Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 79: How about you be more tactful? (8)

‘He’s showing that he won’t sit still.’

Cale could immediately predict what Alberu was thinking.

Alberu’s thoughts were simple.

‘If you guys try to come up with a new scheme, we will too.’

However, what we are doing is not just a scheme but will end up changing things.

“The foreign kingdoms will be wary just by seeing movement toward this alliance.”

Cale turned toward the sound of the voice.

‘Something is weird.’

Clopeh Sekka and Cale made eye contact.

‘Human! This is weird! Clopeh seems calm and normal!’

‘I know, right?’

His eyes seemed very normal.

In fact, his eyes were overflowing with intelligence.

‘What is up with this guy?’

It felt as weird as Toonka saying that he did not like fighting and holding up a book.

However, Cale decided to think things in simple terms.

None of my business.’

It did not matter to him whether Clopeh was overflowing with intelligence.

‘Plus, he’s always been a smart guy.’

It was just that he went crazy about legends and myths and whatnot. His brain was actually shrewd and sneaky.

This guy’s brain worked well in a different manner than crown prince Alberu.

“By the way.”

That was why Cale calmly asked.

“Why are you here?”

He could not think of a reason for Clopeh to come see him no matter how hard he thought about it.

At least if that reason was not to come shout about how he was a legend or something weird like that.

‘Is he really not here to do that?

He’s with Durst of all people.’

Cale’s heart was beating wildly. He was feeling tense for a different reason than when he was facing Ron’s benign smile.

Clopeh lightheartedly responded at that moment.

“I am not here to see you, Cale-nim.”


– Really?


The moment the young Dragon and the human said the same thing at the same time…

“Yes sir. Of course, I happened to hear that young master Cale-nim was here when I came to the Henituse territory so I came to see you, but… I am here for a different reason.”


Cale heard a groan behind him. He peeked behind him to see Choi Han shaking his head as if he could not believe it.

‘Right? Even you think it is weird, right?’

Clopeh continued in a calm voice the moment Cale realized that he and Choi Han were thinking the same thing.

“I came to see patriarch Molan.”


Cale and Choi Han’s gazes headed toward Clopeh.


That was talking about Ron.

“…Why do you need to see Ron?”

Cale’s voice became lower.

Ron was not in the best condition yet.

Cale could see Clopeh start to smile at that moment.

“Because it is loud inside the kingdom.”

The inside of the Paerun Kingdom was loud.

“There were bastards aligning themselves with other kingdoms.”

A holy and sincere looking bright smile appeared on Clopeh’s face. This smile made him look like a typical Guardian Knight.

He continued to speak with that smile on his face.

“I want to scare those bastards and assassinate some of them.”

‘Crazy bastard.’

As expected, Clopeh Sekka was still the same.

– Human! Clopeh Sekka is the same!

Cale nodded his head at Raon’s comment while Choi Han observed Clopeh with a suspicious gaze.

I don’t like him.’

He did not like Clopeh at all. That was why he started to speak.

“Cale-nim. The House of Molan does not do assassinations anymore.”

“That’s right.”

The House of Molan was still going to rule the underworld, but they were changing from assassinations to an information group.

Cale had a pretty good idea about what caused the change.

‘It’s probably for future generations.’

Ron and Beacrox seemed to desire taking On and Hong as the heirs to the House of Molan. On and Hong seemed to want that as well.

That was why Ron was trying to change from assassinations to information.

Cale was planning on supporting that.


Clopeh let out a short laugh. He waved his hand around.

“I do not plan on requesting a hit with the House of Molan. I am simply seeking to purchase information from them. I am here to be a client.”


Cale gulped.

Basically, he was saying that he was going to buy information about assassins from the House of Molan.

“…Chat with Ron.”

Cale could not make a decision if it was like that. The decision would be up to Ron.

‘More importantly…’

Cale looked at Clopeh. He had forgotten because this bastard had been quiet.

‘He’s thinking about killing the people of his kingdom.’

It was fitting for the bastard who went crazy over a myth and created the Indomitable Alliance to lead the continent to war.

He could not let his guard down.

– Human, why are you starting to smile?

He ignored Raon’s comment.

‘This bastard I can’t put my guard down around is currently my ally.’

Cale thought about the places that had been shameless. Norland, Askosan, and some free cities. The Caro Kingdom as well.

‘Caro was truly disgraceful.’

Disgraceful was the only way to describe it.

‘The crown prince did not seem like that kind of person.’

On one hand, Cale found the Caro Kingdom’s decision to be odd.

However, he did not think too deeply about it.

“Clopeh Sekka.”

“Yes sir.”

“You are not planning on only paying attention to the inside of the kingdom, are you?”

Clopeh started smiling once Cale asked the question.

“…Who knows?”

Cale became certain after hearing this dubious response.

‘This bastard is definitely planning on using assassins not for internal issues but external issues!’

He was probably planning on sending assassins to Norland or Askosan to scare them or wipe them out.

Cale’s gaze became a bit sharper.

“You, you know, right?”

I don’t care how you live.

However, don’t mess with us.

My people.

“Yes sir. Yes I do, sir.”

Clopeh slightly bowed his head to show that he understood.

Cale slightly nodded his head after seeing the bowed head.

That was why he did not see it. He did not see that burning gaze in Clopeh’s eyes.

“However, it did make me angry.”


“Yes sir. The attitude of the other kingdoms.”


Cale could not deny that.

It definitely is enough to make him angry.’

In the Paerun Kingdom’s perspective, it was understandable that they would detest Norland and Askosan’s attitudes.

Clopeh mumbled very quietly at that moment.

“Hmm? What did you say?”

Cale did not manage to hear.

“It was nothing, young master-nim.”

Clopeh shook his head.

However, Choi Han’s pupils were shaking and Durst was looking at Clopeh with a sparkling gaze.

Clopeh added on, almost in a whisper.

“To look at the legend but to get in his way. We need to show those bastards with useless eyes. Whatever it may be.”

Cale was a myth to him.

He was a legend.

Cale was everything he had ever dreamt about.

It was something beyond the level of a religion.

The way Cale fought against the White Star and the sealed god had shaken all of the thoughts on Clopeh’s mind.

“Either way, don’t overdo it.”

“Yes sir.”

Clopeh easily nodded his head at Cale’s comment.

That made Cale think.

He could not trust Clopeh.

‘Even if I am not here, Clopeh cannot run wild. The crown prince is here. Eruhaben-nim will be here as well. The Whales are also standing firm. They are in the water right by the Paerun Kingdom. Hmm. An alliance.’

Cale knew the thoughts of the crown prince who picked the Jungle and the Paerun Kingdom to form an alliance.

‘They are candidates.’

This was the crown prince’s way of sending a list of candidates for the mines that the Roan Kingdom could not handle to Cale.

That was why he sent Clopeh to him despite saying he was sorry about it.

‘That’s not bad.’

The Paerun Kingdom was the strongest of the north.

The Whales dominated the sea.

Although they were far from Roan, it would not be difficult because the ocean would be on the Roan Kingdom’s side.

Furthermore, if Billos’s Flynn Merchant Guild was involved as well…

‘The jewels like gold or diamond have to be sold all around the Eastern and Western continents.’

Then it would be good to have it in a place that was close enough for the Whales to help out.

The sea route would be used a lot for trade between the continents.

“Clopeh Sekka.”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you perhaps-”

Interested in gold or jewels?

That was what Cale was about to ask him.

However, Clopeh cut him off.



It was rare for Clopeh to cut Cale off like this.

“What is it?”

Clopeh asked in a calm and gentle voice.

‘Please take me with you too.”


Cale felt his heart sink.

– Finally!

Raon reacted.

– I knew that the crazy Clopeh Sekka would say something like this!

Cale’s pupils started to shake.

He looked toward Durst. Durst slowly pulled a video recording device out of his pocket and handed it to Cale.

“Oh esteemed Purifier, I was able to see the things you have done through this video recording device that Clopeh-nim gave me.”

Durst bowed deeply.

“I have seen a new world once again.”

Cale looked at Clopeh.

Clopeh was calm.

He was not even smiling.

He was just stoic.

Yes, he was speaking stoically.

“It doesn’t matter if I lose my arms and legs fighting again. It doesn’t matter if I cannot move ever again. I wish to go as well, Cale-nim.”

He was speaking extremely calmly.

“Cale-nim, I will stand in front of you and take all attacks with my body.”

Yes, he was weirdly calm.

“I wish to see the man, the myth, the legend with my own eyes.”

Cale’s pupils were shaking.

– H, human! I figured it out now! Clopeh has gone so crazy that he’s gone full circle and looks calm!

He could not even say anything to Raon’s comment.

Instead, he firmly responded.

“There is no spot for you.”

“I see. I understand.”


Cale flinched.

Clopeh had accepted it too calmly.

Cale saw Clopeh’s gaze turning toward Durst at that moment.

Durst smiled gently.

He looked like a proper priest.

“Please don’t worry. I am going this time. Hahaha!”

Durst laughed, and Clopeh had a melancholy smile.

‘Ah, my head.’

Cale had a headache.

“This is driving me nuts.”

He was silent for a moment before speaking.

“You have nothing else to say, right?”

He pointed at the door for the two of them.


Whether it was the mines or whatever, he did not want to see Clopeh or Durst anymore.

“Yes, esteemed Purifier. I will be on my way! Hahaha!”

Durst seemed oddly excited as he happily headed out. Clopeh calmly bowed before following behind him.

Peek. Cale peeked at him before nonchalantly asking.

“Is your body bothering you?”

Clopeh stopped walking.

Cale looked at him before continuing to speak.

Well, I know your body is not normal, but…”

Clopeh’s arms and legs were not normal after the battle in the Henituse territory. They were ticking time bombs ready to go off at any moment.

“Are you hurt somewhere?”

“I guess it was obvious.”

“No, I didn’t realize it.”

Cale slowly peeked at Choi Han. Choi Han responded.

“His steps are slower than usual and one side is not balanced.”

Cale had figured it out because Choi Han kept observing Clopeh.

Clopeh looked at Choi Han for a moment before calmly responding.

“It’s been found out.”

“…Your condition?”

“Yes sir.”

“I see.”

Cale did not say anything else.

“Goodbye then.”

Clopeh also did not say anything else and left Cale’s study.


The door closed and Raon stopped being invisible as he approached Cale. Choi Han stared at the closed door before starting to speak.


He hesitated for a moment before continuing to speak.

“It looks like the foreign kingdoms have figured out about Clopeh’s condition. They seem to know that he is unable to act as a proper sword master.”

Cale slightly frowned.

Choi Han calmly continued to speak.

“…Based on how Clopeh is injured, it is likely that someone tried to assassinate him.”

He then added on.

“That is probably why he is trying to hire assassins. To get them back in the same way.”

Honestly speaking, it would not be beneficial to Clopeh if people found out that the Guardian Knight was looking for assassins.

The fact that he was still doing this meant that something just as big had happened to him.

“It…. Will not be easy for Clopeh.”

Choi Han commented almost in a sigh. He did not like Clopeh and thought that Clopeh’s condition was a product of his own actions, but… Some affection must have been built through the hatred as he could at least understand the difficult situation Clopeh was in.


Choi Han could see Cale scowling at that moment.



Cale shook his head.

‘…Why did I suddenly have such a thought?’

Clopeh Sekka was a sword master but not a proper sword master.

Seeing that bastard suddenly put a thought on his mind.

‘Usually in wuxia novels…

Yes, based on the books I have read until now…

In many cases…

Bastards like Clopeh find some weird elixir in the Martial Arts world or have some fortuitous encounter to find mysterious martial arts text of an ancient master-’

They are able to overcome their difficulties and become extremely strong.


‘How can I have that kind of thought?’

Cale scoffed and shook his head.

‘Elixirs are not that easy to find and it makes no sense for a bastard like Clopeh Sekka, someone with a serious issue, to find a martial arts text that is perfect for him.

Cale wouldn’t put aside time to look for such a thing for Clopeh either.

‘There’s no way something like that would happen.’

He quickly organized his thoughts.

‘…Of course, I plan on looting everything I can while I am in the Central Plains…’

He planned on squeezing out everything he could before returning home.

Cale organized his thoughts and resumed speaking.

“Let’s go on a tour.”


“Excuse me?”

Raon and Choi Han asked in confusion.

“The Paerun Kingdom, Jungle, Breck Kingdom… And Endable as well. Let’s go visit each place once.”

An odd smile appeared on Cale’s face.

“That should make the Eastern and Western continent wary.”

He was quite certain about his position and value. Of course, that was separate from his not liking being treated like that.

“I’m sure they will be curious. What am I going around doing after not showing myself for so long? What is going on in the kingdoms I visit?”

They will probably be shaking in fear…

Until they learned the answer.

A bright smile appeared on Cale’s face.

“Human! As I thought, that is how you should always smile!”

It was at that moment.

Ding ding!

Cale pulled the mirror out of his pocket.

He then sighed before checking the message that Central Plains had sent.

< Sir, Central Plains is waiting in desperation. - Sincerely, Central Plains who wishes to see Cale-nim despite being told in two weeks >


Cale let out a sigh.

There was one last thing for him to check before he left.

It was something he decided he should confirm after seeing Durst.

“Hey, Central Plains.”

He asked Central Plains a question.

“Which faction is going to be helping us?”

Similar to the Church of the Fire of Purification in Xiaolen…

Cale was curious about who would help him in the Central Plains.

Ding ding!

A message arrived without any delay.

Cale was slightly wowed by that.

‘I guess he prepared in advance.’

He was wowed by this much because he basically had no expectations toward Central Plains.

Cale checked the message.

< Central Plains has one subordinate, sir! >

“One person?”

< Yes sir. One person! >

Cale’s face instantly became unsettled.

Looking beyond their usefulness, at least the Church of the Fire of Purification was an organization helping Cale.

But the Central Plains only had one person…


Cale was slowly filling with annoyance.

‘Even if Choi Jung Soo is in the Central Plains…

And even if that bastard is supposedly the Sword Demon…

It would be good to have verified allies in advance since there is no way to know if we will be able to see Choi Jung Soo as soon as we get there.’

This was especially important because the Martial Arts world was about to enter the Great War of the Triumvirate.

Cale held himself back from scowling as he asked.

“Is it an expert?”

‘Or maybe a super expert?’

< No sir! The person cannot use any martial arts at all. Hehe. >

Cale’s face instantly started scowling at the immediate response before he stopped to think.

‘This is weird.’

Central Plains seemed so confident.

Cale asked a new question.

“Then who is it?”

Ding ding!

A response came immediately.

< The Emperor’s mommy! >

Ding ding!

< For reference, the current Emperor is an extremely filial son. >

Cale was silent for a moment before making a comment.

“Central Plains can do it!”

Ding ding!

< Central Plains can do it! Central Plains can become a super strong world! >

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