TWSB – Chapter 107: Operation Verona (3)

“And your justification for that?”

Imperial Prince Cédric coldly whispered in a low voice. I hesitated.

“……I apologize, your Royal Highness. I know that you are not in a position to easily forgive Sir Geens. I am not asking for that either. However, I would like to at least deliver a message to her Majesty. I debated writing her a letter, but I thought that it would be better to speak to her in person.”

The discontent was visible all over his handsome face like a cloud covering the moon.

Rhea and Perry were happily roaming around his ankles, not caring about what was going on.

I had wondered why they did not return from the garden, but they must have created the vines for the Imperial Prince to climb up to the balcony.

The Imperial Prince probably had enough physical strength to not need the vines, so I was shocked that he did not ignore their hard work.

Demy curled up by my feet and started to doze off.

“So you are saying that you ignored my code because of Johann Geens.”
“What code?”

He silently brushed back his black hair.

I had never seen him act like this before, but he seemed quite frustrated.

‘The Imperial Prince sent me some code? When?’

“It is you who should not be in a position to forgive that person.”

The young man changed the topic. I immediately responded.

“I do not think that Sir Geens is innocent. He definitely deserves to be punished.”

The orange eyes were staring at me.

The refreshing summer night breeze ruffled the curtains. I could hear an owl hooting in the distance.

“However, I believe that there are some things to take into consideration. Sir Geens informed me about such things. His sick son has been taken hostage by the Prince Consort.”

I explained the Holy Knight’s circumstances, as I did not have time to reveal in the forest to the Imperial Prince.

I told him the specifics about the Promise of Ether Sir Geens made with me and even brought up my desires to meet the crown princess.

The Imperial Prince did not show any reactions while listening to my story. That made me somewhat nervous.

‘I know that showing up like this, so late at night, is definitely him trying to help me, but……’

That alone was something I should be thankful for. He had plenty of reasons to deny my request.

I clenched and unclenched my fists over and over as I continued to speak.

“I do not think that her Majesty definitely needs to listen to my request. I understand that her Majesty has things she needs to do as an Empress and that there are important issues that she must protect. I am also not saying that whatever I say is the right thing. However…… I would like to let her know that there are people who think like me as well.”
“I want to inform her about the fact that saving Sir Geens is an option. Having even the slightest bit of hope is completely different from not having any options at all.”

I finished my sentence while looking directly at him. The Imperial Prince observed me with a sinking gaze.

Ten or so seconds that felt more like ten or so minutes went by before he finally opened his mouth.

“Young lady Sarnez was correct.”
“Excuse me?”
“She said that you would be thinking extremely hard about how to help Geens.”
“You met with the young lady, your Royal Highness?”

My voice became slightly louder. I peeked at my bedroom door before looking up at him again.

“The two of you have a relationship where you meet even when I am not there?”
“Do I sense some discomfort in that question?”
“I am only asking with goodwill, your Royal Highness.”

I barely held the corners of my lips from curling up. This was the first bit of good news I have heard in a long time.

“When did you see her? Where did you see her?”
“……At Romero today. I simply allowed her request for an audience.”

My jaw dropped a bit.

I heard that the Imperial Prince did not bring outsiders into Romero Palace, however, Christelle had already been there two times.

My heart that had been heavy because of Sir Geens and crown princess Elise felt a bit lighter at this news about the Imperial Prince and Christelle.

I was relieved to see that the two of them were definitely getting closer. The Imperial Prince started to speak again.

“I cannot allow you to meet with her Majesty if it is for such a reason.”
“Excuse me? One moment please.”

I quickly got rid of the smile on my face. However, I couldn’t help but close my mouth after hearing what the Imperial Prince said next.

“Your confinement will only be released once the crown princess leaves.”
“Shouldn’t that have been expected?”

My eyes subconsciously opened wider.

This sounded like Empress Frédérique not trusting the crown princess.

Furthermore, looking at the context, the reason for this lack of trust was not simply because she was the heir to an enemy kingdom’s throne.

“Is it because the crown princess might harm me?”
“It doesn’t have to be her. Anybody from the Holy Kingdom who accompanies her might target you as well.”

That was true.

Of course, attacking me in such a situation would be seen as a declaration of war.

That would be crazy, but not logically impossible. In addition, I have already had a near death experience at the Imperial Palace before.

I had thought that the confinement was a means of protecting me while securing the inside and outside of the Imperial Palace, but…

It sounded as if the Empress had no intention of showing me to the crown princess at all.

‘Damn it. What do I do?’

– Swoooooooosh!

It was at that moment.

I heard a quiet whistling from outside the balcony, in the Juliette Palace flower garden. Only I flinched.

The Imperial Prince calmly looked down.

“Time to go.”
“Is someone there?”

I leaned over the ledge and looked down to see a familiar short haired person.

Her cat-like eyes slightly curled up in the darkness.

I looked back and forth at the Imperial Prince and his close friend in awe.

But I still did not forget to wave at her.

“I had wondered how you managed to get here so quietly, your Royal Highness…… It looks like you dragged Vice Captain Élisabeth into this.”

The Vice Captain of the Imperial Guard must have used her position to remove the guards for a moment.

The man ignored my comments and placed one leg on top of the ledge.

He looked as if he was going to leave right away.

“You just need to be naturalized.”

He looked at me and commented in a low voice.

The clouds moved away and the bright moonlight shone down on the balcony as he did so.

Although the young man claimed he was neither the Imperial Prince nor a Riester right now, he was wearing all sorts of decorations and medals that symbolized his noble identity.

“The Prince Consort should not be aiming for your life if you give up your rights to the throne.”
“That is possible.”

I agreed. I then shared about half of my concerns with him.

“But I wonder if I should at least get the crown princess’ opinion on the matter. Usually, such an issue…… Is something you discuss with your family.”
“You are you, even if you are not a Venetiaan.”

‘Well you see, I agree with that but the real prince might feel differently about it.’

I smiled bitterly. Furthermore, I also had to consider the impact that my naturalization would cause.

Everything was a potential source of danger for a transmigrator who had no idea about what was to happen.

For example, look at everything that happened simply because I went to see Marquis Duhem’s kiss cam.

I almost left this world before the war even started.

“I will continue to think about it. I cannot decline such an offer right away.”

I commented.

He quietly looked at me before jumping off the balcony without responding.

I finally realized that I forgot to say goodbye.


I quickly grabbed the railing and whispered down.

“Thank you for coming, your Royal Highness.”

I then smiled.

Although he was just a pretty item who wouldn’t even take me to the Empress, I thought that he did decently in his role as a friend today.

The little suns in the night blinked in the darkness once before disappearing.


Afternoon on the fifth day of confinement.

“Your highness, I have delivered the letters you wrote for young lady Blanquer and priest Sand.”
“Good work, Ganael.”

The young boy sat down on the other side of the table once I motioned for him to sit.

“The first floor terrace is decent too. The shadows of the trees look so cool.”
“I’m glad that you like it, your highness. Would you like to try the terrace on the west side tomorrow? It is even prettier because you can see a portion of the garden.”

Ganael smiled as he responded.

I was out on the terrace at the back of the first floor because I was getting tired of the scenery from the bedroom balcony and the reception room.

I was super confident that I could live in confinement without any issues but being around the MCs for a few months must have impacted me because I was feeling a bit frustrated.

I was also curious as to what the two of them might be doing.

It might have been because I had such a great view of the completely empty training ground. For reference, that place was closed off as well.

‘The Imperial Prince is always busy so he should be busy today as well, but what about Christelle? She said that she wanted to get stronger so she might be bugging the knights of the Duke’s Estate to teach her. Or maybe she went to a fancy tea shop with Eva.’

I had those random thoughts for a moment before I looked in my notebook once more. It was full of a checklist and scribbles.

“I feel like I did everything I could do.”

I sighed as I said that to myself.

Ganael nodded his head and placed a Jésuite on my empty plate.

I sliced off a large piece of the warm pastry and put it in my mouth.

“It is delicious but I am uneasy.”
“Please don’t say that, your highness. Everybody is worried about you because you are only eating two portions per meal.”

Ganael quickly poured some cockscomb tea in my teacup.

I told him that I was okay and thanked him as I received the cup. I placed a mille-feuille on his plate as well.

I wanted to at least look after the people around me like this.

I was just an ignorant supporting character who didn’t have any amazing abilities to stop the war, but I at least wanted to help the people I could see as much as possible.

I thought that I had been doing a pretty good job at that until now but this situation was extremely difficult.

It involved not just two nations but the Vatican as well, and Sir Geens’ son was on the opposite side of the continent.

I chewed on the cockscomb in the tea out of frustration.

This was the first time I felt a sense of helplessness since I transmigrated here.

Christelle was not a Holy Knight in the original and the Imperial Prince was definitely set as a sword master.

As a result, the author might not have liked the appearance of their Holy Knight instructor, Sir Geens.

Maybe his original role was only a short brush with the MCs anyways.

Leaving the story like this might be his fate.


Let’s be completely honest. It was good for me if I didn’t see the crown princess.

I didn’t know what kind of expression to have in front of her or what kind of tone to use, so this was a perfect chance to hide.

However…… This was not right. I felt uncomfortable.

I couldn’t finish the jésuite and put it down. Ganagel gently grabbed my wrist.

“You tried your best, your highness.”
“I’m sure that the Almighty God is looking favorably on you and will definitely give you a gift.”

The young boy’s gold eyes sparkled with determination. I awkwardly smiled.

‘Who knows? I thought that I received a precious item yesterday but apparently not.’


“Perry, let’s sleep. Where are your friends?”

– Squeeeeee

Perry’s black ears twitched as he ran over to me.

I held him in my arms and hummed a Riester lullaby I had learned from Benjamin.

Just because I was not sleeping well did not mean that the red pandas and Percy should not sleep well either.

I gently caressed the chimney bird’s forehead as it sat on the chair’s armrest before moving to the balcony.

My plan was to bring Demy and Rhea inside to go to sleep early before coming up with some other idea tomorrow.

‘Okay. Let’s not give up when the crown princess has not even arrived at the Imperial Palace. Ganael and Benjamin are cheering me o-’


I gasped while hugging Perry in my arms.

My legs lost all strength so I almost plopped down on the ground.

I wanted to stop seeing people’s eyes in the darkness.

‘It’s not like they are filming a horror special because it is July!’

“Your highness!”

Christelle, who was dangling on the ledge of the Juliette Palace balcony, smiled brightly as her beautiful water-colored eyes sparkled.

Demy and Rhea looked extremely proud after crawling up and over her back.

Taking a closer look, I saw that the vines were shaped like steps this time. There were even flowers that bloomed along the steps.

‘Should I be praising them for this?’

“What are you doing here, young lady Sarnez?”

I held the divine beasts in my arms as I quickly whispered. Christelle then had an extremely serious look on her face.

“I am not a Sarnez.”

‘Wait a minute…… Why is everybody who comes here refusing their name?’

“I am not a Blanquer either!”

I gasped after seeing a head pop up next to Christelle.

I was about to ask why she brought the little girl with her when our main character started speaking in the most serious voice I had ever heard from her.

“Operation Verona has commenced. We are here to help you, your highness. The codename for this lady over here is Tybalt. For reference, your codename is Montague, your highness.”

‘Okay, this being Operation Verona makes sense because of the balcony, but the tenant being Montague makes no sense. Also, wasn’t Tybalt killed by the Montagues?’

“Young lady Sarnez, it would be bad if you were caught here. His Royal Highness is one thing but the two of you don’t reside in the Imperial Palace and at this time of night……”
“I don’t know who this Royal Highness is, but we do have a Capulet.”

Christelle lowered her voice and motioned with her chin.

I blankly looked in that direction.

The Imperial Prince was standing next to the flower bed with a piercing gaze in his eyes.

Vice Captain Élisabeth was standing next to him in the same position as yesterday, waving at me.

‘This crazy bastard, he said that he couldn’t let me meet the Empress but he brought reinforcements?’

“His Royal Highness is Capulet?”
“Yes, he is Tybalt’s cousin. The person next to him is his friend, Mercutio.”

‘She’s so loyal to the setting and then suddenly not……’

“Then you, young lady Sarnez-”
“I am the person conducting this Operation.”

‘Is she Shakespeare then?’

Christelle smirked before lowering the eye patch that was on her head.

Her left eye became covered.

“My code name is Tom Cruise.”

‘You alone are a part of < Operation Valkyrie >!’ (TL: The English title is just Valkyrie but the pun with the title of the chapter only makes sense when adding Operation, as the Korean title is Operation Valkyrie)

Translator’s Comments

Rofl, Tom Cruise.

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