes lacked the most important bits of information.

It was because the things I wanted to learn were either extremely sensitive or secret information.

For example, information on the divine item at the Temple of Boundaries.

The Temple of Boundaries was the Pope’s territory, so normal people had no way of learning about it.

They had no reason to know about it either. However, I was sure it was different for the Imperial family of the Empire.

I was curious about the power that made me transmigrate into this place.

“Here it is.”

It took me a while to find a thin, yet old, book.

It had a lovely cover that did not fit the grandiose name of the Imperial Family Library.

I took a look inside and……

“It’s a fairy tale.”

I started smiling.

Fairy tales and cartoons were the best mediums for tackling difficult concepts.

I flipped through it to see that the book was a collection of stories about a young girl and her adventures with the divine items of the Empire, the Temple of Boundaries, and the Holy Kingdom.

Each page was full of handwritten text and hand drawn images.

I was quite interested and looked at the back cover. There was beautiful cursive handwriting.

‘Written by Archduke Yvelines for his beloved child. Archduke Yvelines.’

I didn’t know who that was, but I had a feeling that he was a good father.

I held the book and found a desk to sit my butt down.

I decided that this would be the book for my research today.


I spent the morning taking lessons from the Cardinal alone before having lunch with her. I then stopped by the Imperial Family Library alone, and returned to Juliette Palace to relax.

This was heaven. This was exactly what I wanted for my transmigrated life.

I had such happy thoughts as I flipped through my notebook.

It was the page with my notes on Archduke Yvelines’ masterpiece, < Kaboom! Yves’ Great Adventure >.

“Ahhh! His Royal Highness is being pushed back!”
“Shh, Pierre! He’s going to hear you!”
“It’s a humid day today. I’m certain that young lady Sarnez will win.”

Of course, that happiness I talked about was just for me. The two main characters seemed to be in a different situation.

– Babang!

“Wow, I couldn’t see the sword just now!”

“Did the young lady dodge that? Really?”

The reception room balcony was quite chaotic, as it had been all week.

The attendants of Juliette Palace were gathered there, looking out at the outdoor training ground with sweaty hands.

I was going through the information in my notebook but raised my head every so often to observe the attendants.

Their reactions were quite entertaining and great for keeping my sleepiness at bay.

“His Royal Highness is so handsome. I don’t think he’s human.”
“I’m still certain that the young lady will win today. I’ll bet 500 Franc on it.”
“Why are you so angry?”

I sighed.

‘Is this how people feel when they watch those reaction videos on Youtube?’

To explain the situation, Christelle and the Imperial Prince started their group lessons with the Holy Knight from the Vatican last Monday.

The lessons were taking place at the Imperial Palace at the Empress’s request; however, the interior training ground was still under repair.

That was why the outdoor training ground behind Juliette Palace ended up as the classroom.

Anybody who wanted to watch was allowed to watch, as they had no reason to hide the fact that the two of them were Holy Knights.

That evening, rumors about how my reception room balcony was the ideal spot to watch had spread throughout the entire Imperial Palace.

‘Wow, your highness… If you would permit it……’

The attendants of Juliette Palace really wanted to watch the Imperial Prince and the noble young lady’s sparring. They even finished their night tasks early before coming to beg me to let them watch.

They must have thought that they needed to get my permission to watch the sparring since their superior, me, was sitting in the reception room studying.

I had chuckled because it was cute seeing adults act like this.

‘Please enjoy. I don’t mind.’
‘Thank you for your grace, your highness!’

A few days later, the balcony was full of attendants whenever it was time for their lesson. There were so many people, there was no more room left.

I enjoyed a peaceful evening through the loud white noise.

Demy was napping on my nap, the delicious fennel tea was warming me up, and I had some olive oil cake. All of this created the perfect combination.

‘Eunse and big bro should experience such luxury too.’

“I brought more snacks, your highness.”

Ganael smiled brightly and put down a second platter of olive oil cake.

I smiled back and returned to my notebook.

– Crackle!

“My goodness, fire comes out of his right hand too!”
“It looked as if the young lady was going to use her fist……”

What I learned about today was the Paten of Wishes. That was the name of the divine item in the Temple of Boundaries.

According to Archduke Yvelines’ explanation, the paten looks like a large silver tray filled with Holy Water.

However, this is not regular water like what Christelle controls; it is divine material that has been in the paten for ages.

‘Yves, you can’t drink that. This is not water.’
‘Then what is it?’
‘It is the cleanest form of ether. It is a noble and pure form of the Authority of the Almighty God.’

The main character of the fairy tale, ‘Yves,’ had quite the personality.

Her friend in the story, Nikky, worked so hard to explain divine items to her but she treated most of it as fake and ignored it.

Of course, I was not planning on complaining about Nikky’s explanations.

– The divine item that was stolen from the Temple of Vigilance. The Paten of Wishes.

– Possibility that it did not disappear and that someone used it: ✓.

– Who made the wish? Uncertain.

– Do other divine items have the power to grant wishes as well? No. Confirmed through the Sword of Wisdom.

– Effect on me: Transmigration, regression, turned into an ether colossus.

– Special Trait: Grants wishes made through blood but can only be used by the Pope.

This was the problem. I poked the last line of my notes with the quill pen.

< Kaboom! Yves’ Great Adventure > stated that the only person who could make a Wish of Blood on the paten was the Pope.


“Ganael, how long has the Pope’s position been vacant again?”
“Mm, I don’t know the exact number of years, your highness. Holy Queen Elene accepted Emperor Romero’s proclamation, so…… Probably at least 100 years?”

I couldn’t believe it.

‘Who had used the divine item to have me transmigrate here if there was no Pope? How does this make any……No, is it possible that a future Pope used it? Is that too far-fetched? Was Archduke Yvelines really bullshitting?’

“But your highness, shouldn’t you stop them?”
“His Royal Highness and young lady Sarnez are…”

– Baaaaang!

The noise of an intense explosion echoed into the room as well.

The attendants on the balcony covered their ears or mouth in shock.

I peeked at them before looking back at Ganael.

The young boy looked quite concerned.

“If they end up getting hurt……”
“It should be fine since it is a spar. The teacher from the Vatican is there with them. I’m sure that he will take care of things.”
“I thought so at first as well, but I don’t think that the teacher is capable of handling them.”

“Let’s just think of it as them growing while fighting. Eventually, they’ll become friends, and then husband and wife…”

“Oh, come on, your highness……”

Ganael looked at me with a gaze that seemed to be saying that something like that would never happen. I felt a bit wronged.

The two of them were fated to be together and anybody can see that they are a picturesque couple, so why was he reacting as if this made no sense?

“Anyway, there is no need for me to go out there. They even have a priest who came to supplement their ether.”
“That is true, but…”
“There’s nothing to worry about. You can rest here for a bit too, before you go.”

I smiled and patted an empty chair.

It was great not seeing the two main characters for a whole week, so there was no need whatsoever for me to be the one breaking that flow.

I have not even gone near the balcony whenever they were having their lessons.

Ganael hesitated before sitting down like a good boy.

“Marquis Duhem’s younger sister… Was her celestial covenant at 11?”
“Yes, your highness. They asked if you could please come to the temple by 10:30am.”

I nodded my head. The Covenant of Paired Stars that I agreed to be a witness for was already happening tomorrow.

I took a big bite of the cake. The saltiness of the salt from the North Sea on top rekindled my enthusiasm for studying.

– Chhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

– Craaaaaaaaaackle!


The background music was Christelle’s Water Show, the Imperial Prince’s Fire Show, and the noise of the spectators.


The next day.

“Welcome, your highness! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day.”
“Hello, Marquis Duhem.”

Marquis François Duhem, who was supposedly staying in the Imperial Capital this month as well, came out of the Imperial Palace Temple to greet me.

I completely ignored his hand and got off the carriage.

His light pink eyes sparkled, not even the slightest bit hurt from my action.

He would not stop talking the whole way to the temple door.

“Did you decide what you would like from me as a birthday present, your highness? May I ask what you requested from Her Majesty?”
“Not yet. I am still thinking about that one as well.”
“You are quite the careful person, your highness. I am extremely excited about what you will ask for!”

The Marquis made an extremely exaggerated gesture and opened the temple door.

This heavy door usually required two knights to open it, so I was surprised that he was able to pull it open with such a skinny frame.

Benjamin and Ganael, who were following behind us, seemed shocked at his energy as well.

“Antoinette! Prince Jesse has arrived. This esteemed sir is the one who will be a witness for your ceremony!”

It sounded like some dialogue from a musical.

“Holy Almighty God. Brother, I have no regrets even if I die now!”

The response that came from a distance was even more dramatic.

I smiled looking a bit bewildered.

The woman standing at the center of the low platform seemed to be my age and had the same black skin and light pink eyes as the Marquis.

Her long brown hair was tied up high.

The Marquis pretty much pulled me up to the platform as she quickly pulled her dress and bowed.

“Hello Prince Jesse Venetiaan, I greet the Moon of the Holy Kingdom. My name is Antoinette Duhem!”
“Hello, young lady Duhem. Congratulations on your celestial covenant.”

I greeted her back. The woman became excited and thanked me over and over.

I didn’t know her very well, but seeing the Marquis and everybody this happy made me think that it was a good decision to come.

I gave short greetings to the priestess who was the young lady’s partner for the celestial covenant and the other priest who came as a witness.

Unlike a marriage, a celestial covenant did not have any guests other than the two covenant makers, witnesses, and attendants.

“Then will we be starting right away?”
“No, one of the witnesses has yet to arrive, your highness.”

The Marquis nonchalantly responded to my questions.


“You are not the witness, Marquis Duhem?”
“Hmm? Oh, I am the emcee.”

I was slightly confused.

I had expected that Marquis Duhem would be the witness since it had to be a noble who was at least a Marquis.

I thought about the faces of the other Pair de Riester who the Cardinal introduced to me at the celebration.

– Clunk!

– Screeeech……

The temple doors opened on both sides at that moment. The knights must have done this as usual.

Everybody instantly turned toward the door. The Marquis shouted in a happy voice.

“Ah, the last witness has arrived. Your Royal Highness!”


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