Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 151: Let’s just sssh, slash! What do you think? (5)

“How energetic.”

Cale turned his head after hearing a voice. He made eye contact with Sui Khan, who currently had Lee Soo Hyuk’s appearance.

“What is it? What do you want to complain about?”

He chuckled while looking at the scowl on Cale’s face. Cale quietly looked at Sui Khan for a bit before nonchalantly commenting.

“What are you doing these days?”


It was hard for Cale to see the Team leader’s face these days.

He would turn to see that the guy was missing. Sui Khan had followed him around nonstop for a few days after he coughed up a lot of blood while purifying the Heavenly Demon, but lately, it was hard to see his face.

One corner of Cale’s lips curled up this time.

“Is the God of Death contacting you or something?”


Sui Khan sighed. He then looked around. Cale looked around as well.

The Divergent Coalition.

This place was located in Guizhou.

Sichuan was to Guizhou’s immediate left and Yunnan was south of Guizhou, so Cale had thought that it was perfect since it was on the way.

As for right now, Cale’s group had stopped in a forest on their way to Guizhou to get some rest.

“Can you not say it if there are too many people listening?”

The Team leader nodded his head slightly without answering.

Cale motioned to Raon, who was chatting with Coalition leader Sima Pyeong.

“Human, what is it?”

Cale made a request to Raon who immediately came over.

“Please put a soundproof barrier around the Team leader and me.”


Sima Pyeong’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Cale and Raon. Raon must have sensed his gaze as he opened up his shoulders, stuck out his chubby belly, and fluttered his wings.

“Just leave it to me!”


Black mana started rising up around him and a black barrier appeared around Cale and Sui Khan.

Raon did not usually make such a visible black barrier when he used soundproof barrier magic.

Cale could hear Raon’s voice from the other side of the barrier.

“My disciple Coalition leader. Did you see that?”

“I did not see it, but I felt it. Master. Mana moved and created a barrier! I am truly curious about the principles behind it!”

“This great and mighty master of yours will teach you. Hehe!”

Raon and Sima Pyeong were basically stuck to each other as they chatted and people peeked at them before looking away.

Of course, the Heavenly Demon was looking at the black barrier as if he was curious.

“Can they hear the noises from the outside but we cannot hear anything from the inside?”

He showed his curiosity before moving his gaze elsewhere.

“Sage Demon. How far are they?”

“They should have currently left Xinjiang and will soon arrive at Kunlun, my liege.”

The Sage Demon and the Battalion Commander of the Demon Laws Battalion… He was currently looking over their plans to send the Demon Cult’s troops to Sichuan with two leaders of the Demon Cult.

Cale’s group only had people from the Unorthodox faction along with these three people from the Demon Cult.

‘Young master-nim. I will stop by the Martial Arts Alliance before coming.’

Zhuge Mi Ryeo, the Cleave Saint and the others were going to stop by the Martial Arts Alliance to take care of any aftermath of the purified living jiangshis. They would move after organizing everything for what was to come.

‘The Namgung Clan is going to meet us in Sichuan as well, right?’

There were a lot of people to meet in Sichuan.

Of course, there was someone who would join up again in Guizhou as well.

‘Young master Kim. I will move on my own for a bit.’

The Fist King took his great-granddaughter and the Embroidered Uniform Guard and left.

‘I need to personally go in order to get the medicinal root that his Majesty has given permission to give you.’

This medicinal root was so precious that they could not even leave it to the Embroidered Uniform Guard, the Emperor’s most trusted individuals. The Fist King had to personally go to get it.

It meant that it was an amazing elixir.

Cale obviously told the Fist King to be safe and quickly sent him on his way.

Eating the elixir that the Fist King brings back should release more of his seal. As Cale’s face turned gentle at such a happy thought…

Lee Soo Hyuk started to speak.

“Humans are not the only Hunters.”

Cale and nonchalantly responded.

“I’m sure that is the case if other races can become gods as well.”

“Yeah. There are all sorts of gods.”

The sealed God of Despair.

Cale knew that the Hunters’ goal was to create such an existence again.

He did not expect for such an organization to consist only of humans.

“You remember the names of the remaining Hunter households?”

“Yes, Team leader-nim. Other than the Blood Cult, there are the Purple Bloods, Five Colors Bloods, and Transparent Bloods left.”

…All of the remaining ones were odd colored bloods.

Cale also remembered that there were the Red Bloods who were supposed to be on his side.


The Team leader groaned unlike his usual self and could not speak. Cale nonchalantly commented in response.

“I guess one of the Hunter groups we have to fight is not human.”


A group that was not human.

Cale started to recall the other races he knew about.

Elves, Dwarves, Vampires-


The Team leader would not hesitate to talk about another race that was only that strong.

In that case-

“No way-”

Cale scowled.

The back of his neck became so cold that he felt as if ice water had been poured over his head.

“Are they perhaps Dragons?”

The Team leader clenched his eyes shut instead of responding.


Cale scoffed in disbelief.

“The Purple Bloods. We have not managed to get any information about them.”

Cale paid attention as the Team leader started speaking again.

“I’m sure you heard that Central Plains and other worlds are going to try to negotiate with the God of Balance?”

“Yes, Team leader-nim. I heard about it.”

“Only the world associated with the Purple Bloods was not there.”

Xiaolen was at the center of the conversation because issues were already resolved there while Central Plains and the worlds associated with the Five Colors Bloods and Transparent Bloods worked together with her.

“What do you mean?”

Cale questioned what he just heard.

He recalled the information they had gathered in Xiaolen.

“Didn’t we get the coordinates from the safe we looted from the House of Huayans?”

< Offer a world in order to create an omnipotent god. >

The safe with those words had listed the target dimensions starting with Nameless 1 where the Roan Kingdom was located.

Naturally, Xiaolen and Central Plains were there as well.

It allowed Cale’s group to believe that some of those ten or so target dimensions would be where the Hunters had taken root.

But they could not find the world where the Bloods had taken root?

“The Purple Bloods were not in any of those dimensions.”

“Are you saying that the planet with the Purple Bloods is not a target dimension to offer to create an omnipotent god?”


In that case, it made sense.

Cale crossed his arms and looked at the Team leader who continued to speak.

“Anyway, we can’t find the world associated with the Purple Bloods, so the God of Death, who was investigating the target dimensions we discovered from the Black Bloods, found it to be odd.”


Cale nonchalantly responded while thinking that the God of Death does actually do some work.

“Anyway, he apparently sent his subordinates to contact all of the worlds. Just in case there was a world struggling on its own without knowing the situation.”

He found something in the process.

“One world cannot be contacted no matter how many times he tries.”

Cale made eye contact with Sui Khan.

“The God of Death sent Choi Jung Gun to that place.”

The first Dragon Slayer and Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo’s ancestor.

“And the God of Death contacted me yesterday.”

The Team leader’s gaze still looked awkward as he looked toward Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo who were busy chatting with each other.

Cale looked at the two of them as well as he listened to the Team leader.

“A Hunter Dragon has taken over the world. That was the last thing he heard before he lost contact with Choi Jung Gun. Apparently the God of Death cannot see whether he is alive or dead.”

Even the god who oversaw the deaths of living creatures could not see an individual’s death.

“Are you saying that he can’t tell whether Choi Jung Gun is alive or dead?”


Cale recalled a conversation he had in Xiaolen with the Huayans patriarch.

‘So then, who was responsible for the incident at the Roan Palace?’

When he had asked whether a different Hunters household aside from the Blue Bloods had messed with the Roan Kingdom…

‘Five Colors-’

The Huayans patriarch, the leader of the Black Bloods, exploded and died as soon as he said that.

He died without a trace other than a small bit of black blood.

Cale did his best to send this terrible memory to a corner of his mind.

Speculations were not good because they could not tell whether Choi Jung Gun was dead or alive.

“This was the reason you asked for the soundproof barrier.”

He at least understood why the Team leader asked for this barrier.

His gaze was still locked on the two Chois.

“It is important to take care of the Blood Cult right away but I think it would be good to think about your next destination as well.”

Cale nodded his head.

“The Five Colors Bloods or Purple Bloods. I guess we need to go to one of the two.”

He couldn’t help but sigh.

It seemed as if he would not have any time to rest.

He was especially concerned about Choi Jung Gun since he could not be contacted anymore.

‘But I can’t just leave the Five Colors Bloods planet alone either.’

Based on the Huayans patriarch’s actions, the dark shadow that moved the Blood Cult and the House of Huayans to mess with the Roan Kingdom seemed to be the Five Colors Bloods.

‘Now that I think about it, it has been a while since we talked.’

Cale thought about crown prince Alberu Crossman.

‘…Nothing else has happened to Roan, right?’

He had an ominous feeling. Cale spoke a bit quickly to Sui Khan.

“Team leader. What is the name of the world the Purple Bloods are believed to be in?”


“Please get me all of the information you can get about that place.”

“Of course. I’m already gathering it. I’ll get it to you soon.”

A world dominated by a Dragon.

Cale looked toward Raon, who was snickering with Sima Pyeong. He also thought about the other Dragons in the Roan Kingdom.

It was possible that he would have to move with a new group to this next dimension.

“What are you doing?”

He heard the Team leader’s confused voice. Cale calmly tapped on the mirror.

“I’m going to make a call.”

He got out of the barrier and got on the carriage. He first asked Lee Soo Hyuk to make sure that nobody approached it.

“Human! Are you contacting home?”

Raon left Sima Pyeong and quickly flew over.


Cale got in the carriage with Raon and immediately turned on the divine item.

The screen lit up and he touched the back of his neck while looking at the connecting screen.

‘I hope everything is okay.’

He had paid less attention to the Roan Kingdom until now for many reasons.

He became quite anxious after realizing that fact. These were the times something always happened; Cale was acting calm but his face was slowly stiffening.

Raon noticed this, slowly approached Cale, placed his face on Cale’s thigh and looked up.

Cale touched Raon’s smooth head and looked at the mirror.


The screen finally connected.


Cale was suddenly at a loss for words.

Alberu Crossman. Cale could see his face.

“…Are you okay, your highness?”

His complexion looked extremely terrible.

There were dark circles under his eyes.

“Human! What is wrong with the crown prince’s face? He does not look like the sun; he looks like a shriveling oriental melon!”

Cale’s emotions slowly settled down.

The anxiety quickly went away.

Raon’s voice was bright as well.

The crown prince’s face did resemble a shriveling oriental melon as Raon mentioned, but-

– Hahahaha, it’s been a while, my little dongsaeng?

He was smiling.

Extremely brightly and elegantly at that.

“Crown prince!”

– It’s been a while, Raon-nim. Hahaha!

“Nice to see you too, crown prince! But did you scam someone?”

Raon nonchalantly asked.

“The look on your face is so bright! Did something exciting happen? Did you loot something on your own?”

‘I know, right?’

Cale slowly looked unsettled.

The crown prince didn’t care and smiled with satisfaction despite his tired face as he looked at Cale.

– My little dongsaeng. What’s with your face? Your face looks like you must have coughed up some blood.

Cale flinched but the crown prince laughed again.

“What is going on, your highness?”

It was so weird that Cale disrespectfully asked.

The crown prince laughed as he answered.

– We are rich.

“…Excuse me?”

– The Roan Kingdom is rich and my little dongsaeng Cale is rich too.


Cale asked the thought that came into his mind.

“Did you finish all of the negotiations for the mines, your highness?”

– Yeah.

The crown prince’s eyes were sparkling as he answered in a low voice. They were sparkling so much that Cale couldn’t help but flinch a bit.

However, a smile slowly appeared on his face as well.

“Human, did we become even richer?”

“That seems to be the case.”

The young black Dragon’s lips twitched before he smiled brightly as well.

The crown prince shared everything he received from the different kingdoms on the Eastern and Western continents in return for the mines and once he was done…

“Hahaha, our hyung-nim truly is the best! Aigoo, you are shining so brightly that I can’t even look at you!”

– Hahahaha! Even your disrespectful tone sounds great to me today!

“Hey crown prince, you’re the best! Now that I take another look, you are a brightly smiling and handsome oriental melon! Hehehe!”

Cale, Alberu, and Raon shared a moment with bright smiles.

It was a time where laughter and joy did not end.

* * *


The Divergent Coalition’s current leader, Sima Pyeong, built his base here saying that he wanted to start a new Divergent Coalition here. After that, this place became the central region of the Unorthodox faction.

Normal members of the Orthodox faction, unless they were extremely strong experts, kept a low profile and tried to quickly get out of this place.

They especially tried their hardest to stay away from the Divergent Coalition’s building.

That was basically the heart of the Unorthodox faction.

And today, at the large pavilion at the center of that heart…

Beautiful flowers and fresh trees…

A place where a small stream flowing with clear water wrapped around it…

“That sounds beautiful no matter when I hear it.”

One side of the pavilion had the greatest musicians of Guizhou who were playing refreshing yet sentimental and mellow music.

The strongest of the Unorthodox faction in the Sichuan area, the Pinnacle Demon and the leader of the Iron Street Market, were chatting away.

“The Coalition leader-nim is someone who knows the beauty of the arts.”


They heard the sound of a pipa.

Divergent Coalition Leader Sima Pyeong.

Whenever he invited the core members of the Divergent Coalition, he would escort them to this beautiful pavilion that was full of music and beauty.

The Iron Street Market leader emptied his cup as he calmly spoke.

“I guess someone is going to die today.”

Divergent Coalition Leader Sima Pyeong always made decisions to kill someone with music like this.

It made it so that nobody actually enjoyed this beauty.

“It’s a terrible hobby of his.”

The person called the top demon of the Five Demons commented before looking toward the door.

“They’re here.”


The door opened and Divergent Coalition Leader Sima Pyeong appeared.

Cale was standing right next to him.


Priest Durst was behind him.

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