Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 65: When I came home… (4)

A window popped up on the mirror that resembled a tablet.

< Trying to open a chat to discuss the compensation. Do you agree? - God of Death >

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“Oh, you are very good at your job.”

< Thanks. - God of Death >

A small message window popped up at that moment. There was a single sentence in the icon that resembled an invitation.

< I’m a bit busy right now... It might be a bit difficult to open a chat right now... - Xiaolen >

“Should I pollute this world again?”

The moment Cale nonchalantly spoke without any emotion… A notification appeared regarding the chat created by the God of Death.

< The World named ‘Xiaolen’ requests a chat. >

< Chat window is being created. >

“I’m glad we understood each other.”

The God of Death typed into the chat.

< God of Death: I’m the best communicator. >

< Xiaolen: ...... >

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror vibrated.

< God of Death: I'm not the one shaking. By the way, I am busy working, so the two of you can discuss the details alone. >

< God of Death: That motherfucking balance! That damn balance! Do you think balance is the shit?! >

< God of Death: Gods need regular retirement too! >

Raon, who was next to Cale, nonchalantly commented.

“Human, what is up with that god?”

“I don’t know.”

He wasn’t interested.

It was none of Cale’s business whatever the God of Death rambled.

< God of Death: Why doesn’t Lee Soo Hyuk compliment me? >

“Aren’t you going to work?”

< God of Death: That motherfucking balance! Motherfucking hope! Motherfucking justice! >

“Shut up.”

< God of Death: Motherfucking Ca... never mind. I'm going to work. >

Raon said something else.

“Human, I think that this god has the least dignity of all gods.”

< Xiaolen: Agreed. >

Cale immediately started speaking once Xiaolen commented.

“There were a few things you asked me to do.”

Tap. Tap.

Cale rhythmically tapped the table with his index finger.

“First, agree to the invitation.”

He was told that he would be given one mine for doing that.

“Second, seriously damage the Black Bloods household.”

A mine for that as well.

“Third, help with the purification.”

And in a message he received later…

This next part was something that appeared in a message after Cale first mentioned the fake World Tree.

It was a message he had ignored and had just checked a few moments ago.

“Finally, provide an existence that could be a World Tree in this world.”

Tap. Tap.

Cale was silent to build the tension before resuming.

“Now then, let me tell you everything I have done.”

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror was vibrating, no, it was shaking.

“I happily agreed to the invitation. Once I got here, not only did I seriously damage the Black Bloods household, I destroyed them.”

< God of Death: Clap clap clap! >

“I also got rid of all of the monsters that were trying to pollute this entire world and destroy it.”

< God of Death: Clap clap clap! >

“…I also purified a significant amount of the planet.”

< God of Death: Clap clap clap! >

“…I will also not just find an existence that could be a World Tree; I will plant a World Tree that is perfect for this world.”

< God of Death: Clap clap clap! >

Raon commented at this moment.

“Human! I want to smack the God of Death on the back of the head!”

< God of Death: 😭. >

Cale gave a single response.

“Just ignore him.”

“I got it, human!”

< God of Death: Sob sob. >

“Human! I want to destroy the mirror!”

Cale stopped Raon and sighed.

‘What is up with him?’

Cale had met the God of Death before. He had seemed normal and god-like at that time, but this God of Death who was chatting in here seemed weird.


Cale looked down at the mirror and clicked his tongue.

“Oh, human! That is your look of scorn!”

The God of Death stopped commenting. Cale didn’t care as he tapped on the mirror.

“And the reward?”

Xiaolen did not say anything.

“I don’t think a couple of mines are going to cut it.”

One corner of Cale’s lips twisted up oddly.

“And based on the information I have gathered, most of the mines in this world are currently polluted by dead mana.”

He had the Pope look into this issue.

< Xiaolen: You don’t need to worry about that. >


< Xiaolen: There are many untouched mines in unpolluted areas that humans have yet to find. >

“Hooooo. There are many of them?”

< Xiaolen: ...... >

< God of Death: Oops, someone said something they shouldn’t have said! >

< Xiaolen: If you weren't a god...... >

< God of Death: Heh. >

Cale ignored the conversation between the God of Death and this world.

“But I am going to leave this world. How am I going to use the mines even if you give them to me?”

< Xiaolen: You don’t need to worry about that either. >

< Xiaolen: I will move this mine to Nameless 1 where you live and place it where you want it to be placed. The God of Death and I will take care of that part. You don’t need to worry about dealing with that issue. >

“…You are going to move the mine to Roan?”

< Xiaolen: Yes. >


This was a bit nice.

‘If we get a magic stone mine in the Henituse territory-’

For Cale as a person, the Duke’s House of Henituse, the Henituse territory, and even the Roan Kingdom… There were numerous benefits to be gained.

New magic stones would be extremely beneficial to the Kingdom’s revival since the capital was attacked and Puzzle City was destroyed.

< Xiaolen: I will make you an offer. Will you listen to it? >


< Xiaolen: As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not a petty world. >

Xiaolen had said the following with a third postscript when it had sent the invitation.

‘ PS 3. I am a generous world who does not believe in low-value gifts. ‘

Cale silently waited for Xiaolen to continue.

< Xiaolen: Cale Henituse. The things you have done were much greater than anything I could have expected. >

< Xiaolen: That is why the level of rewards has to be even greater. I have no intentions of lowballing the things you have accomplished like the petty God of Death. >

< God of Death: There are no gods who have as high a view of Cale Henituse as I have! >

< God of Death: Actually, no. There are two... No, maybe there are more......? >

< Xiaolen: I thought that the mine I offered in the beginning was not enough to reward you for what you have done. However, I cannot give you a lot of mines. >

< Xiaolen: I need some mines for the living beings in this world as well. >

“That is understandable.”

Cale understood that the world could not fill his rewards with mines.

< Xiaolen: Furthermore, you cannot be the only one to receive a reward. >


‘What does it mean by that?’

< Xiaolen: Your friends have done much more than what I expected as well. I need to pay up for their efforts and time as well. >


Cale was a bit amazed.

“You are legit.”

< Xiaolen: As I mentioned before, not many worlds are like me. >

< Xiaolen: Anyway, that is why I want to keep the mines as a base reward but I also want to ‘reward’ you and your friends for your ‘accomplishments.’ >

< Xiaolen: I want to use the treasures I have earned during my life as this world to handle that. >

< Xiaolen: Can you give me some time? >


Cale contemplated it for a moment before nodding his head.

Xiaolen looked as if it needed time because it needed to give a reward greater than it had expected.

If it was for that reason and not because it was trying to rip him off, it was completely understandable.

“The treasures will need to be things I agree are comparable as rewards.”

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror was shaking.

< Xiaolen: ......Don't worry. >

“I won’t worry. The worrying is for you to do.”

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror shook again.

“Either way, you are going to give me a couple of mines first, right?”

< Xiaolen: ...Yes. But not too many. >

“Then add some polluted magic stones mines on top of that too.”

< Xiaolen: ...Why do you want those?? >

“Oh come on, why are you feigning ignorance?”

Cale shared the information he heard from the Pope.

“Magic stones polluted with dead mana are great things for individuals who use dead mana.”

In Nameless 1 where Cale lives…

The Roan Kingdom and Arm were the two major forces that used dead mana. The two places could be considered representatives of dead mana.

The Roan Kingdom was the first kingdom where a Dark Elf received a title of nobility. In addition, people like Mary and the crown prince needed dead mana to live.

‘And Arm is gone now, but…’

The Eastern continent still had Endable.

Fredo was currently overseeing things there, but it would soon be incorporated into the Roan Kingdom.


It was not easy to procure dead mana in Cale’s world.

‘We can increase our strength with the dead mana-polluted magic stone mines.’

Cale looked at the mirror as he asked.

“Add the most polluted magic stones mine to my list of rewards.”

< Xiaolen: ...Fine. >

Oooooong– oooooong–

The mirror continued to shake.

< Xiaolen: I’ll create a list of treasures and deliver it soon. >

“When is soon?”

< Xiaolen: Within a week. Is that acceptable? >

“Make it as quickly as possible.”

< Xiaolen: ...Understood. >

< World ‘Xiaolen’ has left the chat. >

Cale looked at the chat window that was now only between him and the God of Death and started to speak again.

“When will The Central Plains send an invitation? Oh, and there is something I learned about the offering of karma.”

< God of Death: I have no idea about either? >

< The God of Death has left the chat. >


Raon looked at the expression on Cale’s face and urgently started speaking.

“H, human! Calm down!”

Cale looked at the mirror with a piercing gaze.

Oooooong– oooooong–oooooooong-

The mirror vibrated more intensely than ever before and then a new message appeared.

< ‘Return Letter’ has arrived. >

< Expiration Date: 3 Days >

< Please return to your original world before it expires! >

< Limit: 13 people >

The limit had been ten people when they came to this world but it was thirteen on their way back.

< P.S. Service. - God of Death >

Cale calmly commented.

“So he’s telling me to take Number 7 and the Chief of Staff.”

‘But that still leaves one spot. Is that for Aphei?’

However, it looked as if Aphei was going to stay in this world.

Cale looked at the silent screen of the divine item before thinking about the new information he learned.

Take this offering of karma.

The Hunters would say that and kill someone to travel through dimensions.

Cale had decided on the Black Bloods household and the Blood Cult as his first target after hearing that they were the ones who came up with this method.

‘That, we don’t really know!’

The Chief of Staff had been shaking after witnessing the patriarch’s death.

‘The involved device is with the b, Blue Bloods! The Blood Cult has it!’

The information about there being a device involved with dimension travel and that it was with the Blood Cult.

‘And all we did was help them create it with the blueprint they had!’

‘A blueprint?’

‘Yes, yes, sir! It was created with the blueprint given by the Purple Bloods, sir!’

Tap. Tap.

Cale stopped tapping on the table and stood up.

“Three days is a bit tight.”

Cale headed out to tell the others about the return date as well as to take care of the remaining tasks.

* * *

– Soooooooob, sob. T, thank you very much!

The fake World Tree waved its disgusting black branches and vibrated intensely.

– I didn’t think that there would be a world to accept me!

Cale removed his hand that was touching the fake World Tree.

“Oh Purifier, thank you very much.”

Olivia touched a branch that was reaching out from the fake World Tree as she spoke.

“I feel like I’ve earned a great new close friend.”


A branch flew over and grabbed Cale’s hand.

– Soooooooooob, she called me a friend! A close friend! Soooooooooooob!


Cale tried to move his hand away from the fake World Tree’s branch, but the branch desperately held onto him and shared its thoughts.

– I’m disappointed that I couldn’t give a proper farewell to the World Tree-nim, but! Now I have my own world! Sob, soooooooooooob!

‘Haaaa, so loud.’

“I’m going to cut this branch off.”

The World Tree did not shake at Cale’s comment.

– I know that you won’t do that. You are actually a very nice person, sir.

The branch slowly withdrew as wrinkles appeared on Cale’s face.

It then roamed around Olivia before gently placing a branch on the Imperial Princess’s extended palm.

“You’ve already become close?”

Olivia slightly chuckled at Cale’s nonchalant question.

“I plan on getting even closer from now on.”


The black branches shook and caused a breeze.

Cale looked around.

There were only a few other people here in addition to Olivia, the World Tree, and Cale.

It was because there was an extremely polluted dead mana area behind the fake World Tree.

The polluted areas and the non-polluted areas… The fake World Tree was placed at the boundary of the two areas.

Olivia looked at the boundary and mumbled almost as if she was talking to herself.

“Really, thank you very much.”

“It was nothing.”

Cale responded back as if it was nothing.

Olivia shook her head.

“But still-”

However, she could not finish her statement.

“Oh, esteemed Purifier-!”

Cale raised his head after hearing the voice that was as loud as thunder.

“Oh, esteemed Purifier, I will, no, please let me!”


Old priest Durst. The man who was the bishop of the church ran toward Cale with his white beard fluttering in the wind.

His face was flushed and his baggy priest robe was fluttering.

‘What is going on?’

Cale felt a mysterious sense of iffiness while looking at Durst running toward him with a red aura around him.

Durst shouted with joy.

“I have received a divine revelation! The Fire of Purification has given me a revelation!”

Cale truly felt iffy about this now.

“…A revelation?”

“Yes, sir! The Pope-nim also received a revelation, but I can report about that later!”

Durst looked at Cale and smiled brightly.

“The Fire of Purification has told me to stay by your side, Purifier-nim!”

“…Excuse me?”

“The Lord has told me to go with you!”

‘I need to return with this old priest Durst?’

Cale thought about there being an opening in the returning spots and looked at Durst.


The healthy old priest was laughing out loud with joy.

The Church of the Fire of Purification had video recording devices and written statements regarding Cale’s achievements.

However, Durst had been disappointed that their meeting was so short.

‘I will be able to see the path of the esteemed Purifier!’

The old priest spoke with excitement.

“There had been many talks about who would prepare the return ceremony, but it looks like the Church can do it! Since I’m going with you as well! Hahahaha!”

“Hold on.”

Cale stopped Durst.

Whether it was a revelation from the Fire of Purification or the issue of Durst accompanying him… Looking past all these things… He had heard a weird word.

“Return ceremony?”

“Ah, it is a farewell party to be more specific. We plan on making it quite grand! It will be something we can be proud to show off in front of the entire continent. Hahahaha!”

A grand farewell party.

Cale’s face turned pale.

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