Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 85: I’m weak! (5)

The air was different.

It had been like this when he met the Empress Dowager as well, but the mood in the area was different.

He could clearly feel that everybody was keeping even their breathing quiet.

Cale stood up straight again.

“You are not showing proper respect.”

The unfamiliar voice made Cale look to the right.

The Emperor and the Empress Dowager seated in front…

They did not speak.

It was the Palace Guard serving them who spoke.


Cale made eye contact with the Palace Guard.

The man, who seemed to be middle-aged, seemed to be the Emperor’s personal guard, as he was the most heavily armed in this room.

Of course, he was not alone.

‘How entertaining.’

This big area looked as if it could be used for large and important meetings.

This was probably the largest room in the entire Moonflower Palace.

The Empress Dowager and the Emperor were seated at the end of the room. They were on a slightly higher platform.

Palace Guards were stationed beneath them on both sides of a red carpet.

There were some eunuchs and court ladies as well, but anybody would see that this was a situation that would feel different from normal.

Cale quietly looked at the Palace Guard.

‘He doesn’t seem to be one of the Embroidered Uniform Guards. Maybe he is a General?’

As he had that thought… The Palace Guard spoke again.

“You should kneel when looking at the sky.”

Cale quietly listened to what the man had to say.

The man continued to speak despite Cale’s obvious stare.

“His Majesty said that you may raise your head. However, you were never told that you could stand up.”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

He looked at the Palace Guard and responded.

“Your Majesty, oh esteemed Empress Dowager, is this your decision?”

The Palace Guard’s eyebrows rose up.

Cale didn’t care as he didn’t want to lose time to an opponent who wanted to do some stupid gauge of strength.

He needed to quickly find Choi Jung Soo and take on the Blood Cult.

He had no time to deal with such obvious schemes.

Cale looked toward the Empress Dowager. The old man called Gramps, and Chief Eunuch Wi who were standing at the bottom of her platform… They didn’t look too good.

“Did you just dare to address her Majesty?”

The Palace Guard took a step forward and raised his voice toward Cale.

Cale looked at the Empress Dowager at that moment. He then extended his hand to the side.

“Don’t move.”

Choi Han, who was about to step forward, stopped moving after seeing Cale’s hand.

Only Choi Han, Sui Khan, and the invisible Raon were next to Cale right now.

It was at that moment.

“Ha, haha!”

Someone let out some short laughs.

Cale could see the Empress Dowager, who just made eye contact with him, slightly shake her head.

However, Cale ignored this.

The Empress Dowager flinched a bit, but he looked toward the direction of the voice.

“It’s understandable.”

The person tapping on the armrest and talking to himself…

“Yes, it is definitely understandable.”

It was the Emperor.

The Emperor was young.

He seemed to be in his late twenties at max.

‘I thought he was the Empress Dowager’s puppet, but I guess not.’

His eyes were focused.

He thought that the Emperor would be someone who does the right things because he was called a good son. If he was to choose someone similar…

‘He’s like the team leader.’

This guy was similar to Lee Soo Hyuk.

It was obvious at first glance.

The way he was leaning on the chair, the way he was supporting his cheek with the back of his hand and staring down at him…

His gaze was still firm as they started glowing.

He did seem to be a filial son who respects his mother as he was on the same level on the platform as the Empress Dowager, but…

‘Nonetheless, he is testing me and trying to have this battle of wills.’

It was obvious to Cale that the Empress Dowager did not wish to have this sort of battle of wills with him.

The Emperor looked at Cale and spoke.

“It’s understandable that you don’t know how to properly show respect since you came from another world.”

The Emperor was observing Cale as well.

An existence that was said to have come from another world…

It was difficult to accept. However, he had to believe it because there were witnesses who saw them suddenly appear with a black light.

‘And his strength is at minimum at the latter parts of the Unrestrained Realm? He might even be at the Profound Realm?’

However, that was not important to the Emperor.

He was simply curious.

‘What kind of existence is he?’

His mother had told him not to pull such things with this guy, but… He couldn’t help but be curious.

Everything needed to be confirmed with his own eyes.

It was at that moment.

“I do not know the proper way of showing respect for this place.”

The existence from another world commented.

He did so while looking directly at him, the Emperor.

“However, my sky is not in this place.”


The Emperor scoffed.

His guard had said to the grim reaper in front of him just moments ago.

‘You should kneel when looking at the sky.’


The Emperor laughed.

“How entertaining, how very entertaining.”

He spoke with laughter in his voice.

“And how extremely arrogant.”

The moment he said that…

The atmosphere around them changed.

The hands of the Embroidered Uniform Guards on either side all moved toward their weapons.

However, the Emperor didn’t even pay them any attention.

He simply looked at the grim reaper, who was looking right at him, and the grim reaper’s group.

“They are all the same kind of sons of bitches as you are.”

Just like the grim reaper, the rest of his group was looking directly at him, the Emperor.

Without fear.

In fact, they were observing him. HIM!

The Emperor asked these fearless sons of bitches a question.

“So… This world is currently in danger?”

“That is correct, your Majesty.”

Cale calmly answered back.

“The Great War of the Triumvirate might start, and the Blood Cult is threatening the world?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“And my mother, no, the Imperial family has to help you all?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

The Emperor smiled.

“You want to inspect the Martial Arts world by borrowing the strength of the Imperial family?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”


He clenched the armrest and asked.

“You want to use ME?”

The Imperial family meant the Emperor as well.

Silence filled the room. Honestly speaking, it was only a few seconds.

However, in that instant…

The Empress Dowager’s face stiffened and Chief Eunuch Wi’s forehead filled with sweat.

The Embroidered Uniform Guards filling the room gave off vicious auras.

The gramps, Fist King Mok Hyeon, who had stood there with the same look on his face during the whole conversation, had a stiff face after hearing the Emperor’s comment as well.

The Emperor was weak.

He did not properly learn martial arts.

His body was weak.

He was weak, probably because he had been close to death many times when he was young. He grew up in situations where his life was threatened.

However, nobody dared to say things like that when directly in front of the Emperor.

The Emperor was still the Emperor.

The aura coming out of him and the way he could control the mood in the room…

Although he seemed to do whatever he wants, he had the disposition to make everything follow his will in the end.

That was a heavenly talent that was required of an Emperor.

It was at that moment.

Once that moment of silence ended…

They heard a calm response.

“Yes, your Majesty.”

A short single sentence.

The hands of the Embroidered Uniform Guards tightened around their scabbards after hearing the response that this man was planning on using towards the Emperor.



The Fist King groaned.

The Embroidered Uniform Guards froze in place while tightly grabbing their scabbards.

‘This force……!’

This man’s body looked even weaker than the Emperor’s.

The grim reaper, who had such a body, was an odd existence in the Fist King’s eyes.

‘Rejuvenation? Metamorphosis?’

The body of a martial artist was reconfigured once they reached beyond a certain level. At that time, the body looks like an ordinary person’s as if they had never learned martial arts.

However, their bones and internal organs all achieved the highest state.

This is called metamorphosis and furthermore, the body returning to its younger age or even its youth was called Rejuvenation.

‘It isn’t either of those.’

It seemed that way based on this man’s pale complexion.

However, his aura was incomparable.


It made the Fist King’s hands fill with sweat.

“Sounds good.”

The Emperor opened his mouth at that moment.

He raised his hand.

The Embroidered Uniform Guards removed their hands from their scabbards.

The aura that had spread out with Cale at the center disappeared as if it was a lie.

The Emperor smiled and looked at Cale. The Fist King thought that the Emperor was truly sovereign as he was not suppressed by the grim reaper’s aura.

However, one person…

The Emperor’s mother, the Empress Dowager, looked at the Emperor’s hands. The back of the hand that was clenching the armrest was full of goosebumps.


The Empress Dowager looked away from her son.

The Emperor’s voice filled the room.

“You are very arrogant and disrespectful.”

He was no longer laughing.

“However, I like you.”

The Emperor got up without any hesitation.

He then walked down from the platform. He then stood in front of Cale.

The moment the two of them looked at each other…

“Supreme General!”

The Palace Guard who had scolded Cale a few moments ago knelt down on one knee at the Emperor’s calling.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The Emperor was still looking at Cale as he spoke.

“Supply them with as many troops as they wish.”


The Palace Guard’s eyes opened wide, but he bowed his head obediently.

“As you command, your Majesty.”

“Imperial Mother.”

The Emperor continued to look at Cale as Cale quietly looked back.

“Please speak, your Majesty.”

The Emperor continued speaking after the Empress Dowager responded in a low voice.

“I believe that we should do everything they ask for. What do you think about that, Imperial Mother?”

“I too agree with your opinion, your Majesty.”

“As expected, Imperial Mother.”

The Emperor turned to look at the Empress Dowager and smiled. That smile seemed quite innocent unlike before.

“Ah. Right.”

He looked back at Cale and nonchalantly commented.

“Even the Imperial family will not be able to help you with everything in the Martial Arts world.”

“Your Majesty, are you talking about the Government and Martial Arts World Non-Aggression Pact?”

Cale calmly asked and the Emperor nodded his head.

“Yes. The Government and the Martial Arts world cannot intrude into each other’s territory.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Of course, that’s the official stance. Honestly speaking, the government and the Martial Arts world are unable to be separated.”

Cale quietly listened.

Although there was indeed this Government and Martial Arts World Non-Aggression Pact… The truth, as the Emperor mentioned, was that it was difficult to completely separate the two.

The Imperial family had to keep their eye on the Martial Arts world because of their strength.

The Martial Arts world had to be wary of the Imperial family and treat the government properly if they did not want to be destroyed.

It was basically an unwritten law for martial artists not to mess with the government. As for the government, they would let the Martial Arts world be if nobody messed with them.

“But hmm…”

The Emperor came closer.

There was only about one step between the two of them.

The Supreme General and the other Palace Guards tensely looked between the Emperor and Cale.

The Emperor didn’t care and smiled as he asked.

“You know about the Government and Martial Arts World Non-Aggression Pact, but you don’t know the proper way of showing respect in this world?”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

He answered calmly.

“Yes, your Majesty. I don’t know.”

The Emperor reached out his hand.

Pat, pat.

He patted Cale’s shoulder.

“This was fun.”

He then walked past Cale.

He then walked past Choi Han and Sui Khan and made eye contact with them before nonchalantly commenting.

“Oh, grim reaper.”

Cale turned around. He observed the Emperor looking at him with the door to his back.

The Emperor asked.

“What is your name?”

Cale thought about his name.

Cale Henituse.

Kim Rok Soo.

Although he looked like Kim Rok Soo right now…

He made eye contact with Sui Khan at that moment. He, who had the team leader’s appearance right now, smiled and slightly nodded his head.

Cale had no more hesitation and he responded.

“Cale Henituse.”

That was his name now.

The Emperor let out a short groan.


He tilted his head to the side as if it was difficult to pronounce before speaking.

“…Gae-il Henidukes?”

Cale’s expression stiffened up.

The Emperor subtly showed some emotion and tilted his head to the other side.


Once the Emperor said it one more time…


This was the first time Cale heard Choi Han take a breath to hold back his laughter.

For reference, the team leader was covering his face with his hands.

– …Gae-il?

Raon seemed quite shocked.

That reaction made Cale clench his eyes shut.

“What a peculiar name.”

The Emperor left after making that comment.

Although Cale had gotten what he wanted and had even checked that the Emperor had been suppressed by his aura earlier… Cale felt as if he had lost.

* * *

Chief Eunuch Wi had two eunuchs who seemed to be members of the Eastern Depot by his side as he respectfully handed a golden plaque to Cale with both hands.

He then said the following.

“The Sword Demon-nim’s current location is suspected of being near the Anhui Province.”

Anhui Province.

Cale thought of a clan as soon as he heard the name.

Two major forces represented the Orthodox faction.

The Nine Sects One Gang and the Five Great Clans.

The clan among the Five Great Clans that was known for their sword arts…

“Isn’t the Namgung Clan in the Anhui Province?”

“Yes, sir.”

Choi Jung Soo had defeated the Namgung Clan’s former patriarch, the Sword Saint, to earn the title of Sword Demon.

Cale held the golden plaque in his hand as he calmly commented.

“I guess we should go to the Anhui Province first.”

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