Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 196: The trade has been established (2)

The game title listed on top.

< Raising my very own precious omnipotent god! >

The ranking was listed underneath it.

There were a total of five rankers.

Cale looked at the ranking list again.

First place: I’m going to fuck up the bastard who took Taerang

Fourth place: Bluey

It seemed clear that first place was Earth 3’s Ahn Roh Man.

Fourth place was the owner of this tablet, the Blood Demon.

“Human, what is this?”

Raon looked at the screen of the tablet with the cute case and seemed quite intrigued.

Cale agreed with Raon.

‘This seems high quality.’

He could see the back of a child on the screen, making it unable to tell whether it was a boy or girl.

In front of the child was a vast field and multiple planets can be seen in the sky at the end of the field.

The planets gave off different colors as if they were the path for the child to go.

‘…There are five.’

There were five total planets.

It made him think of the currently existing five Hunter households.

‘I think I’ll need to try this game to figure out more.’

Cale cared more about genre novels or manhwa over games, so there wasn’t much he knew about games. But he knew how to play them.

The words that popped up on the screen…

< Continue? >

He didn’t see a button to start a new game so he looked at the ‘Continue’ listed on the screen. He chose yes between the options of Yes and No.


There was a sharp noise and new words appeared on the screen.

< Original user not present. >

Cale slightly frowned.

“This is fingerprint activated.”

Unlike how it looked, this tablet actually used complex technology.

“Human, what is it?”

“This can only be used using the fingerprint of the tablet’s owner.”

“Then what do we do?”

Raon asked in shock.

“The Blood Demon is dead! She crumbled into pieces and scattered into the air!”

Cale answered as if it was not a big deal.

“Her arms remained.”

“Ah, that’s right!”

Raon laughed as if he was embarrassed.

The Blood Demon had disappeared, leaving only her arms behind.

They had taken good care of those two arms.


“Yes, young master-nim.”

Ron approached after Cale called for him.

“Go ask them to let us use the Blood Demon’s arms.”

“I understand, young master-nim. I will go get it ready.”

Ron smiled benignly. Cale flinched at that moment.

He then smiled awkwardly, as it was too late to wonder if it was okay to show Ron that he was able to use a tablet so naturally.


Instead of his usual benign smile, Ron let out a scoff-like chuckle.

Cale flinched.

‘…Did he just look at me as if I was completely ridiculous?’

Cale blankly stared at Ron after seeing his smile. However, Ron’s face quickly returned to his usual benign smile.

“Then I will head over to find Chief Eunuch Wi.”

“…Uhh, yeah.”

Ron silently walked away.

Everything related to the Blood Demon or the Blood Cult was currently being organized by Chief Eunuch Wi.

It was only natural for all of the information here to be gathered by Chief Eunuch Wi as he was at the level of a Deputy Section Chief of the Imperial Palace.

Ron would go ask Chief Eunuch Wi to lend them the Blood Demon’s corpse for a bit.

‘He should be back soon.’

Chief Eunuch Wi should have no issues giving it to Ron as they were only asking to borrow it for a bit and not demanding it outright.

Chief Eunuch Wi had seemed willing to listen to anything Cale asked for after everything that had happened.


Cale felt an odd sense of iffyness.

‘Young master-nim, when will you be going back?’

‘Would you perhaps consider staying here a little longer?’

‘Young master-nim, what is it that you want the most? Whether it is your hopes or dreams… This is absolutely not because his Majesty asked me to ask you. This little one is simply a bit curious after traveling with you until now.’

‘Young master-nim, has it not been difficult as you’ve had to work during your entire stay in the Central Plains? Would you please consider staying here longer to relax while enjoying the beautiful sights and delicious delicacies of the Central Plains?’

‘…Let’s not see Chief Eunuch Wi for a while.’

“Ah, right! Human, Chief Eunuch Wi said that he would make me some extremely delicious candied fruits!”


“That’s right! But he said that the fruit that goes into those candied fruits won’t come for half a year! How disappointing! I wanted to try them!”


Chief Eunuch Wi seemed to be trying to coax Raon to stay.

‘What a scary old man.’

Cale shook his head from side to side.

‘Let’s quickly bolt.’

He felt as if he should quickly leave the Central Plains.

Based on the current situation, the Triumvirate all seemed cautious about how they approached Cale. They had seen something so phenomenal that they couldn’t easily approach him?

Anyway, they said things like that and didn’t approach him.

Well, the Heavenly Demon was an exception.

That punk was currently not following behind Cale but Choi Han.


However, he felt as if the martial artists would stick to him like glue as time went by.

That was what he was feeling.

‘Yes, let’s quickly go back.’

Before the martial artists stick to him.

And before he got more intertwined with the Emperor.

After receiving what he deserves from the Central Plains…

He would quietly disappear.

It should be enough to leave a letter for Chief Eunuch Wi or something.


Cale felt satisfied with his plan and looked at the tablet screen again.


He could see the settings icon on the main page.

‘I feel like the setting should have a user exchange option.’

He pushed the button.

< You are not the user. >

‘As I expected.’

It looked as if he would need to use the Blood Demon’s fingerprints to open it.

“…It should be possible, right?”

Cale suddenly thought about the Blood Demon’s arms that were now in terrible conditions.

‘The fingerprints should still be there, right?’

What if the fingerprints are odd and it does not unlock?

Cale’s mind became complicated.

However, his body moved efficiently. Cale pulled the mirror out of his pocket.

He immediately connected to a video call.

– What is it, dongsaeng?

Alberu had an extremely refreshed and bright smile as he picked up the call.


Cale was at a loss for words after seeing Alberu like this.

“…What were you doing, your highness?”

– Ah, not much. I just had a short chat with a few kingdoms regarding the magic stones and jewels that will start coming out of my dongsaeng’s mines. Hahaha!

‘No wonder he’s so happy.’

Cale ignored the wickedness hiding inside Alberu’s smile that looked more refreshing than flowers in the spring.

“Do you remember Ahn Roh Man, your highness?”

He got right to the point.

– Of course. Why are you suddenly bringing him up?

Cale picked up the tablet and explained to Alberu everything he had learned.

– So, the game that the Blood Demon seems to have played since she was little is likely to have been made by a Hunters household. And it looks like Ahn Roh Man took first place in the game?

“Yes, Your highness.”

Alberu nonchalantly asked.

“What is the likelihood that Ahn Roh Man is a Hunter?

“Almost none, your highness.”

– I guess that is reasonable.

Alberu nodded his head.

– Kim Rok Soo’s world and our world where we live. As well as Ahn Roh Man’s world.

There is one thing the three places have in common.

– All of these places suffered because of the monsters.

Nameless 1, the planet with the Roan Kingdom.

The unranked monsters had appeared in this world that didn’t even have a name yet.

These monsters were related to the Demonic race and the sealed god.

These unranked monsters had also appeared on Earth where Kim Rok Soo used to live, as well as in Ahn Roh Man’s world.

Furthermore, the White Star who had messed with Cale, Alberu, and the Roan Kingdom…

He was someone who tried to release the sealed god and then become a god himself.

However, the sealed god and the White Star…

Hunter households existed behind the two of them.

In the end, the two of them had simply been playing in the palm of the Hunters.

Basically, it was easiest to simply see the Hunters as being behind the monsters that appeared in Kim Rok Soo’s world as well as Earth 3, Ahn Roh Man’s world.

– Taerang was the item created to get rid of the unranked monsters, and Ahn Roh Man was the owner of that weapon. It would be difficult to see Ahn Roh Man as a hunter or their allies.

“That is correct, your highness.”

– Mm, we might be able to get information on the Transparent Bloods through Ahn Roh Man.

Alberu put the pen in his hand down on the table.

– And you said that the name of that game thing is ‘Raising an Omnipotent god? If things go well, we might be able to get information on the Omnipotent god as well.

He lightly commented.

– I should be able to chat with Ahn Roh Man if I connect through Taerang’s AS. I will contact him before you get here to find a time when we can chat.

Alberu suddenly stopped speaking.

– …What is up with that look on your face?

Cale did not get rid of the satisfied smile on his face and warmly answered.

“Our esteemed crown prince of the Roan Kingdom is truly wise, your highness.”

Despite not knowing what a tablet is…

And not really understanding what a game is…

He was able to accurately get the flow of this rough conversation, set a plan in the direction Cale wanted, and was going to proceed with things on his own.

‘Only in a kingdom where someone like this becomes a king can I truly be a slacker.’

Cale still had not given up on that slacker life.

On the other hand, Alberu started scowling.

– …Your praise truly feels ominous.

Cale just ignored this and smiled.

– Tsk. Anything else?

“It would be nice to have a lovely chat-”


The call was disconnected.

Cale shrugged his shoulders.

“Human! You look extremely happy right now!”

Acting disrespectful like this after a long time made Cale feel refreshed.

At the same time, Cale felt disappointed.

“If I could take his highness around with me,”

It would make things so easy.

Cale was about to say that but stopped himself.

‘That feels a bit too disrespectful?’

Cale knew where to limit himself in his speech. Furthermore, the fact that it was basically never going to happen made him stop thinking about it.

‘If his highness makes a move, then what about Roan?

What about coordinating with the other nations?’

The aftershock of the White Star had not been fully resolved.

Alberu was extremely necessary for the Roan Kingdom to deal with these things as the king had disappeared.

‘Makes no sense.’

Crown prince Alberu going with him to capture the Hunters was something he could not even imagine.

Even when it came to going to find the missing king of Roan, wouldn’t the crown prince leave it to Cale if possible?

‘No, maybe that is one issue he would try to step in personally.’

Cale determined that there were no chances of the crown prince getting involved with things that did not have to do with the missing king.

However, if there was something that the crown prince needed to do despite it not being related to the king, that would be-

‘Something that forces me to borrow the crown prince’s hand-’

That would mean the situation seems hopeless.

Cale was truly hoping that a situation like that would not happen.


Another ding came from the turned off screen of the mirror.

Ding ding.

Cale read the message he ignored earlier.

< Cale, the God of Balance wants to meet you. Do you want to? >

< Would it be possible for you to do it? >

< The God of Balance wants to meet you. Do you not want to? >

< Give me some face and meet for a little bit- >

Cale sternly responded.

“I don’t want to.”

‘Why the hell would I want to meet the God of Balance?’

How much had this god hindered Cale in the name of maintaining balance?


The God of Death’s reaction was weird.


< Mm, the God of Balance already went to see you. >


< That god is such a short-tempered one. >

It was at that moment.


Cale heard the sound of heels.

He had heard this noise a few times.

When he first met the God of Death.

When he chatted with the Fire of Purification.

He heard the same heel noise during those times.


Although this was clearly coming from far away…


It became extremely close after a single second.


‘Yes, it is right next to me.’

Cale lifted his head up.

He then realized it.

‘Where is this place?’

He was sure that this was the Blood Demon’s bedroom during her youth.

However, neither Raon nor Choi Han were by his side.

He was the only human existing in this place.

Of course, there was another existence.

Right next to him.

Cale moved his head.


The heel stopped at that moment.

“Do not raise your head.”

Cale stopped moving his head.

No, something stopped him.

He stiffened in place as if he had turned into a statue.

‘What is going on?’

A voice that made him think of a graceful old woman spoke to him.

“I believe you know who I am.”

The tone was calm but oddly shocking.

There was an overbearing mood to it that made it feel as if this old woman was looking at him up and down.

“Cale Henituse. You as an existence have currently gone against the laws of balance.”

Cale truly could not move at all.

He felt like a bug in a spiderweb, unable to even flail around.

“You are doing things a human being should not be able to do. It is the same with your friends. Each and every one of your group’s actions is influencing the fate of a world without thinking about the counter that needs to be completed to return things to balance. Although the other gods or worlds are carrying on the destroyed balance… You always seem to break more rules than expected to destroy the balance.”

Cale felt as if someone larger than him was looking down at him.

The gentle voice sounded stubborn but smooth at the same time.

“Of course, I accept that it could not be helped in order to go against the Hunters. That is why at times, I am thankful to you.”

The God of Balance peacefully continued to speak while Cale could not do anything other than breathe.

“However, the ‘weight of misalignment’ that the numerous worlds and some gods are handling right now will eventually go beyond their limits the bigger the issues you cause.”

“It is because this intangible law that leads the endless worlds, the flow of things, is something that even I cannot handle at times. In the end, whether you are good, evil, or indifferent… The ‘weight of misalignment’ you have created, at least a portion of it, will return to you.”

Cale’s eyes opened wide at that moment.

“And that karma is something not just you, but all of your friends who have assisted you in destroying balance, will experience as well.

Hoo hoo.”

He heard a quiet laughter.

Cale’s pupils started to shake.

“That is why I came to you with a way to restore balance.”

The God of Balance whispered in his ears.

The method this god was proposing reached Cale’s ear.

“Immediately cast aside this human mask. Become a god.”

Become a god.

“Everything you have accomplished turning into a myth is the easiest way to restore balance.”


Stories about gods.

“Nobody would believe that this is all a story made by a single person. However, the existences across the worlds would accept it as a story of someone who became a god.”

Cale gulped.

This oppressive yet gentle tone had an odd charm of drawing people to do what she wanted.

“If it is accepted that way, it will just end up as logic. That logic will create a new balance.”

The god whispered one last thing to Cale.

“It would be the same as all acts of the past being newly recorded in history by the victor, making the truth disappear. What do you say? Do you want to become a god?”

Cale’s forehead filled with cold sweat.

The God of Balance quietly mumbled at that moment.

“Rejecting this is not a good idea.”

Cale started to think.

‘Fuck! Be quiet!’

He felt as if he was going to go crazy. He was using as much focus as possible right now.

– Cale, don’t stop me!

Honestly speaking, he had not paid much attention to what the God of Balance had said.

It could not be helped.

– I want to fight!

The Dominating Aura. This bluffer with an imposing voice was suddenly going wild.

This was the first time something like this had happened.

– I want to make even a god kneel down because of my aura! Well, making her kneel will probably be hard but I think I can at least go against her!


Why are all these motherfucking ancient powers out of their minds?!’

All of Cale’s focus was on calming the Dominating Aura. It was because it felt as if the aura would go against his will and shoot out on its own.

“Cale. Why are you not responding? You should be able to speak now?”

‘I don’t know!

I am unable to answer you right now!’

Cale started scowling.

It was at that moment.


The bedroom turned dark before it suddenly brightened.

Flash flash.

It was as if a spotlight had turned on and off.

The light in the room flashed over and over.


As Cale was wondering what was going on….


The God of Balance moved.

“…God of Hope. What are you doing here?”

‘The God of Hope?’

Cale started to think.

‘What is going on now?’

The Dominating Aura urgently whispered.

– Eek, two gods is a bit much. Time for me to go. Haha!

‘That crazy bastard.’

Cale couldn’t help but curse at the Dominating Aura.

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