Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 74: How about you be more tactful? (3)

However, the smile on Cale’s face quickly disappeared.

Ron realized what he was looking at and spoke in a benign voice.

“It’s okay, young master-nim. The cast will come off in a few days.”

Ron subconsciously smiled after seeing Cale slowly avoid his gaze and look elsewhere.

Cale, who peeked toward Ron, flinched.

‘A smile like that-!’

Ron had a smile that was so vicious that it looked as if he would cut off someone’s head at any moment.

Ron got rid of the smile after seeing Cale flinching while looking at him.

Tap. Tap.

Ron then looked down after feeling some taps on his leg.

“I want to know if you are okay, nya.”

On asked while Hong and Raon were next to her looking up at Ron.

“I’m okay.”

Ron looked at On and responded. On let out a deep sigh before leading her younger siblings to the corner of the study again.

Of course, she left one last comment as she walked away.

“If one side doesn’t get hurt, the other side gets hurt. It’s quite the headache, nya.”

The adults were silent for a moment.

The children continued to chat.

“We wouldn’t have such headaches if we just gave up, nya! But the problem is that we cannot give up, nya.”

Hong also sighed.

“We just need to go destroy the Blood Cult now! We will completely obliterate them for messing with grandpa Ron and the crown prince!”

Raon was overflowing with the desire to destroy.


On continued to sigh while shaking her head.


Alberu smiled subtly while looking back and forth between Ron and Cale. Cale didn’t even look at the crown prince because Alberu’s gaze annoyed him.

It was at that moment.


Durst started to speak.

“Your highness.”

“What is it?”

Durst called out to the crown prince.

“I am here as the representative of Xiaolen and have come with a message from our future Empress.”

Alberu’s gaze turned toward Cale.

‘Did you know about this?’

That was what his gaze was asking, but he figured out the answer before Cale could say anything.

‘I guess he didn’t know.’

Cale was looking at the crown prince with an extremely uncomfortable expression on his face.


Alberu had yet to hear the details of what Cale and the others had done in Xiaolen.

‘Didn’t he say that he might be able to make Mary the Empress?’

He had heard the initial plans but had no idea what had happened afterward.

‘I’m sure he stepped in to make a small snowman and ended up creating an avalanche.’

The answer was obvious in the way Durst was warily peeking at Cale.

‘He doesn’t seem to like this at all either.’

Cale Henituse’s expression did not look good.

As a result, the answer was obvious.

“A message from the leader of another world. I definitely want to read it. However-”

Durst reacted happily to Alberu’s positive response before realizing that he was looking around.

“However, I would like our friends who have traveled a long way and finally returned home to go get some rest first.”


“That shouldn’t matter, right?”

“…Yes, your highness!”

Durst looked at Cale and debated for a moment before responding. Alberu immediately stood up.

He then placed his hand on Cale’s shoulder.

“Go home!”

Alberu’s tone was very magnanimous, but Cale’s face became unsettled.

‘Why is he suddenly trying to send me home?’

It made him not want to go home.

“I informed young master Basen about your return.”

Basen. Cale slowly got up as soon as his brother’s name was mentioned. He didn’t want to see Alberu’s snickering face, but…

‘I need to go home.’

Back to the Henituse territory and the Super Rock Villa for the first time in a long while…

He did want to go home.

– It’s been a while since we’ve been home.

The Super Rock didn’t hide his happiness either. Cale turned his head to tell the others that they should go home before flinching a bit.


The children averaging nine years old… And Choi Han… were already ready and looking at Cale.

“I left a room empty next to here so Raon-nim can activate a teleportation magic circle there.”

Cale slightly nodded his head at Alberu, who had prepared things in advance, before approaching Alberu.

He then whispered in a quiet voice so that Durst could not hear.

“The magic stones will be in my neighborhood.”

The magic stones mine will go in the Forest of Darkness in the Henituse territory.

“As for the rest, you’ll make a list of candidates. You know how we do it, right, your highness? Cleanly.”


Alberu scoffed.

“Of course.”

Alberu responded as if he found Cale’s question to be ridiculous before gently patting Cale’s shoulder.

“Go get some rest. I’ll be there soon.”

“…You’ll come there, your highness?”

“Why do you have such a look on your face?”

Cale wasn’t happy to hear that Alberu would be coming to his neighborhood. Alberu ignored the look on Cale’s face and continued to speak.

“Of course I have to go.”

Cale smiled after hearing what Alberu said next.

“This sir right here is the person who will become the wealthiest person on the continent. Of course I have to go to see the esteemed sir who will soon have more money alone than our entire Kingdom. Don’t you think so?”

“Aw shucks, your highness.”

“…I guess you are not going to deny it.”

Cale shrugged his shoulders after seeing the scowl on Alberu’s face.

“It’s the truth, your highness.”

The notification regarding the rewards on the mirror… The moment he saw the size of the mines listed in that message…

The moment he realized that he could have multiple mines of such size that were filled with different kinds of items…

Cale realized that he was rich.

…Of course, he was still far from being a slacker.

‘…The Hunters. I’m going to quickly take care of them and definitely get some rest!’

At least he was still thoroughly planning for the future.

“Then I will be on my way, your highness.”

“Okay. I’ll send priest Durst to the Henituse territory once our conversation is over.”

Alberu turned to look at Durst.

“Is it okay for you to get there a bit later?”

“Yes, your highness. Of course.”

Durst’s eyes sparkled after hearing the term, ‘Cale’s home.’ Alberu looked at him with a sharp gaze.

It was at that moment.

“Young master-nim.”

“What is it?”

Ron approached Cale with a gentle smile on his face.

“Is it okay if I return to the Henituse territory after getting the cast off?”

“Ah, yes.”

He had not thought about it.

Ron was currently being treated by the best healer in the Royal Palace.

“Beacrox, you come with Ron as well.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Ron and Alberu exchanged glances while Cale was giving Beacrox that order. The two of them felt a gaze looking at them as they did that.

It was Choi Han.

“Let’s go.”

Cale started moving at that moment and waved his hand toward the people who looked ready to follow them to see them off.

“Human, I want to go home and eat steak! Apple pies as well!”

“Me too, nya! Apple pie!”

“…Eating at home truly is the best, nya.”

The children averaging nine years old moved next to Cale.

Cale left the study with the children averaging nine years old who seemed quite excited as they continued to chat away. Durst jumped up and said goodbye to Cale.

“I will see you soon, oh esteemed Purifier!”


Cale gave a short response before moving to the next room.

Choi Han saw that Durst’s gaze was focused on Cale and approached Alberu. Beacrox noticed and stood in between Durst and Choi Han to block his view.

“Your highness.”

Choi Han whispered extremely quietly.

“That world desired Cale-nim quite seriously.”

He looked very serious.

“This is especially true about Imperial Princess Olivia, the one who sent the message, as well as the Empire, Church, and all sorts of factions. They did their best to keep Cale-nim there.”


“Yes, your highness. That is how it seemed to me.”

Cale called out to Choi Han at that moment.

“Choi Han, are you not coming?”

“I am coming, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han responded with an innocent look on his face before walking past Alberu. Alberu smiled brightly and waved as he commented.

“That was a very good report. As expected of my instructor-nim.”


Choi Han slightly bowed before continuing to walk.

‘…This should be enough.’

Choi Han thought that Xiaolen wanted to keep Cale there. He was sure that the Church of the Fire of Purification and the Empire would use Durst as a bridge to make Cale stop by that world again, no matter what they needed to do to make it happen.

‘Cale-nim doesn’t seem to know about this scheme. Either that, or he is ignoring it because he thinks there is no reason for him to go back there.’

It was understandable that the people of Xiaolen would not want to lose Cale.

‘He is someone who is extremely strong but shows no interest in having authority. He also doesn’t care much for wealth.’

Of course, Cale liked money. But the people of Xiaolen did not know that.

‘In addition, Cale-nim tends to do everything people ask him to do.’

That was why they feared and deified Cale but still wanted him there.

“Hurry up, Choi Han!”

Choi Han looked at Raon’s flapping wings and stepped onto the teleportation magic circle.

‘But it should be fine now.’

The crown prince, Ron, and Beacrox were now aware of it.

They would act accordingly.

‘I just need to stay by Cale-nim’s side and protect him.’


The teleportation magic circle lit up.

“Let’s go home!”

Raon shouted energetically and the teleportation magic circle flashed brightly to light up the whole room before they disappeared to the Henituse territory.

In the spot where they left…

No, in the crown prince’s study next door…

Alberu Crossman sat at the head of the table and asked.

“So, what is the message?”

“Please take a look at this first, your highness.”

Durst pulled something out of his pocket.

It was a video recording device.

“These are the achievements of the esteemed Purifier.”

Alberu flinched for a moment.

‘His gaze……’

Based on what Choi Han had told him, Alberu thought Durst looked like a spy who was here to take Cale away. However, this gaze just now-

‘He reminds me of Clopeh Sekka.’

The bastard whose eyes go crazy whenever Cale Henituse is mentioned.

Although it wasn’t as bad as that bastard, the gaze was similar.

‘Even the Bishop of the Church of the God of Death does not look at Cale like this.’

Cale was the only person in the world who uses a divine item bestowed by the God of Death. Even the bishop of that Church did not look at Cale so sanctimoniously.

“…I would like to see the message first.”

“Ah, yes, you should see that as well, your highness.”

Durst hesitated before handing Alberu the message as well. Alberu felt that Durst looked extremely disinterested in that. It was completely different from the energy he had when he took out the video recording device.

“…It’s a letter. But the language used should be different?”

“Ah. Choi Han-nim translated it before we came here, your highness.”

“…Ah, is that so?”

He realized that Durst was also using the common language of the continent despite being from another world.

“Yes, your highness. I believe that our god is assisting us so that this much is not an issue when coming and going between worlds.”

Alberu nodded his head and looked at the letter with an odd gaze.

‘Our instructor-nim translated this? As expected, our instructor-nim reported to me after seeing things like this.’

He also felt that Choi Han was more rational and sharp compared to Cale, who always thought he was thorough and reasonable. Choi Han’s only issue was that he could not act.


Alberu read through the letter.

The content of Imperial Princess Olivia’s letter was simple.

“Our side would like to know basic knowledge of sword arts and magic. In return, we can deliver knowledge about necromancers, black magic, and white magic from Xiaolen-”

Alberu looked toward Durst.

The old priest responded like a skillful veteran.

“I have recording devices with information about black magic, white magic, and necromancers, your highness. As for white magic, it is a book on the basics developed by the House of Huayans. We have every intention of sharing this knowledge. Of course, the deal has to be even on both sides.”

After spending a long time as the bishop of a church that was regarded as heretics, this old priest knew how to deal.

“I’m sure that these documents will be useful to you and this kingdom, your highness.”

One corner of Alberu’s lips curled up.

The Roan Kingdom.

They were dreaming of a future where Dark Elves, necromancers, and even all of the people of Endable would live together.

“Xiaolen knows how to make deals.”

Durst smiled a bit at Alberu’s response.

However, he was gulping internally.

‘Mm… He really is ignoring that part completely.’

The following was also written on the message written by Olivia as the representative of the Empire and even the entire planet of Xiaolen.

< I wish for the exchange between our two worlds to continue endlessly with the Purifier-nim at the center. >

< Furthermore, this world is always open for the Purifier-nim should he wish to come. In addition, we are currently researching on developing a method to travel between dimensions. >

< Finally, please take good care of the Purifier-nim, the savior of our Xiaolen. Xiaolen will always be with the esteemed sir who will come and go through numerous worlds. >

Durst observed how Alberu was completely ignoring that and recalled what the Pope had said to him.

‘Many differing opinions exist within the Church as well. Some of them asked me why I was letting the Purifier-nim leave so easily.’

The Pope had chuckled before continuing.

‘They are so foolish. Do they really think the Purifier-nim is someone I can keep here just because I want to? Bishop Durst. You understand what I mean, don’t you?’

Durst knew what the Pope meant.

“Ahem. Your highness.”

He slowly pulled a spatial pocket bag out of his inner pocket. Alberu’s eyes clouded over after seeing the spatial pocket bag that was made with black magic before his eyes opened wide.


Durst pulled a few things out of the bag.

“I will be staying in the Roan Kingdom for a while. Our Pope-nim said that I should be showing my gratitude for it so, although it is not much, I have prepared a few things.”

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Magic stones and jewels were placed on top of the table.

‘Bishop Durst. When you arrive in the Purifier-nim’s world, make sure you are in the good graces of a person who seems to be a person of authority in that world. You understand, right?’

‘Yes, your Eminence. I understand.’

The years of experience from being born in a now perished kingdom and surviving as the bishop of a supposed heretic church…

Those years of experience made him skilled in the ways of the world despite being a priest.

“Please accept this as a small act of sincerity. Haha.”

Durst then rubbed both hands together before continuing to speak to Alberu, Ron, and Beacrox in a sly tone.

“Ahem. I do have a small request. I hope that you would share your thoughts with me after seeing our esteemed Purifier-nim use his Fire of Purification powers.”

He was planning on supporting Cale properly but did not forget his duties as a priest either.

“Ahem. Ahem. It is my personal desire to inform the people of this world a bit, a tiny bit about the Fire of Purification. Would that be okay, your highness? Oh no, I do not have any thoughts about creating a branch of the church here! I just wish to share my story with people as I take a look around this world. Hahahaha!”

Alberu’s face turned unsettled.

‘This guy… it seems like I would be able to communicate with him.’

It was weird how he suddenly went from a priest to a merchant who was wise in the ways of the world, but it oddly suited him well.

“Your highness.”

A gently smiling Ron chimed in at that moment.

“Why don’t we take a look at the footage first?”


Alberu watched the footage that the excited Durst activated.

He then clenched his eyes shut.

‘No wonder the people of that world desire him!’

He heard Beacrox scoff. Ron was just silently playing with his dagger.

“…Umm, why is the mood…?”

Durst found this to be odd, but Alberu just sighed and thought to himself.

‘I want to let him be a slacker but why does he keep doing things in a way that makes it difficult to be a slacker?!’

He then commented.

“This is driving me nuts.”

* * *

“This is nice.”

Cale laid down on his bed for the first time in a long while.

“Human, are you going to sleep? Should I wake you up if someone knocks?”


He closed his eyes.

On this comfortable bed…

‘This is really nice.’

“The slacker life really is best.”

Knock knock knock.


However, he heard a welcomed voice before he could really enjoy the softness of the bed.

“Human! It’s Basen!”



Cale could now see his family for the first time in a long while.

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