Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 33: The sun has risen (6)

The Black Tree attack team.

The person in front of the team was Chief Eaen.

– Chief, are you on the move?

“Yes sir.”

Eaen, who had a bandana over her head like a hood, seemed to have a different skin color.

Her skin was now dark brown.

She was a mixed child between a Dark Elf and a human.

She was a Chief but her battle abilities were among the highest of the reconnaissance side.

“Her Royal Highness brought back quite the item.”


Eaen had a video communication device being powered by black magic in one hand and a watch-like bracelet on the other hand.

The bracelet was like a compass, pointing toward the specific direction.

– Report immediately if any unexpected situations occur.

“Yes, Marquis-nim.”

Eaen did not turn off the video communication device and wore it like a necklace.

It was a bit heavy but she had no choice.


‘Yes, uncle.’

‘…Heni Wishrop and her people, especially the person you saw earlier…you must record everything that person does on the video communication device.’

‘I understand.’


Eaen pointed to a side.

It was in the southwest direction.



A Dark Elf kicked off the ground and ran toward that direction.

A black mage caused a gust of wind from right behind Eaen and rushed past her as well.

The attack team’s moving speed immediately increased after her chat with the Marquis.

‘Nobody is falling behind.’

However, not a single one was unable to keep up with them.

There were about 30 core members of Precinct 9’s reconnaissance team.

A lot of people had died in the past half year but these were the skilled elites who had managed to survive until now.

‘…This is unexpected from the candidates though. I guess they are all skilled as well.’

Of course, none of the candidates were falling behind either.

‘About ten people.’

Quite a lot of people had joined the attack team.

‘There aren’t any deadbeats either.’

The candidates joined with some of their helpers.

‘Candidate 12 and helper, candidate 2, candidate 4 and helper, candidate 9-’

The information about the different candidates was being organized in her mind.

Fourth Imperial Prince Noi and one of his subordinates.

Zero and two of his subordinates.


Eaen thought about the rear of the attack team.

‘Heni Wishrop and First Imperial Prince Sanders.’

Their groups were stationed in the back.

First Imperial Prince Sanders even had his helpers, first young lady Huayans, a Dragon, and a mysterious helper.

Behind them were Heni Wishrop and her subordinate, the sword master.

‘No, he is not her subordinate. They are comrades.’

Someone else was their leader.

The person she had assumed was the Chief Advisor…

That man was the leader.

‘That leader and the other person were supposedly going to follow us from a distance.’

Marquis Helson had given Eaen some information.

‘That person is the purifier. He has a Dragon with him and the power of a god.’

Eaen had almost snorted when she heard the power of a god.


There is no such thing.

If there is, why didn’t they do anything until the world ended up like this?’

Eaen had lost her Dark Elf father and her mother, Marquis Helson’s distant relative, to dead mana and mutant monsters.

‘The purifier? That name is not even funny.’

She had heard that the person responsible for that red pillar of fire was this so-called purifier, but Eaen could not believe it as easily as the Marquis had done.

However, it wasn’t that she did not believe it at all.

‘…Uncle is not someone who would believe something without any proof.’

Unlike how he looked, Marquis Helson was smarter than most chiefs and was especially quick at understanding situations.

‘Let’s focus on getting rid of the monster for now.’

Eaen pushed aside the other thoughts on her mind.

She peeked behind her. She could see the candidates moving with their own groups and chatting with each other but decided not to pay attention to it as they were still within the range of the formation.

Everything would happen once they got to the monster, this black tree.

This was the reason Eaen did her best to not pay any attention to the fact that first young lady Huayans was approaching the sword master.


Choi Han looked toward the person who moved to the farthest spot in the formation to come to Mary and his side.

“Nice to meet you, Heni Wishrop-nim.”

First young lady Huayans.

She was wearing a light robe.

The attack team had magic lights that the black mages had summoned, but it was not bright. Furthermore, the area beyond the range of the magic lights was dark.

“Nice to meet you.”

Mary gave a simple response back.

Choi Han was still observing the first young lady.

‘She looks like she is out on a walk.’

The first young lady was as relaxed as someone just taking a casual stroll.

However, her blonde hair shined brightly from the black magic lights.

“Yes, Heni Wishrop-nim. I’m glad I was able to say hello to you. Ah, hello to you as well, sword master-nim.”

First young lady Huayans greeted Choi Han in a gentle yet haughty way.

‘She’s quite skilled.’

Some of the candidates’ helpers were remaining quiet and focusing only on moving as the aura of dead mana was slowly getting thicker.

On the other hand, First young lady Mineh Huayans was maintaining her moving speed and did not seem to be affected by the aura of dead mana at all.

‘Why did she come here?’

Choi Han questioned why she suddenly left her spot in the formation and moved all the way back to him.

However, he thought that he might know the reason behind it as well.

“Nice to meet you, young lady-nim.”

“You as well. By the way, sword master-nim-”

The first young lady was looking at the red aura surrounding Choi Han.

“What is that red aura?”

Couple other people looked toward Choi Han at that moment.

The current attack team was mostly filled with Dark Elves, half-bloods, black mages, and necromancers.

Choi Han and the Dragon were the ones who did not fall under those groups.

‘And the identity of the First Imperial Prince’s last helper is unknown.’

They didn’t know if he was an exception as well.

‘…Everybody is curious about this red light.’

The robe surrounding Choi Han that was glowing red… This was naturally the item from the church that Cale had activated. Choi Han had completely covered the crest inside the robe.


Choi Han quietly observed Mineh Huayans who had asked about the red aura.

‘Choi Han, if someone talks to you and you have to lie, just don’t answer. Just ignore them.’

Choi Han did as Cale had said.


First young lady Mineh laughed in a low voice. She then mumbled.

“I’ve never seen such a red light before.”

Choi Han realized it at that moment.

‘She knows about it.’

Mineh definitely knew that this red light was related to the Church of the Fire of Purification.

At least Choi Han’s intuitions were telling him she does.

And his intuition was usually right about things like this.

“I hope that I have a chance to see this beautiful red light again when we get to the capital.”

Mineh gently commented before slightly bowing to Mary and elegantly walking back to her spot.

The First Imperial Prince turned around.


Choi Han saw First Imperial Prince Sanders mouthing something. Mary saw the same thing.


Mineh placed a hand on the First Imperial Prince’s shoulder at that moment.

Sanders turned his head.

“My good friend Sanders.”

Mineh stood next to Sanders and whispered in an extremely quiet voice.

“Don’t be cheeky.”

Sanders slightly frowned but the expression soon disappeared from his face.

“I’m in a very bad mood already. Of course, I feel like it will get better soon.”

There was a gentle smile on First young lady Mineh’s face.

People who didn’t know what they were talking about would think that Sanders and Mineh were having a fun conversation.


The First Imperial Prince’s other helper… The person covering their face with a deep hood let out a low laugh.

His voice sounded as if he was sneering.

“Things are going very well. Kekeke.”

As for his last helper, there was no change of expression on the Dragon’s face. The Dragon only looked forward.

Her eyes were focused on the thick darkness.

First young lady Mineh looked at the Dragon once before smiling even bigger.

‘I didn’t expect Imperial Princess Olivia to come back alive but things definitely turned interesting.’

A root had extended out of the ‘garden’ because Imperial Princess Olivia survived and ran away.

That was why Marquis Helson has now sort of recognized the existence of the garden, but…

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

She felt quite good looking at these people heading toward the ‘garden’ to become ‘fertilizer.’

How loud will they scream once they fall into the swamp of the garden and slowly turn into fertilizer?

‘I’ll be able to relieve some stress.’

The smile on Mineh’s face became even wider.

She heard a voice in her mind.

– Kekeke. It should be entertaining. Thanks for letting me know about such an entertaining sight.

Mineh turned toward the hooded individual. The First Imperial Prince’s helper who has still hidden his identity…

She smiled again.

The voice she heard in her mind was transmitted differently from how it was done with black magic.

‘Did he call it a sound transmission?’

She used black magic to speak back to the other person’s mind.

– You are curious about that sword master?

She received a response back.

– Yes. The sword art that he uses is similar but different from what our Central Plains uses. I want to dissect his corpse.

Mineh snorted internally as she asked.

– Are you planning on making that jiangshi thing?

– I can’t make that if I dissect him. But I guess I don’t have to dissect him if he dies in good condition. Kekeke.

Mineh stopped paying attention to that helper’s sound transmission.


The Dark Elf scout in front stopped walking.

Mineh turned to look at Eaen.

‘I need to destroy the video communication device in her hand first.’

Then Marquis Helson would not know what happened here at all.

‘Everybody other than us will die.’

Mineh came up with a simple plan and did her best to suppress the feeling of anticipation.

“What is it?”

The scout pointed to the front at Eaen’s question.

“It’s a corpse.”


Eaen approached the scout.


She slightly frowned after hearing a voice behind her.

“…Zero-nim. Please maintain your spot in the formation.”

“Ah, I’m really sorry! Hahaha! I was just curious.”

Zero was looking at the corpse.

Zero pretended not to see Eaen’s sinking gaze behind him as he inspected the corpse.

“It is candidate 17.”

A couple people gasped after hearing his comment.

This was one of the candidates in Imperial Princess Olivia’s team. He was not one of the top candidates but definitely one of the mid-tier candidates.

“The corpse has turned black and he is as skinny as a mummy.”

Zero’s gaze sank down.

His voice reached the others in the attack team.

“That monster really seems to suck people’s life as food.”

Everybody looked at the corpse.

Fourth Imperial Prince Noi stood next to Zero and clenched his fists.


Zero looked at the Fourth Imperial Prince for a moment before turning to look at Heni Wishrop, who was still standing at the back of the group.

Heni Wishrop seemed calm.

Her subordinate the sword master seemed just as calm.

“…I wonder about their true identity.”

Zero quietly mumbled before stepping back. Fourth Imperial Prince Noi turned his head and looked at First Imperial Prince Sanders.

The First Imperial Prince was stoically looking not at the corpse but something else.

Noi turned his head. He moved back to the rear of the team as well.

“Cowardly bastard.”

He clenched his mouth shut. He then looked toward the first young lady.

First young lady Mineh was smiling at the Fourth Imperial Prince like a kind older sister.


Noi did not get angry at that sickening smile.

‘What is going on?’

Heni Wishrop who was standing farther back in the formation than the First Imperial Prince… Her subordinate had an innocent smile on his mouth that was visible because the mask he was wearing did not cover it.

Yes, it was definitely an innocent smile.

‘This is weird.’

Why did such an innocent smile look scary?

Noi felt weird whenever he looked at Heni Wishrop and her people.

‘Who the hell are they?’

An extremely skilled necromancer and a royal from a perished kingdom.

Furthermore, she had a subordinate who was a young sword master but nobody seemed to know about him.

‘I’m sure that the other two have some special traits as well.’

Noi could not think about it any longer.

“If the Second Imperial Princess-nim’s information was correct, we should soon approach the lake with the black tree.”

Eaen covered the corpse with a cloth but did not take it with her.

Everybody looked at her after hearing her voice.

“For the order of entry, search, and countermeasures… Please do as we have discussed.”

Eaen motioned to the scout who kicked off the ground and the attack team started to move once again.

Noi followed the group as he thought to himself.

‘Royal Father. What in the hell are you thinking?’

The Fourth Imperial Prince recalled something his father had told him.

‘Noi. Kill your brother.’

Noi clenched his eyes shut before opening them back and making up his mind.

‘When the hell did I listen to my father? Let’s just ignore it!

I’ll do whatever I want!’

Unlike the First Imperial Prince, Noi had gone to check on Imperial Princess Olivia. Olivia looked as if she would die soon even with Marquis Helson’s subordinates surrounding her to heal her.

‘…I don’t know what the Imperial Palace is thinking.’

Whether it was the Imperial Palace, his father, or even the House of Huayans…

Noi had no idea what any of them were thinking.

He didn’t want to know either.

He was just going to go down the path he thought was the right path.

‘First things first, kill the monster.’

Noi raised his head.

He stopped walking.

He was not the only one.


“Eaen-nim, it seems difficult to keep going.”

Some people groaned while a couple of the attack team members retreated to the back.

“It’s dark.”

Eaen could see a dark wall.

The density of dead mana had already been high but it seemed to be rising exponentially as they approached this wall.

– Chief.

“Marquis-nim, I believe we have arrived.”

This black wall…

It was not a real wall.

Imperial Princess Olivia had explained to them.

‘A black wall suddenly appeared. However, we noticed that it was not a wall when we approached it.’

It was fog.

It was such a dense fog that the magic lights being cast with black magic could not lighten the area.

‘We did not enter the wall and tried to look around it to figure out what it was.’

Eaen started to speak.

“The wall will open soon.”

Imperial Princess Olivia had explained to them.

‘However, that wall suddenly disappeared and that place appeared.’


A breeze blew by.

The fog wall withdrew.

Light sparkled in between the fog wall that had been darker than the darkest moments of the night.

‘It was beautiful. A magical place with white pebbles of light floating around suddenly appeared.’

It was similar to an oasis in the desert.

A lake appeared.


Someone gasped.

A lake with white pebbles of light floating around…

The lake was receiving light from the moon.

The dead mana fog did not cover the sky in this area.

The starlight and moonlight were shining down on the lake.

It was beautiful.

It seemed magical as well.


The lake was large.

The black tree was at the center of the lake.

It seemed quite large as well. It seemed even larger than the Lord’s Castle.

However, it did not look disgusting.

The shiny black tree seemed beautiful and full of life as it reflected the light from the lake.

Eaen started to speak.

“Target located.”

The black tree did not have eyes.

However, Eaen felt as if the monster was looking toward them from the center of the lake.

‘No. It has been waiting for us.’

The monster had been waiting for the approaching prey.

“We are now entering the enemy’s territory from here.”

Choi Han heard Eruhaben’s voice in his mind at that moment.

– We are here as well.

Choi Han closed his eyes.

While everybody’s attention was focused on the black tree and the lake…

He heard a faint noise high up in the sky in the distance.


Choi Han realized it.

A cloud that would swallow up the starlight and the moonlight was coming.

A cloud with the rose gold thunderbolt was heading over.

The darkness would soon disappear.

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