TWSB – Chapter 122: 100m to the place to become the Imperial Crown Prince (2)

<100m to the place to become the Imperial Crown Prince (2)>

‘No…… I meant for the two of you to go for a drive.’

– Clack, clack.

The carriage gently shook.

The chatty atmosphere in the carriage as we are on our way to the portal made me feel as if I am on a bus for a field trip.

Imperial Prince Cédric, who was seated by the window, was warmer than usual because of the August weather. Christelle, who was seated by the door, was as cold as usual.

‘How the heck did I end up between the two of them?’

“It would have been convenient if they came to the Legault portal.”
“They said that they could not due to the fiscal issues of the Vatican.”

Vice Captain Élisabeth bitterly responded after Christelle’s rational complaint.

Gerrit was to arrive at the regional portal at the east side of the Imperial Capital.

He would have been closer to the Imperial Palace if he came to the Legault Central Commerce Center, but the Vatican had denied it.

They could not spend that much money for a Clergy level priest and his servitor.

“Sir Johann, please have some water.”
“Thank you, your highness.”

I handed a cold glass bottle to the anxious looking Holy Knight.

He took about two sips before clenching and unclenching his fists.

I was sure that this thirst he was feeling right now was not something that could be resolved with water.

We were out for what was supposed to be a three-hour round trip to pick up Gerrit.

Sand, who would be taking the child as his servitor, definitely had to go and having Sir Johann as well would have been enough.

Even Vice Captain Élisabeth’s presence here was understandable in order to protect Sir Johann in his official role as the Imperial Prince’s instructor.

But then Christelle and Eva said that they would tag along as well because they wanted to see Gerrit.

This was when the Imperial Prince decided to come as well. I got swept into the process and the scale of the trip grew significantly.

Demy, Rhea, Perry, and Percy were all stuck to me like abalones, fast asleep.

There were two 6-passenger Imperial family carriages and over twenty Imperial Guard members who were guarding us from the front and back.

Eva, Sand, Benjamin, Ganael, and David were in the carriage behind us.

I looked down at the picnic basket that I had quickly prepared in order to give to Gerrit.

‘It is good that the Imperial Prince can get some fresh air before the succession confirmation ceremony, but I think the child will be shocked.’

– Neeeeeeigh!

– Clack, clack……

The horse neighed as the carriage slowed down.

I petted the growling red pandas and looked outside. The Imperial Prince commented in a low voice.

“We’re here.”

The view in front of my eyes truly deserved such a gasp of admiration.

The place we arrived at after traveling for an hour and a half was an outdoor portal that was surrounded by a lush forest.

Thick pillars were holding up a large white roof.

The area was wide enough for at least 100 people to use it.

I noticed a priest and an extremely young child looking at us.

His white hair was fluttering in the wind.


I turned my gaze after hearing Sir Johann laughing. His completely bright face was filled with tears.

The man jumped off the carriage like a tornado and ran toward the young boy as soon as the procession stopped.

He would have gotten there much quicker if he used his ether but he must have forgotten that he was even a Holy Knight.

The four of us who were left in the carriage continued to sit there, watching his back.

Sir Johann knelt down on the ground, looking almost as if he fell, and hugged his son.

Gerrit’s two slender hands hung around his father’s neck.


The Geens father and son combination soon stood in front of us with red eyes.

“Geens, this is his Royal Highness, Imperial Prince Cédric Riester. Your father is currently instructing his Royal Highness in the Imperial Palace.”

The child didn’t know how to respond to Sir Johann’s warm introduction and just bowed his head.

The Imperial Prince just looked down at Gerrit with a stoic gaze. The young boy was small for his age.

I was told that he was ten years old but he looked as if he could be seven or eight years old.

His hair, which was white just like his father’s, and his large mint-colored eyes were memorable.

“My deepest apologies, your Royal Highness. My son has lost his ability to speak after my wife left this world.”

Sir Johann apologized on behalf of the silent Gerrit.

I observed the child’s neck and wrists with a pitying heart.

I was concerned that he might have been abused in the prison back in the Holy Kingdom.

Gerrit must have found the gazes of the adults who got out of the carriage to be scary and burdensome as he simply hugged his father’s leg and shook in fear.

“And this is his highness, Prince Jesse Venetiaan. He is the one who saved you and me.”

The child slowly raised his head to look up at me.

I smiled with embarrassment before crouching in front of Gerrit.

Benjamin and Ganael, who were behind me, as well as Sir Johann in front of me tried to stop me but I couldn’t help it because I was used to doing this.

It would hurt the child’s neck if he kept looking up.

“Hi Gerrit. Nice to meet you.”

The child continued to tightly clench his father’s pants but looked at me and bowed.

He seemed at least curious about me since he didn’t look away.

“There are very cute animal friends in the carriage. They said they came to meet you.”

The child’s eyes opened wide at my comment.

“They are sleeping right now. Three of them are divine beasts while one is a divine item pretending to be a divine beast.”

I then whispered about how this was a secret and to not tell anybody. That made Gerrit smile.

No matter how young he was, the fact that he was born and raised in the Holy Kingdom would mean that he had heard numerous stories about divine beasts and divine items.

I continued to speak in a not too loud voice.

“They listen to people well so they should like you, Gerrit. Do you want to say hi to them later?”

Gerrit slowly nodded his head.

I smiled and slowly got up so that the child would not get scared.

The others soon greeted Gerrit as well.

The child looked confused and tired after meeting so many new people at once.

However, he looked right at me whenever we made eye contact, proving to me that he was quite curious about the divine beasts and Percy.

I looked at the child and pointed to the carriage behind us when I made eye contact with the Imperial Prince.


He silently looked at me before walking over to the carriage.

‘I guess he doesn’t like children very much. But he is the male lead of a Romfan so I’m sure he will love his future children.’


“People might think that you had the child completely on your own. He’s a total replica.”
“People have often told me that, young lady Sarnez.”

Christelle commented about Gerrit and Sir Johann on our carriage ride back.

I stopped in the middle of helping Demy and the young boy shake hands and smiled. It really was the case.

Although the corner of Gerrit’s eyes did not curl down, he seemed quite like his dad.

‘Is this the power of genetics?’

– Squeeeee.

Demy opened his mouth and squealed as Gerrit cautiously grabbed one of his front paws. The child flinched.

“It’s okay. He likes it.”

I consoled him.

Little Geens was wary of the divine beast but must have decided to trust me as he offered his other hand to Demy as well.

Demy extended his neck to sniff the child.

Rhea and Perry were watching while seated on the Imperial Prince’s knees.

Percy chirped while perched on Christelle’s shoulder.

– Lick

The red panda gently licked the tips of Gerrit’s fingers.

The child looked quite shocked before he looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile either.

“Do you want some food? I have a lot of yummy things.”

Gerrit slightly nodded his head at my question.

“Thank you very much, your highness.”

Sir Johann thanked me in his place.

Christelle commented while watching me open the picnic basket.

“Now that I think about it, you and the crown princess did not look very similar, your highness.”
“Is that so?”

I asked back. I too felt the same thing when I saw Elise.

She gave off that aura of royalty that I didn’t have. Vice Captain Élisabeth agreed with her friend’s assessment.

“I too felt that people who don’t know that the two of you are related would never think of the two of you as siblings, your highness.”
“Right?! Both of you are beautiful but give off very different vibes.”

Christelle added on.

The crown princess was known for being almost an exact replica of the Queen when she was younger so Prince Jesse must not look like his mother at all.

I just smiled and pulled out a jambon beurre and a cucumber mint salad.

“Gerrit, can you eat cucumbers?”

The young boy nodded his head.

I handed the child a fork and the bread while Sir Johann checked on his son’s belongings and medicine.

It was at that moment.

– Neeeeeeigh!

“Woah, woah!”

We heard the horses’ neighs followed by the coachman’s voice before the carriage suddenly halted.

I wondered what had happened but it was quiet outside.

The silent Imperial Prince was about to scowl when someone knocked on the carriage door.

Vice Captain Élisabeth opened the door.

“What’s going on?”
“Vice Captain, your Royal Highness. I’m terribly sorry about this. There is a water deer fawn down in the middle of the road. Please wait a moment until we take care of it.”

The young Contess looked at the Imperial Prince. He just motioned with his chin.

I did my best to join the conversation as naturally as possible.

“Excuse me, is it alive by chance?”
“Yes, your highness. It seems to have hurt its leg.”

The Imperial Guard member immediately responded. I turned to look at the Imperial Prince who squinted his orange eyes at me.

He was looking at me with a look of disbelief. I immediately responded to confirm his suspicions.

“I will heal it.”

I had worked hard to memorize the healing circle all this time for a moment like this.

“You’re so cool, your highness!”

I put the basket down and got up with Demy.

Christelle cheered, making me embarrassed, before getting off as well.

The Imperial Guard members bowed and stepped back as I headed toward the front of the carriage.

I soon saw the fawn.

– Piiiii, pewpew!

It was so small that its cry sounded like a baby chick. I sat down and observed the fawn’s condition.

The little thing warily tried to stand up before plopping back down, probably in pain.

I could see that there was blood on its right hind leg.

It must have been bitten by something or got caught in a trap. I took a deep breath.

‘I’ll heal you soon.’

[Please remove the chaff from this place and bestow a new vine.]

– Paaaat!

I chanted the incantation as the sky-colored healing circle lit up the dirt.

The fawn’s black eyes opened wide and it flapped its ears.

I had never used healing power on an animal before, but it should be fine because I heard that it works the same way.

Blue pebbles shot up like foam from the circle. Demy reached his front paw out, opening and closing it around the foam.

“Demy, be good.”

– Squeeeeee

“What’s going on? What is it?”

Eva, who had gotten off the carriage, approached me and asked.

The young lady flinched in shock after seeing the water deer.

“It is a type of deer. It is still just a baby. His highness is healing it because it is injured.”

Christelle explained. I looked behind me.

Sir Johann, who had come out of the carriage while holding Gerrit in his arms, was watching me.

Benjamin, Ganael, and Sand were a few steps behind him.

The priest who brought Gerrit seemed to have remained in the carriage with David.

– Shaaaaaaa-

– Pii

The shining ether particles gathered at the water deer’s hind leg. The little thing let out a short chirp.

We just quietly watched. At that moment…

– Ding ding!

The bell in my pocket started ringing. My heart sank. The Imperial Prince appeared before I could even raise my head.

He had burst out of the carriage like a flash of lightning.

“There is a demonic beast. Élisabeth, get the rear.”
“Yes, your Royal Highness. All of you come here and protect the sides. Everybody on alert!”

– Clang!

The Imperial Prince instantly pulled out his Sword of Wisdom and stood in front of me. The air quickly started freezing.

Percy flew over and landed on my head while Rhea and Perry dangled on Sand’s shoulders.

Christelle pulled out her whip. I urgently commented.

“Priests are not capable of double casting. I cannot open my Holy Domain while using my healing power.”
“It doesn’t matter.”

The young man calmly responded in a low voice. At the same time…

– Growl……

– Grrr, ruff ruff!

A growl that sounded like a dog, but much more heinous, could be heard through the bushes.

I got chills at this threat that I couldn’t locate. The Imperial Prince mumbled.

“The water deer was bait.”

– Grrrrr! Ruuuuuff!

– Pii!

I fell into shock looking at the shaking water deer fawn.

I knew that demonic beasts were savage and shrewd but I didn’t expect them to injure another animal to lure humans.

“You don’t have to worry because I am here, your highness.”

Sir Johann calmly commented. His face looked firm even with his young son here.

“I mean it.”

– Rooooooar!

Taaaat! A heavy wolf-like demonic beast charged from the front. Its whole body was dark green like grass.

Before the dust that it kicked up could even settle…

– Baaaaang!

– Whimper!

A strong air current shot toward the demonic beast like a bullet.

The Imperial Prince reached his right hand backward at the same time.

– Ooooooong!

Seven red square blocks stacked together like flower petals underneath my healing circle.

My eyes opened wide. It was my first time seeing the Imperial Prince’s defensive magic formation……

– Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!


I suddenly heard a familiar noise. I staggered,feeling my insides churn.

I felt extremely uncomfortable to the point that I could not see. This was definitely not because of the Imperial Prince’s mana.

To be more specific, it was because his mana had activated something else.

A clear golden border was sparkling underneath the blue healing circle and the red magic formation.

Christelle and I made eye contact.

The story that Marquis Duhem had told us back in the Imperial Palace quickly flashed in both of our minds.

‘As the dirt in the forests are washed away by the rain, old discarded portals are starting to appear.’


– Puuk!

The Imperial Prince figured out what was going on and stabbed the Sword of Wisdom into the ground. He was trying to destroy the portal. However……


“Son of a-”

My fingertips were already breaking apart as they were being transported to another location.

Everything turned white and I felt sick.

Translator’s Comments

FYI… Gerrit is pronounced Herritt and Geens is Heins.
Just thought you should know since I keep calling the kid Geh-rit when I translate.

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