Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 191: My goodness. The sea, the sea! (17)

The sea increased its size and stood up to swallow the island, no, everything in its way.


The Heavenly Demon listened to the sound of rain despite there being no rain and recalled something from his youth.

Xinjiang, the place he was born and raised…

The location of the Demon Cult did not touch the sea.

As a result, the first time he witnessed the sea was in a book.

He had imagined the sea based on the records of someone else seeing the sea and writing about it.

He had seen the following statement.

< The color of the sea is truly diverse. The color changes every second, every moment. The blue water that sparkles underneath the sun, the water as it embraces the sunset, the quiet water that looks like it consumed the starlight of the night sky... All of them give off beautiful colors. >

The Heavenly Demon thought that the statement was quite accurate.

The sea he had seen had indeed been colorful.

However, this was his current assessment of it.

“How dreadful.”

This thing approaching them was black without giving off any light at all.

It made him recall that dead mana that had turned him into a living jiangshi and tortured him.

However, this was definitely the sea.

It was clearly an appearance of nature.

Yet it was disgusting.

It filled him with repulsion.

The reason behind it was simple.

‘Because I fear it.’

It looked as if a mountain made of water was about to sweep over them.

Had there ever been a disaster in this form?

The Heavenly Demon had never seen one.


‘…And there is an existence that intentionally created this?’

He truly had never heard of individuals who could create this dreadful disaster approaching them.

He couldn’t even imagine such an existence.

He felt as if he should run away from this disaster.

Any thoughts about whether there was a place to run would be pushed aside and he would just run.

However, the Heavenly Demon did not run.


The sound of rain slowly became louder.

Sima Pyeong was speaking next to him but he couldn’t hear it. Sima Pyeong seemed to have realized it as he stopped talking.

Sima Pyeong then turned to look at someone.

The Heavenly Demon also looked at the back of the person.

This small-framed man…

Kim Hae-il.

He could see that Kim Hae-il had relaxed his arms down.

Shaaaaaa— Shaaaaaa—

The large tsunami he had created back in Yunnan Castle…

A tsunami thicker and longer than that was rushing toward them.

Would this man be able to stop this?

‘It’s impossible to get rid of it. Instead, I plan on blocking it as much as possible.’

That was what young master Kim had said before adding on.

‘As I do that, everything will end. My friends will take care of it.’

The Heavenly Demon closed his eyes before opening them back.

He could still see that small back.

It was the back of someone who approached everything without fear.

– 160%.

Cale was slowly starting to use more of his power.

– …I’m going to continue using more?

Cale was about to nod his head at the Sky Eating Water when he flinched.

As Sui Khan found it odd that Cale slightly flinched…

“Haaa, it’s so cold.”

Cale closed the clothes that were undone a bit to show his clavicles.

‘Is it because there is so much wind?

It’s cold.

I might catch a cold like this.’

He didn’t know about the shocked look on the team leader’s face as he shrugged his shoulders to get rid of this feeling of coldness.

It was at that moment.


A robe was placed over his shoulders.

He turned his head to see Beacrox looking at him with a nonchalant gaze that seemed to be asking why Cale was looking at him.

“Uhh…mm… nevermind.”

Cale wanted to ask where Beacrox got such a robe and where he was carrying it, but… He did not have time for that.

– Cale, we need to hurry!

He knew the situation they were in right now.

He nonchalantly commented.

“Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

Cale didn’t know Beacrox and Sui Khan flinched as he raised both hands and slowly extended both hands forward.

It was toward the large black wall of water heading toward them.

That wall would attack and destroy everything.

‘I need to stop it.

No, I need to persist.

There are only two powers I can use in this situation.’

One was the Sky Eating Water while the other was the Indestructible Shield.

The shield’s seal was currently 73 percent released.

However, he could not use both of them at the same time.

– It’s dangerous.

The glutton priestess slowly said in a relaxed voice.

– If you use me while using the water to its limit, your heart will not be able to bear it. Nor your plate. It’ll probably make it so that before you can stop that tsunami, boom! Your body would explode?’

The glutton was saying such vicious things as if it was nothing.

Cale did not want such an ending, making him decide to only use the Sky Eating Water.

– 200%.


– 225%.

He was starting to go past the level he used at Yunnan Castle.

Flap. Flap.

Cale’s clothes started fluttering as if he was in a strong gust of wind.

The robe that had been on his shoulders had already fallen to the ground.

However, nobody paid any attention to it.

– 250%.

The noise of rain was slowly getting louder.

The tsunami was now at the coast.

– 275%.

Cale closed his eyes.

His limit was approximately 356%.

– You can’t faint this time.

The cheapskate commented.

– Cale, if you fall, this entire island will be destroyed by water.

Cale knew that.

That was why Cale had to make sure to set a limit as he fought.

That was why his limit was-


He would do everything to persist at that level.

– 300%.

The Sky Eating Water’s voice slowly became calmer.

On the other hand, the voice was flowing out faster.

– 310.

– 320.

Cale slowly opened his eyes.

– 330.

And finally…

– 335.

He started speaking.


The tsunami had reached a good spot as well.

Considering the aftershock from the tsunami created by the Dragons of Aipotu crashing into Cale’s tsunami…

Taking that into consideration…

“This is enough.”

This much was enough.

It was enough to crash into the black tsunami.


The sound of rain made it so that Cale could not hear anything else. Even his voice was probably not reaching Sui Khan very well despite standing right next to him.

Cale didn’t care and opened his mouth.

“Let’s go.”

The one to hear him was not an existence outside.

– Yeah. Let’s do this!

The moment he heard the Sky Eating Water’s energetic voice…


The sound of rain stopped.

The sea that had been gently fluctuating in front of the dark sky and the tsunami pushing toward it suddenly calmed down.

And finally…


Another large wall started appearing.

It happened in an instant.

Another tsunami suddenly appearing made people watch with blank looks on their faces.

Despite not coming to the cliffs, the people gathered on high grounds couldn’t miss it.

Two tsunamis shooting up underneath the night sky.

Both of them were dark.

They were both black.

However, there was definitely a difference.

While one side contained extremely thick darkness, the other one was transparent.

The two were both tsunamis but they were still different.


The sky started roaring again.

It was because the sound of rain had stopped.

However, nobody could let out their breaths.

They could not even imagine what was about to happen.

It was at that moment.


A breeze blew by.

The breeze slowly started to sound more and more like water.


They then heard the sound of rain again.

Once the roaring of the sky was buried once more… People were certain.

‘It’s now.’

And this became reality.


There was a loud explosion that swallowed all of the other noises.

The tsunami and the tsunami…

The two walls started crashing into each other.

They would not believe this sight had they not seen it with their own eyes.

– Raon! Don’t look away!

Raon twitched at the ancient Dragon’s voice.

– Focus!

His voice was quite stern.

– And don’t rush!

Black mana fluctuated around Raon.

The ancient Dragon spoke sternly.

– You just need to do a little more.

The ancient Dragon scolding Raon got a headache. It was because he could see what Cale had done.

It was the same for Cale.

His mind was a complicated mess.


A tsunami large enough to swallow Hainan, a pretty large island, and reach all the way to the continental coast…

Describing that and facing against it were two different issues.


The two hands extended toward the tsunami… He could feel the strength of what he was blocking through his hands.

This was really nature.

And the real thing was scary.

‘…This is no joke.’



The two tsunamis endlessly crashed against each other.

One side to push forward and the other to block…

“…It feels like a fight between Dragons.”

The Heavenly Demon’s mumbling didn’t even reach Cale.

– We might be pushed back immediately if things go wrong.

The Sky Eating Water commented.

– …We might end up being swallowed.

Cale and the ancient power both realized it.

– We were too arrogant.

They were drunk on the fact that their power was now much stronger than before and made a mistake.

They thought that this would be worth trying.


It was not worth trying at all.

The reason was clear.

The moment the sea was stopped…


The roaring of the sky became louder and thunderbolts and lightning started swirling.

Furthermore, the clouds brought gusts of wind as well.

The gusts pushed the tsunami from behind.

They were like wings.


As someone who had to stop this thing, Cale was going crazy.

That wasn’t all.

– Holy shit.

The approaching tsunami slowly started increasing in size.

– Cale, we’re going to be pushed back!

– I thought we’d be able to last at least ten minutes!

The Sky Eating Water’s voice became urgent.

– At this rate, we are going to be destroyed soon!


The two tsunamis were still endlessly crashing against each other.

That was why it looked like two similar-in-strength forces were fighting against each other to people who were far away.

However, the people nearby had to hold back their groans or tightly clench their clothes.

“My goodness-”


Every time the one trying to destroy crashed against the one trying to defend…

Water shot up from the strength of the collision.

The two tsunamis offered up their bodies each time in this battle of strength.

The water that fell away as if they were destroyed at each impact…

Cale’s water fell away.

It did not return to his tsunami.

However, nature was different.

Other water shot up to fill the gaps of the fallen water.

This greedy nature instantly filled any gaps that appeared.

“…A human truly cannot stop nature it seems……”

Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo sighed. She then looked toward Cale.

He was still standing firm without looking scattered at all.

Would he be able to continue persisting like this?

‘What do I do?

Is there any way I can help?

If we can’t stop this, this island and the continental coast will not be safe.

…Is watching him all I can do?

Is this the right thing to do?

Is it okay to leave everything to one person?’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo saw someone approaching them at that moment.

Choi Han was quickly running forward.

He shouted toward young master Kim’s back.

“5 minutes. You just need to last four more minutes, Hae-il-nim!”

Choi Han had run so hard to say those words and could finally catch his breath.

It was at that moment.


Zhuge Mi Ryeo felt chills all over her body.


She heard an extremely loud noise from the sea.

She raised her head.

The tsunami approaching them to destroy…

The destructive greed of nature must have been greater than the strength of the human as the attacking tsunami had grown in size.


There were no thoughts in her mind.

She blankly looked at the tsunami.

The tsunami shot high up into the sky before bending forward.


It attacked young master Kim’s tsunami.

She looked not at the tsunami but at young master Kim through the explosion.

She then saw it.

She saw him mouthing some words.

Cale was talking.

“Increase it more.”

– …340.


– 343……

Cale could feel that his power had not disappeared under the tsunami pushing it down.

At least it was not destroyed yet.

In that case-


– …Wait, that, haaaa, 347-


– Cale, you’re going to reach your limit at this rate……

The information that Choi Han brought over…

He just needed to last four more minutes.

If Raon said that he would finish sealing it in that time…


He would need to persist.

– Ah, whatever! 350! More?

“… More.”

– 353!


Cale’s arms started shaking.

– 356! We’re at the limit now!

Beacrox saw this and scowled before pulling at Cale’s clothes.

The tattoos of eight water drops…

Seven of them were white. One was grey.

However, that grey one was turning white as well.

Beacrox opened his mouth before looking into Cale’s eyes.

He closed his mouth again and picked the robe up off the floor and placed it over Cale’s shoulders.

He then stepped back.

He looked forward.

He could not see Cale’s water that had been pushed down by the tsunami.

However, the tsunami was not coming any closer.

It seemed to be stuck on something.

It was obvious what that meant.

Cale’s sea was not destroyed yet.

Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Am I really at my limit?”

The Sky Eating Water immediately responded.

– Yes! I told you I used up to the limit!

It was at that moment.

He heard a cautious and timid voice.

– Mm, umm, it’s not the limit yet.

‘As I expected.’

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

For some odd reason, there had been no rebound since the Sky Eating Water got stronger last time.

He had not coughed up any blood nor did he faint.

What would that mean?

‘This isn’t my real limit.’

The Vitality of the Heart. The crybaby slowly commented.

– Cale, your own power is still remaining.

– Hoo.

The Sky Eating Water reacted.

That gasp of admiration had an odd tone of excitement.

Cale ignored this and addressed the crybaby.

“Let me know when I reach the limit.”

– Hmm? Okay. Umm, I got it!

4 minutes.

That was how long he had to last.

Cale channeled more of his power.

‘I knew it!’

He really did have more to channel.


Cale could feel smoke rising from his clavicles but he paid it no attention.

He did not want to know what was going on.


‘I’m not hurting yet!

I don’t feel like I’m going to cough up blood!

Then shouldn’t that mean that I’m okay?

At least my experiences until now have been that way?

I also don’t think I’m going to faint!’

– Ah, fuck! This is so awesome!

The moment the Sky Eating Water swore…


An explosion louder than anything until now was heard as the sea fluctuated.


Cale’s tsunami shot up once again.

The tsunamis started crashing into each other again.

– Mm. You can keep going.

Cale listened to the Vitality of the Heart’s timid voice as he smiled.

‘Three minutes now.’

That was all he needed to last.

‘I can do it.

It’ll look bad if Raon can do it but I can’t.’

Cale started to smile.


He then flinched.


He didn’t feel as if he was going to cough up blood.

His head wasn’t getting dizzy as if he was going to faint.


On his head, he felt slight pain especially on his forehead and the area between his eyes.

Yes, it was just a slight pain.

‘Did I use too much of my mental fortitude?

…It shouldn’t be much, right?

The Vitality of the Heart hasn’t said anything.’

As Cale did his best to ignore that pain…


He groaned.

His body curled forward without him expecting it at all.

“Young master-nim!”

Beacrox, who was closest to Cale, grabbed Cale in shock.

He then saw it.

He saw Cale crying despite being unable to open his eyes.


He was letting out teary groans as well.

Beacrox’s face turned pale.

Cale’s face was also turning pale.

‘Holy crap!’

He couldn’t even talk anymore.

– Uh, uhh? You’re not at your limit yet though?

The crybaby became anxious.

Cale didn’t care as he felt as if he was going to go crazy.

‘It hurts!’

His head hurt too much.

He had never felt such pain in his life.

‘F, fuck-!’

This was truly the first time he had felt this much pain while using his ancient powers.

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