Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 135: Something is different here (7)

“Then can I go now?”

The Heavenly Demon nodded his head at Cale’s question.

“Yeah. I made you deal with something cumbersome as soon as you arrived.”

“Not really. It wasn’t that hard.”

The Fire of Destruction with seventy-two percent of its seal released could quickly get rid of the black smoke filling this entire building.

The Fire of Destruction was a power that even threatened the World Tree in the past.

In fact, the difficulty came from the intricate controlling of the power that was necessary because someone’s life was on the line.

“I see. It wasn’t anything serious.”

The Heavenly Demon calmly analyzed Cale’s comment. Cale looked at him with a gaze that seemed to be asking what the heck he was doing, and the Heavenly Demon stood up.

He staggered a bit but he soon stood up straight.

Despite being the head of the Demon Cult that believed that strength equaled authority, the Heavenly Demon was only about as tall as Cale Henituse and had a decent physique.

Of course, he was not as skinny as Cale’s current appearance as Kim Rok Soo or even his true appearance as Cale Henituse.

He just felt a bit skinny?

“…You are in your late thirties, right?”

Cale subconsciously asked because the Heavenly Demon’s skin was smoother than his and he looked even younger than Choi Han.

“That’s right. I’ll be forty next year.”

The Heavenly Demon nonchalantly answered before asking back.

“You are probably older than you look as well?”

“Yeah. That is true.”

He did gain some weight, but he was currently in Kim Rok Soo’s body when he was extremely skinny. Cale was older than this body’s age.


No, I am older than Cale Henituse, aren’t I?

I should be since I lived into my late thirties before transmigrating into Cale Henituse’s body.’

Cale’s mind became complicated while trying to figure out his age that he just brushed it aside.

‘Who cares about age?

You just have to live.’

Cale was walking past the door before he stopped.

“I will only see you out until here.”

The Heavenly Demon did not walk out to the hallway and stood at the edge of the door.

“Do as you please.”

Cale didn’t really need the Heavenly Demon to walk him out. In fact, it would be an issue if that bastard followed him back to his lodging too.

Something messy would definitely happen.


However, Cale had something he wanted to know so he asked before he left the Heavenly Demon.

“The Shadow Guard is safe even if she is touched by the black smoke?”


He heard a noise from a part of the ceiling again.

Of course, the Heavenly Demon was the one who answered.

“It is a formation. Thanks to that, the black smoke cannot go into the ceiling. The Guard is able to observe me in safety. Oh, she is able to hear noises and sense our presence but she is unable to see us.”

“I see.”

Cale waved to the Heavenly Demon who answered his question.

“Bye now. Ah, feel free to call me whenever something like earlier happens. I’ll help you out.”

The Heavenly Demon calmly smiled.

Cale brusquely commented to him.

“If you are going to experiment in a week, I’m sure similar situations will happen quite frequently until then.”

“That is true. I guess I’ll be in your care for a bit.”

“As much as you need.”

‘That much is nothing.’

The black smoke basically flew away if he used a bit of the Fire of Destruction.

Cale waved at the Heavenly Demon once more before turning away without any hesitation and headed for the door.

The hallway was quiet and peaceful without the black smoke. Cale leisurely walked down that hallway and organized his thoughts.

‘The Heavenly Demon decided that his limit is two weeks. And the experiment will happen in a week.’

This experiment at best would protect the internal ki and at minimum will protect the dantian while getting rid of dead mana.

The Heavenly Demon would try to do this in a week. Cale would have to stay in the Demon Cult during that time.

That was not that big of an issue.

Cale did question why he was pushing it back a week when he could easily do it tomorrow, but…

‘There are a lot of things going on in the Demon Cult these days.’


‘Determining my heir.’

Heir. Cale chose silence after hearing that word.

‘Haha. None of you will be harmed in the process. It is just that there are a couple of families who hold a lot of power in the Demon Cult. They want me to quickly choose an heir because I am close to forty despite looking so young. The problem is that I have no children. I never got married.’

‘I’m sure it must be complicated.’

‘Indeed. It is an issue having a ton of kids like the former Heavenly Demon but also an issue not having any kids at all. Anyway, my subordinates want me to adopt someone and name them as my heir.’

‘Before starting the War against the Orthodox faction?

The Heavenly Demon smiled at Cale’s nonchalant question.

‘Young master Kim. You are quite smart.’

‘This much is just the basics.’

The War between The Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult. No matter how strong the Heavenly Demon is, it was possible that he might die in such a grand-scale war.

It was normal for his subordinates to want him to name an heir just to prepare for such a situation.

‘Anyway, I need to choose that heir within the week.’

‘And do the purification after that?’

‘That’s correct.’

Cale stared at the Heavenly Demon before commenting.

‘I guess you have someone in mind to name as your heir.’

The Heavenly Demon simply smiled.

Cale added a comment after seeing that.

‘The problem must be that it must be quite difficult to name the person you wish as your heir. That is why it is going to take a week. It is that hard despite your extremely dignified position as the Heavenly Demon.’


Cale ignored the Heavenly Demon who just laughed.

The Demon Cult choosing a successor was none of his business.

‘Oh right, the Blood Cult is currently trying to choose a priestess, aren’t they?’

He recalled the conversation he shared with the Huayans patriarch of the Black Bloods back in the Xiaolen world.

‘How is the Duke’s House of Orsena related to the Great War of the Triumvirate?’

‘…In addition to the Great War of the Triumvirate, it is time for them to pick a new priestess.’

The Blood Cult was currently choosing a new priestess.

‘I’m sure you don’t know much about the dimension with the Blood Cult. But the Blood Cult has their god, the Blood Demon, and there is a position of the priestess, the person who helps that god and delivers the will of the heavens.’

‘The current Blood Demon goes through the process of choosing a new priestess before selecting the next generation’s successor.’

The Blood Cult would choose a priestess prior to choosing the successor to the Blood Demon position.

‘If they’ve already selected their priestess, they are probably trying to choose the successor now.’

It was probably quite complicated within the Blood Cult right now because they were also preparing for the Great War of the Triumvirate.

“…Anyway, they are quite skilled bastards.”

He needed to accept the things he needed to accept.

The Blood Cult had only chosen individuals with bright futures to turn into living jiangshis with the Heavenly Demon being one of them. If Cale had not come to this world and the Heavenly Demon had not reached the Profound Realm… The War between The Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult would have started a long time ago and it was highly likely that the Unorthodox faction would have been dragged in as well.

‘A priestess-’

The Blood Cult. Those Blue Bloods bastards came into the Roan Kingdom and abducted the youngest daughter of the Duke’s House of Orsena.

The disappeared young lady Orsena was highly likely to be in the Blood Cult as well.

‘No matter how much I think about it, the two young ladies of the House of Orsena seemed to somehow be connected to the priestess candidate.’

Cale lightly shook his head.

‘I guess I’ll get the answer if I dig more into the Blood Cult.’

He had now arrived at the end of the hallway.


Both the Left Guard and the Right Guard were waiting at the entrance.

The two of them were silently looking at Cale. Cale stopped walking and slightly tilted his head.

That made the Right Guard flinch before speaking.

“Young master Kim-nim, umm, did the conversation go well?”

“Yes sir. It went well.”

He had gained quite a lot of things.

“Then will you be heading to your lodging-”


The Left Guard cut the Right Guard off and moved in between the Right Guard and Cale.

“I will escort you there, young master-nim.”

“Yes sir. Thank you very much.”

It didn’t matter to Cale who escorted him.

In fact, he thought this was good. He felt that the Right Guard would try to be chummy and he would need to chat with him the whole way there. On the other hand, the Left Guard was easier to deal with because he didn’t say much.

“Right this way, young master-nim.”

The Left Guard started walking.

As expected, he walked silently at a decent pace.

‘It’s nice.’

Cale looked around as if he was out on a walk as they headed toward the lodging.

The Right Guard quietly observed him walking before turning his head.

“…That was shocking, my liege.”

– I agree.

He heard the Heavenly Demon’s sound transmission.

The Right Guard knelt down on one knee.

Through the open door to the pavilion… At the room located at the end of the long hallway… The Heavenly Demon was showing himself with the door to that room open.

He was a bit drenched in sweat but he looked much better compared to normal.

Furthermore, the black smoke that always filled this pavilion since the Heavenly Demon faced this issue… The inside of the pavilion had no smoke as if they wasted all that time working so hard to create a formation to prevent the smoke from spreading throughout the Demon Cult was shocking.

“It looks like the Sage Demon brought the right person, my liege.”

– Haha.

He heard the Heavenly Demon laugh.

– Right Guard. I don’t think he is someone you can make such judgments about.

The Heavenly Demon calmly said that one sentence but the Right Guard subconsciously bowed.

“My apologies, oh esteemed Heavenly Demon.”

– No need. I was not saying that to scold you.

The Right Guard knew that.

However, he could not ignore the Heavenly Demon’s words.

‘I guess young master Kim is more amazing than I imagined.’

Honestly speaking, he had not seen clearly how young master Kim got rid of the black smoke.

He simply hypothesized that young master Kim had done so based on the situation.

‘I guess the way the Left Guard is acting is enough to tell me not to make rash judgments about young master Kim.’

He heard a bird caw at that moment.

The Right Guard stood up and raised his arm and a black bird landed on it. The Right Guard removed the message from the bird’s leg and took a look.

He then bowed once more toward the Heavenly Demon as he spoke.

“Oh esteemed Heavenly Demon. The Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions have completed their list of recommendations for your heir.”

– How many are on the list?

“There are three, my liege.”

– Then I guess there are four total candidates.

“Shall I escort him over?”

The Heavenly Demon nodded his head at the concerned Right Guard’s question.

– Yes, my condition should be fine while young master Kim is here. I should be able to protect that child. Bring him here.

“I understand, my liege.”

The Right Guard soon disappeared and the Heavenly Demon looked up at the ceiling.

“What are you upset about? Hoo hoo.”
The Heavenly Demon let out a low laugh as he spoke.

“Don’t trust young master Kim too much?”

He shook his head.

“Who said that I trusted him? I am simply trying to use his abilities.”


He heard a noise in the ceiling.

The Heavenly Demon laughed.

“I’m sure that is the same case for him as well.”

He then added on.

“I’m sure there are people within the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions who are spies of the Blood Cult or are in similar situations as myself. You heard what young master Kim said earlier, didn’t you? He is able to locate living jiangshis. Ask him to confirm.”


“Also, I will set up a dinner with the four candidates in the near future. See if young master Kim will be willing to attend.”


“Yes, I do not trust the four heirs either.”

He needed to thoroughly confirm it.

He needed to make sure that more foreign matter did not seep into the Demon Cult.

A dark red aura fluctuated around the Heavenly Demon. The Shadow Guard, who was hiding in the ceiling, gasped after sensing his aura.

This was the true Heavenly Demon who could not be compared to the last few generations of Heavenly Demons.

Someone who endlessly pushed to reach the end of martial arts and continuously headed to reach higher realms. Also someone who only thought about positively affecting the Demon Cult.

The Shadow Guard came down from the ceiling and politely showed her respects.

As for Cale, he had arrived near the lodging area.

“Young master-nim!”

Chief Eunuch Wi, the Fist King, Choi Han, and some others were waiting for him outside their respective lodgings.

Surprisingly, the Cleave Saint was there as well.

Cale found it odd that the Cleave Saint avoided his gaze when they made eye contact, but he did not think much of it.

“Thank you for the escort.”

Cale calmly thanked the Left Guard and the Left Guard stoically bowed.

He heard a sound transmission from the Left Guard at that moment.

– Young master-nim, are you truly capable of healing him?

The sound transmission was quite cautious compared to his calm face.

The Left Guard looked at Cale.

The rose gold light that had instantly gotten rid of the black smoke… That sight was different from the sun lighting up the night.

In fact, it made him think of a destructive fire and thunderbolt that burns up the night.

However, it seemed holy.

The aura inside it felt extremely pure and clean.


The Left Guard flinched.

Cale frowned. Cale responded.

He did it openly as he could not use sound transmission.

“It will be better if you ask your questions to your liege.”

The Heavenly Demon was the one who wanted to experiment. ‘That bastard should answer, why should I/’

It was at that moment.

It was Cale’s turn to flinch.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

The Left Guard bowed extremely respectfully to apologize.

‘What is going on?

There wasn’t anything to apologize about?’

Cale responded honestly.

“There was nothing for you to apologize about?”

The Left Guard flinched some more and did not stop bowing.

He apologized once more instead.

“Please, I ask for your understanding regarding my hasty rudeness. I’m sorry, young master-nim.”

‘Didn’t I say that there is nothing to apologize about?’

Cale subconsciously looked around.

Chief Eunuch Wi and the Fist King looked shocked while his people looked as if something like this was normal. As for the Cleave Saint, he was looking at Cale with an odd look on his face.

This was the first time Cale saw an interested look on the Cleave Saint’s face.

‘What is up with that old man?’

Cale had no idea what was going on but he still tried to console the Left Guard.

“It is okay, Left Guard-nim.”

That was how he responded.

There was nothing for him to be okay about, but Cale thought that the Left Guard would only go away if he answered this way.

The Left Guard finally left with a relaxed look on his face.

Cale shook his head and addressed Chief Eunuch Wi and Choi Han who approached him.

“The Demon Cult truly is not easy to deal with.”

Every single person had something that made it difficult to handle them.

The Left Guard, now that he was alone, pushed down on the area over his heart with both hands.

Boom. Boom. Boom. His heart was beating fast.

“I almost made a mistake.”

His heart almost sank when he saw young master Kim frowning. He was worried that he might have annoyed young master Kim to the point that it would negatively influence the Heavenly Demon’s healing.

The timid Left Guard tapped on his mouth.

There was always a problem when he spoke.

The Left Guard made up his mind to not talk again and resumed walking.

* * *

‘How did things turn out like this?’

Cale started to think.

‘Wait, I thought I could just rest for a week before purifying the Heavenly Demon.

Isn’t that what needs to be done right now?

So why do I need to play a part in choosing the Demon Cult’s next leader?’

Cale blankly looked at the Sage Demon.

The old man with a gentle appearance smiled benignly as he spoke.

“Young master Kim-nim, we hope that you are able to take a look at our future leader candidates with your wisdom and character.”


Cale subconsciously asked and the Sage Demon responded without any hesitation.

“Because you are young master Kim-nim, young master Kim-nim.”

It was a response that put Cale at a loss for words.

That was why he unconsciously said his honest thoughts.

“Did that bastard, the Heavenly Demon, ask you to do that?”

The Sage Demon flinched and… clang. Chief Eunuch Wi, who had been pouring tea, flinched as well.

“N, no sir, please let me explain the situation.”

The Sage Demon started sweating profusely.

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