TWSB – Chapter 183: The woman who will steal the prince (3)

The entertainers who had been showcasing their skills in front of her froze in shock.

The conductor and the parade of flower carts behind them urgently stopped as well.

The actor who had been protecting ‘Elene’ had a shocked look on his face as he shouted, ‘Garrison! Call the Imperial Capital Garrison!’

This current situation was so sudden but very real. I couldn’t help but scoff in disbelief.

‘……Maybe I succeeded in avoiding the Almighty God’s danger my ass!’

“What does it say there?”

“The Moon of the Holy Kingdom? Are they talking about Prince Jesse?!”

“Ah ah! Please don’t push!”

“Madame Victoire? That mysterious lady thief?”

The noise level exploded around us.

Even the people who had not been around corralled around the flower carts, making it so that we could not move at all.

Christelle and some of the others got separated from us because of the crowd and we could not see them.

My shoulder that was being pushed down really hurt now.

While that was going on, I still managed to see the Imperial Crown Prince, who was standing there like a totem, reaching toward the Sword of Wisdom!

“Your Royal Highness, you can’t do that.”

I gasped and quietly whispered.

His dyed grey eyes sparkled underneath the robe like well-sharpened knives.

The fact that a punk like him who looked so cold was so hot-tempered was definitely hereditary.

‘He’s definitely Empress Frédérique’s son!’

“There are too many people who cannot defend themselves. It would get complicated if you used your sword in such a place.”


“I’m okay, your Royal Highness.”

‘Although the honor of the Imperial family might not be okay.’ I did my best to hold my tongue about that latter part.

‘Think about it, oh crown prince. What was the reason I could start freely going in and out of the Imperial Palace again?

‘It is because there is always a Holy Knight by my side and I possess ether.’

I was pretty confident about keeping myself safe.

In fact, I was more worried about Eva, Gerrit, and Sand, but I had to trust that Sir Johann was taking good care of them.

“The Second Sword!”

I heard Vice Captain Élisabeth shouting from somewhere.

Suddenly, people I did not recognize around us…


– Clack clack, clack!

I heard some unified footsteps before they quickly changed.

Their gazes suddenly became sharp and their mouths closed.

They no longer looked like the rest of the commoners around us.

They instantly formed a circle around us.

It felt like a scene out of a play was happening in front of our faces. I was truly amazed and my jaw dropped in shock.

‘The Empress’s second sword.’

That was the codename of the Imperial Guards led by Captain Hervé Duhem and the young Countess.

‘They were disguised right around us.’

“Please move! Hurry!”

“We are the Imperial Capital Garrison! Make way!”

However, that was not the end of the chaos.

The garrison members observing the parade must have sent in a report as the knights of the garrison were making their way through the crowd.

The commoners were shouting, ‘Eek, sir!’ The knights were pushing and shoving as they moved.

I was worried that children or the elderly might fall.

Some of the Imperial Guard members protecting us openly scowled. ‘I heard that the garrison and the Imperial Guards did not have a good relationship with each other……’

“Hey! Over there! Freeze!”

One of the knights shouted loudly toward a flower cart. However, his voice must not have reached the person.

The supporting actor who had been next to the Pope was lifting up the cloth tied to the wooden stake.

His face looked both curious and scared.


“My goodness, it is real! The stake has Victoire’s name!”

‘Aah!’ I barely managed to stay standing.

I almost got dragged, with both feet lifted off the ground.

The garrison wearing armor rushed in and destroyed the Imperial Guard’s formation.

The crown prince and I were pretty far apart now as well. ‘Wow, this is scary!’

“Did you expect it to be fake? Poof! She disappeared like magic!”

“We can’t really see it! Turn the stake!”

The shouting became so loud that my ears hurt. I frowned out of reflex.

I even debated opening my Holy Land to give a Divine Oracle that would calm everybody down.

However, that would reveal my identity and location to the whole crowd.

It would be foolish as this Madame Victoire person might still be hiding somewhere nearby.

‘The people in charge are already here as well……’


‘I knew it was weird that things were peaceful for the past month.

‘I’m an idiot for blanking out at a festival where the main characters are with me!’

“Prince Jesse, please follow me!”

Cold fingers suddenly tightened around my wrist.

I was happy to see those blue-gray eyes. ‘Christelle?’

“I will escort you to somewhere without people! Your safety is the top priority, your highness!”

She grabbed me and valiantly started moving through the crowd.

The flow of people that had not moved until now magically started creating gaps.

Adaptability must have been important here as she was quite skilled at finding any and all gaps for us to wade through the crowd.

‘Is it because she is strong as a Holy Knight?’


The main character’s grip was so strong. Even through the chaos, I could feel my wrist starting to go numb.

We moved away from the main street and toward a back alley and I apologized to people as we moved.

“I’m sorry, excuse me. Please let us through.”

Christelle started moving faster as we went.

We were at a point where the signs of the shops were more visible than the shadows of the crowd.


I couldn’t help but let out a bizarre sigh of relief once we were completely out of the crowd.

I could finally breathe, but my pushed and shoved body was feeling stiff.

I took some deep breaths and looked toward Christelle. Well, I tried to, but……

“We need to keep going, your highness. It is dangerous here!”

She said that and then dragged me toward an alley.

I was anxious as Christelle had never used such force on me before.

The path became narrower and darker as we moved. The rumblings of the crowd became distant.

I didn’t think that the thief who left the note would have immediately left, but was there a need to get this far away from our group?

“Please calm down, Dame Sarnez. You are too riled up. Our friends should be on the street so we should first reunite with them.”

My mind suddenly became clear as if someone had poured ice water over my head.

I couldn’t help but clench my teeth at my own stupidity and naiveté.

I tasted blood in my mouth as I glared at the pink hair shaking under my nose.

I got the chills all the way down my side.


That was the crown prince’s hair color today, not Christelle’s.

[Let go of me, get lost!]

– Paaaaat!

I immediately opened my circle. The alley that was full of rats filled with a magnificent gold light.


– Thump!

The woman who was dragging me was flung away.

Crash! She slammed into a pile of thick oak barrels and flailed around.

I instinctively flinched and took a step away. ‘Was the Divine Oracle too strong?’

I was not trying to harm her.

“Mm, ugh……”

“Are you okay?”

‘Damn it, I look like a total pushover right now.’

However, I could not help that the words came out of my mouth before I could even think.

“You are quite sharp…… Your highness.”

She smiled before staggering and standing up. Thankfully and surprisingly, she did not seem that hurt.

Listening to it now, I could hear that her tone was slightly different from Christelle’s.

It was amazing vocal mimicry, but her tone and the intonation was a bit off.

I got scared thinking about how far I would have been dragged if I had not snapped back to my senses.

Of course, I was pretty strong as long as I could open my mouth, but anyway…

‘How did she know it was me despite the disguise? Also, how did she know that I would be here today?

‘Is she Victoire herself?’

No…… There was no need for me to figure that out. I quickly emptied my mind.

[Stop right the-]

– Taaaat!

She instantly stepped on a rolling oak barrel and jumped up.

I stopped talking in shock and looked up at her.

Unlike the real Christelle, whose strength made the area under her feet sink when she jumped, this person showed feather-like movements.

She flipped in the air and grabbed a laundry line hanging from a house before spinning like a gymnast and!

– Tap, tap! Tatap!


She used building roofs as steps to jump away from my view.

I clenched my teeth and extended my right arm on top of the circle.

– Shaaaaa!

– Ooooooooong!

Then I released my ether to strike. Golden light burst out of my fingertips.

My Holy Land grew larger and fiercely caught up to her.

The entire alley became as bright as the middle of the day.

– Paaaat!

– Tatap, tap!

My circle that was reflecting its master’s emotions released a threatening light. She staggered but did not slow down.

A wave of ether instantly struck where the woman had stepped.

It felt as if a human and the authority of god were in a race.

I debated chasing after her but I did not know the layout of this place at all.

It could be a trap, so it was better to stay here where my visibility was not limited.

“Jung Yeseo, are you going to keep blanking out like this?”

I was grinding my teeth as I criticized myself.

‘You were just watching acrobats performing in front of you, so why are you so amazed by what she……

‘Wait a minute, an acrobat?’

A thought flashed in my mind. I felt as if I had figured out a clue.

– Ooooooooong!

The size of my Holy Land was reaching its limit.

I quickly plopped down on the ground and opened my eyes wide. I then placed both palms on top of the circle.

The ether that burst out of my heart followed the shape of my fingerprints as they spread into the circle.

It was a bit much to call this my special move but it wasn’t like I was just eating and playing around while my ether recovered.

[Come out, omnipotent arm!]

I just said whatever came to my mind. I had no choice despite it being so embarrassing.

I had to say something, anything, to release the Divine Oracle for the ether to explode even stronger!

– Chhh!

A dolphin-shaped bundle of ether shot up from the edges of my Holy Land that had reached its full 200 meters in diameter and slashed into her ankle.

She was truly shocked this time and slipped.

Although I couldn’t attack her directly, I could at least surprise her like this!


The women fell on a roof and rolled.

I was worried that she would fall but she barely managed to catch herself at the ledge.
It was at that moment.

– Swooooooosh!

I heard the air roar and a white gust started blowing in the air.

I looked up at the night sky out of instinct. I could see neatly tied white hair fluttering in the wind.

The man raised his empty arms and moved as if he was pulling a bowstring.

He then accurately aimed for the fake Christelle.

His movements had no unnecessary actions; everything was extremely efficient. His mint-colored eyes were glowing so cold that it was scary.


“Sir Johann, you can’t kill her!”

– Shhh!

I urgently shouted as the wind arrow shot forward.

I didn’t even have time to give a warning.

– Baaaaang!

Crumble! A portion of the roof crumbled down. I saw the woman weakly falling for a moment.

I gasped and ran toward the alley.

“Your highness!”

“Straight, she had gone straight over here.”

Sir Johann called out to me but I didn’t have the mental capability to answer.

As I moved through alleys, a cat I ran into meowed while a couple who were having a secret rendez-vous flinched in surprise.

I nervously bit down on my lips. I was clearly the victim and she was a criminal who attempted to abduct me, but I was not feeling well about this.

Despite having spent three seasons here, there were bound to be things that didn’t change.

After living twenty eight plus years as a regular Korean person, I did not have the balls to easily brush off someone dying in front of me.

“It’s here.”

I was out of breath after running as quickly as possible. ‘She just needs to pay the price for her sins. Killing her……’

“So many guests today.”

Flinch. I stopped near the destroyed roof.

I did not see the fallen women nor any blood.

Instead, there were old women wearing thin old robes looking at me.

Their large baskets of old pumpkins, pomegranates and other things made it look like they were vendors selling things to people passing by.

One of the seniors huddled together pulled out a red apple.
Her calm gaze made it clear that she was full of goodwill.

“Here is a fruit as pretty as you, young master. Would you care for a bite?”

– Clang!

A sword was pulled out behind me as soon as she finished speaking.

I could easily tell who it was once again.

The punk had no thoughts of moving forward and just pointed the sword at the grandma’s neck.

The poor old woman gasped in fear.

A low voice that sounded as if he was barely holding back his anger made the back of my head feel cold.

“Bind all of them and take them to the Imperial Capital’s prison.”


I looked up at him as slowly as possible. I did not want to rile him up.

The crown prince must not have used a lot of the eye dye as one of his eyes was already burning up in his original orange color.

“Your highness!”

– Boom!

The ‘real’ Christelle ran toward me with a giant jump as well. She had Eva picked up like a princess in her arms.

Marquis Duhem arrived by teleportation with Gerrit in his arms.

I could see Sand, Ganael, Benjamin, and David running over in the distance looking extremely pale.

I then heard the young Countess giving orders to the Imperial Guard across the block.

They looked ready to start searching and checking identities right away.

“Your highness, you airhead!”

‘That scared me.’

“Why do you follow strangers? Did she say that she will buy you some delicious food or something?! You dolt! You bonehead!”

“No, that……”

Eva rattled off insults toward me. I awkwardly smiled and looked over at Christelle.

She looked extremely upset and her lips were twitching.

She looked ready to release her anger somewhere.

I just trusted the main character saying follow me and did as I was told. I had no idea things would end up like this.

Translator’s Comments

This translator’s comment was stolen by Madame Victoire

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