Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 3: It’s exploding. An incident is exploding (3)

“What the hell is going on?!”

“I think the sound came from the door!”

The building beyond the door became rowdy.

The guard at the door recognized Cale and Choi Han but had to complete his duties despite his mind being a chaotic mess.

“I, intruders!”

“There are intruders! They are-”

One of the guards clenched his eyes shut and shouted.



The eyes of the man who was about to shout, Commander, opened wide.

Choi Han, the youngest sword master and the pride of the Roan Kingdom, the person who had destroyed the door, had placed a hand on his shoulder.


Choi Han was looking at the guard with a sunken gaze. The guard had no choice but to close his mouth. Choi Han resembled a sword right now.

He felt as if he would be cut in two if he went against Choi Han’s words.


The guard then saw Commander Cale with whirlwinds by his feet.

“Choi Han, you start from the bottom and come up.”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

“Raon, you stay alert and immediately head to the location if mana changes somewhere in the middle of the building.”

– Human, what about you?

Cale lightly kicked off the ground.


Cale shot up to the sky with a strand of wind behind him.

“I’ll start from the top.”

Cale then sent the whirlwind in his hand out like an arrow.


The top floor of the building… The central terrace window on the fifth floor was destroyed.

“I will start from the top and head down.”

– I understand, human! I will keep an eye on the mana to make sure nobody teleports away!

Cale quickly nodded his head and moved efficiently through the broken terrace window.


He then smiled.

“What the? Did you know that I was going to come?”

The fifth floor was quiet unlike the rest of the building, which was as chaotic as the first floor.

Instead, there were people who looked like knights pointing their swords at Cale.

He could see a luxurious door decorated in gold behind this wall of people.

“Mm. I guess it doesn’t look like they knew I was coming.”

All of the swordsmen except for the person standing at the center of the group were unable to hide their anxiety.


A whirlwind started to roar as it gathered in Cale’s hand once again.

“…We cannot allow such intrusion even if you are the Commander.”

The person standing at the center spoke extremely calmly.

“We will have no choice but to attack you if you attack us first.”

Cale responded to him.


He responded with his whirlwind.


The swordsman who seemed to be the leader sliced through the whirlwind with his sword. There was a faint trace of aura in his attack.


The swordsman charged toward Cale after receiving that order.



However, Cale had used the whirlwind by his feet to jump up into the air when he launched the other whirlwind, allowing his body to easily pass over the wall of swordsmen.

“There’s no need to fight.”


A swordsman shouted and the mages standing at the end of the hallway launched their attacks.

‘The Flynn Merchant Guild really did get much larger.’

Cale had that thought as he leisurely reached a hand out.


Silver wings appeared as a half-transparent silver shield surrounded Cale.


All of the spells touched the shield and exploded without any results. Cale then believed in the momentum of the wind and the sturdiness of the shield to…

“H, he’s going to crash!”

“Dodge, dodge it!”

He just flew toward the door.

The people standing in front of the door naturally dodged him.

“It’s okay! We used magic to securely lock the door! Don’t miss this opening and bind the Commander!”

A swordsman shouted from the back and Cale let out a sigh.

“…I’m a bit strong now.”

‘I fought against the White Star. I fought against a damn god.’

Unless this barrier spell was cast by a Dragon or someone as skilled as Rosalyn…


He was strong enough to break it with a force greater than what the barrier could handle.

“The door-”

“The door is destroyed!”

As the knight-like swordsmen and mages could not hide their shock…

Cale, who was still covered by the obviously completely intact shield, quickly observed the area behind the door.

‘It’s the guild leader’s room.’

It was splendid and luxurious.

This luxurious area seemed to use about two thirds of the fifth floor.

Cale’s expression stiffened up.


“…What the.”

Some of the swordsmen following behind Cale plopped down on the ground.

Many others had already stopped walking.

Cale immediately turned around.

“He’s dead.”

On the shabby looking desk and chair located at the center of this otherwise luxurious room…

An aged man had bled to death on that chair.

His blood was already dry and there was no life in his eyes. He didn’t need to go close to see that this man was dead.

“T, the guild leader-nim has passed-”

Cale immediately shot forward like an arrow as he heard one of the swordsmen mumble.

He then reached his hand toward the back of a bastard who was running away.

“Ugh, ugh!”

The swordsman who looked like the leader…

Cale asked the bastard a question.

“The second. Where is the second son of the guild leader?”

“I, I don’t know!”

Someone climbed the stairs up to the fifth floor and revealed himself in front of Cale as the swordsman shouted.

It was Choi Han.

Choi Han had walked up the stairs while holding the guard from the door dangling on his side.

“They said that the second son of the guild leader has gone away for business today.”


Cale let out a short laugh-like sigh.

However, his expression soon changed.


A strand of water gathered in Cale’s hand before he shoved his hand into the mouth of the swordsman he was holding.


“Like hell I’d let you die.”

Cale pulled out a small pill from inside the swordsman’s mouth.

“Cough, ugh!”

The swordsman could not close his mouth because of the water Cale shoved in there.

“You can’t bite your tongue either so just-”

Cale’s eyes opened wide.

The swordsman started to hold his breath. It was as if he was trying to kill himself that way.

‘This crazy bastard!’

Cale became shocked and threw the swordsman at Choi Han. Of course, he was not using his own strength but the Sound of the Wind.

“Make him faint!”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han put the guard down and received the guard before efficiently hitting the back of the man’s neck to knock him out.

“Ugh. This-”

The swordsman mumbled something to protest but he was already losing consciousness.


Cale was amazed at Choi Han’s ability to cleanly and efficiently knock the man out.

It was at that moment.


There was a loud explosion and the entire building started to shake.



The people who had been feeling shock and chaos at the merchant guild leader’s death as well as Cale and the one swordsman’s actions curled their bodies in fear.

– Human! Someone tried to teleport away so I just destroyed the magic circle on the ground!

– The bastard who was trying to run away is the merchant guild leader’s first son!

– I used magic to tie him up despite remaining invisible and he started telling me everything while shaking in fear!

Cale quietly nodded his head after hearing the culprit of this rumbling, Raon, speaking to him in an excited voice.

‘…Scary bastards.’

Choi Han and Raon truly were vicious individuals.

‘It’s a good thing they are on my side.’

Cale had that thought internally as he calmly commented to the individuals looking at him and gently smiled.

“Don’t be shocked too much as none of you will get hurt.”

They all avoided Cale’s gaze without saying anything.

Cale was at the center of all these things.

“People from the palace will be here soon. You will all need to remain quietly in place until then. Only then will there be no misunderstanding between us.”

Cale didn’t think that there seemed to be any problematic people except for this leader swordsman or the first son who was trying to run away. However, he had to prepare for the unexpected and spoke as gently as possible in order to prevent any innocent people from trying to run away because they were scared.

“Ah, by the way, I memorized all of your faces so there is no point in running away. There is someone who will make sure each and every one of you is caught.”

That extremely thorough crown prince would not let even one person get away.

Cale spoke as if he was giving them advice and turned toward Choi Han.


Cale didn’t care about the sound of one of the swordsmen dropping their swords. Instead, he had a slightly confused look on his face while looking at Choi Han.

“Choi Han-”

“…Yes, Cale-nim?”

‘What the?’

Choi Han, who was looking out the destroyed terrace, urgently looked toward Cale.

“What is it?”

Choi Han looked around before shaking his head.

“It’s nothing, Cale-nim.”


Choi Han looked suspicious but Cale didn’t care as he knew that Choi Han did not hide anything if there was something he needed to say.

“You guard this place. I am going to go to Raon and contact the palace. Of course, I’m sure that his highness already sent some reinforcements.”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale then headed down to Raon on the fourth floor.

Choi Han watched Cale disappear before turning his head to look past the terrace window again.

“…That should have been a crow, right?”

A black figure had landed on the terrace ledge for a moment before disappearing just now. It had been so short and he had not paid much attention to it because he did not sense any mana, aura, or any other sensation.

However, there was one thing that was on his mind.

It was such a short moment that he did not see properly, but…

“…A bat? A hawk?”

‘It’s the middle of the day and we are in the capital. Why would there be a bat?

Isn’t a hawk not fitting for a city like this?’

The confused Choi Han shook his head.

‘A hawk, a bat, none of them should be a problem.’

Raon would have noticed it if it had contained any weird force.

Choi Han thought that he would either pull out his sword, report to Cale, or do something if he saw that black figure again as he addressed the people on the fifth floor.

“Please listen to me. I do not wish to fight. If possible.”

He meant it.

* * *

The fourth floor was quiet as well.

Everybody was breathing quietly while looking at one person.

Tap. Tap.

Cale walked down the silent hallway at a leisure pace before opening the door.

“C, Commander-nim-!”

– Human, I’m glad you are here!

Some people in the room were bound up with black rope. Anybody would be able to tell that these ropes were made of mana.

‘That guy must be the first son.’

The man who was tightly bound compared to the others could not hide his chaotic mind once he saw Cale. This seemed too realistic to be an act.

‘Hold on, was the first son of the Flynn Merchant Guild the type to reveal his emotions like this?

In that case, it makes sense why the second son and Billos were being considered to be the heir.

Cale stood in front of the first son and calmly spoke.

“The merchant guild leader is dead.”


The eldest son was silent.

“You knew.”

Cale asked.

“Where did the second child go?”

Flinch. The first son’s shoulders started shaking. He was finally looking at Cale properly. He then warily looked around before speaking.

“What relationship with the second-, no.”

The eldest son shook his head. Cale could feel a sparkle returning to the eldest son’s eyes.

“I’m not sure where the second went. I just, I just-”

He clenched his eyes shut and continued to speak.

“I was worried that the second would try to kill me, Commander-nim.”


The eldest son looked into Cale’s eyes that had been calm since the beginning.

His eyes seemed deep but transparent. He also could not feel any emotions through them.

‘My eldest son. Immediately look for Billos, no, go to the Commander if something ever happens to me. I’m sure that Billos would have gone to look for him.”

The eldest son recalled what happened this morning.

He had a stealthy conversation with his father.

“My father stealthily visited my residence late last night. He then told me… He said that he was going to remove our second brother from the successor position.


“He seemed quite concerned that second brother would find out about it. If he found out- and if-”

The eldest son lowered his head.

“He said to run away without even looking behind if something happened to the Flynn Merchant Guild. He said that he could already be dead if that was the case.”

His voice was shaking so much.

Cale calmly responded to him.

“Raise your head.”

Cale needed to see the look on this person’s face.

He felt the sadness of a son who had lost his father, but Cale also thought about Billos’s terrible appearance and the people who did not consider him a part of the family.

Cale only focused on the task at hand.

“Then did you try to run away as soon as the chaos started?”

“Yes, Commander-nim. I was certain that I would be next after Billos and my father.”


The eldest son observed Cale. Although he did not have his name in line as successor as the second son and Billos, he was skilled enough and had enough tact to maintain his position as the eldest son.

“…It looks like you don’t have a good relationship with second brother, Commander-nim.”


“Will you protect me from him?”

The eldest son lowered his head and pointed at his pocket.

“I have a map of the secret location where the official stamp of the Flynn Merchant Guild Leader is hidden. No business can take place without this stamp.”

“I will protect you.”

The deal took place in an instant.

The eldest son sighed. His head was down and his shoulders slightly moved up and down before his whole body started to shake.


This cry that sounded almost like a full sob made Cale look at him for a moment before motioning to the air.

“Please connect the video communication device to his highness.”

– I got it, human! But can I be nice when I tie the eldest son up? I promise it’ll be enough so that he can’t run away!


Cale shook his head and asked the eldest son a question.

“Will you go up to the fifth floor?”

The fifth floor was where the merchant guild leader was located.


Cale spoke in a low voice after seeing the eldest son, who was kneeling on the ground while tied up, basically bowing to the point of falling over.

“I guess you have a pretty good idea as to what the second child has done.”

“…I believe that he did something that does not bode well for the Roan Kingdom.”

Cale’s close relationship with Billos was one factor, but this was the main reason why this guy did not resist and bowed so respectfully right now despite Cale’s sudden intrusion.

– Human, I’ll come after moving him there! Here’s the video communication device!

A video communication device that had just started to connect appeared in the air and Cale grabbed it in his hand.

Raon used magic to move the tied people up to the fifth floor.

Cale watched this for a bit and turned to look at the video communication device now that he was alone.

The crown prince’s face should appear soon.

Cale subconsciously commented in that short instant.

“…Many have died.”

Too many had died in such a short period of time.

The people at the King’s Palace, the Flynn Merchant guild leader, there were probably a lot of people dead at the Orsena Estate as well since it was on fire. Most of them would have no relation to this incident.

This was basically the first time Cale faced such a situation in this world aside from during the wars.

‘The Hunters.

What the fuck are these sons of bitches thinking?

Then there is young lady Orsena and the second son of the Flynn Merchant Guild. And what of the king?’

The king definitely showed a lot of hatred for the Hunters.

As a result, it was extremely unlikely for him to have sided with the Hunters.

Numerous theories popped into Cale’s mind.

‘Did the second son and young lady Orsena really side with the Hunters and try to abduct the king?

Is that why the king was either abducted or ran away?’


Cale flinched mid thought and pulled a black book out of his inner pocket.

It was the God of Death’s divine item.

< Endable >

It was the book where the word, Endable, had been written.

That book suddenly started to react.

It heated up and started gently shaking.


Cale got chills on his back for some reason. He placed the video communication device on a table and quickly opened the book.


Once Cale touched the book, the pages moved on their own and stopped on a page.


It wasn’t there.

< Endable >

The word describing where Lee Soo Hyuk was had disappeared from the book.

Something else was written there instead. It was not in Korean but in the language of this world.

< Puzzle City >

But those words were slowly disappearing as well.

New words took their spot.


< Huiss City >

“The capital?”

Cale jerked his head up.


‘He’s at the Roan Kingdom’s capital?

The reincarnated team leader is here?


“…I thought that he would be a baby.”

‘Is he much older than I thought?’

Cale had thought that the team leader had reincarnated not too long ago.

However, would a baby be able to go from Endable and come to the Roan Kingdom’s capital?


If it is the team leader, something like that does sound possible.

No, either way-’


‘He came here?’

– What’s here?

The tired face of the crown prince appeared on the screen of the video communication device at that moment.

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