Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 105: Unbelievable (4)

‘First…! Let’s put aside the issue of the living jiangshis for later.’

Cale’s face naturally stiffened.

‘What if I cough this much blood again next time?

Do I need to keep not just apple pies but dumplings and other food with me as well?’

His stiffened face could not relax as he spoke to the Carnage Demon.

He needed an answer from her.

“Carnage Demon. You will go with us, won’t you?”

The Carnage Demon’s mind quickly processed things after seeing the stiff expression on Cale’s face.

She had her response.

“Hoohoo, of course! I will make a giant hole for your travels to the Unorthodox faction to be completely unhindered, young master Kim-nim! Hahaha!”

‘…This old woman is weird too.’

Cale was unsettled at the Carnage Demon’s completely different response but just smiled. What mattered was that this pumpkin and all of its vines had rolled over to him.

“I’m glad we were able to come to an understanding.”

“I feel the same way, young master Kim-nim~”

The Carnage Demon heard the Sword Saint’s cold voice through a sound transmission at that moment.

– I will cut off your head if you disrupt young master Kim’s plans.

‘Hmph. Listen to that old bastard’s nagging!’

The Carnage Demon just ignored the Sword Saint’s comment. She then smiled toward young master Kim with her most elegant old lady smile.

‘Yes, it is time to change sides!’

Thinking about it more, this was an opportunity for the Carnage Demon.

‘The School of Carnage’s power has decreased a lot trying to take out the Sword Demon.’

Although the School of Carnage was one of the Unorthodox faction’s three great assassin organizations, it was clearly the top ranking.

Even if they had received damage because of the Sword Demon, it was not to the point that their top ranking would be shaken.

‘Fuck, the Coalition leader!’

Since the Divergent Coalition was the representative organization of the Unorthodox faction… The representative was called the Coalition leader.

That Coalition leader was currently in a fight for power against the leader of the Green Forest. The School of Carnage was trying to remain neutral, however, their position was slightly becoming dangerous from the Coalition leader pressuring them to come under him.

‘The pressure from the Coalition leader is the reason we ended up in charge of capturing the Sword Demon.’

That was the reason the Carnage Demon had to step in to take on the Sword Demon.

However, the situation was now different.

‘Our Young master Kim is planning on going to the Unorthodox faction as well. The Blood Cult’s living jiangshi is probably in the Divergent Coalition.’

If she stuck next to young master Kim in the process?

If she is seen as a close confidant of someone who was in the Nature Realm and also seemed to have a connection with the Imperial family?

The Carnage Demon started smiling.

‘Just thinking about it is making me happy!’

Being next to young master Kim seemed more and more beneficial as she thought about it. This seemed like her chance to grab onto a golden rope.

The Sword Saint, who was observing the Carnage Demon from the side, snorted as her thoughts were obvious.

‘Your thoughts are obvious. But you will soon learn as well.’

She would soon learn of young master Kim’s strong will and his heart that is deep as the deep sea.

Although the Carnage Demon was acting shameless and servile, her martial arts realm was high. There was no way she would not know about young master Kim’s progression.

“Then why don’t we leave here for now?”

The Fist King spoke at that moment.

“That sounds great, sir.”

Cale agreed with this.


With one side of the ceiling crumbling in this deserted house, it looked as if it could completely crumble from the wind at any moment.

Cale wanted to quickly leave this place.

“Carnage Demon-nim, you and Choi Jung Soo move separately.”

“Sounds great, young master Kim-nim! Should we come find you at the guest house?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Cale looked toward Choi Jung Soo after responding to the Carnage Demon’s gentle question.

“I’ll let you know the location so come over there.”


Choi Jung Soo nodded his head without a fight. Sui Khan made a comment at that time.

“I’ll take him.”

Choi Jung Soo immediately responded.

“I can go there if you just tell me the location?”

“That sounds great.”

Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale after hearing his response. However, Cale completely ignored Choi Jung Soo’s gaze and asked the team leader.

“Please come without anybody seeing you. It will get loud if the Dokgo Clan or the rising stars outside learn about it.”

“Okay. Follow me.”

“Huh? Huh?”

Choi Jung Soo had his collar grabbed by Sui Khan and was pulled out the back door of the deserted house that was connected to the forest.

“Then I will head out as well. See you in a bit~”

The Carnage Demon disappeared into the shadows as well.


She suddenly stopped mid-disappearing to ask.

“By the way, young master Kim-nim. May I ask one thing?”

“Yes ma’am. Go ahead.”

The Carnage Demon peeked to the side after hearing Cale respond so easily. She was looking at Raon, whose back and wings were the only things that could be seen right now, as he was curled up in the corner.


The Carnage Demon gulped and hesitated without being able to say anything.

Honestly speaking, the Sword Saint and Elder Ho were looking at Raon as well, but they were feigning ignorance.

What was this creature?

It was not an animal.

It seemed a bit different from a mythical creature.

It looked to be at minimum a divine beast.

A young divine beast.


Cale realized that question that was visible in their gazes.

‘I guess they are curious about Raon.’

He debated before thinking that it would be easier to explain now rather than to have unnecessary misunderstandings since they already saw him.

‘Well, we are going to leave this world eventually anyway.’

It would be great as long as they were not uncomfortable while in this world.

Cale calmly answered.

“He is a Dragon. A young Dragon.”

“What is it, human? Are you talking about me?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“I got it, human! I’m a bit busy right now!”

“Yes, yes.”

Cale half-assed a response to Raon before looking at the martial artists.

“Anything else you wish to know?”

However, the Sword Saint, Elder Ho, and Carnage Demon all had their mouths tightly closed without being able to say anything. They had a lot of things they wanted to say, but they were keeping their mouths shut because they did not dare to ask.

“…I’ll see you later.”

The Carnage Demon awkwardly smiled before disappearing.

Only Cale’s group and the Namgung Clan were left now.

Cale looked toward Namgung Tae Wi, who was still sleeping.

‘Mm. I guess I’ll need to have Choi Han and Beacrox move this guy.’

Even if the old men here were strong, having healthy young men moving him should be better.

‘No. Isn’t Choi Han the oldest person here?’

Cale’s mind almost turned into a giant mess considering people’s gazes but there was no time to do so.

“Please get on.”


A wide back appeared in front of him.

“Yes, human! Get on his back!”

Raon flew over and urged him as well, making Cale get on Choi Han’s back.

‘Oh, this is nice.’

He had felt this multiple times before, but Choi Han was really skilled at carrying people around.

“But I’m fine?”

Cale felt embarrassed at being the only one being carried and made the comment, but nobody even pretended to hear him. They just did what they needed to do.

“I shall help.”


Chief Eunuch Wi and Elder Ho moved closer to Namgung Tae Wi to help.

“Young master Kim.”

The Sword Saint came up to Cale to say something before he left the building.

“We will head out first. Umm, will it be okay to have Tae Wi stay in the guest house you are staying in?”

“That is not a problem. There are many empty rooms.”

“Thank you.”

The Sword Saint seemed to not have any problems showing gratitude anymore. He soon left the deserted house. He moved slowly to not harm Namgung Tae Wi.

“Are we heading out too?”

Cale’s group, the Fist King, and Mok Hee were the only ones left now.

Cale was about to say yes to Raon’s question when he made eye contact with Ron. The gaze was the same as usual, but Cale kept his gaze on him.

“Ahem. We will head out first too then.”

The Fist King and Mok Hee left as well.

Only Cale’s group remained.

Of course, Toonka was still in the guest house guarding Number 7.


Cale looked at Ron… And Beacrox behind Ron and groaned. However, he soon continued to speak.

“…I guess we need to chat?”

He seemed cautious and tactful unlike his usual self.

That made Beacrox silently take off the white gloves while Ron quietly observed Cale’s gaze before looking away and responding.

“We do, but it does not need to be right now, young master-nim.”

Cale looked terrible right now.

He wasn’t as pale anymore, but he was still a mess.

“We can talk later, once everything is over.”

‘Ah. Is he saying that we can chat after finishing things in the Central Plains and going back to our world?’

Cale inadvertently said the thought that came to his mind as soon as he said that.

“That’s great for me if you want to chat after we get back home.”

He saw a fishy smile on Ron’s face at that moment. It was an extremely vicious assassin’s smile.

‘Why is he smiling like that?’

He felt his heart shaking. He was scared.

Ron commented at that moment. That fishy smile had disappeared and a smile that was even more benign than usual was there.

“That sounds great, young master-nim. We can chat once we get back to our house.”

He then walked toward the door without any hesitation.

‘What is going on?’

Cale found this to be odd.

At that moment, Beacrox stepped forward and nonchalantly asked.

“Are you not hungry anymore, young master-nim?”

That painful emptiness was gone but Cale was still hungry.

That was why he answered honestly.

“I want some steak.”

Honestly speaking, the food at the Central Plains was not to Cale’s liking.

It was so different even from Korean food that he didn’t like it very much. Instead, he wanted to eat steak, something he was now used to eating after a couple of years.

However, this was the Central Plains, so it would be difficult to make steak.

‘I’ll ask him to make some when we get home.’

As Cale was about to say that…

“I will give it a try. I have basically figured out the seasoning.”

Beacrox answered as if it wasn’t a big deal and quickly walked away.

‘…What the hell?’

Something was weird.

As Cale was about to have that thought…

The person who was carrying him…

Choi Han commented in a gentle voice.

“Our house truly is the best.”


Cale found this to be odd as well but he responded.

“Isn’t that obvious?”

Beacrox stopped for a moment to stare at Cale.

Cale was about to ask about it when Beacrox quickly turned back around and walked out of the building.

‘What the hell?’

Cale could not figure out what the vicious father and son duo were thinking.

However, he was a bit relieved to see that the two of them would be understanding even if he didn’t explain right away.

“…Just destroying things is easier.”

As he sighed and said what was on his mind…

“That’s right, human. Let’s just destroy the Central Plains.”

Cale flinched.

“Human, I said that I will destroy the Central Plains if you cough up blood again.”

He looked at the brightly smiling Raon’s chubby cheeks.

‘…I think I’m going to cough up blood again though…’

In fact, it would probably be every time he faced a living jiangshi.

Cale did not dare to say that and just kept it to himself.

Pat pat.

Instead, he patted Choi Han’s back and commented.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes Cale-nim.”

Cale left the building on Choi Han’s back.

“Oh Fire of Purification.”

Durst followed behind them while mumbling something to himself while Raon turned invisible.

Cale scowled a bit after seeing the sun and turned his head.


He looked up after hearing a voice.

Dokgo Ryeong was about to say something but was stopped by Dokgo Chang and moved back.

“It’s nothing, sir.”

Seeing Dokgo Chang shaking his head made him realize that the rising star and the Dokgo Clan had come quite close to the deserted house, but…

‘They still shouldn’t know what happened inside.’

They probably came closer after hearing the house crumbling.

“Please don’t let us hold you up any longer.”

Cale and Choi Han nodded their heads at Dokgo Chang’s respectful comment and walked away.

Dokgo Chang quietly observed them.


“Ryeong. Even if there are things you are curious about, you need to be able to control yourself.”


Dokgo Ryeong thought about the people of the Namgung Clan they had just seen, the people who were basically their bitter enemies.

The tired looking Sword Saint and the unconscious Namgung Tae Wi being carried away… Namgung Tae Wi was also wrapped up in a lot of clothes.

That shocked Namgung Yoo Hak and he approached the Sword Saint, however, the Sword Saint walked away without saying anything.

‘That was why I thought that young master Kim fought against the Namgung Clan!’

However, Dokgo Ryeong could not say anything after seeing young master Kim’s face.

Someone with such a high level of martial arts was being weakly carried out of the house with blood marks clearly visible on him.

What the hell must have happened in there?

Nobody could easily answer that question.

“…That power was intense.”

Everybody just quietly agreed with what the Shaolin monk Jeong Hye commented.

Right before one side of the deserted house’s roof crumbled, that pure aura that had burst out of the building…

It was not long, but as people who had learned the martial arts of the Orthodox faction, they had no choice but to approach the deserted house almost as if they were bewitched.

They couldn’t help but go toward that refreshing aura that warmly wrapped around you instead of trying to harm someone.

“That must have been young master Kim’s power, right?”

The Kunlun Sect’s daoshi Un Seon asked Dokgo Chang who continued to look at the now distant Cale’s back as he mumbled.

“Most likely.”


Un Seon silently clenched her fists.

The person with the small back who was weakly being carried…

The power that he released…she had never seen such a pure power even in the Kunlun Sect.

‘If that sir will help our Kunlun-!

The Demon Cult will definitely run away from that beautiful and pure aura!’

However, Un Seon could not easily say that she would put her thoughts into action after seeing Cale’s face that was covered with blood marks.

“Let us go as well.”

She just followed the Young Gang Leader of the Beggars’ Gang and walked back to the guest house.

* * *

“You don’t have anything to say?”

Choi Jung Soo raised his head after hearing Cale ask that with a scowl on his face.

His mouth was full of noodles.

Munch munch. Choi Jung Soo swallowed the noodles before relaxing his eyebrows and responding.

“I really haven’t eaten properly for a few days. Can I eat first?”


Cale let out a sigh.

“…Yes, you should definitely eat first.”

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