Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 163: We made a mistake…! (9)

The three items on the three altars.

Ring, crown, and sword.

“Hold on.”

Cale raised his hand to stop Choi Jung Soo, who suggested getting the treasures.

“Should we wait?”

Cale nodded his head at Choi Jung Soo’s question.

He then closed his eyes.

‘Something is weird.

There’s no issue at all?’

He asked himself and the ancient powers.

‘Is there no issue with my plate?’

The Fire of Destruction responded.

– Yeah. There isn’t. Wow, I guess your plate has gotten quite a bit sturdier now.

The Vitality of the Heart mumbled.

– Isn’t that to be expected? His glass plate that was almost destroyed was connected with an adhesive that is much sturdier than glass. Shouldn’t it have become much stronger than his original plate? Plus, he’s been coughing up blood left and right so he should have developed some sort of tolerance to trivial things?

Cale ignored the crybaby’s comment and asked a different question.

‘The Dragon’s Tear was absorbed properly, right?’

The liquid that contained everything of a Dragon was just called the Dragon’s Tear.

– Uhh… Jackpot… Got super strong.

The Sky Eating Water answered in a dazed voice.

‘I thought you said you might have gotten new abilities too?’

The Sky Eating Water said that it seemed to have gotten some new abilities after it absorbed the Dragon’s Tear.

– Uhh… But I think I’ll need to use them to find out… All three seem like attacking abilities though?

The Sky Eating Water had currently gotten a 300 percent increase to its attacking abilities.

But the abilities it got also seemed to be focused on attacking.


Cale was amazed.

Cale mainly used the Fire of Destruction and the Scary Giant Cobblestone to attack until now.

He had never used the Sky Eating Water to its limits before. Nonetheless, that power’s attacking prowess was already well-known.

Now, that power was even stronger and got multiple attacking abilities?


He could only gasp.

The Fire of Destruction nonchalantly commented.

– Wait, purify with fire and destroy everything with water. Then won’t it be easy to pummel the Blood Cult?

‘I know, right?’

Cale felt his heart suddenly beating wildly.

Thump thump. The crybaby old man cautiously commented as his heart beat with excitement.

– But umm… Don’t we have to think about the rebound from that power as well?


– If the attacking strength is up 300 percent and Cale uses it along with abilities that focus on attacking… Would his body be able to handle it?

The old man added on.

– Instant.

Cale flinched.

– The power that allows Cale to move on his own while everything else seems to have stopped in time. The power that lets him live on his own in a different flow of time.

The old man’s voice was serious.

– Cale’s body took significant damage and he struggled to hold on when he used that power. It still scares me thinking about how I had to put anything and everything into his heart at that time to keep this punk alive. Sob.

The old man started tearing up.

– Sob. But what if he tries to use this new power to see its strength?! Sob. What if he uses it to its limits and his body is harmed…! Then that little Dragon will destroy the world as well! Wouldn’t he destroy me too? Sooooob.

Cale ignored his crying.

However, he had to admit that the Vitality of the Heart was right.

‘Mm. Yeah.’

He made up his mind.

‘Let’s avoid using it to its limits.’

He felt as if he should not do that.

He heard the Sky Eating Water’s voice.

– Slurp. I wanted to use it properly at least once. I feel like I can land a hit on a motherfucking god if I do so. Sluuuuurp.

Cale ignored the slurping.

Her reaction made him feel even more uneasy that he wanted to control it even more.

‘Anyway, my plate is fine and the power got stronger. The Sky Eating Water’s seal is completely removed as well.

They are all benefits.’

Cale had a satisfied smile on his face as he opened his closed eyes.

“Human, are you really okay?”

Cale answered Raon’s concerned question without any hesitation.

“Yeah. I’m very good.”

Raon’s face turned odd at that response. He was happy but his face looked as if he questioned whether it was okay for him to be this happy.

“…I have an ominous feeling for some reason, human! Let’s just say that you are not okay!”


Cale ignored Raon and headed toward the altar.

Choi Jung Soo quickly followed behind him.

“Oh. Maybe it is because a Dragon gave its body to protect these things but even the color of these items is no joke.”

As Choi Jung Soo mentioned, these items looked great despite nobody taking care of them for a long time.

First was the ring.

“Human, this looks more like a bracelet than a ring!”

The ring that supposedly belongs to the Dragon Lord of Aipotu was huge.

Choi Jung Soo added his opinion to Raon’s in a serious tone.

“Mm. I guess an adult Dragon’s size is between 20 – 30 meters. If it is a ring that goes on such a Dragon’s toe, it should be this size. If Raon is to use it, we probably have to put it around his ankle.”

Cale walked up and observed the ring.

There was a divot in the center of the large ring with a small jewel within it.


Cale suddenly flinched.

‘What is going on?

This jewel seems weird.’


Cale urgently moved back.

“What is it, Cale-nim?”

“What is it?”

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo approached Cale as if they found his reaction to be weird.

“Human, what is it?”

As even Raon approached and tried to look at the ring…

Cale covered Raon’s face with his palms.

“Puuuuuu! Human, what are you doing?! Let go of me!”

Cale ignored Raon’s grumbling and looked at Choi Jung Soo as he pointed toward the ring with his chin.

“Go take a look at that jewel.”

“Shall I take a look, Cale-nim?”

Cale hesitated for a moment at Choi Han’s comment before shaking his head.

“No, you are too pure.”

Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale as if he heard something he shouldn’t have heard but Cale sternly told him to go.

“Hurry up and take a look.”


Choi Jung Soo sighed before looking at the ring’s jewel.


He moved back in shock.

He looked at Cale.

“Those are eyes, aren’t they?”

Cale asked and Choi Jung Soo answered.

“Yeah! Those are eyes!”

Choi Han tilted his head and Choi Jung Soo explained.

“There are eyes blinking in the jewel.”

Gulp. He gulped before cautiously continuing to speak.

“That’s definitely a Dragon’s eyes.”

Choi Han flinched and looked at Cale and Raon stopped his grumbling to look at Cale through the gaps in his fingers.

Cale nodded his head after all three of them were looking at him.

“I agree that it is a Dragon’s eyes.”

The moment he stared at the ring…

Something inside it suddenly blinked. He took a closer look to notice that a pair of eyes was looking at him.

Those were definitely Dragon eyes.

More importantly…

“They are purple eyes.”

Choi Jung Soo nodded his head at the comment Cale made with a stiff look on his face.

“Ah, yeah. Purple-”

He suddenly flinched.

Choi Han’s face was stiff as well.

Cale asked Choi Jung Soo another question.

“Did you hear the voice?”


“…Look into it one more time. But do it with your bamboo hat on.”

Choi Jung Soo looked at the ring as if he felt iffy about it before putting the bamboo hat on so that it covered his face and went to look at the jewel again.

He then flinched.


He quickly moved back.

“I heard a voice……!”

“What is it saying?”

Choi Jung Soo opened and closed his mouth a few times at Cale’s calm question before answering.

“…Where is that?”

Cale nodded his head.

“I guess it is different from what I heard.”

“What did it say to you?”

Cale thought about the situation earlier.

The pair of purple eyes in the jewel had glared at Cale and asked.

“Who are you?”

That was what it asked.

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

He pulled a cloth pouch out of his pocket, approached the ring, and grabbed it without any hesitation. He then looked into the jewel.

– …Who are you… How dare you… a lord’s belonging……

He heard the voice again.

The voice sounded as if it was coming from far away, sunken deep within the deep sea. It was cutting out and could only be heard faintly, but…

It was definitely someone’s voice.

The voice held rage, shock…

‘And fear?’

An odd sense of fear in the voice.

Cale confirmed that his face that was visible to the jewel was the face of young Kim Rok Soo before smiling elegantly.

“It doesn’t look like he can hear my voice.”

The existence in the jewel did not seem to be able to hear Cale.

– What are you saying… Hurry… bring that… To me……

Based on what the Dragon was saying.

Cale put the ring into the cloth pouch without any hesitation. He then tightly tied the opening.

After that, he nonchalantly commented toward the two Chois and one young Dragon looking at him.

“I think this jewel is connected to a living Dragon somewhere.”

That Dragon had told Cale to bring the ring to him while revealing rage, shock, and fear.

How many existences like that could exist?

Furthermore, this ring was one that belonged to the Dragon Lord.

Basically, it was highly likely that the Dragon connected to this ring was Aipotu’s Dragon Lord.

“Cale. Is that Dragon perhaps-”

Choi Jung Soo was unable to finish his sentence but Cale calmly answered.

“Aipotu’s Dragon Lord. He seems to be our next prey.”

Aipotu’s Dragon Lord, the Dragon suspected of having the time attribute, the Dragon Lord who was only ‘half’ a Dragon Lord because he did not have the ring.

It was also possible that this Dragon was the leader of the Purple Bloods.

‘The fact that his eyes are purple makes me believe that is the case.’

The smile grew bigger on Cale’s face.

< It is easy to be accepted as the ring’s new master. >

< I will write the details of the ring's uses down below as well. >

Maxillienne, the Giving Dragon. The information she left was recorded in Cale’s mind.

‘It will be quite useful if we do it properly.’

Of course, Cale did not fully believe the information Maxillienne left behind.

He couldn’t trust a Dragon that was willing to drag a young Dragon in to save her own world.

There must be some secrets to this ring that she hid from them.

‘She even hid the fact that it was connected to the current Dragon Lord.’

He would go back to Roan and show this ring to their Dragons to accurately figure out how and where to use it.

Cale held the pouch with the ring before moving to the next altar.

“Human, this is a wooden sword!”

The sword used by the Dragon Lord’s Guardian Knight… It was made of wood.


Choi Jung Soo stared at it before commenting.

This one isn’t showing any weird reactions. Does it change if you hold it in your hand?”

Cale, who was pulling out a burlap sack, answered his question.

“Apparently this sword can only be used properly once it has a master.”

“How is a master determined?”

Choi Jung Soo was the one to ask but Choi Han was curious about it as well.


Cale nonchalantly responded before opening the burlap sack.

“Once someone drips their blood in the hole on the sword’s handle, the sword recognizes its master and turns into the most efficient form for its master.”

Cale motioned to Choi Han with his eyes.

“Put the sword in here.”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han cautiously picked up the sword.


He then flinched.

“What is it?”

Cale got shocked and approached him. ‘It looked normal, but is there something to it?’

“Umm, it is beating.”


“This sword is beating like a heart.”

‘What does he mean by that?’

Cale extended his hand toward the sword and nonchalantly commented.

“A sword isn’t alive, so how can it be like a beating hea-, holy shit! It really is beating?”

Thump. Thump.

The sword was beating.

It was beating extremely slowly, at a set pace.

Almost as if it was asleep.


One had eyes, one was beating like a heart.

All of these treasures seemed weird.

‘Are these really good things?’

“This feels a bit iffy.”

Cale could see the two Chois and the young Dragon quietly nod their heads in agreement.

“Human, this feels a bit iffy to me too. Let’s take these and ask Goldie gramps about them.”

Everybody had the same opinion.

Cale quickly placed the wooden sword into the burlap sack.

“Human, can I tightly seal the openings?”

“Raon, what a great suggestion.”

He praised Raon before approaching the crown, the last of the treasures.

“Cale-nim. This feels-”

“Human, this-”

One human and one Dragon seemed quite unsettled.


Cale groaned as well.

He didn’t know from a distance, but seeing it up close-

‘It’s similar to the crown I have?’

The item he stole in the past when he barged into Clopeh’s house.

It was the crown that consumes Dragon’s blood.

A crown that looked quite similar to it was sparkling from the mana light as it sat on the altar.

Aipotu’s last Empire. The first Emperor of that Empire. The crown supposedly used by the Emperor who took down a Dragon.

“Cale-nim, I think it would be best to put it into the bag right away.”

“Choi Han is right! Don’t look it over and just put it in!”

“…Seems that way, right?”

Cale agreed, pulled out another bag, picked up the crown, and tried to put it inside.


He would have, if the inside of his shirt suddenly didn’t get hot.


Cale staggered at the sudden heat and Raon urgently approached him.

“Human! Is there an issue with this crown? Let’s just throw this thing away!”

“It’s okay.”

Cale placed the crown in the bag and tied it up as if there was no issue.

He didn’t even take a good look at it.

He then pulled his spatial pocket bag out of his pocket.

“Hold on!”

Raon’s black mana wrapped around the three bags and sealed them.

“All good now!”

Cale quickly placed the three bags into the spatial pocket bag. This was originally used for magic stones, but he had handed the magic stones over to Raon to use on these items.

“I’ll seal the spatial pocket bag too!”

Raon tightly bound this bag with his black mana as well.

Only then did Cale finally pull out his own spatial pocket bag.

He then put his hand inside.

He grabbed the item he wanted.

‘As expected, it was this one.’

The crown that consumes Dragon’s blood in Cale’s possession…

It wasn’t heating up as much as earlier, but it was shaking.

‘Is there really some similarities between these crowns?’

As Cale had such a thought…

– Sometimes, one plus one is a hundred.

…The Dominating Aura.

He heard that bastard’s voice.

The owner of the power of bluffing.

– Pfft.

He chuckled in a solemn voice.

– Combine the two crowns!

Then put it on your head!

‘Haaaa, my head.’

Cale clenched his eyes shut.

– An aura that would even make Dragons kneel in front of you will flow out of you!

Let’s make even Gods cower at least at your presence!

‘…That’s pretty good?’

The corners of Cale’s lips slowly twitched as they moved up.

Chief Eunuch Wi walked down to the basement at that moment.

“Young master Kim-nim, the Fist King has arrived.”

The Fist King had arrived with the elixirs.

It was time for round two.

These elixirs were supposedly ones with fire and earth attributes.

– Hoo. Will my seal be completely removed? But is that okay? No, I guess Central Plains told us to go wild? Then it shouldn’t matter!

The Fire of Destruction could not hide his excitement. He then added on.

– The Super Rock will probably wake up too?


Cale couldn’t help but chuckle either.

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