Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 157: We made a mistake…! (3)

The Tang Clan’s Tang Ho could not respond.

They were either on the same side as the Blood Cult or called themselves the ruler despite not knowing what was happening in their own front yard.

Tang Ho naturally could not choose either answer.

“Ah. I guess my question was wrong, sir.”

Cale casually asked at that moment.

“Chief Eunuch Wi. What is this sir’s position in the Tang Clan?”

Chief Eunuch Wi immediately answered.

“He heads a battalion in the outer hall, young master-nim.”

“As I expected, my question was wrong, sir.”

Cale nodded his head and mumbled.

That made the people from the Emei Sect, Qingcheng Sect, as well as others around the area look at Cale with confusion.

They couldn’t help it because the person who had been pushing Tang Ho into a wall with his words until just moments ago was saying that he was wrong.

However, Tang Ho, as well as the older or smarter people in the area all turned pale.

Cale smiled while looking at Tang Ho.

“I should ask someone who can answer that question.”

This was what Cale was saying.

Tang Ho. You have neither the position nor enough responsibilities to answer my question.

That is why-

“I will head to the Tang Clan later and ask again.”

He will ask someone in a position capable of taking proper responsibility.

People finally realized something.

‘The situation had gotten out of hand.’

The situation that had started because of Tang Ho’s comment was going to force the Tang Clan to explain themselves for two situations.

First, they would need to properly explain their true intentions behind telling a person of the Imperial Palace that they were the ones protecting Sichuan and specifically, Sichuan Castle.

Second, either their collusion with the Blood Cult or their uselessness. They had to choose an answer between two answers that they could not choose.

– Human! You sounded like when the crown prince talks to the nobles! Oh! Human, Grandpa Ron is coming up!

Cale gently ignored Raon’s comments.

He just stared at Tang Ho. Tang Ho looked as if his mind had gone completely blank because he didn’t know what to do. Cale looked away from him without any hesitation and looked around.

Quite a lot of people had gathered because of the chaos.

They were all silently avoiding Cale’s gaze.

‘Even martial artists act less wild around the government.

This is nice, very nice.’

Cale felt good about having a strong backer like the Emperor and smiled.

The martial artists’ faces stiffened even more while looking at his smile but Cale had no idea because he didn’t care.


However, his face instantly stiffened.

– Human, Grandpa Ron told me to tell you this!

Ron seemed to be returning from the cave. Cale looked behind him.

Ron was coming from the direction of the entrance to the basement while dragging someone’s limp body.

Ron then said something into the air.

He seemed to be speaking to Raon.

– He said that the cave is connected to the residence of the Castle Lord of Sichuan Castle!


Cale relaxed his face and sighed.

“I plan on visiting the Tang Clan once I am finished with my business, so-”

His gaze moved past Tang Ho to the Orthodox faction’s members in Sichuan.

“I hope that I can greet the Emei Sect and Qingcheng Sect there as well. The question I have for the Tang Clan is something the two other sects will need to answer as well.”

Nobody dared to even breathe loudly.

A formidable yet intangible pressure swept over them.

Young master Kim Hae-il…

The rumors about the level of his martial arts had not been lies.

They realized that the rumors had actually been downplaying his strength. He was able to suffocate them so much with just his aura.

It was at that moment.


He heard someone’s boisterous voice.

It was an extremely familiar voice.

Cale’s expression relaxed a bit.

“Our young master Kim-nim, your appearance and presence has gotten even more magnificent! Hahahaha!”

The Beggars’ Gang’s Elder Ho… He urgently rushed over to Cale almost as if he was flying. The Cleave Saint was walking leisurely behind him.

“I ran over as quickly as possible because the Chief Advisor-nim told me to help you, young master Kim-nim!”

The good-natured laughing beggar quickly figured out the situation.

He then glared at Tang Ho as if he wanted to rip him into pieces.

Tang Ho’s shoulders crumpled even more. The Elder of the Beggars’ Gang was looking at him as if he was extremely stupid.

“It’s been a while, Elder Ho-nim.”

Cale thought that this was good.

“I plan on visiting the Tang Clan later-”

That was all he said when…

“Aigoo, young master-nim! Please don’t worry! I will make sure everything~ is ready. Hahaha!”

He laughed out loud a few times before pounding his chest telling Cale to trust him.

“It’s been a while.”

“I greet Senior Cleave Saint.”

Cale greeted the Cleave Saint as well before confirming that the Cleave Saint was looking at the Orthodox faction members of Sichuan with a vicious gaze.

‘The Orthodox faction members in Sichuan will get dealt with since Elder Ho and the Cleave Saint are stepping in.’

The Orthodox faction members in Sichuan should be ready to perfectly carry out Cale’s orders by this evening.

Elder Ho, who was pretty flexible, and the Cleave Saint, who was even more stubborn than Tang Ho, had shown up.

‘I didn’t hear that the two of them were coming. The Chief Advisor must have firmed her resolve.’

Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo must have urgently sent people to make sure that the Orthodox faction did not disrespect Cale anymore.

‘This is great if they continue to take care of things like this.’

Cale addressed the Cleave Saint and Elder Ho.

“Then I will trust the two of you esteemed sirs and go take care of business.”

The Cleave Saint’s eyes sparkled after hearing Cale saying that he will trust the two of them.

Cale had no idea as he motioned to Chief Eunuch Wi with his eyes.

“Please lead the way, Chief Eunuch Wi.”

“…To where, young master-nim?”

“The residence of the Sichuan Castle Lord.”

Cale then looked at Ron. Chief Eunuch Wi’s face stiffened after seeing the Blood Cultist in Ron’s hand.

“I will lead you there right away, young master-nim.”

* * *

“Why are you here?”

The Pinnacle Demon, who was following behind Cale, looked at the decorated house.

“Do you have business with the Sichuan Castle Lord? Then you should head to his office.”

Cale ignored the Pinnacle Demon’s comment and asked Chief Eunuch Wi, who had silently led him here.

“What kind of person is the Sichuan Castle Lord?”

“He is someone whose family has been overseeing Sichuan Castle for two generations. The first Castle Lord of that family was someone who rose to a high-ranking position in Beijing and became a Castle Lord after saying that he wanted to oversee his hometown, Sichuan.”

After that…

“His son entered the government by passing the highest-level state examination. His excellent abilities and his loyalty allowed him to follow the previous generation’s Castle Lord to oversee this place.”

The father did it because it was his hometown while the son carried on his father’s will to rule over Sichuan.

The guards standing at the gate of this decorated residence flinched and looked toward Cale.

They were wary but did not point their blades after seeing how they were dressed.

However… They grabbed the handles of their swords after recognizing the Pinnacle Demon. However, they could see that the Pinnacle Demon was not here to aim for the Sichuan Castle Lord’s residence.

Cale asked the Pinnacle Demon.

“Will you be following me?”


The Pinnacle Demon, who had been extremely interested in what Cale was going to do, hesitated after hearing what Cale said next.

“You’ll end up learning something you should not now.”

She immediately moved back.

“I’ll wait for you right here! Hahaha!”

She was willing to put her life on the line for research but not to satisfy her curiosity.

Cale then looked at a more distant spot.

– Are you looking for me?

He heard the Heavenly Demon’s sound transmission.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“You should probably stay here too.”

He heard the Heavenly Demon chuckle via sound transmission.

– I guess the Blood Cult has some connections with the Sichuan Castle Lord.

Cale did not respond to the Heavenly Demon. He simply remained silent.

The Heavenly Demon was currently hiding himself.

He did not want the Blood Cult to see that the Heavenly Demon was with him.

– I’ll wait.

Cale heard the Heavenly Demon’s response and then looked at Chief Eunuch Wi.

“Let’s go in.”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s face was more serious and stiffer than ever before.

The Sichuan Castle Lord.

The fact that his house was connected to the Pure Silver Merchant guild meant that this place had some connections to the Blood Cult.

Positively thinking about it, a spy from the Blood Cult was in this place or one of the employees was cooperating with the Blood Cult.

The worst situation would be some relationship between the Sichuan Castle Lord and the Blood Cult.

Regardless of which one it was, Chief Eunuch Wi saw it as a terrible issue.

‘That would mean that the Blood Cult has connections in the government as well.’

They may have connections in the Imperial Palace as well.

Cale saw the extremely stiff look on Chief Eunuch Wi’s face and nonchalantly commented.

“Did you not expect this?”


Cale leisurely continued to speak to Chief Eunuch Wi who could not say anything.

“I’m just amazed that we found it so late.”

Cale shrugged his shoulders once he made eye contact with Chief Eunuch Wi.

“A gap to infiltrate through is bound to be anywhere and everywhere.”


Chief Eunuch Wi let out a chuckle.

“That is true, young master-nim. There are bound to be holes no matter where you go.”

A guard reacted to Chief Eunuch Wi and Cale approaching.

“Excuse me, could you please let me know who you are?”

The respectful yet wary voice showed that they were trained properly.

“Do you sirs have an appointment?”

Cale looked at Chief Eunuch Wi after hearing the calm question.

How should he answer?

“Young master-nim.”

Chief Eunuch Wi raised his head and looked at the sky.

It was as if someone was in the sky.

“I know better than anybody else how his Majesty works.”

His voice was calm.

“I think there will be quite a lot of things to report today.”

As soon as he finished speaking…

Cale flinched.

He had never seen Chief Eunuch Wi use his martial arts.

However, he did know that this guy was pretty strong.

“Oh dear.”

Cale sighed.

At that moment…

Chief Eunuch Wi’s clothes fluttered and internal ki burst out of his hands.

A zhang covered in blue light burst forward.


It destroyed the gate to the home.

‘Wow. He destroyed it even better than I destroy things.’

As Cale gasped internally…

“W, what are you doing?!”

“You cannot take another step without revealing your identity!”

The guards responded pretty calmly.

Chief Eunuch Wi raised his hand at that moment.


One of the guards gasped.

People started appearing on the roof of the building as well as in the alleyways.

Commoners may not recognize the clothes they were wearing but there was no way that guards working at an administrator’s home would not recognize them.

The master of the home told them to make sure to inform him if people wearing these clothes showed up and to be careful.

“…The Eastern Depot!”

The Emperor had the Embroidered Uniform Guard and the Eastern Depot. They were his two blades.

If the Embroidered Uniform Guard was the day, the Eastern Depot was like the new moon.

Chief Eunuch Wi opened his mouth.

“Thoroughly search the place.”

At that moment, all of the Eastern Depot members in Sichuan climbed over the fence of the Sichuan Castle Lord’s residence to search for anything related to the Blood Cult.

“What are you doing?!”

Someone who looked like a butler ran out of the house but Chief Eunuch Wi showed him a black plaque.

This was the sign of the Eastern Depot doing something for the Emperor.

It also meant that an inspection was taking place.

“…T, this-”

Chief Eunuch Wi-nim walked past the astonished butler and stepped through the destroyed door. He then turned around and slightly bowed toward Cale as he spoke.

“Young master-nim, please come in.”

Cale felt that Chief Eunuch Wi looking this energetic was awkward and oddly stepped into the residence.


“Everybody, stand still! Don’t you dare point your swords at them!”

What is all this commotion?!”

They could hear people all around them.

However, the Eastern Depot silently did what they needed to do.

People’s faces were completely stiff and pale whenever the Eastern Depot passed by.


One of the Eastern Depot members approached Chief Eunuch Wi at that moment.

Chief Eunuch Wi gave an order without any expression on his face.

“Thoroughly search the office as well. Don’t even miss a single speck of dust.”


The Eastern Depot member disappeared without saying anything.


Cale was amazed.

“Young master-nim, may we deal with this place?”

Cale calmly answered Chief Eunuch Wi’s question.

“It does not matter to me, sir.”

They needed to cause this level of ruckus for Chief Eunuch Wi to have something to report to the Emperor.

“Yes, young master-nim. But you will need a place to rest so please let me escort you to the Sichuan Castle Lord’s study.”

Chief Eunuch Wi calmly walked as if he was showing his own house. He then added on in a low voice.

“Based on his Majesty’s personality, he will probably cooperate even more with anything you do from here on, young master-nim.”

The Triumvirate… The Emperor had stepped in because he thought that the Central Plains would receive quite a lot of damage from a war between them and the Blood Cult’s infiltration.

He had given quite a lot of support to Cale.

He lent out the Embroidered Uniform Guard and the Eastern Depot while also handing over treasures of the Imperial Palace.

However, the fact that the Blood Cult had their hands in the government as well was basically touching the reverse scale of a dragon that had been lying dormant.

“His Majesty is someone who does not even like a single fly getting into his territory.”

Chief Eunuch Wi calmly spoke and then smiled.

– Human! Chief Eunuch Wi is smiling similar to Grandpa Ron!

Cale was surprised that Raon had the same thought as him and slowly moved a bit away from Chief Eunuch Wi.

‘It really seemed that the Empress Dowager’s close confidant was not a position anybody could achieve.

The Sichuan Castle Lord’s residence ended up in a mess but Cale entered the study without any issues.

He could see a bookshelf with lots of books, a desk, and a table for meetings.

“Shall I bring over some tea?”

Chief Eunuch Wi asked with a smile and Ron stepped forward.

“I will do it.”

“Very well, please come with me.”

Cale, who was looking at the fact that Ron and Chief Eunuch Wi seemed to work very well together in shock, flinched.

– Sniff sniff.

The Sky Eating Water suddenly started reacting.

The water, which had about half of its seal released so far, spoke in a low voice.

– I smell a strong scent of water coming from somewhere.


Cale looked around.

The moment he looked toward the bookshelf…

– Sniff. I think it is over there.

Cale walked closer to the bookshelf.

He heard Raon’s voice in his mind.

– Human, what is it? Did you find a treasure safe or something?

‘I know, right?’

This was the first time that the Sky Eating Water had done something like this. This was not normal.

Cale suddenly started getting excited.

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