Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 199: The trade has been established (5)

A couple of ships arrived at Hainan.

Arriving late at night, the boats stealthily arrived at shore for a person to get off and hide his identity in the darkness as he moved.

However, the people who needed to know his identity were aware of it.

That was the reason they kept quiet and did not show themselves.

“…He’s arrived?”

“Yes, Coalition leader-nim.”

The Triumvirate. The three major forces of the Martial Arts world… Sima Pyeong, the leader of the Divergent Coalition, the core of the Unorthodox faction, quietly looked out to see that it was darker than usual.

He had told his subordinates not to go outside once the sun set unless it was extremely essential to do so.

That esteemed individual made it clear that he did not want others to see him, so Sima Pyeong had no choice but to keep his subordinates in check in order to not be on that person’s bad side.

This should be the same for the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult as well.

‘Ah…maybe the Demon Cult would be a bit different?’

Sima Pyeong continued that unnecessary thought before quietly mumbling to himself.

“I did not expect the Emperor to personally come.”


Sima Pyeong quietly chuckled after seeing his confidant flinch at his comment. ‘Emperor.’ Seeing how his confidant became scared just hearing that word made it possible to feel the status of the Emperor.

Furthermore, Sima Pyeong did not put much meaning to mentioning the Emperor.

“It’s not like there are people spying on us. Why are you so scared?”


His subordinate finally relaxed.

“Did you think I would say something like that without knowing if people were around?”

“Ah, of course not, sir.”

The subordinate subconsciously agreed. If Sima Pyeong, who was better at observing his surroundings than anybody else, casually mentioned the Emperor, it must mean that it was a safe situation to do so.


Sima Pyeong chuckled at his confidant who immediately agreed with him and looked out the window.

The moon was covered by the clouds and there were less torches than normal.

‘Both the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult’s sides are quiet as well.’

However, there were bound to be people who were unable to fall asleep tonight.

They were probably as alert as he was, looking to gather even the slightest of information through this silence.


Maybe they were chaotically busy, just as he had been, sending subordinates out of the island as soon as they heard that the Emperor was coming in order to inform their respective groups.

‘He made that merciless Emperor move.’

The Emperor was known to be extremely giving to his people, but he did not give the slightest of openings to the Martial artists. In fact, the Martial Arts World deemed him to be merciless.

Since such a person had personally left the Imperial Palace, information would be spread not just in the Martial Arts world but for all power figures in the Central Plains.

The Emperor claimed that he would come stealthily but did not hide his movements.

He was basically saying that he didn’t care if people knew.

However, it was this attitude that made the martial artists act more reserved.

“Anyway, Coalition leader-nim, what kind of person must young master Kim be?”

Was it because this person thought that there were no eyes spying on them? The confidant asked in a relaxed manner.

Sima Pyeong scowled for a moment.

The confidant flinched in response when Sima Pyeong mumbled in a casual voice.

“Someone who is the center of the Central Plains, the sun of our world, is willing to personally come meet.”

The sun, the center of the Central Plains.

These were two of the countless ways they addressed the Emperor.

Someone who could make the person with such lofty titles rush over to meet him…

Kim Hae-il.

What word could be used to describe this person?

‘There are none.’

The more he learned about this person, the less words he found to describe this person.


No. He was definitely human.

In that case, was it right to call him a person?

How could they when what he had shown was beyond what a person could do?

‘Furthermore, what about his disposition?’

He was good-natured.

However, he was not always good-natured.

Then was he evil?

Sima Pyeong would answer no to that question.


However, there is one thing he could say about this person.

‘He is like the vast ocean.’

The vast ocean that stopped a big disaster.

Kim Hae-il.

The vast ocean was the only way he could describe this person.

He was not an existence that could be contained in this human world.

He was something bigger.

That was what brought a question to Sima Pyeong’s mind.

‘Is he really someone from the Imperial family?’

The rumors that young master Kim Hae-il was a member of the Imperial family…

The story that he was associated with them…

The talk about how he was an elder relative of the Emperor…

“…That does not seem to be the case.”

There were things he learned little by little while being by that person’s side.

Of course, these were things that only Sima Pyeong, Zhuge Mi Ryeo, and the Heavenly Demon, the ones who had been by young master Kim and his people’s side on the battlefield, could feel, but…

‘They’re different.’

Kim Hae-il and his people…

For some reason, it felt as if they were not from the Central Plains.

In that case, were they from a country outside the Central Plains?

‘…That does not seem to be the case either.’

Sima Pyeong observed the inside of his body.

He took a deep breath at the same time.

He could feel that thing called mana that his master, the young black Dragon, had taught him about.

‘This is not a method of this world.’

It was a power made from the laws of a different world.

Having intelligence that rivaled Zhuge Mi Ryeo, Sima Pyeong could only arrive at one conclusion.

‘Kim Hae-il.’

He was a person from a different world.

He was not from here.


The fact that the Emperor had come here-

“Is he leaving?”

Sima Pyeong’s gaze sank down.

Disappointment could be seen in his eyes.

Disappointment that such a strong person was leaving…

Disappointment that he could no longer learn from his master…


“Yes, Coalition leader-nim.”

The fact that the Emperor rushed over should mean that they would be leaving soon.

“Come do something with me.”

“Excuse me?”

He closed the window.

Within the darkness outside…

There were probably quite a lot of people having the same thought as him. He needed to hurry.

He nonchalantly commented to the confused subordinate.

“We can’t let our benefactor leave with empty hands.”

The Orthodox faction, Demon Cult… Just as they had their respective laws…

“We may be the Unorthodox faction but we are the best when it comes to loyalty.”

As a way to thank his master for his benevolence…

Sima Pyeong will be quickly moving around tonight.

This was the same for the other areas.

“Young master Kim Hae-il is definitely not a person of this world.”


The Cleave Saint let out a groan-like grunt.

However, he could not say anything against Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s statement. The power of a person who could stop a large tsunami was not something that could be understood by the martial arts of the Central Plains.

“And it looks like he will be leaving soon.”

“…We can’t let our benefactor just leave like this.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo nodded her head in agreement to the Namgung Clan’s Sword Saint’s mumbling.

“We need to show our gratitude as best as we can.”

“That’s right.”

The Sword Saint nodded his head as if that was obvious before his gaze sank.

“…However, this is bad.”

“That is correct.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo got up.

There was a map of the entire Central Plains in this temporary office set up in Hainan for the Orthodox faction.

“The Central Plains will be peaceful for a while once young master Kim Hae-il leaves.”

Elder Ho agreed.

“That’s right. We overcame a large disaster that could have destroyed the whole Central Plains, so we will all be catching our breaths for a while.”

“And while everybody is catching their breaths, we need to run like hell.”

Everybody nodded their heads with serious expressions on their faces at Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s comment.

The Chief Advisor continued with a cold look on her face.

“We were arrogant. We have been too arrogant.”

The Sword Saint clenched his eyes shut.

“Our Orthodox faction has been overconfident. We thought ourselves to be strong.”

Nobody could say anything against that.

“Even without the Heavenly Demon, we would not be able to defeat the Demon Cult. Furthermore, the Unorthodox faction has gotten stronger than anything we could have ever imagined. As for their Coalition leader, he has become the disciple of the divine beast, the Yong-nim.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo clenched her eyes shut before opening them back.

The future of the Orthodox faction looked bleak.

“That is why we need to work like hell to get stronger. Otherwise, we will be swallowed up.”

Nobody said anything to disagree with her. They all showed their agreement through silence.

The Sword Saint finally started speaking.

“Do you have a plan for that?”

“Yes sir.”

Zhuge Mi Ryeo immediately answered as if she had been waiting for this question.

“First, we need to fix this arrogant attitude of ours.”

She soon explained the way for the Orthodox faction to get stronger.

Their discussions about how to renew the Orthodox faction continued deep into the night.

The Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction…

While the two factions were busily moving…

The gathering of the Demon Cult’s major figures was quiet.

The Heavenly Demon was seated on a wide rock in the garden.


He placed an empty alcohol glass on a table on top of a boulder.

He then spoke as if he was disappointed.

“It is truly disappointing that you do not enjoy alcohol.”


His empty glass was filled.

“You have so many things that disappoint you.”

Choi Han was the one to fill his glass.

The Heavenly Demon smirked before emptying the glass once again.


He placed his glass down again and nonchalantly asked.

“Are you guys leaving?”

“That’s right.”



“You can leisurely spend your time like this right now?”

Choi Han did not answer that question.

The Heavenly Demon chuckled and figured out his own answer.

“I guess you came after getting permission from your liege.”

Choi Han used silence to tell him he was correct.

Choi Han had talked to Cale, who should be talking to the Emperor right now, ahead of time to come meet with the Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon asked, as if he was saying something obvious.

“So then, why did you come to see me?”

It was as if he knew that Choi Han was not someone who would have come for no reason.

This was the truth.

Choi Han looked like an affectionate person, but he only cared for his people.

“There is something I wish to learn from you.”

“What is it?”

Choi Han poured some alcohol in his own glass that had been empty this whole time. He then emptied it into his mouth in one gulp as he spoke.

“I want to know how you handled dead mana.”


That was the process Cale used to return jiangshis to their original state.

At that time, the Heavenly Demon was the only person who would work with Cale and be useful.


Now that Choi Han knew how that world was, he wanted to learn that method from the Heavenly Demon in order to help Cale.

“Ha. That is something that you can only use if you were poisoned by that evil aura, that thing you guys call dead mana.”

Honestly speaking, the Heavenly Demon had pushed out the majority of the dead mana in his body. He had completely gotten rid of it in his heart and lower dantian.

“I have not been able to completely get rid of the dead mana in my smaller meridians, veins, and places like that. That would take a long time.”

The human body had hundreds of meridians and countless numbers of blood veins.

There were tiny traces of dead mana still left within them, which allowed the Heavenly Demon to put his own ki into young master Kim’s power to help pave a path for him to purify the others.

Choi Han nodded his head after hearing everything the Heavenly Demon had to say. He then nonchalantly commented.

“I said I wanted to learn the way, not learn it with my own body.”

The Heavenly Demon’s eyes finally clouded over.

“…Is there someone who can learn this?”

“Yeah. At least two people.”

Choi Han had shared this thought to Cale and had gotten permission. Cale had also said it was a good idea.

“Two people… Who are they? They would at least need to be as familiar with dead mana as I am and be skilled at handling the flow of it. Furthermore, they need to have something as their own foundation in addition to the dead mana.”

Choi Han thought about those two people.


Saint Jack’s younger sister and a sword master who controlled her own power in addition to dead mana.

And the other person…

A sword master whose skills were potentially just slightly under Choi Han’s level and a person who was born with even more innate talent than Hannah.

‘Clopeh Sekka.’

Hannah and Clopeh Sekka.

He was predicting that one of those two people would manage to learn the method the Heavenly Demon used to help Cale with the purification.

Of course, Choi Han could come into contact with dead mana and learn it as well, but…

‘That is not my path.’

It was different from the path Choi Han wanted to walk.

However, it should be okay for him to deliver this other path to someone else.

‘I don’t know about Hannah, but…’

Wouldn’t Clopeh Sekka be happy to learn it?

Choi Han thought about Clopeh Sekka who carried dead mana in his body like a tomb bomb before his expression subconsciously turned unsettled.

However, his face quickly returned to normal after seeing the confused look on the Heavenly Demon’s face.

He pulled a book out of his pocket and handed it to the Heavenly Demon.

“…What is this?”

“A treasure map.”

Cale had given Choi Han an order when he told Choi Han to meet the Heavenly Demon.


Choi Han calmly continued to speak as the Heavenly Demon looked at him in shock.

“It is the location of the Peerless God of War’s tomb.”

Information that Cale basically ripped out of Central Plains was delivered to the Heavenly Demon through Choi Han.


The Heavenly Demon became speechless.

“He told me to give this to you. He also told me to tell you to learn this.”


“He said a day might come when he calls for you.”


The Heavenly Demon’s eyes clouded over.

He asked in an oddly excited voice.

“Are you guys inviting me to your fight?”

“Yes. Do you not like it?”


A bright smile appeared on the Heavenly Demon’s gruff face.

He looked like a child like this.

“I like it. I like it very much.”

However, he returned the book to the table.

“But is it okay if I don’t learn this?”


It was Choi Han’s turn to be confused. The Heavenly Demon answered with a smile on his face.

“I wish to walk my own path as well. Just like you.”

Choi Han’s expression turned odd.

The Heavenly Demon’s smile became even brighter. His gruff eyes were full of life.

“I got the tiniest glimpse of the path I need to walk.”

Choi Han mumbled in response, sounding full of admiration.

“…You’re quite amazing.”

“Haha. Not as amazing as you.”

Choi Han shook his head.

He had lived much longer than the Heavenly Demon.

That was why he was surprised that the Heavenly Demon managed so much at his young age.

He would definitely become an even stronger existence.

‘Cale-nim told me. He said that the Heavenly Demon is the strongest human in the Central Plains.’

That was the reason that a day may come when they need his help.

Cale’s thought seemed to be correct.

“Choi Han.”


“I wish to spar with you the next time we meet.”

A smile appeared on Choi Han’s face.

“Sounds good.”

His eyes became full of interest. They looked the same as the Heavenly Demon’s eyes.

“If you create your own path, we will exchange blades.”

However, he chose a goal for the Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon’s eyes sparkled even more after hearing that. It was quite entertaining to hear the voice of a strong individual who saw him as a weaker being and set a goal for him.

“Very well. I like it.”

The Heavenly Demon agreed before pointing to the book.

“But I will still find a fitting master for this book. By the looks of it, it would be better for you guys the more strong individuals you have.”

“Yeah. Do as you wish.”

Cale had also said that to Choi Han.

Give the Heavenly Demon the book and let him do as he pleases.

He never told Choi Han to tell the Heavenly Demon to learn the Peerless God of War’s martial arts.

He simply said that the Heavenly Demon’s discerning eye was the most reliable in the Central Plains.

“I look forward to our next meeting.”


The Heavenly Demon extended his glass and Choi Han tapped his against it before thinking to himself.

‘I miss it.’

He missed the people he would see soon, his hometown.

That was why Choi Han did not manage to empty that glass.

* * *


A bright light wrapped around Cale.

“Human, did you tell the crown prince when we were coming back?”

“Yeah, I told him earlier.”

Cale let the bright light take him.

He should be in the Temple of the God of Death in the Roan Kingdom’s capital when he opens his eyes.

‘Let’s rest a bit and prepare to head out to Aipotu.’

Cale thought about the few requests he will have for Alberu, who should be there to greet them, and organized his thoughts.

He told Alberu about when they would arrive as well as a short summary of everything that had happened until now.

He decided that it would make things easier to tell things in advance to the person who understood him the most.


Cale opened his eyes.

He was in the temple of the God of Death. He saw the room that he saw whenever he left this world.


He then became anxious.


Alberu was holding a video communication device with both hands, quietly standing there.

He looked extremely respectful.

Cale couldn’t even look at that as he blankly stood there.


Only some silly noises flowed out of his mouth.

It could not be helped.


Raon shouted with joy.

“Did you all come to greet us?”

Raon’s upbeat voice from his excitement…

Cale ignored it as he looked at the people who came to greet them.


First was ancient Dragon Eruhaben, who was standing there without any expressions visible on his face.

Next was the grey-haired Dragon, Rasheel, with the attribute of Indomitability.

Next was Dodori with the fluffy pink hair.

Furthermore, Dodori’s mom Mila was standing there with an extremely serious look on her face.

And in the video communication device screen that Alberu was respectfully holding…

There was the Dragon half-blood who was now living as a Bone Dragon, and…

– Welcome back.

The former Dragon Lord, Raon’s mother Sheritt, was smiling at Cale, Raon, and the others.

Cale’s instincts were speaking to him.


Raon, who heard that he was the hope of that world…

The Dragons had gathered after hearing the information Cale had told Alberu.

Cale figured out the situation and subconsciously glared at Alberu.


The crown prince pretended not to see his gaze.

This was the first time he felt betrayed by the crown prince.

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