Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 198: The trade has been established (4)

Huff huff.

The heavily breathing Raon and… Next to him…

“Young master-nim, could you please explain what happened?”

Ron Molan was looking down at Cale with a gentle smile on his face.


Cale’s heart was beating extremely wildly even compared to when he saw the God of Balance.

‘This vicious old man!’

His mouth was definitely smiling but his gaze was vicious.

Cale’s body tensed underneath the blanket. It had been a while since he had reacted like this.

An even more vicious story was shared in a gruff voice.

“I was worried that you fainted from a delayed rebound from your Bai Hui Point opening.”

You could hear the concern and relief in his calm voice if you paid close attention.

Of course, something like that was not important to Cale.

‘Heavenly Demon, why is he saying shit like this again?!’

Cale jerked his body up after making eye contact with the Heavenly Demon.


He subconsciously groaned.

His head felt dizzy because he suddenly stood up after being prone for over 47 hours.

It was no big deal.

It wasn’t as if he had orthostatic hypotension.

“Oh no, is your head about to explode?”

However, this Heavenly Demon bastard was saying things to drive Cale nuts.

‘You little bastard!’

Cale’s eyes were full of rage. He clenched his dizzy head, glared at the Heavenly Demon and then realized something.

‘He’s so serious.’

The look on the Heavenly Demon’s face was extremely serious.

Despite speaking with simple words and a calm tone, his expression was extremely concerned for Cale.


Cale could not say anything after seeing this serious face that clearly showed his emotions.

That expression slowly turned unsettled.

‘What is up with him?’

He avoided Heavenly Demon’s gaze and opened his mouth.

“I didn’t faint because my body was in pain nor because of a rebound.”

Pat pat. He petted Raon’s smooth back. He then saw the young monk statue rolling on the ground near Raon.

‘I’m sure that was called a precious treasure because it has the power of a World Tree.’

So why was it that the young monk’s cheek was a bit cracked and crushed?

Cale felt as if he knew the reason but feigned ignorance.

Instead, he started speaking a bit faster.

“I had a short dream.”


Instead of looking at Raon, who was tilting his head in confusion, Cale looked at the Heavenly Demon.

“Looks like I should give you some space.”

The Heavenly Demon must have understood the meaning behind Cale’s gaze as he walked about before Cale could say anything.

“Kim Hae-il, is it okay for me to tell the others that you are okay?”


“Goodbye then.”

The Heavenly Demon returned to his usual gruff self and left the room without any regrets.

Only then did Cale realize that not many people were around him.

Choi Jung Soo, Lee Soo Hyuk, Beacrox, Choi Han, none of them were here.

Neither were Toonka and priest Durst.

“Young master-nim, they are all out doing their own things. I remained to take care of you.”

Ron smiled benignly.

Cale flinched. Ron didn’t care and gently asked.

“What did you mean by a dream?”

Cale answered immediately as he had no reason to hesitate.

He started from the beginning.

“The God of Death sent me a message-”


The breathing was getting heavy.

Cale looked down. Raon was clenching the silk duvet cover as if he was going to rip it.

“God of Death… I’ll get you for this……”

Cale quickly added on after seeing Raon’s extremely violent demeanor.

“It’s not his fault.”


The breathing became a bit more relaxed.

“Anyway, the reason I suddenly lost consciousness is because the God of Balance showed up.”

Cale did not tell them everything, but… He shared some simple things with everyone.

‘I’ll keep the things about Lock and Raon out.’

The fact that the two of them might be the pivotal figures in Aipotu…

There was no reason to say that in front of Raon.

Raon already had some ideas about the weight placed on him; Cale could not put any more weight on Raon’s shoulders.

As for Lock-

‘I’ll need to see him in person and talk it out.’

He heard that Lock was with the Tiger tribe right now. He had no idea if Lock was doing well.

“Human, human!”

“What is it?”

Raon’s eyes were sparkling. They were sparkling quite a bit.

“So the God of Balance was trying to work you like a dog while the God of Hope is trying to help you?”

“Mm. I guess based on what I’ve seen that is basically the case?”

“I got it!”

Raon then mumbled in a quiet voice.

“…The God of Death, Central Plains, the God of Balance, the Hunters-”

Cale felt as if he heard something he should not have heard.

What kind of list was this vicious Dragon creating right now? He suddenly got the chills.


He heard an odd noise.

Clunk. Chhh.

Cale flinched after looking toward the direction of the noise.

‘Wow, that surprised me.’

The young monk statue.

It was suddenly squirming. Extremely oddly at that.

The statue made of boulder creaked eccentrically a few times before it turned its now very elongated face to the side.

It looked straight out of a horror movie.


It made that weird noise again.

Cale subconsciously gulped and then the young monk started speaking.

“Aigoo, it hurts so much.”

Anybody would be able to tell that it was Central Plains’ voice.

Cale’s gaze turned cold.


Central Plains did not return to the appearance of the young monk he had when they first met. He remained as a stone statue and scratched his cheeks.

Chh chh.

His cheeks, no, pieces of rock felt to the ground.

Central Plains blankly looked at the pieces of rock falling off before raising his head to look at Raon.

Raon, who was on the bed, nonchalantly commented with a scowl on his face.


For a moment, Cale thought that he himself had spoken.

Raon’s tone and way of speaking was exactly the same as his.

The young monk slowly avoided Raon’s gaze and rubbed his hands.

“Hehe… Cale-nim, now that you are awake, shouldn’t we continue the conversation we were unable to finish?”

Cale casually asked back.

“What did you bring?”

Since it was time to return to Roan, it was time for Central Plains to pay up.

Sssssssss— sss— The stone hands rubbed even faster.

“That, I truly, umm, you see, I…”

Flutter flutter. Raon flew up into the air. He then stuck onto Ron’s back and quietly stared at Central Plains with his eyes right above Ron’s shoulder.

Central Plains did not dare to look in that direction and urgently opened up his arms.

“Please take me!”


Cale instantly rejected it.

“No, not me but this body! This statue with the power of a World Tree!”

Cale quietly observed, making Central Plains speak even faster.

“There is quite a bit of a World Tree’s power inside here! Since Aipotu is an old world, even a portion of their World Tree’s power is quite significant. Of course, a lot of the power seems to have disappeared while activating the formation in the Blood Cult, but…”

Central Plains patted his chubby belly.

“There is enough to be the seed to create a new World Tree.”

Cale’s eyes clouded over. Central Plains must have noticed this as he smiled.

“Aipotu will need a new World Tree. It should grow if you plant this statue somewhere in that world.”

That was quite helpful information.

Honestly speaking, Cale’s group had no reason to make a formation like the ones the Dragons of Aipotu had used. They had a lot of precious information, but they could not think of how to use it.

Central Plains’ advice in such a situation was quite helpful.

This was even more so because it was right after Cale had met with the God of Balance.

‘An existence appearing to carry the burden of the destroyed balance would be extremely beneficial to us.’

That was what the God of Hope had said.

One of the existences that could carry the burden of the imbalance, the World Tree, had lost its intelligence and could not fulfill its duty.

If a new World Tree was to appear in such a situation-

‘It is highly likely that it would be able to, with the help of the Blue Wolves who are known as the King of Beasts, handle a significant amount of the imbalance.’

Then the burden that would fall on Cale and his people should basically disappear.

“This is quite useful.”

Cale nodded his head.

As Central Plains’ face lit up…

“Raon did a great job.”

Central Plains’ face sulked again while Raon’s face lit up.

“Human, did I do well?”

“Yeah. Dragons really are great and mighty.”

“That’s right! Dragons are great and mighty!”

Cale paid no attention to Raon flapping his wings in joy and looked at Central Plains. His gaze made Central Plains start to speak again.

“Yes, of course. This was all Raon-nim’s accomplishment.”


Central Plains looked more solemn than he had expected.


Underneath the bed… The young monk statue stood up straight before looking up at Cale.

And then…


He knelt down and kowtowed.

“I truly am poooooooooooooooor—!”

He desperately shouted.


As Cale frowned and called out to Central Plains…

“That is why I will pay it off with my bodyyyyyyyy—-!”


As Cale was about to frown some more wondering what kind of nonsense he was saying…


Central Plains suddenly pushed a piece of paper to Cale on the bed.

Cale read the words written on the paper.

“…Employment contract?”

“Yes sir!”

Central Plains stood at attention and energetically answered.

“Currently, Aipotu has no contact with a world or a god. They also have lost contact with all wanderers who have been dispatched out there! Cale-nim, the person you know, Mr. Choi Jung Gun, is also unable to be contacted! That is why you will face quite a stormy voyage when you get to that world, Cale-nim!”


He decided to hear him out for now.

“However, if this employment contract is generated, I will become linked with the divine item in your possession, allowing me to get involved to a degree with that world!”


Central Plains had a sparkle in his eyes as he spoke to the nonchalant Cale.

Of course, he was still just a pile of rocks.

He seemed to notice as Central Plains suddenly started becoming overly energetic.

“I! Will be able to handle some of the negative karma, sir! Of course, I am still just a baby world so I am unable to handle a lot of the negative karma, but! As indicated in the contract, I will give it my best, sir! I will lose my standing if I do not give it my best, so of course I will give it my best, sir!”

He stood at attention and continued to shout energetically.

“Furthermore! I can even deliver some of the power of the Central Plains to that world if you would like, sir! In addition, as long as that world has not had its standing obliterated, I will be able to look into that world as well, sir! In that case, there will be multiple existences that can carry the weight of the imbalance, creating a higher level of safety for you and your people, sir!”


Central Plains made eye contact with Cale and shouted once again.

“This is also a contract that has been approved by the God of Balance, sir! That god will not be able to meddle with it, sir!”


They made eye contact again.

Central Plains urgently spoke again.

“Of course, I also plan on offering up some of the elixirs in my possession as well, sir!”

He then lowered his head and fiddled with his fingers.

“…It is not much compared to Xiaolen noonim, but this is the best of what I have to offer, sir.”

Silence filled the room.

Central Plains’ stone statue started sweating.

Flap, flap.

Only the sound of Cale flipping through the contract echoed through the silence.

As sweat even filled on Central Plains’ smooth back…

“Hey Central Plains.”

“Y, yes sir?”

He raised his head to see that Cale was smiling gently. Central Plains subconsciously flinched and took a step back.

“Come closer.”

Cale motioned with his fingers.

Central Plains fidgeted his fingers and slowly walked over to Cale’s side.

Cale reached his hand out.

He then touched Central Plains’ back.

He could feel the texture of the stone. However, that was not important to Cale.

“You gave it your best.”

Central Plains’ face lit up at his gentle tone.

“Yes, yes sir! I truly did what I could to the best of my abilities, sir!”

“Yes, yes. So we just need to fix a few things.”

“…Excuse me?”

Central Plains blankly asked back and Cale smiled elegantly as if it was no big deal and explained.

“Over here, where it says that you will give it your best, let’s change it to do everything in your power. And this part about the power I can take from the Central Plains to use in Aipotu, shouldn’t that be explained more accurately as well? It could get weird if you awkwardly say that something is not possible later. Hmm?”

“Umm, umm-”

“Don’t worry. It will all be within things you are capable of doing. Why don’t we modify the contract a little more? That’s okay, right?”

Central Plains blankly stared at the refreshing smile on Cale’s face for a bit before nodding his head.

“Yes, yes sir! Umm, as long as we discuss it together and then modify it!”

“Of course, of course. We will both seriously discuss things and achieve what we both want.”

Central Plains seemed bewitched by Cale’s words as he nodded his head again.

After chatting a few more times like that, Cale handed the newly completed contract in Central Plains’ hand.

“Take this and get it confirmed by the God of Balance. It would be bad if she showed up later saying it is not okay.”

“…Yes sir.”

Central Plains felt like something was off but he disappeared with the contract for now.

Once only Raon, Ron, and Cale were left here again, Ron offered Cale a tea and gently spoke.

“Looks like you have a new diligent worker, young master-nim.”

Raon, who had been quiet, casually asked if something was weird.

“Human, why did Central Plains not put an employment duration on the contract? He put everything else but forgot that! It doesn’t seem like he plans on working forever, though!”

Raon tilted his head over and over in confusion.

Cale just silently sipped the tea Ron offered him.

It was bitter but sweet at the same time. Cale was feeling shocked about this when he heard the door opening.

“ I have brought him.”

The Heavenly Demon walked inside.

He then flinched.

“…Why do you have such an expression on your face?”

Cale was looking at the Heavenly Demon up and down with a satisfied smile on his face. He nonchalantly commented.

“Hey Heavenly Demon, let’s work hard to get even stronger.”


“The entire Triumvirate has to work hard and get stronger.”

While modifying the contract, he included people in the list of powers he could draw from the Central Plains. Of course, the contract would only be fulfilled if the person agrees.

Cale was planning on drawing out any and all things he could pull out in order to deal with things at Aipotu.

‘I’m sure Dragons are not our only enemies there.’

Even in a world dominated by Dragons, their enemies may include humans.

Cale’s group could not handle all of the enemies.

“Young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi, who was standing behind the Heavenly Demon, approached Cale at that time.

“Will you be leaving soon, young master-nim?”

The Heavenly Demon’s eyebrows slightly twitched.

As if Cale noticed the odd look on Chief Eunuch Wi’s face…

“Of course. Senior, what is the matter?”

Chief Eunuch Wi cautiously answered Cale’s question.

“The sun is on his way here.”

The sun.

This was talking about the central figure of the Central Plains, the Emperor.

The person who never left Beijing was making his way over to see Cale.

“His Majesty should be arriving tonight. Would you be able to meet with him before you leave?”


Cale really hated cumbersome things.

Chief Eunuch Wi continued to speak at that moment.

“His Majesty stated that he has prepared a gift to show his gratitude.”

“Ah, of course I will meet with him before I go.”

This Emperor was much more generous than Central Plains.

Of course he would meet the Emperor before he left.

‘Yes, yes indeed.’

* * *

“The first Emperor became this world’s first immortal.”

The Emperor offered Cale some black clothes.

“This is something that my ancestor, the one who became an immortal, left behind for us.”

Cale now had the cape of the first person to become a god from Xiaolen and the clothes of the first person to become an immortal in the Central Plains.

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