TWSB – Chapter 38: Churn, churn, churning (1)

“Yes, they caused a large incident. Frédérique is extremely angry.”

Cardinal Boutier responded to me instead of the involved parties.

I then noticed that she seemed a bit upset as well.

I looked directly at Christelle because I already had an idea as to what might have happened.

“Young lady Sarnez was in the next room when I was interviewing with Lady Sarah Belliard. Did she……”
“His Royal Highness was there as well.”

Christelle sounded as if she was recalling a pleasant moment. She did not show any signs of remorse or apology.

I turned toward the damn Imperial Prince in disbelief.

His orange eyes looked as if they wanted to set me on fire.

‘Why is he acting as if he didn’t do anything wrong……’

Basically, the two of them were not satisfied with the chaos they caused in the interior training ground last time, and had a lover’s quarrel in the Empress Palace as well.

I know that Christelle has awakened as a Holy Knight, but I couldn’t help but feel that this MC couple might be too violent.

It made me worry about what the youngsters reading this would learn from them.

Emotions getting out of hand is one thing, but he chucked things around with his mother in a nearby room?

As for Christelle, she even resorted to using ether?

“The two of you were definitely in the wrong this time. You should get along with each other.”

I sternly responded. The Imperial Prince quietly clicked his tongue.

Christelle had a complicated look on her face.

I rattled off like crazy to Lady Belliard about Demy, food, and food that Demy eats because I was scared that she would find out about what was going on next door. I was relieved that I did that.

I didn’t even want to imagine how the article would have sounded or how the romance would have warped again if she found out that the Imperial Prince and a young noble lady were fighting in the Empress’s Palace.

‘Can’t the two of you just date normally?’

“Prince Jesse is right. Christelle is only nineteen so it is more understandable that she could not control her emotions, but you’re twenty-five in August, Cédric.”


I gasped at the MC’s age and peeked toward Christelle.

It made sense logically, but I had not thought that hard about their ages before.

Nineteen meant that she was the same age as Eunse.

Even if the soul that transmigrated into her was an office worker around my age, it was impossible to consider someone who looked so young as a potential romantic partner.

Of course, I had no desire whatsoever to date her so it didn’t matter.

“Cédric cannot partake in any political affairs for one week. Christelle is not allowed to receive lessons as a Novice Holy Knight either.”

The Cardinal explained to me. The Imperial Prince glared into the air with extreme discontent visible in his eyes.

He seemed to have dealt with some of the Empire’s affairs already, despite not being the Imperial Crown Prince yet.

‘So he’s twenty-four right now. This little punk, whose name on the family tree isn’t even dry yet, dares to speak informally to a four years older big bro like me……’

“That’s not all.”

The Cardinal’s beige-colored eyes sparkled dangerously under her monocle.

“They broke stuff inside the Empress Palace and increased the workload for the attendants, so their punishment is to clean the underground portal. Nobody is allowed to help them.”
“Esteemed godmother.”

The Imperial Prince’s voice was so low he sounded gloomy. Christelle just gasped.

I didn’t know where the underground portal was located nor what it looked like, but making them clean made them seem like high school students.

I couldn’t help but chuckle while looking at the two of them openly showing their dislike of the situation.

“I guess you can be their supervisor.”
“Excuse me?”

The smile instantly disappeared from my face. I got the chills from this unexpected attack.

“Why do I……”
“We need someone to keep an eye on them so that they don’t fight again. Wouldn’t it be better if it was someone who knows both of them well? It is also highly likely that they will not listen to a person who doesn’t have much authority.”

She then added on about how everybody is busy with their tasks.

It was her way of putting it nicely,, but she still meant that a slacker like me should go take care of the kids.

However, I had a card up my sleeve to use for such a moment.

“I need to go receive Confessions, your Eminence.”
“These two children have wronged the Empress of the Empire. Please watch them cleanse their sins.”

That was beyond the limits of this card up my sleeve. I became upset.

‘These idiots should have gone far away from home to fight with each other. Why did they have to fight here at home and create flames that affect me as well when I did nothing……’


I did my best to make sure I didn’t grumble and looked up as I made eye contact with Christelle’s blue-gray eyes.

I couldn’t help but grind my teeth after seeing the joy in her eyes.

I then turned to look at the Imperial Prince, who was sitting about 3 meters away from Christelle.

I watched him ignore my gaze and cover his mouth with his gloved hand.

‘Hey, you little……’

“Since the Moon of the Holy Kingdom will suffer on our behalf, the Empress Palace will provide lunch. A full course meal for as many people as you want.”
“……I will properly fulfill the role.”

I responded to her.

‘Damn it. I might as well work my butt off and bring Ganael, Benjamin, and Demy to stuff our faces since things are like this.’


Imperial Prince Cédric, Christelle, and I were kicked out of the Cardinal’s office.

She must have discussed it beforehand, as there were ten Imperial Guard members stationed outside the door.

They respectfully greeted us before escorting us.

I briefly explained the situation to Benjamin and Ganael before telling them to get ready to eat until their stomachs blow up later.

“I didn’t know that there was a portal in the Empress Palace.”

My voice echoed in the staircase down to the basement.

We were now moving to the darkest parts of the Empress Palace.

A few Imperial Guard members quickly lit torches as we went down.

“It has never been used since the War.”

The Imperial Prince responded in a low voice even though I wasn’t expecting an answer.

I thought about the history of the Empire that I had read until now and nodded my head.

‘It makes sense that they would close the portal after something like that.’

However, it was extremely confident of them to put a portal in the palace where the Empress resides.

– Step, step……

– Click, click……

I could only hear footsteps again.

The Imperial Guard members were walking like robots who only looked forward while Christelle and the Imperial Prince did not say anything. It was surprising, since I had expected them to argue.

I looked up at the Imperial Prince, who was standing next to me, before turning to look at Christelle, who was following one step behind us.

‘Are they really not arguing because I am here?’

“You sure are quiet, your Royal Highness.”
“Do you want us to fight?”
“No, I hope that the two of you get along very well, your Royal Highness.”

The Imperial Prince slightly frowned at my response. Christelle didn’t seem happy either.

I couldn’t tell what the problem was with them.

I heard that they acted like bitter enemies until they fell in love in the original as well, but the rift between them seems to be worse because Christelle gained power.

“We are getting along very well.”

Christelle suddenly said that as we continued to move down.


“That is good to hear.”
“I learned one of his Royal Highness’s secrets as well.”

A couple Imperial Guard members became anxious and almost stumbled. On the other hand, my face lit up.

“That’s really great.”

The Imperial Prince immediately asked in a sharp tone. This young punk was so full of murderous intent.

‘Wait, don’t you usually get closer to someone by having secrets between the two of you? Am I not even allowed to speak now?’

“It’s good to have a friend you can reveal your secrets to, your Royal Highness.”
“We are here. This way, your Royal Highness.”

The Imperial Prince looked ready to verbally attack me, but an Imperial Guard member reported to us first.

We all looked up at the large stone door that covered our view.

Unlike the above ground floors that were made of Carrara marble walls that were well-decorated, the basement resembled a dungeon in a video game.

It was dark and eerie with high ceilings and cold air.

However, I still did not see any rats or bugs, probably because this was still inside the Imperial Palace.

“We will open the door now.”

The Imperial Prince nodded his head and the Imperial Guard members gathered together to push the stone door open.

– Ruuuuuuuumble……

The door smoothly moved out of the way without much resistance. It did not seem to be locked.

Everything was amazing, as I had never been to a place like this after transmigrating to this world.

Even Eunse might have never read about this. I could soon see the large area on the other side.

“Cough, cough!”
“Cough cough!”

The Imperial Guard members who went in first to light torches and make sure it was safe waved their hands around while coughing and sneezing.

I could even see someone crying and sniffling with a stuffy nose.

Christelle and I followed behind the Imperial Prince, who walked forward with large strides.

“……How long will it take to clean all of this?”

I mumbled to myself.

The hallway had been eerie, yet clean, but this room with the portal seemed as if nobody had been here for a long time.

Spiderwebs were drooping down from the ceiling everywhere and the floor was so dusty I couldn’t figure out its original color.

‘I guess the Empress really was angry.’

The two of them should probably feel relieved that they were not exiled or thrown into prison for doing something like that in the Empress Palace.

‘I wonder what Duke Sarnez and Lady Sarnez are thinking right now.’

“Umm, brooms, and bins of water have been prepared over here. There are rags as well……”
“Your Royal Highness, if it is too difficult, we can help out……”
“Should we first prepare an area to sit down?”

The Imperial Guard members, who looked like pros at maintaining their poker faces until now, seemed to have found themselves in an awkward position to leave us after seeing the place.

Of course, they had already told us that they would just be standing guard outside and not actually leaving us here alone.

However, they seemed to struggle with leaving the person who would eventually become the Emperor, the prince of a neighboring nation, and the young lady of a respected noble family to complete such a dirty task.

“That is okay. Please go and take care of any business you need to attend to.”

I stepped up and calmed them down.

The Imperial Prince was simply standing there like a sculpture with his sculpture-like face and Christelle has been messing around since earlier, so I was the only one who could take care of this.

“Prince Jesse, but……”
“These two have significantly wronged her Majesty and are here for punishment. Are you trying to cover for them?”
“A-absolutely not, your highness!”

The Imperial Guard members shouted back. They seemed to finally snap out of it.

“Good, so it is okay for you all to go. Please don’t worry. I will keep an eye on them.”

I smiled and sent them out the door.

The Imperial Guard members hesitated and looked as if they wanted to resist, but moved their feet.

I waved at them and slowly turned around.

“Huuuuuuuu…… Will the two of you be able to take care of all of this?”
“I don’t see why not.”

The Imperial Prince retorted back.

‘His mentality to make even the impossible happen is very good. I, as your supervisor, do not wish for a lot from the two of you……’

“I will do it alone.”

Christelle interjected. I was a bit shocked and looked down toward her.

Our dear MC opened up her palm and a waterdrop the size of a basketball splashed into existence.

‘Wow, I was wondering what she was thinking.’

“She said to not get help. She never said not to use our abilities.”

She smiled like a mischievous child. I couldn’t help but scoff.


– Splash, splash!

– Shaaaaaaaaaaa……

A wave that reached the ceiling swirled through the circular room and slammed into the wall as it moved.

There were strands of water thinner than most pinky fingers sweeping along the floor like snakes.

The dirty water flowed into the sewer outside the door.

This continued for about twenty minutes.

I stood on the right side of the door and shouted in a loud voice.

“Are you okay, young lady Sarnez?”
“Yes, I am not dizzy yet, your highness!”

I heard Christelle’s energetic voice from inside the room.

I read that Holy Knights really like to use their Divine Power.

The part about them feeling freedom and serenity from releasing their unique ether seemed to be true.

I looked toward the Imperial Prince who was leaning on the left side of the door.

He looked serious even from the side and it made me think of something. I said something before I could even think about it.

“Umm, it will be okay, your Royal Highness.”

He seemed to not understand what I meant. I let out a fake cough.

“I’m talking about Sadie.”

The Imperial Prince’s eyes opened wide.

“What are you-”
“You can come in now!”

Christelle shouted from the inside. The dirty water on the floor was gone without a trace.

I peeked inside to see that the room was now completely different from the room we saw thirty minutes ago.

I felt as if I should turn on the music for < Love House >. (TL: A Korean show that seems like Fixer Upper would be a good comparison to. It is referencing the music that was used when they reveal the fixed up house. Here it is if you are interested:

‘My goodness……’

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