TWSB – Chapter 17: The Duke’s Family is Suspicious (3)

– Squeal!


“Is it a demonic beast?”

I was about to mumble, ‘why is a red panda here,’ but kept my mouth shut after hearing Ganael’s question.

The atmosphere was a bit odd since even Benjamin, who usually doesn’t get flustered by anything, seemed shocked.

It was as if……

“I’ve never seen an animal that looks like this before.”

They were reacting as if red pandas did not exist in this world.

– Squeeeee!

The red panda made a cute little noise and moved toward me.

I released my Holy Domain out of reflex.

The large circle of golden light warmly surrounded Benjamin, Ganael, and me.

“Please don’t move.”

“Yes, your highness.”

I picked up a bottle of water on the table as well.

I was planning on spraying the water if needed, since I read that demonic beasts were weak against fire and water.

‘But is this really a demonic beast? Are red pandas demonic beasts in ‘QNW?’’

– Screeeeech!

The red panda stood on its hind legs after noticing my Holy Domain.

It then waved its front paws around like arms and got closer, as if it was threatening us.

Its maroon face, the two white circles on its cheek, and its eyebrows all looked vicious…holy moly……

My heart started to hurt.

“It’s so cute……”

My mouth subconsciously let out the words on my mind.

The red panda entered into the circle without any fear.

The little cutie thoroughly inspected and sniffed the Holy Domain that was lighting up the ground and started pressing down on the designs with its paws. As it did that……

– Shaaaaaaaaaaaa……

I heard what sounded like the wind pushing down the blades of grass before every spot the little cutie stepped on started growing weeds and wildflowers.

“My goodness……”

“Oh Almighty God, thank you very much……”

Ganael gasped. Benjamin seemed to be praying.

I finally realized that this red panda was not a demonic beast.

I observed the balcony again and noticed large vines that had grown all the way up into the ledge.

– Pruuuuuuuuu

The red panda made it to the center of the circle and looked up at me.

It stood on its hind legs again, as if it had met a bitter enemy or an extremely delicious looking prey.

It seemed to have trouble balancing on its hind legs as it placed its front paws on my knee and opened its mouth. I could only chuckle as it looked as if it was smiling.

It seemed to be signaling me to feed it.

“This little guy seems to be a divine beast.”

Ganael closed his eyes and started praying after I said that.

I slowly placed the bottle of water back on the table and picked up a slice of orange on a plate.

I knelt down and let it sniff it first, and the red panda put the whole piece in its small snout and chewed on it for a while.

“You eat so well. Would you like some more?”

– Pruuuuuuuuu!

I reached out my other hand and cautiously patted its forehead. It did not resist at all.

The way it seemed to be working so hard to chew on the second slice of orange I gave it made it extremely cute.

“It doesn’t seem to have any intentions of attacking. It isn’t shy around people…maybe it is because it is a divine beast?”

‘Well, it’s actually just a really cute red panda to me.’ I smiled and booped the tip of its nose.

Holy Knights and divine beasts were the only ones capable of using water, fire, air, or earth abilities.

Mages and demonic beasts were unable to use the four holy powers.

It must be an earth attribute divine beast since it was able to make grass and flowers grow at will.

I was sure this was one of the three divine beasts that Sadie said that he was hiding in the palace and letting them sleep during the day.

‘Why did it wake up at this time? I wonder where the other two are.’

“Your highness, you are truly an esteemed individual.”

Benjamin said that while I was lost in my thoughts.

I felt awkward, since all I had done was feed something to a wild animal.

If the aether a priest has is noble and plentiful, its aura spreads out to give the people around the priest good dreams and health. We have experienced that because of you already, your highness. But we never expected that you would also draw a divine beast here……”

My jaw dropped at Benjamin’s comments.

I was shocked at the fact that their talks about having good dreams was not just buttering me up; it took me too long to see that he seemed to be tearing up.

‘I was a human dream catcher……’

“That, mm… I see.”

“Then do we need to move this divine beast, err… esteemed divine beast to where there is a divine item?”

Ganael quickly asked.

There weren’t many files on divine beasts, but everybody seemed to know that you need to lead a divine beast to a divine item should they ever appear.

“Then someone with Divine Power needs to do it, but her Eminence, the Cardinal, cannot leave her Majesty’s side. I also cannot move about as I please.”

I quickly responded.

Based on where it appeared and its abilities, I was certain that this red panda was one of the divine beasts that Sadie was taking care of.

It wasn’t that I trusted that little kid 100 percent, but I had promised to temporarily cooperate with him to resolve this divine beast issue . I couldn’t let myself send this little animal out of the Imperial Palace without chatting with him first.

Something might have happened to Sadie, which caused him to lose one of the red pandas.

– Grrrrr.

“No, it’s okay.”

It must have felt my concern as the red panda growled.

I carefully touched its triangular ears that looked like mountain peaks with snow because of the white tips.

“Should I give you some aether too?”

The black and round red panda’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

I slowly moved and didn’t take my eyes off of it to make sure that the little guy was following me.

I sat down and quickly decreased the size of my circle, which surprised the red panda and made it stiffen up.

‘It’s so freaking cute.’

“It looks like it hasn’t eaten for a while and it might be a part of a pack, so I will take care of it for today. Please don’t say anything to her Majesty.”

I was surprised to see Benjamin nod his head so easily.

Maybe he wanted to spend some more time with a divine beast as well, since seeing one was like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Then I shall go get some items for our esteemed divine beast. A plate, a cushion, things like that. I will make sure to get a lot of fruits too!”

Ganael looked excited as he quickly said those things as if he was rapping before he left.

I don’t know if red pandas like soft cushions, but I didn’t think that this little guy was too picky based on his actions.

“I will go inspect the vines on the balcony. We may have to call the gardener.”

Benjamin soon left as well. I finally let out a deep sigh.

I somehow managed to buy us some time, but I will have no choice if Sadie does not come tonight.

We will have to inform the Empress about this and get help from a priest outside of the palace.

“How did you end up all the way here?”

I slowly released my aether as I asked.

The red panda tilted its head before putting its head against my calf and sniffing.

I pulled the stem off of a cherry and offered it, and it looked so cute putting the whole thing in its mouth and chewing.

This must be why Eunse was always watching animal videos on Youtube.

“I don’t think this guy was in the novel.”

Eunse would have appealed to my brother and I a long time ago if a cutie like this appeared in the original < I quit my job and ended up as a noble young lady in another world >.

Furthermore, there was no way that only the MC and the male lead would have been on the cover image.

The rule of the webnovel world is that any lovely pets in the series must be on the cover.

I don’t think that the author would have wasted a great ace like a red panda.

– Knock knock.

I heard some knocks at that moment. I put a slice of apple in the red panda’s mouth as I answered.

“Come in.”

“Your highness, Vice Captain Élisabeth is here.”

Benjamin opened the door as he announced her arrival in an awkward voice.

I froze where I was sitting and barely managed to turn my head to look at Benjamin before moving my gaze down to make eye contact with the red panda.

I had not expected a situation like this because I was completely absorbed by this little guy’s cuteness. ‘What do I do?’

“Prince Jesse, I am here to speak to you regarding the divine beast that entered Juliette Palace.”

What Vice Captain Élisabeth said was much further ahead than what I had been concerned about.


“So…her Majesty already knows about the fact that I have a divine beast.”

“Yes, yes sir. You could say that.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth seemed to be repeating herself more than usual, but I just let it go.

It was because I heard that there were a lot of nobles going in and out of the Imperial Palace as the Spring Ball was almost here.

It made sense that she was kind of out of it since the Imperial Guard must be extremely busy right now.

“The gardener saw it?”

“Yes sir. That…… He came to check on the flowers and saw a divine beast climbing the walls of Juliette Palace.”

She blankly looked down at the red panda on the carpet before responding, almost like a robot, to my question.

She then chugged the cup of cold rosemary tea.

‘I guess it makes sense. Benjamin said that the vines on the balcony were as thick as an adult male’s arm.’

Something like that growing extremely quickly would definitely catch people’s attention.

I handed a strawberry to the red panda that was roaming around my feet and asking me to hand over some more snacks.

It must have liked the sweet taste of the strawberry as it made a small dandelion grow at the tip of its paw.

“Then how long should I take care of it for? Is her Majesty planning on having a priest from the outside assist us?”

‘I guess I’ll end up as a temporary guardian.’

I looked back at Vice Captain Élisabeth as I had that thought.

Her grey eyes that were always full of confidence seemed very…weak.

“We already have a priest…… No, that is correct. I heard that she would call one soon.”

She continued to speak.

“In order to make sure that the divine beast can react to Divine Power from the outside as it pleases…… Her Majesty has given an Imperial Order that you should leave the balcony open at night. You don’t have to worry about your safety as we have verified the identities of all attendants in the Imperial Palace after that assassination attempt from last time.”

The conditions sounded great.

I just had to say that the divine beast must have felt the flow of Divine Power as it walked out of Juliette Palace’ even if Sadie shows up at night to take the red panda away.

I nodded my head with satisfaction.

Vice Captain Élisabeth sighed and brushed back her silky short hair.

The sleeves of her uniform jacket were burnt black.

“Vice Captain Élisabeth, your clothes are burnt.”

“Ah, it’s not a big deal.”

She smiled at me. The smile looked dangerous for some reason.

“I should just stab him once and go to prison……”

“Excuse me?”

“Your highness, have you ever seen a carrier pigeon before?”

I felt as if I had heard something extremely scary, but I kind of lost my train of thought once she stood up straight and looked into my eyes.

The impact of a beautiful woman truly was amazing.

“I have never seen one in person.”

“I went to get rid of some demonic beasts in the North last year.”

“Ah, I see.”

The topic of conversation quickly changed. ‘Wait, why?’

“The path was blocked by heavy snow, so we had no way to reach the lair of the demonic beasts. But our schedule would have been seriously delayed if we changed directions. We chose to force our way through because the damage to the North had been serious already.
I both shouted at and consoled my subordinates to get rid of the snow…… And I had the following thought as I looked up at the sky at that time. I really hate this. I would rather be that carrier pigeon deliver the news about the snow removal.”

Every word she said pulled at my heartstrings.

As someone who had served as a soldier in the Korean Army, I knew how loathsome that trash that fell from the sky could be.

“But now that I’ve been a carrier pigeon…… I feel like I would rather be a snow-removing successor of a Count’s family.”

I felt so bad for her.

Her work at the Imperial Palace was so demanding and difficult that she would rather be plowing through snow.

Something like that shouldn’t happen.

“Vice Captain Élisabeth, you are an amazing Vice Captain of the Royal Guard. If you get discharged…… No, all of this will just be a small portion of what you’ve been through in the long-run. You’ll be joking about this over drinks in the future.”

She smiled and picked up her tea cup after I told her to cheer up.

“I will toast to that, your highness.”

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