Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 78: How about you be more tactful? (7)

‘This is unexpected.’

Cale was a bit surprised at Central Plains’ contact that came earlier than he expected.

He then realized it.

‘He’s the type to get things done if you push him.’

Cale, who had a thought that would make Central Plains gasp in fear if he learned of it, subconsciously smiled with satisfaction.


The mirror vibrated.

< Notification >

< The limit on the number of people has changed. >

The divine item immediately let him know of the change to the invitation.


Cale was truly surprised.

< Limit: 9 people (+2 increase) >

The limit had increased not by one, but by two.

Ding ding!

< 2 people. I can do two more...! However, there can only be one non-human...! Central Plains did his best......! >


Central Plains truly did achieve something.

Maybe it was because Cale had no expectations of Central Plains getting it done, but the increase by two was satisfactory.

‘If it is like this…’

Cale thought about the team for this trip once again.

‘Me, Choi Han, Raon, Ron, Beacrox, Number 7, Durst, Sui Khan.’

He could have one other person.

‘Eruhaben-nim can’t go because he is non-human.’

Non-human. A species other than human. He could not take Vampires, Dark Elves, Elves, nor any other humanoid species this time. He didn’t plan on taking them either. That was why he had said that one non-human was enough.

‘Of course, I wouldn’t have Eruhaben-nim go with us this time even if it was possible.’

The reason for it was simple.

‘I need someone I can trust to take care of this place.’

Crown Prince Alberu Crossman was doing a good job, but he needed an experienced individual who could be by his side to protect the Roan Kingdom, the Henituse territory, the Super Rock Villa, and the Black Castle smoothly.

The ancient Dragon was the only one suited for such a task.

‘Lord Sheritt is there as well, but it is difficult for her to move because she is bound to the Black Castle.’

Someone who is free and overflowing with energy because he has been rejuvenated… Most importantly, Eruhaben was well aware of Cale’s way of doing things that he didn’t need to hear about what Eruhaben did. Just seeing the results would be enough.

‘Then who else should I take?’

It was the Central Plains of all places.

Who would be best suited for the Martial Arts world?

Cale had to think about it a bit deeply.

That was why he didn’t realize that the atmosphere around him had turned quiet and odd.

He simply continued to think.

‘The Martial Arts world is currently a shitshow.’

The Great War of the Triumvirate would happen soon.

Who could Cale trust with his back in such a chaotic situation?

‘Not On nor Hong.’

They could escape with Raon’s magic, but it would be difficult.



‘Lock is still not experienced enough.’

Lock was currently being trained in Harris Village by the Tiger tribe leader.

Cale could not figure out how strong Lock would be at this point.


No. Unlike other places, the Martial Arts world would call a necromancer’s abilities death arts and she might be attacked from all factions.

‘Mm… Miss Rosalyn? Or maybe Saint Jack for healing? Hannah might work too.’

As Cale’s contemplation was about to go long…

Di, ding, di, ding!

< Umm, umm, I have something to say......! >

Central Plains timidly sent a message. The question as to how Cale could tell Central Plains was being timid could be asked, but the tone of the message made it obvious.

‘What the hell?’

Cale oddly got chills on his back.

It had been a while since he last felt like this.

However, he was not happy to feel it again.

Ding, diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing……!

< Excuse me, sir... You see...... >

This kid always spoke respectfully whenever he was in an unfavorable situation.

< Sir, it is fine as long as one individual is not non-human, but for the other person, umm, they need to be a blank page......! >

‘Blank page? What does that mean?’

As Cale was about to frown…

Di, ding ding!

The message became desperate.

< What that means is... it has to be a person who doesn't have any special abilities like aura or magic. Hehe. >

< It just has to be someone who uses the power of nature he was born with...! Hehehe……! >

Cale had a giant scowl on his face.

Ding ding!

< I, I'm really sorry, sir...! That was the only way for me to balance things with my abilities! I'm sorry, sir! >

More messages of desperation arrived.

Cale glared down at the mirror before closing his eyes.

‘If aura or magic doesn’t work, I can’t take Saint Jack either.’

His power was the power of a god as well.

‘Should I take Lock or one of the Tigers?’

However, looking past their strength or experience…

‘Their appearances when they go berserk are an issue.’

It might end up with the Martial Arts world thinking a human used a death art to become a weird creature and they might ostracize Cale’s entire group.

‘It’d be a relief if we are ostracized. They might call us an evil organization and try to kill all of us. Those bastards there would easily do that.’

Based on his experiences having read all sorts of wuxia novels, the Central Plains would be as difficult as this fantasy world to deal with.

‘What should I do?’

A strong individual with a power he was born with…

But someone who doesn’t have a power like aura or magic…

Ding ding!

< I, I did my best... - Sincerely, a sad Central Plains. >

It was at that moment.

He heard an odd noise through the notifications.

“Ahem. Hem.”

Along with some fake coughs.


He also heard someone sniffle.

‘What the hell?’

Cale opened his eyes after getting chills.

He then looked around.

He then gasped.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He was crying.

“Ahem. Sniff. I, it’s nothing much.”

Toonka was crying.

Of course, he was not bawling out tears.

However, his eyes were teary; he was clenching his fists, and biting down on his lips.

He also continued to sniffle.

His voice was shaking as well.

“You, you-”

He then stared at Cale with a piercing gaze.

‘What’s up with him?’

Cale was even more nervous than when he fought against the Huayans’ patriarch. Honestly, he was even more scared than during his fight with the White Star.

Toonka’s gaze…

Toonka spoke in a shaking voice.

“You are such a good person.”

Cale then got goosebumps.

“What, what crazy nonsense is this?”

That was why his inner thoughts popped out without any filtering.

Toonka didn’t care and just shook his head.

“Unlike your tone, your heart is nicer than any humans I have met until now! I knew it from the moment you looked after the troops of the Whipper Kingdom!”

Toonka’s voice was slowly getting louder.

Cale became scared and looked at Choi Han.


Choi Han slowly put on an innocent smile and avoided Cale’s gaze.

It was as if he found this situation to be entertaining.

‘Look at this punk.’

Cale thought that Choi Han had changed, but he could not think more about it because of Toonka’s voice.

“The Whipper Kingdom is lacking in proper natural resources! I’m sure you are aware of that! That is why you are giving us such a large silver mine-! To us!”


Cale thought that he needed to calm Toonka down first.

“Hey, listen to me.”

His tone was getting worse and worse.

“I’m the owner of the mine and the benefits that come from it are mine as well. I’m just going to install a mine in the Whipper Kingdom. Got it? The mine is mine.”

“However, mining from your mine will give the Whipper Kingdom quite a lot of benefits as well.”

Chief, no, Minister of State Harol Kodiang commented.

Although his voice was calm, his finger that was pointing at the document was shaking.

“It will create a lot of jobs for people, and it is written right here. Giving a proper working environment for the miners is one of the basic requirements. Furthermore, the Whipper Kingdom can negotiate everything else as long as Billos’s merchant guild is involved in the selling.”

Harol did not look at Cale and only looked at the document.

“Considering the mining rate… This is not just giving us money. The Whipper Kingdom is gaining jobs for the next few decades.”


Toonka slammed his hand on the armrest of the couch he was sitting on.


The armrest broke.

‘This crazy bastard-!’

Cale gasped at Toonka again.

“I guess people really need to be good in their life!”

He became extremely unsettled at Toonka’s comment.

“You are giving us this because we helped the Roan Kingdom! And you must have received something like this because you were good, no, because you were very good!”

Cale finally realized it.

‘…This son of a bitch has changed too much.’

Based on ‘The Birth of a Hero’ that he knew, this bastard Toonka had changed the most. Harol Kodiang as well.

‘It is a good change, but… Why do I not feel good at all?’

Toonka nodded his head a few times and commented, almost as if he was talking to himself, without caring about how Cale was feeling.

“I will not reject your gift! We will definitely, definitely put it to good use! I am a warrior who always returns the favor!”

His burning gaze headed toward Cale.

“Let me know whenever you need my help! I will go fight if you tell me to go fight! I can even put my life on the line if you ask me to do so! Whatever you want, my close friend!”


Cale hesitated for a moment.

‘He will go fight if I tell him to go fight?’

His gaze changed.


Cale let out a short groan before looking at Toonka up and down from head to toe. No, he was observing him.

“What is it? What is going on, my close friend?!”

Although Toonka didn’t think much of it…


Choi Han, who was watching, felt an odd sense of déjà vu.

‘It seems like Cale-nim is calculating something?’

Cale’s gaze was similar to when he was inspecting the jewel he had found in the underground tomb of the Xiaolen Emperor.

‘No. It is even sharper than then?’

It was as if he was inspecting a useful weapon.


Harol Kodiang also felt something was weird and let out a short groan, but Cale didn’t care.

Cale then started speaking in a sly voice.

“But Toonka, will there ever be anything for you to help me with? Aren’t you busy?”

“I’m not busy!”

Toonka answered without any hesitation.

“I don’t train the soldiers nor warriors anyway! I’m not interested in training weaklings! I also don’t deal with any of the complicated things!”

He spoke very confidently about his loose attitude toward his responsibilities, but Toonka couldn’t help but be confident.

Everybody just told Toonka not to do anything and to just relax.

“Hooooo. Is that so?”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up a bit.

Choi Han thought Cale looked like a hunter with prey in front of him. Cale quietly mumbled to himself.

“…This bastard-”

‘Now that I think about it, isn’t this bastard Toonka pretty decent?’

The Central Plains was full of martial artists who had trained in all sorts of martial arts.

The good faction, evil faction, Demon Cult, Blood Cult, and the Imperial Palace…

There were martial artists everywhere and this whole world would be full of people crazy about the martial arts fighting anywhere and everywhere. It was basically the same as a fantasy world where incident after incident happened.

‘Those people would fight anywhere, even in places like restaurants, without caring about what the owner would have to deal with.’

Even bandits, pirates, beggars, and the underworld were full of martial artists.

Blood and sword ran rampant in that world.

‘I realized it after reading wuxia novels.’

Most martial artists thought that the main characters who emphasized cooperation and goodness were cool.

Why was that the case?

‘It’s probably because people like that are rare.’

Cale had chosen people who could do their own thing as they pleased because the Central Plains was such a place.

‘Since I am going somewhere like that-’

He looked at Toonka.

Although he lost to Choi Han, Toonka was very strong.

This bastard could take down most strong individuals with his natural physical strength.

He also recovered very quickly.

He tried to fight again and again no matter how much he was pummeled.


“What is it?”

Cale smiled gently.

Toonka flinched for a moment. Cale didn’t care and gently continued to speak.

“I’ll contact you soon. Leave yourself some free time.”

“…Can I ask why?”

“What’s wrong? You don’t like seeing me?”

Toonka shook his head side to side out of reflex at Cale’s question.

“No! I will not reject my close friend contacting me! You are the Whipper Kingdom’s benefactor! I will even make time that I do not have!”

“Yes, yes.”

Cale placed a hand on Toonka’s shoulder.

Toonka had a very strong body. He smiled with satisfaction as he patted Toonka’s shoulder.

Pat. Pat.

“Yes, you should not forget someone’s benevolence.”

Toonka oddly felt chills down his back.

However, Cale did not ask Toonka if he was going to go or not.

‘There is one other person.’

There was someone who was stronger than Toonka.

The race itself was strong.

They were strong even without going berserk.

And the power they used was not magic.

It was their natural born strength.

‘The Whale tribe.’

And among them…


She would have nothing to fear.

She would basically destroy most things and people there without any issues.

“It’s been a while since I’ve contacted them.”

* * *

Cale returned to the Henituse territory from the Whipper Kingdom but had to deal with something before he could contact Witira.


It was quite an awkward meeting.

“Long time no see.”

“Yes, sir. I greet Cale-nim.”

Clopeh Sekka. That bastard approached him with a smile on his face.

Furthermore, he had personally come to the Henituse territory.

He was also not alone.

“Hahaha! This is where the esteemed Purifier was born!”

He was with Durst.

– Human, the Crown Prince left a message saying that he was sorry. What is he sorry for? I want to know!

Cale clenched his eyes shut after hearing Raon’s voice in his mind.

He suddenly felt tired.

However, his eyes clouded over. He had checked the message Alberu had sent through Durst.

< I plan on pushing for an alliance between Roan and Paerun. Furthermore, the Jungle wants to join it as well. >

The Paerun Kingdom at the northernmost part of the continent. The Roan Kingdom, which was located slightly to the northeast but still at the center of the continent. Finally, the Jungle, which was located in the south.

“As I expected.”

The Crown Prince was not sitting still.

From the north to the south of the Western continent…

He was planning on creating a new balance of power.

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