Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 129: Something is different here (1)

The Sage Demon picked up the teacup Chief Eunuch Wi brought him.

He looked extremely relaxed as if he was savoring the taste of the tea.

– Young master-nim. The Sage Demon is the Heavenly Demon’s right hand man as well as his instructor.

Cale was also leisurely savoring the taste of tea as he listened to Chief Eunuch Wi’s sound transmission.

‘There was more info on the Demon Cult than the Unorthodox faction.’

Although the Demon Cult was just a single organization, the records he saw in the Imperial Palace had quite a bit on the Demon Cult.

There was less info than the Orthodox faction but more than the Unorthodox faction. It was right in the middle.

Although it might seem weird that there was not much information on the Unorthodox faction despite them causing a lot of incidents and influencing the lives of the citizens, this was to be expected based on the Imperial Palace’s point of view.

‘The Demon Cult may strike once at a time but everything they do is big.’

The Heavenly Demon.

The Demon Cult basically treated him as a god and followed him.

Basically, it was right for the Imperial family to see the Demon Cult as more of a threat because they were dangerous as they followed the Heavenly Demon and not the Emperor.

At least the Unorthodox faction still feared the Emperor.

‘Although the reason the Imperial family leaves the Demon Cult alone is because their location is quite remote…’

At least the top executives of the Demon Cult listened to the Imperial Palace.

And until now, they never messed with the Imperial Palace and the government whenever there was a war between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult or the Unorthodox faction and the Demon Cult.

Well… There were times the Imperial Palace had no choice but to step in because they messed with the regular citizens quite a few times. At minimum, they pretended to stop whenever they saw the government.

That was why although the Imperial Palace paid close attention to the Demon Cult, they could not easily eradicate them.

You mess with the hive you may get stung by the stinger. Especially when your opponent was not a common bee but a hornet.

‘But there is a more cruel reason.’

Cale looked toward Chief Eunuch Wi.

He was a part of the eunuchs. The Eastern Depot.

The Emperor had given Cale basically every record they had through Chief Eunuch Wi.

That was when Cale was finally able to understand the Emperor’s boldness.

‘The Imperial family keeps their eyes on the Martial Arts world.’

This was the basics.

‘They also do not see fights between the Triumvirates as being bad.’

They would just watch when the three groups fought amongst each other and only step in when they harm the government and regular civilians to a degree.

Because whenever there were those fights or large wars…

‘They can control the number of martial artists.’

Furthermore, the overall strength of martial artists would decrease.

‘The Imperial family… They are not that good either.’

Cale had a twisted smile internally but looked away from Chief Eunuch Wi with a calm look on his face.

‘Either way, this is the world they live in.’

The Martial Arts world and the government…

The Central Plains.

Cale, as someone who would leave, could not mess with the long standing relationships and logic of this place.

As for those Blue Bloods bastards who messed with Cale, his people, and the Roan Kingdom when they didn’t do anything… He just needed to take care of those Hunters bastards.


The Sage Demon put his teacup down.

“Young master Kim-nim. I would think that you are curious as to why I came to look for you and asked for such a secret meeting.”

“Yes, I am curious.”

Instead of being shocked, the Sage Demon just smiled warmly at Cale’s honest answer.

He then gently asked.

“Young master-nim, do you know how I rose to the position of Sage Demon?”

Chief Eunuch Wi flinched at that question but Cale answered without any hesitation once again.

“Yes, I do.”

The Sage Demon gently nodded his head.

“I see. I guess it is to be expected as the Imperial Palace knows about our Demon Cult better than anybody else.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s gaze sank thinking there was a thorn in those words but neither the Sage Demon nor Cale put much meaning to it.

They simply continued to chat.

“The current Heavenly Demon had a very difficult childhood.”

“I heard that he grew stronger thanks to learning from you Sage Demon-nim, who noticed his radiant talents.”

The Sage Demon quietly laughed at Cale’s comment.

“That is correct, young master-nim. The Heavenly Demon was someone who learned ten and sometimes even twenty things when I would teach him one thing. That was why although it started with me teaching him, our esteemed liege eventually surpassed me and found his own path.”

Cale recalled the records about the current Heavenly Demon while listening to the Sage Demon talk as if he was talking about an old story.

‘The former Heavenly Demon had a lot of issues.’

The current Heavenly Demon… He lived quite a wretched life when he was younger.

The former Heavenly Demon had numerous wives and concubines, which led to having a lot of children.

The wives and concubines he took in were not arranged marriages for political relationships; he was just that kind of bastard.

‘That bastard was total shit that trash is too good for him.’

Cale had a simple reason for evaluating him that way.

The former Heavenly Demon did not protect his numerous wives, concubines, and children.

In fact, he paid no attention to their secret fights, chaos, and death between them.

One of the victims was the current Heavenly Demon.

As the child of one of the powerless concubines, he had to live on his own after losing his mother at a young age. The Sage Demon noticed his talents and he was able to rise to his current position.

‘At that time, this guy was not the Sage Demon but just a middle-grade administrator among the top executives.’

He was from a famed family within the Demon Cult but he was a bastard.

It prevented him from rising higher than a middle-grade administrator despite having the abilities and age.

The fact that he was now the Heavenly Demon’s right hand man and instructor and has significant influence over the Demon Cult truly shows that you never knew what could happen in the affairs of humans.

‘I believe the current Heavenly Demon is in his late thirties?’

The Heavenly Demon was quite young for being the leader of a major force.


Cale put his teacup and asked.

“May I ask why you are telling me such a story?”

He had no reason to listen to the old story of the Sage Demon and the Heavenly Demon.

“Young master Kim-nim. Chief Advisor Zhuge Mi Ryeo is a talented individual. I have been shocked by her amazing intellect many times. You don’t know how many times I’ve gasped after reading messages she has sent or reports I’ve received from my subordinates about what she has done.”

This was out of context. However, Cale quietly listened.

The warm voice continued.

“That is the reason I personally came here.”

Cale made eye contact with the Sage Demon.

“Because reading a person’s expression…”

He could see that although the Sage Demon was smiling with his lips, his eyes were not.

“That is the one thing where I, the Sage Demon, am slightly better than the Chief Advisor.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s face stiffened as he listened.

“Although I may not be as smart as her, my years of surviving through countless under the surface battles has allowed me to learn more about how to read a person’s expression.”

The Sage Demon maintained a humble demeanor and a smile on his face as he spoke to Cale.

“The Chief Advisor. She also did not come here wishing for a negotiation between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult.”


Chief Eunuch Wi subconsciously groaned.

‘The Sage Demon has realized that the Chief Advisor’s intentions are elsewhere!’

As expected of the Sage Demon.

‘Even the other members of the Martial Arts Alliance and the Kunlun Sect still believe that the Chief Advisor wishes to negotiate with the Demon Cult!’

Chief Eunuch Wi got the chills.

Cale’s voice came out as gently at that moment.

“The Sage Demon-nim has also not come here wishing for a negotiation between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s eyes opened wide.

He was finally able to recall what the Sage Demon had said.

‘The Chief Advisor. She also did not come here wishing for a negotiation between the Orthodox faction and the Demon Cult.’

He was certain that the Sage Demon said ‘she also.’

‘That was not a slip of tongue.’

Someone at the Sage Demon’s level would have said it that way on purpose.

“Young master-nim.”

He looked toward Cale and asked.

“Would you please visit the Demon Cult?”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“Is the Demon Cult inviting only me to come?”

“We are inviting you and your group, young master-nim.”

Cale spoke as if he was amused.

“Have you already spoken with the Heavenly Demon-nim about this invitation while you were at the Kunlun Sect? Or was this your plan from the moment you set out to come to the Kunlun Sect?”

The Sage Demon answered the question without any hesitation.

“It was neither.”


“This is my own judgment.”

The Sage Demon was still looking at Cale with a firm gaze.

“Based on my personal decision, I have determined that we must escort you to the Demon Cult, young master-nim.”

“Even without the Heavenly Demon-nim’s approval?”

“I did get permission but I also did not get permission. As a result, I must move based on my own judgment.”

Chief Eunuch Wi scowled.

‘What kind of response is that?’

The conversation between the Sage Demon and young master Kim was flowing smoothly without stopping.

However, the things that the Sage Demon was saying were a bit weird.

At that moment, Cale asked honestly without thinking too deeply about it.

“What you said just now was hard to understand.”

From the moment this person said that he saw the look on Zhuge Mi Ryeo’s face and understood her intentions…

From the moment that the Sage Demon said that he personally came to the Orthodox faction, to the most hostile sect without any subordinates to figure out those intentions…

Cale decided to be honest.

Silly lies would only bring chaos in such a situation.

The Sage Demon closed his mouth for a bit before again opening it back.

“The Heavenly Demon has wanted to fight against the Orthodox faction ever since he rose to the position of Heavenly Demon. He considered the Demon Cult’s entry into the Central Plains as his mission that was as important as his life itself.”


Chief Eunuch Wi groaned.

The Sage Demon didn’t care and continued to speak.

“Our esteemed liege said that, ‘I am neither from a highly reputed family nor do I have any proper foundation. There are still many internal enemies aiming for me. In order to turn their gazes outward, the only option is to point our swords toward the Central Plains.’ I agreed with that statement. His other subordinates did as well.”

A gentle smile that was different from before was on the Sage Demon’s face.

“Unlike the previous Heavenly Demon, the current Heavenly Demon always asks his subordinates for their opinions before doing something.”

That smile held both pride and praise for the Heavenly Demon.

Chief Eunuch Wi noticed this, peeked toward Cale, and then flinched.


Cale had a serious look on his face now.

The Sage Demon continued to speak.

“The Heavenly Demon then organized the Demon Cult to attack the Central Plains and also trained hard in his own martial arts. Hard is not strong enough of a word for it as he focused on his training as if his life depended on it. And finally, he reached it.”

The Sage Demon’s eyes curled up into a smile for the first time.

“He has surpassed the level of the former Heavenly Demon.”

“…The Profound Realm!”

Chief Eunuch Wi subconsciously shouted.

It was recorded that the former Heavenly Demon was in between the Unrestrained Realm and the Profound Realm. This was because despite being called a genius and reaching a high level in his youth, he did not train anymore as he focused on women and booze.

The Imperial Palace believed that the current Heavenly Demon was at the same level.

This was enough to say that the Heavenly Demon, who was currently in his late thirties, had talent bestowed by the heavens.

Chief Eunuch Wi couldn’t help but be shocked to hear that the Heavenly Demon had fully entered the Profound Realm.

Chief Eunuch Wi saw that the Sage Demon, who made eye contact with him, continued to speak in the same tone.

“It was about a month ago. He secretly called me to inform me that he had reached that level.”

The Sage Demon looked up into the air.

“I cannot forget the moment we had that conversation.”

The Demon Cult also had experts from the previous generations who had reached the Profound Realm.

They needed such experts to take on the Orthodox faction and the Unorthodox faction without any help.

However, reaching that level at a young age was amazing.

“The Heavenly Demon said the following to me.”

His voice was calm.

It was like a leaf floating on a lake.

“He said that he wants to invade the Central Plains.”

Chief Eunuch Wi flinched.

The Sage Demon continued to speak.

“He also said the following. He does not want to invade the Central Plains.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s eyes opened wide while Cale stopped leaning back against the chair and sat up to lean toward the Sage Demon.

Chief Eunuch Wi gulped after seeing the stiff look on Cale’s face.

The Sage Demon calmly continued.

“The Heavenly Demon wants to fight against the Orthodox faction while not wanting to do so at the same time.”

Cale made eye contact with the Sage Demon.

“The Heavenly Demon wants a conversation with the Martial Arts Alliance while not wanting to do so at the same time.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Chief Eunuch Wi could not hold back and asked but the Sage Demon did not stop talking.

“The Heavenly Demon carries both desire and no desire at the same time.”

“Wait, that is just-”

Chief Eunuch Wi tried to ask a question because that made no sense but Cale raised his hand.

Chief Eunuch Wi closed his mouth after seeing that.

Cale spoke at that moment.

“The person in the Demon Cult who wants to invade the Central Plains was none other than the Heavenly Demon-nim. The Heavenly Demon brought it up without anybody else bringing it up first.”

“Yes, That is correct.”

Chief Eunuch Wi’s pupils started shaking after hearing that question and answer.

“N, no way-”

Chief Eunuch Wi subconsciously mumbled as he looked toward the Sage Demon. However, the Sage Demon was only focused on Cale as he continued to speak.

“The Profound Realm. The Heavenly Demon realized it after reaching that realm.”

The Heavenly Demon had received enlightenment after getting past the Unrestrained Realm to the Profound Realm.

“I am being brainwashed.”

Chief Eunuch Wi could feel a strongly fluctuating aura centered around the Sage Demon.

The Sage Demon was currently smiling but he was angry.

As the Heavenly Demon’s instructor and his first friend… And as someone who was born a bastard and did not form his own family, the Heavenly Demon was like his child and family despite being unable to say that to anybody.

Chief Eunuch Wi thought of something while looking at that anger.

‘The Blood Cult is trying to start the Great War of the Triumvirate through living jiangshis.’

Jang Hyung, the future sect leader and a living jiangshi, was similar in age to the Heavenly Demon.

In addition…

‘The person in the Demon Cult who brought up starting the Great War of the Triumvirate was the Heavenly Demon.’

Chief Eunuch Wi recalled how Cale’s face had turned serious as soon as he heard that the Heavenly Demon wanted to invade the Central Plains.

“Once you get past the Unrestrained Realm to the Profound Realm… When you get there, your brain… Your upper dantian opens and you are able to observe yourself. That is what the Heavenly Demon told me.”

The Sage Demon spoke calmly with a warm smile on his face.

“Our esteemed liege is currently fighting against himself.”

However, the aura surrounding him was becoming more violent.

The Sage Demon smiled while having this rough and almost crazed violent aura of the Demon Cult around him.

“The Heavenly Demon wishes to fight against the Orthodox faction. At the same time, he wishes to fight against the Blood Cult.”

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