TWSB – Chapter 28: Curriculum for Pride and Prejudice (4)

“Hello, Prince Jesse Venetiaan.”
“…Hello, young lady Sarnez.”

Christelle was as respectful as usual while I was as cold as before.

“This is my first time doing a lesson outdoors. It sounds fun, doesn’t it?”

Cardinal Boutier smiled warmly. My stiff face loosened a bit to show my agreement.

I didn’t mind doing the lessons indoors as I mainly stayed home anyway, but being outside was also nice as it felt as if I was going on my morning walk.

It was also my first time in the outdoor training ground.

It seemed even more fresh because I had not even glanced at this direction since seeing the Imperial Prince swinging his sword here on the first day I possessed this body.

Parts of the ground were slashed with sword aura, and there were a lot of training swords to one side. I didn’t know whether or not these were traces of the Imperial Prince.

“Good luck, your highness!

– Screeeech!

“Ganael, be quiet.”

Something else that was different from usual was the audience at our lesson.

I don’t know what she was thinking, but the Cardinal allowed our close attendants to watch, soGanael and Benjamin sat in the shade and watched our lesson with Demy in a flower cart.

The Cardinal’s attendant, Natalie, was also next to them.

Christelle’s ability hasn’t been publicly announced yet, but I guess they are planning on announcing it soon if people are allowed to watch her.

I waved at the group of three people and the one divine beast.

“Our mage has yet to arrive.”

The Cardinal said that as if it was nothing. She then gently motioned toward Christelle.

“Will you try using your ability? We are outside and this side has a forest, so you can use your ability as freely as you would like.”

Christelle’s water-colored eyes sparkled as she energetically nodded her head.

Her tightly pulled up pink hair seemed to show her resolve.

I took a few steps back.

– Splash, splash.

A small drop of water appeared on top of her palm.

I could hear Ganael going ‘wow.’

Christelle smiled and moved her fingers as if she was creating a wave.

The drop of water started to grow in size.

The transparent blob of water became as big as a bowling ball before growing in size again to that of a sink.

“How is the aether consumption?”
“It doesn’t feel like a lot is being used.”

Christelle responded to the Cardinal’s question.

“I’ve never made it this big even at home. It feels nice.”

The MC sounded refreshed. She seemed extremely satisfied with her ability.

Watching her like this made me wonder about her motivation.

I was pushing forward with the single goal of getting back home safely, but her goal seemed to be different.

The fact that she claimed she would use this power to serve the Empire meant that she would walk in the middle of the spotlight.

I thought hard about ‘our Chris’s personality’ as Eunse had mentioned to me.

Aside from maintaining an indifferent attitude with the MC, it was important to remember her action patterns.

– Splash……


Ganael gasped loudly as Christelle’s large water blob changed into a stream of water.

The stream drew a circle in the air and spun around before squirming like a snake.

Christelle must have enjoyed the feeling of controlling water with her fingertips as she laughed as well.

As she suddenly reached her arm out…

– Chhhhhhhhhhhh!

The strand of water that was as wide as a brook quickly shot out toward the opposite side of the training ground.

Everybody focused their attention on the rapidly moving water.

I felt like a spectator chasing the ball with my eyes while watching soccer. At that moment…

– Shaaaaaaaaaaa!

Someone’s sword sliced through the water. I gasped at this unbelievable sight.

To be more specific, someone’s sword aura had cut through the water, but it looked as if he sliced through water with a sword.

The scattered water drops sparkled like glass in the sunlight.

They looked as if they were moving in slow motion.

“Your Eminence.”

I heard a familiar low voice.

The man who appeared was surrounded by scattered beads of water similar to a camera filter that looked like a fanart Eunse once showed me.

Water was dripping down from the sword in his left hand.

A middle-aged man, who seemed to be his attendant, and Vice Captain Élisabeth were behind the young man.

She seemed excited for some reason as she greeted me with her eyes over Cédric’s shoulder.

“Welcome, Cédric. You made it right on time.”

The Cardinal smiled warmly while looking at the Imperial Prince.

It’s not that I didn’t expect this, but it wasn’t like I hoped this bastard would show up. My poor life……


“This is my godson who will help us out as a mage today.”

The Cardinal proudly introduced the Imperial Prince.

The Imperial Prince bastard was simply looking at us with his condescending orange eyes.

– Squeeeee

Demi, who was in the shade, quietly squealed. He must think the Imperial Prince seems shitty too.

The Imperial Prince had introduced himself as a magic swordsman at the Ball.

That meant that he was both a mage and a swordsman, which was why it made sense for this bastard to show up today.

I wondered if the reason Captain Duhem said he was ‘one of the Empire’s greatest mages’ was because of the Imperial Prince as well.

He seemed to be talented in all aspects as the main male lead.

He was good with the sword, with magic, and he has a son……

He would be the MC’s all-rounder helper if he knew how to use aether.

“Then we will await you in the shade over there, your royal highness.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth quickly walked over toward Ganael.

She must have brought snacks with her because she smelled savory like popcorn.

The Imperial Prince’s attendant followed behind her.

Anyway, the situation wasn’t all bad for me.

It would be best if I wasn’t here, but it was still good for these two to have a reason to interact with each other again now that their engagement has been broken.

The overall big picture of the Romfan seemed to be intact despite the beginning being twisted.

The Imperial Prince and Christelle stared into each other’s eyes for a long time, as if to reinforce my ideas.

Yes, the all-rounder helper can be her boyfriend too.

“Your loyal subject greets our royal highness.”

However, the damn Imperial Prince didn’t even open his mouth at Christelle’s greeting.

I could see the MC frowning at this classless, rotten bastard.

I clicked my tongue internally.

‘I guess I was supposed to completely ignore her. That’s kind of hard for me……’

“Hello, your Royal Highness.”
“It looks like you meddle in everything.”

I greeted him thinking that he would ignore me too, but the bastard immediately responded.

‘How old is this punk? Why does he keep speaking informally to me?’

His tone would be problematic even if he was older than me.

“Please don’t distort the truth. The two of you are participating in my lesson.”

I countered as Christelle looked up at me while the Imperial Prince looked down at me.

I debated whether I should have been so sassy back to him. I should be like a fly on the wall around the two of them.

“How about we end the greetings here and get started? Christelle and Cédric, head over to the center.”

The Cardinal was my savior. I turned around without hesitation after hearing her voice.

I joined the now five member audience while Benjamin complimented me on my hard work and gave me a rose tea with frozen rose petals.

It felt as if we were on a picnic.

“Please accept my greeting, esteemed Prince Jesse Venetiaan. My name is David Capuson, and I am his Royal Highness, Imperial Prince Cédric’s, chief attendant.”

The attendant, who came with the Imperial Prince, gracefully greeted me.

It was my first time meeting him, but I could tell immediately that he was a respectful person unlike the Imperial Prince.

“Hello David. Nice to meet you.”

I smiled and greeted him back before motioning to Vice Captain Élisabeth with my eyes.

She quickly understood and moved a few steps away.

I confirmed that nobody was eavesdropping before quietly asking Vice Captain Élisabeth a question.

“How is Sadie doing?”

Vice Captain Élisabeth’s face turned odd at my question.

She furrowed her brows and pursed her lips to reflect the complicated thoughts on her mind.

“……Mm, he is very well. He is, in fact, too healthy.”
“Really? I think that the two divine beasts were sealed at the Imperial Palace until yesterday. The impact on that little kid should have been rather big if he used that much ether.”
“He took care of his body well so he is okay now. He was drinking good tea too.”
“That’s a relief.”
“Was it Dandelion Tea……?”

– Baaaaang!

– Shaaaaaaaaaaa!

There were loud explosions going off. The audience and I all turned toward the center of the training ground.

A pillar of water as thick as the Imperial Prince’s body was unable to push forward while being hindered by the training swords stabbed into the ground.

I couldn’t help but drop my jaw in shock. I could hear the Cardinal’s voice from a distance.

“The difference between mages and Holy Knights is simple. People who use special aether with attributes like water, fire, air, or earth become Holy Knights, while people who use powers aside from those become mages. For example, Cédric’s mana…”

The imperial Prince held his sword in his left hand as he raised his right hand.

“It reacts to metal.”

– Claaaaaang!

He drew a horizontal line with his fingertip, and the rest of the swords being stored to the side started flying toward Christelle.

The audience jumped up in shock. However, the MC was no pushover.

– Chhhhhhhhhhhh!

– Clang, clang!

A wall of water shot up, not from her hand this time but from the floor, to parry all the swords away.

The water shot up so quickly that white sprays of froth splashed out to the sides.

She smiled and clenched her right fist.

The water barrier instantly turned into a round sphere. She was adapting so well.

“You’re going so hard against a beginner.”

Christelle grumbled at the Imperial Prince as she opened her hand.

A large orb of water blasted its way toward the Imperial Prince.

The Imperial Prince didn’t move to dodge and simply fixed his grip on his sword as he slashed through the air without any hesitation.

– Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

– Baaaaang!

A beautiful sword aura crashed into the water. The heat gathered at the tip of his sword made the orb of water evaporate into fog.

The air in the training ground trembled. Once it seemed as if things were over…

– Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

– Papapow!

Long water nails stabbed toward the Imperial Prince’s back as more training swords flew over to stop them.

He had not even turned around to look.

Water splashed everywhere, leaving the Imperial Prince’s sleeves and hair wet.

“A Holy Knight who attacks from behind? Even the Attack team would sneer at you.”

He snorted. Christelle’s gaze turned cold.

The Cardinal was mediating the situation.

“The two of them seem good for each other.”

I quietly commented white watching them.

There was definitely something different about the main couple.

I had that same thought while watching them dance at the ball, but I became sure of it after seeing them working out together in the middle of the day like this.

Black hair as dark as night and bright pink hair. orange eyes that seemed to be burning and cold blue-gray eyes. The contrast between the two of them seemed to be a sort of cruel arrangement set by the author.

Both of them have very belligerent personalities, so they should be able to communicate well if they become clo-

“What is it?”

The others who were watching were looking at me as if they had seen a ghost.

“Your highness, that’s a bit……”

– Squeeeee……

Ganael sounded as if he heard something extremely uncomfortable.

I was headed toward the flower cart because Demy seemed uncomfortable as well when I noticed an attendant approaching from a distance.

She was walking briskly, almost to the point of running, so it seemed quite urgent.

She noticed that we were all gathered at one table and bowed to us with a shocked expression.

“What’s going on?”

Natalie asked first, which made me think that this woman was likely one of the Cardinal’s attendants.

“Umm, Marquis François Duhem just announced the prize for the winner of the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts.”

‘Huh? Is that such an urgent matter?’

“Wow, what is it?”

Vice Captain Élisabeth’s eyes glowed while saying that she wanted to participate this year as well.

However, the others seemed to be having similar thoughts to me as they looked a bit tense.

The Imperial Prince would have to protect the palace alone while the Empress and the Cardinal head for the Duhem March for the Great Clearance of Demonic Beasts.

As a Diplomatic hostage, I would also be stuck here. The demonic beast hunting competition had nothing to do with us.

“Umm, the divine item…… He said that he is putting the Sword of Wisdom from the Flaming Star on the line as the prize. Her Majesty is urgently looking for her Eminence regarding this matter…”
“Excuse me?!”

Vice Captain Élisabeth, Ganael, and I shouted at the same time.

Benjamin, Natalie, and David were pale in the face.

All of us turned toward the center of the training ground at the same time.

The three people there must have felt our gazes as they turned around to face us as well.

All that I managed to see in that moment was Imperial Prince Cédric’s now-broken sword

‘Look at this bastard’s attitude problem. He broke another sword……’

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