Trash of the Count’s Family Part 2 Chapter 10: The reason for remembering (5)

One corner of Cale’s lips twisted up. Someone caught that faint smile that was barely visible.

‘What could it be saying that he-’

It was the bishop.

However, he did not dare to speak to Cale right now.

The Commander’s sparkling gaze… He saw a passion fitting for the Commander’s age for the first time. The Commander’s face had been cold and tired until now.

‘This guy truly is the Saint. His face changed so much after hearing the words of our god.’

Although the bishop desired to be the next Pope, as someone who felt pride in being a priest… He couldn’t help but look back at his current position.

– Human, the bishop’s expression is a bit weird. He seems, he seems a bit like Clopeh!

Raon was giving him some very important information, but Cale brushed it off.

His finger moved.

< See more details >

His finger touched a spot on the mirror.

< Xiaolen is a planet with a long history. Although Xiaolen 2 and Xiaolen 3 do exist, it is certainly a world that cannot be replaced. >

< Xiaolen was originally a treasure trove from heaven, filled with fertile lands and numerous mines with practically endless value. >

< However, because of that rotten Black Blood that is so rotten that ripping them to shreds wouldn’t be enough, crushing them into pieces wouldn't be enough, and even stomping their bones into tiny little pieces wouldn't be enough... >

Cale flinched for a moment while reading the information in the invitation.

He read the informative note in a corner of the invitation.

< The invitation was personally manufactured by the world with no alterations at all. - God of Death >

Cale realized it.

‘…This world really hates the Black Blood.’

There were more notes.

< Xiaolen 1 had a lot of pride for its fertile lands, beautiful natural landscape, and numerous natural resources. - God of Death >

< For reference, although they had a lot of mines with jewels, they were famous for having a lot of magic stones mines. It is the world with the most magic stones mines. - God of Death >


Cale nodded his head at the useful information.

The bishop quietly gasped at Cale’s serious demeanor and the way Cale read through this language that he did not understand without any issue.

The invisible Raon was looking back and forth between Cale and the divine item, and then the bishop, who had his hands clasped together, and could not release that look of iffiness from his face.

< Its abilities have been lost because approximately 81.29% of the world has been covered in dead mana. It would not have mattered if this world was born as a world for the dead, but this is clearly a world for the living. Because of these damn Black Bloods that deserved to be ripped to shreds... >

Cale thoroughly read through the three pages of the A4-sized invitation that cursed out the Black Bloods and shared information about the world’s current condition.


There was something at the bottom of the invitation.

< Will you accept the invitation from the world? >

There was a more detailed postscript than the one he saw earlier.

< PS 1. I am not as cheap as the God of Death. I am also not a world that focuses on balance like the world you live in. >

< PS 2. If you accept the invitation you will get 1 mine. If you severely damage those Black Blood bastards, you will get an extra mine. If you help with the purification as well, I will give you either another mine or a treasure. >

< PS 3. I am a generous world who does not believe in low-value gifts. >

The restrictions were listed under the postscript.

< Restrictions regarding the Xiaolen World's Invitation >

< Maximum party number of 10 >

< Dimension traveling is only possible within a temple of the God of Death. These are the agreed-upon terms between worlds. >


The mirror’s screen turned off.

Cale looked down at the mirror that was not showing anything and fell deep into thought.


“Ah, Bishop-nim.”

Cale had been so focused on the contents of the invitation that he had forgotten about the bishop.

“May I ask what the divine item can do?”

Cale thought that it would be more useful to tell him at least some of it and casually responded to the extremely cautiously asked question.

“This divine item is for getting an invitation to visit a world in a different dimension, mm, and granting a wish of that world.”


Cale thought that his explanation was not enough as the bishop remained silent and continued to speak with his gaze still fixated on the divine item.

“For example, the current situation is to visit a world that is close to ruin and to stop the source causing it. I believe it will continue like this from here on.”

Cale turned his head.

“Do you need any more explanation?”


The bishop had a blank look on his face.


“…Yes. Commander-nim. I do not need any more explanation.”

The bishop realized it the moment he heard about the divine item.

The moment he heard these unfathomable words such as different dimensions and different worlds…

‘The path that the Commander will walk from here on will be to save all of the dimensions. How could such a thing-’

He was at a loss for words.

‘Something like the position of Pope isn’t an issue at all.’

The Pope was an extremely trivial position when thinking about all of the dimensions in the universe.


“Yes, Bishop-nim?”

“I will devote myself to assist you with your work.”

Cale nodded his head thinking that it was a good idea to explain thoroughly.

“I will trust you to explain it to the Vatican then.”

“Of course. I will take care of everything and make sure that you do not need to waste any of your time.”

“Thank you very much, Bishop-nim. You don’t need to be as detailed with them as I was with you. Please just keep it at the appropriate level.”

“Yes, sir. You have nothing to worry about.”

“…Okay, Bishop-nim. I am not worried about it at all.”

Cale was slightly uncomfortable at how the bishop had suddenly become so solemn, but he turned away as the bishop’s expression was not an important issue right now.

“I will take the divine item with me.”

“Yes, sir. Please feel free to take whatever you want.”


Cale felt as if he heard something weird but chose to continue speaking for now.

“Going to different dimensions is only possible within the temple. I want to only use this place, the Huiss City Temple of the God of Death.”

“Yes, sir. Please feel free to go wild and use it however you please.”

“…I don’t have any plans of doing something like that. However, I want to move extremely quietly without anybody knowing, so please make it so that people will not be able to see it.”

The bishop knew that if he was in Cale’s position, he would be shouting throughout the continents that he was going to different dimensions at the will of a god. He would be telling people to praise him. He would want everybody to know. However, the young man in front of him seemed to be extremely wary of that.

The bishop responded with sincerity.

“I will prepare it thoroughly as you wish, Commander-nim.”

“…Thank you very much. I will contact you as soon as we have a schedule.”

“Yes, sir.”

Cale found the bishop’s overly receptive demeanor to be odd. However, he didn’t care since the bishop agreed to do as he wanted.

Cale gathered the divine item, got on a carriage to the Royal Palace with the invisible Raon, and left the temple.

Only the bishop and a few others knew about Cale’s visit.

However, the Vatican, which knew about the existence of the divine item, was extremely sensitive after this visit.

– Bishop. What are you saying right now?

“Exactly what I mentioned, Your Holiness.”

The bishop was speaking through a video communication device to the Pope, the highest ranking Holy Knight of the Church’s Order of Justice, and the three bishops who were said to be candidates to be the next Pope.

“Our lord has given a mission to the sir who will save the whole world and we must not hinder his path.”

– …Bishop. Did you say the whole world just now?

– Bishop-nim. Is it truly the appearance of our Saint?


The bishop thought about Cale and chuckled.

“I don’t think that is enough to describe him.”

– …Bishop. Report the entire situation.

“I will listen to the words of our lord first and then contact you again, your Holiness.”

He was saying that he would take some actions first before reporting to them.

– What do you mean-!


The bishop hung up while watching one of the bishops start to shout in anger.

Tap. Tap.

He tapped on the table and smiled.

“I need to do at least this much so that they won’t mess with him in the future.”

For his god.

For the Saint who will save the world.

And a little bit for his own authority.

The bishop decided to charge forward.

He could do this because he was the only person in charge of a temple who had a connection with the owner of a divine item. He would be the one with the advantage as time went on.

“Hmm. He wanted me to inform them quietly, right?”

The Commander definitely didn’t tell him to keep it a secret. He said to inform them quietly.

Basically, the Commander wanted him to let them know at an appropriate level, without making a fuss about it.

At least that was how the bishop understood it.

“I’m very good at that.”

Something like this was easy for someone like him, who was born an orphan and made it to the position of bishop with only a small amount of healing power.

12 am.

Now that it was midnight, the bishop used the stealthiness of the night to gently spread the appearance of the divine item and its sole owner.

* * *

“Cale-nim, then only a maximum of ten people can go?”


They were in the crown prince’s bedroom despite the crown prince not being here.

Cale, who had taken over this place, looked at Sui Khan’s empty seat before looking away. Raon was glaring at him while holding a video communication device in his arms.

“Human, I’m going! You can’t go without us!”

Cale scowled.

“We are going too! You’re going to fall left and right if we are not watching you! You feeble human!”

The ‘we’ that Raon was talking about were On, Hong, and Raon, the children averaging nine-years-old.

Choi Han warily peeked at Cale before speaking to Raon.

“But it’ll be dangerous because the place is covered in dead mana.”

“Choi Han, we’ve experienced dead mana many times too! We can handle it better than the noobs!”

Choi Han stopped for a moment after hearing Raon sound extremely serious. Raon used that opening to say exactly what On had said.

Cale heard Raon repeat what On had just calmly said through the video communication device.

“And Choi Han, there will be a lot of large-scale battles when going up against the Hunters Organization. It will be useful to have me there since I am skilled at magic. I can control mana even if it is in a different dimension. It is because I’m the only one who experienced the mana of the white magic world earlier and confirmed.”

Choi Han’s jaw dropped.

“Furthermore, dead mana is different from poison, so poisonous fog is still a stealthy way to attack a large number of enemies when going up against organizations with the darkness attribute. It is an intelligent solution that does not require swords being pulled out nor spells being cast to gather the enemies’ attention.”

Cale added on to Raon’s statement.

“…That is what On said.”

Choi Han realized that this was not Raon’s stubbornness but On’s stubbornness and did not say anything.

On, who cherished Raon and Hong more than anybody else, was saying that she would go with Cale. This meant that On assessed the situation and believed it was okay to go with him.

“And I will be with good girl Mary.”

If Mary, who was basically the best in this world right now in terms of handling dead mana, was going with On, Hong, and Raon…

Choi Han’s mind turned into a complicated mess.

“Anyway, just know that that is how it will be! You can’t even teleport without me, human!”

Raon took the video communication device and quickly flew out the crown prince’s bedroom window. It was a gesture to show that he had made his demand and was going to run before Cale could say otherwise.

“Not only can I not teleport without you, but I also cannot use a video communication device.”

Raon flinched.

Cale spoke in an indifferent voice.

“Connect the video communication device for now. I have many places to call.”

“…I understand. Anyway, we are going.”

Raon pouted as he connected the video communication device.

– Young master-nim.

“Long time no see, Mary.”

Cale contacted his friends, starting with Mary.

Well, there was one individual he wouldn’t necessarily call a friend.

– It’s been a while.

“It has.”

Duke Fredo.

The Vampire Chief who was trying his best to make something of the awkward situation at Endable right now. He was chatting with Cale via a video communication device for the first time in a long while.

– …A different dimension. You truly live a complicated life.

“Do you have some time?”

Duke Fredo sighed at the question that came out of nowhere.

– …Huuuuuu. I’ll send you a smart punk.

“Solena?” (TL: Author put Soline but I presume it was a typo)

– No. I can’t send that child since she is even smarter than I am. I will send a punk who is as smart and as upright as me. Don’t worry. I’m sure that he will be helpful.

Cale was looking at Duke Fredo as if he couldn’t trust him despite Fredo sounding so full of certainty, but Cale nodded his head since he knew Duke Fredo wasn’t the type to say something he did not mean. He then added on to his previous explanation.

“His highness is going to make an announcement about Endable soon. So don’t worry. And the Henituse territory will send supplies.”

– …….

Duke Fredo silently looked at Cale before chuckling.

– Truly only a son understands the heart of his father.


Cale ended the call.


“I got it, human! That vampire’s nonsense is increasing the longer we know him!”

Multiple calls were completed after that and thankfully, all of them agreed to assist Cale.

* * *

“Bishop-nim. They have arrived.”


The bishop looked toward the door of a white prayer room that could fit about twenty people.


The door opened and people who had their faces covered by robes walked into the prayer room.

“Ah, you’re here, Commander-nim.”

“I came pretty quickly, didn’t I?”

“Yes, sir.”

Cale removed his hood to reveal his face before warmly greeting the bishop.

One night later when it was close to midnight again… Cale came to see the bishop.

“Then we will do it right away.”

“Yes, Commander-nim.”

The bishop retreated toward the wall of the prayer room. The few officials from the temple who were by his side also retreated to the walls with solemn looks on their faces.

‘The divine item is going to be used.’

This would be the first time that the new divine item bestowed by the God of Death would be used.

That fact was making the temple officials’ hearts beat wildly and their hands shake uncontrollably.

Cale stood at the center of the empty prayer room.

He raised his head.

The soft white light at the center of the ceiling was right above Cale’s head.

“Let’s get started.”

He spoke to his friends and pulled the mirror out of his pocket. He frowned for a moment while looking at the mirror that was decorated with luxurious gold before tapping on the mirror with a look of indifference on his face.


Light and a screen appeared on the mirror.

< Will you accept the invitation? >

< YES / NO >

Cale’s finger touched the YES.



“Oh my!”

“…Oh, beloved Lord……”

A large circle was created with Cale at the center.

It was completely different from a magic circle. Furthermore, it was glowing black.

The temple officials felt as if they were looking at a circle personally drawn by the God of Death.


Once the circle was completed…

< Would you like to be transported now? >

< Currently at 1 member >

Cale looked at the mirror screen and opened his mouth.

“Let’s go.”

His friends walked into the circle as soon as he said that.

– Hehe. Human, we will protect you!



On, Hong, and Raon.

“I will stand behind you, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han stood behind Cale.

His team leader, Sui Khan, silently stood on Cale’s right side and smiled.

“Looks like I have to work as soon as I reincarnated.”

On his left was Eruhaben, who sternly said that he would go despite Cale telling him to rest.

They were currently at seven members.

“Mary, let’s go.”

“Yes, sir.”

The first time Cale went into the city of the Dark Elves… The Dark Elf who came to greet them was Tasha’s close friend Shawn, who was one of the greatest Dark Elf warriors. He was here in Tasha’s place.

Mary, who was standing next to him, nodded at Cale’s gaze.

‘Mary. That is a place where being a necromancer is only reserved for the Emperor.’

She thought about the information Cale gave her about this new world.

Cale watched Mary step onto the circle and looked outside of it again.

“Will you go?”

“Yes, sir.”

The individual who had yet to come into the circle took off their hood.

The woman with short purple hair walked onto the circle with a stoic look on her face.

She was the vampire that Duke Fredo had sent in his place.

‘One adult Dragon, one Dark Elf, one Vampire, one Necromancer, one sword master, three children, and one reincarnated child.’

Cale looked at the mirror screen.

< Would you like to be transported now? >

< Currently at 10 members >


Cale responded to the invitation and a black light shot up from the circle.

It was a black light that did not feel ominous at all. In fact, it felt warm.

Cale was baffled after thinking that this warmth that was surrounding his body was from the God of Death.

< Commencing transportation. >

The divine item activated without caring about Cale’s thoughts and black light soon burst out in all directions, covering the eyes of the temple officials in darkness.


Once the darkness subsided, Cale’s group and the circle were gone from the center of the prayer room.

* * *

Cale heard the voice of the God of Death while he was surrounded by darkness.

< Sir, you are now being connected to the Xiaolen World. >

Cale subconsciously scowled because the God of Death sounded disgusting speaking so formally to guide him.

The guide continued without caring about his feelings.

< Sir, your arrival is set to be in the Grand Prayer Room of the Central Temple of the Fire of Purification. >

The Church of the Fire of Purification was said to be their helpers.

Cale’s expression slowly turned calm and collected.

‘Things should be a bit easier since we are arriving at the center of our helpers’ location.’

He slowly started to organize his thoughts about the situation.

< Arriving in 5 seconds. >

< 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. >

< You have arrived. >


The darkness disappeared and a bright light slowly filled Cale’s gaze.

Blink blink.

He blinked a few times until he could see clearly.

He was in a white area that was being supported with pure white marble pillars.

There was a large circular altar at the center.

The moment Cale realized that he and the others were standing on top of the altar…

“We greet the purifier!”

“We greet the purifier!”

Hundreds of people wearing long red priest robes knelt down toward Cale. They then lowered their heads almost to the ground.

– …Human, what the hell is going on?

‘I know, right?’

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