Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 99 – I Got a Feeling (3)

Cale did not enter the capital and instead just stayed at the village that was closest to the capital.

“The Land of Death and the Dark Elves.”
“What do you think?”

Cage looked toward Cale after hearing his question. Cale, who was fanning himself because of the heat, seemed very relaxed. Someone might think that he was here to enjoy tea time.

“What do you mean what do I think? Of course, I will go.”

She was just as relaxed.

‘I thought it might be something big since I didn’t remember my dream.’

But the information she got from Cale was not very big of a deal.

“I just need to bless the item that you get from the Dark Elves, young master Cale?”
“Yes, once a day until we reach the capital. I want you to give the God of Death’s blessing on that item every day.”

Dark Elves and the God of Death’s blessing. Cale’s mind was currently a complicated mess.

Dark Elves were weak against the Sun God, while the God of Death was strong against the Sun God. Although the Sun God had a significantly larger amount of believers, the strength of a god did not rely on their number of believers.

“Young master-nim.”
“Is someone going to go kill the Pope of the Church of the Sun God?”
“You don’t think I’m the one to do that?”
“Young master Cale, you have no reason to fight against the Pope. You are the type of person the Church of the Sun God would like. You are wealthy, have an ancient power, and most importantly, you are a good person.”

Cale did not respond to Cage’s statement. Other than the part about being a good person, Cale was definitely the type of person the Church of the Sun God would like.

They heard a knock on the door at that moment. Cale stood up after hearing the voice that followed.

“Let’s go! Hurry, let’s go!”

It was a husky and strong voice.

“Cage, I have someone to introduce to you.”

Cale went over and opened the door.

“Oh! You had a guest?”

There was a woman who was about Cale’s height and visibly sleek, even though she was wearing a robe. She had met up with Cale two days ago.

“She is part of my group.”
“Oh, really?”

Cage observed the woman who went back and forth using formal and informal speech with Cale. The woman asked Cale a question.

“You told her everything?”
“Of course. I told her where we are going and what we are bringing back.”

The woman smiled at Cale’s answer. It meant that that was all that he had told Cage. Cale was also going back and forth between formal and informal speech with this woman.

The moment Cage wondered who this woman was, the woman walked over briskly and reached her hand out.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Tasha.”

She was a refreshingly beautiful woman. Cage shook her hand.

At that moment, Cale closed the door and Tasha’s face quickly moved toward Cage’s ear.

“I am a Dark Elf, and I will be your guide for this trip.”

The two women made eye contact.

“I just changed my skin color right now.”

Tasha then looked at Cage like she was observing her reaction. At that moment, Cage smiled and introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you Tasha. My name is Cage, an excommunicated priestess of the God of Death.”

The term God of Death made the Dark Elf Tasha look toward Cale. Cale shook his head to show that he had not talked to Cage about the crown prince.

“How about a celebration since we have a new party member?”
“Do you have alcohol?”
“We have all sorts of drinks.”

Cale looked toward the two women who were casually chatting with each before he started to speak.

“Tasha, let’s go.”

Tasha and Cale made eye contact.
Everybody in Cale’s group knew that Tasha was a Dark Elf. However, only Cale, Raon, On, and Hong knew that she was the crown prince’s aunt.

“Will we be using the teleportation office in the capital?”

Tasha shook her head at Cage’s question.

“My disguise magic may be detected there. It looks like we will need to use a carriage.”
“I have an identification card.”

Tasha showed her ID to Cage.

“Everything is fake other than my name and age.”

Cage found the refreshingly honest Tasha to be odd, but likable. She then looked at Tasha’s ID.

Tasha, 29 years old.

Tasha then started to chuckle.

“Ah, of course, you need to add a 0 at the end of my age.”

290 years old.
Cage looked toward Tasha and asked.

“Can I call you unni?”
“I knew I liked you. You are only the third human who hasn’t called me a granny after hearing my real age. Please call me whatever you want, Cage.”
“Okay, unni.”

Cale had his arms crossed while looking at the two women. Cage seemed calm right now, but she was a carefree person who liked to drink. Tasha seemed to be the same way.

‘…It should be okay, right?’

He started to speak to the two women who had their arms around each other and were looking at him.

“Let’s hurry since it’s so hot.”

Cale could hear Raon’s voice in his head at that moment.

– Liar! Weak human, you are not hot at all thanks to my temperature magic! I even made you a cool artifact!

Raon was right. Cale was definitely lying. Cale currently felt like he was standing outside in the middle of fall.

– Anyways, I will follow you while invisible. I am always by your side.

It meant that there was someone to ask for temperature magic any time it got hot. This was even better than having an air conditioner.

“I guess we need to go to the Caro Kingdom.”

Cale got on the carriage and headed toward Caro Kingdom, which was located to the south of Breck Kingdom and to the Northwest of the Mogoru Empire.
A new golden plaque that the crown prince had given him was in his inner pocket.



The carriage door opened with a small noise.

“The heat is no joke.”

The dry breeze rushed through the outfit that was tailored for use in the desert. It was still hot, even though the sun was setting.

“Young master-nim, would you like a cold lemonade?”
“No need. You can just drink it.”

Ron, Beacrox, and Choi Han, who was carrying On and Hong, got off the carriage after Cale.


Tasha jumped off the driver’s seat at Cale’s calling.
Cale’s group was currently at the western boundary of the Caro Kingdom, at a village in the Dubori Territory that was right next to the Land of Death.

“Is the Land of Death right outside the western gate?”
“Yes it is.”

At that moment, Raon’s excited voice filled Cale’s mind.

– The desert! This is my first time seeing it! Although I’ve read about it, the desert really is different in person! Human, you really need to travel to experience everything for yourself!

Cale flinched before ignoring the scary things that Raon was saying. Tasha saw Cale flinch and had a bitter smile as she started to ask.

“It is weird, isn’t it?”
“I suppose it is.”

Cale agreed with her statement.

No humans ever returned from the Land of Death.
That fact, as well as the necromancer legend, gave this land the name, the Land of Death.

Tasha started to smile.

“It is weird that there is a gate when nobody would want to go out there right?”

Rosalyn got off the carriage and responded.

“It is definitely weird.”
“I agree.”

Cage felt the same way.
Tasha opened her mouth to answer, but Cale pointed to the castle wall before she could do so.

“I think I know why.”

The castle wall, well, a shabby and old wall that barely deserved the title of being a castle wall, that Cale pointed to had multiple people trying to climb it.

“Capture them!”
“Catch them and kill them!”

They could hear the citizens screaming while the soldiers were laughing.

“…What is going on?”

Tasha smiled bitterly at Choi Han’s question. She looked around before quietly answering.

“The liege of the Dubori territory taxes his people at a very high rate that is almost impossible for people in a village like this right next to the desert to handle. Past the desert is another kingdom, as well as the sea that will allow them to go wherever they want.”

There was no need to explain any further.
The people trying to climb the wall looked like very poor peasants.
Cale started to speak.

“They made the gate to catch the people running away.”
“Also to catch the people trying to sneak out.”

The Land of Death and the people trying to escape to the desert to run away from the unbearable tax rates.

“Of course, there are not too many people who attempt it. However, you do see at least one on a consistent basis, since the Dubori family has ruled over this region and continued to raise the taxes over and over.”

There were always bound to be more terrible rulers than great rulers.

“Let’s go to the gate.”

Cale headed to the gate that was pretty small for a castle gate. There were multiple soldiers and two knights at the gate.

“What can we do for you?”

The stiff knight looked toward Cale’s group. The reason he was respectful toward them was because Cale’s group’s outfits looked fancy.

Cale peeked behind the knight and looked toward the soldiers before looking back at the knight.
The two citizens who were trying to climb the wall to escape into the Land of Death were currently being beaten to death by the soldiers.

“Aaah, please let me live!”
“You stupid bastards! You think we won’t be here because it is dinner time? Maybe you’ll have made it if we went to dinner a bit earlier. You stupid bastards!”
“I, I’m sorry! Knight-nim, I’m very sorry! It’s because I have no m, money! Aaaah!”

The sounds of punching and kicking could be heard.

“We are trying to go outside the gate.”

The knight flinched at Cale’s calm demeanor before putting on a twisted smile. Cale handed a gold coin to the knight, who quickly put it in his pocket and shouted to the soldier at the gate.

“Open the gate.”

The knight looked at the man who seemed to be a wealthy noble and started to smile.

“Please return alive.”

It was the best thing to say to the people heading into the Land of Death.


The sound of the gate opening reached Cale’s ear. He looked toward the slowly opening gate as the knight started to speak again.

“I pray that you do not end up becoming more fodder to dye the red sand.”

Cale could see the red sand that was brighter than the sunset and his own hair. It was like a mountain made of droplets of blood.

“I will make sure to do that.”

Cale responded to the knight.


The knight caught the item that Cale threw with confusion. Cale looked toward the knight and started to speak.

“Let them go.”

The knight had a twisted smile on his face again. A proper knight would not have opened this gate without proper authorization. However, he, the other knight, and the soldiers were all the same.
They did not care much about the rules of the region. Bad rulers were always going to have disobedient subordinates.

“Hehe, I guess you are a good young master.”
“Just getting involved in things for no reason.”

Cale saw the two peasants weakly walking away before starting to walk toward the gate. He gave one final statement to the knight.

“I will give you another gold coin if I return alive.”
“Kekeke, I will look forward to it.”

Cale received the knight’s respectful answer, which was actually full of mockery, and entered the desert.

Screeeeech- Bang!

The castle gate closed once again without giving Cale any moment to change his mind.

“What are you looking at?”

Cale bluntly asked the group who were all looking at him. He ignored the complicated expression on Choi Han’s face. He was already not happy with what he just did, so he didn’t want to pay attention to other people’s emotions as well.

“Tasha, hurry up and guide us there.”

Although someone might flinch at Cale’s cold tone, Tasha had a refreshing smile on her face as she stood next to Cale.

“Of course, of course. Young master Cale, you are such a good person.”
“Good person? No, just irresponsible.”

Cale could see that Tasha was about to say something else and quickly added on.

“Hurry up.”
“My my, I understand.”

Tasha moved in front of Cale.

“Let us walk for a bit.”

Tasha quickly darted forward. Cale lightly kicked off the sandy ground after her.


Cale’s body quickly shot forward with the kick.

Choi Han followed behind Cale with On and Hong in his arms. At the same time, Rosalyn used haste magic on herself and Cage in order to follow after them.

“Father, do you need me to support you?”
“Nonsense. Your dad is still just as nimble.”

Ron and Beacrox were the last to move. Ron was just as fast as Choi Han and moved through the desert easier than anybody else.

“Isn’t it fun to run in the evening? Hahaha! Let’s get as far as possible from the gate!”

Tasha shouted as she continued to run. Cale was in awe after watching her run. She was not running with magic nor even physical strength.

‘It is an elemental.’

Dark Elves were creatures of the dark who lived according to the laws of nature. They were still able to handle the elementals because they were Elves. That was why they were still able to call themselves creatures of nature, even while having the dark attribute.

Pssh. Pssh.

The sand shot up into the air following Cale’s group’s movement. Cale was amazed at the red sand that really seemed like blood.

Cale’s group ran behind Tasha for a while longer. Tasha finally stopped after they were pretty far from the castle gate.

She looked at the sunset while speaking to the group.

“Please take in the sight in front of your eyes.”

‘This sight?’

The moment Cale was confused about what Tasha was saying, the sun set completely and disappeared.



The entire group was filled with awe.

The moment the sun set the sand started to turn black, starting from the horizon. It was an amazing sight to watch.

“It really is unexplainable.”

The black sand was glowing.

– It is the same color as me! This desert is beautiful and handsome, just like me!

Raon seemed excited as well.
Cale followed up with his own sentiments.

It looks like night came down to the ground.”

Tasha was smiling.

“If night descended on earth, where will the earth have to go?”

At that moment, a cool wind blew past them.

The sand started to roll with the wind, creating multiple sand dunes.


Cale understood Tasha’s question. He looked at the black sand that was moving with the wind as he answered.

“If night descended on earth.”

Cale’s gaze moved over to Tasha.

“Then the Dark Elves must have gone under the night.”

Tasha took off the necklace she was wearing and threw it onto the ground.


Rosalyn let out a gasp. Tasha’s appearance quickly changed to one with black skin that was glowing just as much as the black sand, along with her black pupils, and black hair. It was like she was a black pearl that had taken humanoid form.

Tasha, who had looked like a typical citizen of the continent until now, returned to her true appearance and started to shout.

“I will now guide you to the Dark Elf City.” ( Alberu had said Dark Elf Village, but from here on it is Dark Elf Cityso I will leave it Dark Elf City from here on. )

Wind was swirling in her hand as the elemental made the sand move even faster.

They were located in the middle of the desert, outside of anyone’s visible gaze.

A large door appeared on the ground where a sand dune used to stand. Tasha pulled up on that circular door with all of her strength.


Rosalyn was in awe.
If night descended on earth, the earth just needed to go down farther.

“I will go first. Can the last person to enter please pull the door closed?”

Tasha lightly jumped into the hole.

“I will close the door at the end.”

Cale took a step back after hearing Choi Han speak. The hole was so dark that he could not see anything.

‘I won’t fall to my death, right?’

– Human, let’s go!

‘It should be fine since Raon is with me.’

Cale looked at everyone observing him as he jumped into the hole.


Cale was amused.

It was a slide. He could feel something on his back. Raon was sticking to him while he was riding the slide.

– Human, this is fun! I want to do it again!

Cale continued to ride the slide down into what felt like an endless abyss. He could finally see a light at the end. It was a very bright light.


Cale landed on a soft pile of cotton. The Dark Elf City appeared in front of his eyes.

There were tons of shiny lights on the ceiling that was supported by large pillars.

A beautiful underground city that had natural elements like water and trees was in front of Cale.

Someone reached their hand out to help him up. It was Tasha.

“Welcome to the City of Death.”

‘The City of Death.’

Cale took Tasha’s hand to get up.

“It’s nice.”

Tasha started to smile at his response.

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