Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 776: I’m going to rest now? (3)


Cale let out a deep sigh.

“Human! What should we do about that?”

Raon pointed at the shaking temple in the sky and looked at Cale.

Ron and Choi Han didn’t say anything but were asking what Cale wanted with their gazes.

Cale didn’t care and simply looked out the window to the extremely clear sky and mumbled to himself.

“It’s not like I can destroy it.”

– Destroy it?! Do you know how much that is worth?!

The Super Rock shouted with urgency and the Fire of Destruction mumbled in shock.

– How did this guy who used to gather everything without any materialistic greed end up so greedy……

– He seems even worse than you these days.

– Ah, that’s a bit damaging to my pride.

The Sound of the Wind’s comment made the Fire of Destruction cheapskate annoyed. Cale and the Super Rock simply ignored their conversation.

“It looks like I need to go outside.”

“Human, you can’t! You can’t use your powers again in your current condition! Your complexion is good but you must rest since I can’t trust that!”

“Cale-nim. We will take care of it!”

Raon and Choi Han urgently protested but Cale responded with a slightly grumbling face.

“That’s mine. Did I not tell you guys?”

Choi Han flinched while Raon’s already wide open eyes opened even wider.

Cale could immediately tell the condition of that floating temple in the distance. It was the same for the Super Rock.

– The remaining traces of the god are completely gone and only your powers can maintain that temple in the air. However, you need to supply it nonstop with the power of boulder to do that.

“There’s no reason to do that.”

It was a useless temple to him.

‘Even if I destroy it, it will probably better to destroy it on the ground than in the air.’

He could carve the temple up into pieces and use the material elsewhere.

‘I’ll ask his highness to take care of that problem.’

Cale had no desires whatsoever to pay any attention to the annoying process that followed.

“Choi Han.”

“…Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han grabbed the doorknob with a look that seemed as if he had made his mind up about something.

“What are you doing?”

“Excuse me?”

“Open the window.”

“…The window?”

‘Not the door?’

“Yes. The window.”

Cale just threw a jacket over himself and asked Raon for help.

“Can you take me over there?”

Cale’s hand was pointing toward the roof of City Hall.

* * *

“Everybody move away for now!”

“Move back!”

The people who were working on restoring Puzzle City’s plaza urgently started to move away.

Oooooong– oooooong–

They could hear the temple in the sky rumbling.

“Boss! Have we not heard anything from the superiors?”

“Haaaa. Hold on. Did everybody move back?”

“Yes sir! We’ve informed the mages as well!”

The person in charge of restoring the plaza area looked up at the sky without being able to hide his concern.

‘The rumbling is getting worse.’

The temple’s rumbling was getting worse so that he could see it shaking with his eyes.

He had sent a message to City Hall earlier, but it looked as if something might happen at any time.

‘The temple won’t fall or explode, would it?’

The white temple and a black castle were in the sky above Puzzle City right now.

Both buildings looked extremely dignified that even thinking about one of them exploding gave the person in charge chills.

“What’s going on?”

“What is going on with the temple- is something else about to happen?”

The sounds of people whispering were getting louder.



Windows started opening as people looked out to see what was going on.

The chaos was largest in administrative buildings such as the City Hall.

“Oh no… I was just thinking that our restoration was finally starting to get quicker.”

“This is bad. We can’t have anything else happen.”

“I know, right? The people of Puzzle City won’t have anywhere to go if the restoration slows down. There’s a limit to how long other territories can take care of them!”

The residents of Puzzle City had yet to return but people in administration had returned.

They had been devastated after seeing the destroyed Puzzle City, but they were able to cheer up.

‘Don’t worry. His highness has said that he would provide all of the funds necessary for the restoration. Your taxes will be reduced and there will be additional support as well.’

‘…Really? Is it really possible?’

The administrators could not believe the message the crown prince’s confidant delivered to them.

The Roan Kingdom had focused and consumed significant resources at Puzzle City for this White Battle.

‘Yes. Don’t worry about that. His highness will receive it all.’

‘Receive it? What does that-’

‘Ahem, hem! You don’t need to know about that. Anyway, don’t worry about it and do your best so that the residents of Puzzle City can quickly return.’

It had not been long since he had that conversation, but the sealed god’s temple was now rumbling.

He couldn’t help but be anxious.

“Huh? Boss!”

The person in charge turned his gaze after hearing his employee’s voice.


On the roof of City Hall…

“I, isn’t that the Commander-nim?”

The person in charge rubbed his eyes without hearing his employee’s voice properly.

It was currently winter and there were cold gusts of wind blowing. Although the sky was clear, the vicious wind made it so that they had to layer up, but there was a man standing on top of the roof with light clothing and a simple jacket.

It was Cale Henituse.

Sir Choi Han was standing next to him as well.

Commander Cale slowly extended his hand in the air.

It was at that moment.


The temple stopped rumbling.

– I’m starting now.

Cale heard the Scary Giant Cobblestone’s voice as he slowly moved his hand down.

“Uhh, uhh?”

“The temple-!”

The temple slowly started to fall to the ground.

“Please move back!”

A voice amplified with magic echoed through the plaza. People turned toward the direction of the voice to find an old man who was wearing what seemed to be a butler outfit talking to them with the Knight Captain standing next to him.

“The temple will be moved down soon so please move back. You do not need to hurry though.”

That man was Ron.

He walked to the person in charge with the Knight Captain and started talking.

“The temple will be moved to the plaza without any issues so please focus on having people withdraw.”

“Ah yes, yes sir!”

The person in charge urgently nodded his head and motioned to the employees who slowly started moving away from the plaza.

The person in charge confirmed that they were moving before looking up at the sky.

The temple that was damaged but still looked holy was slowly coming down to the ground.

“Umm, this.”

He could not hold back his curiosity and asked.

“Is the Commander-nim controlling this right now?”

Ron had a gentle smile on his face as he looked at the temple.

‘…He’s using his powers immediately after waking up from fainting.’

Unlike his smile, his gaze was slowly turning cold, making the person in charge ask more cautiously than before.

“Won’t it be difficult for him?”

“…Excuse me?”

Ron looked at the person in charge who was observing the distant Cale with concern.

“I heard that he was not well. I’m always apologetic to the Commander-nim and grateful. Umm, are you the Commander-nim’s attendant?”

“…Yes I am.”

“Then could you please let him know that I am grateful and that I am praying for his healthy recovery?”

The person in charge hesitated for a moment before continuing to speak.

“This is my hometown.”

His eyes were focused on Cale.

“It hurts to see it destroyed like this, but it is such a relief that I was able to return here. Please, please let him know that I am truly grateful.”

Ron’s gaze became firmer and the smile on his face became thicker.

The person in charge flinched for a moment.

The attendant’s gentle smile suddenly seemed twisted. The person in charge, who didn’t know about Ron’s true smile, blinked thinking that he had seen it wrong.

“I see.”

Ron saw the person in charge flinch and hid his true smile and put up his benign smile.

‘Ah, I saw wrong.’

The person in charge could see Ron speaking with a gentle look on his face.

“I will make sure to deliver your message to the young master-nim.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I am thankful to you as well.”

Ron gave a short response back before looking at the temple that was descending to the center of the plaza. The corners of his lips were stealthily twitching.

However, that smile quickly disappeared.

‘…Our puppy young master-nim seems to have forgotten to rest.

Then I must teach him.’

As Ron’s gaze turned cold…

“Oh, oh oh!”

People gasped.


Once everybody moved away, down into the desolate plaza where everything was destroyed…

The temple was placed down on it.

A part of it was broken, but the temple that still maintained its holy look was no longer shaking or rumbling as it showed off its dignity.

“Ah! Over there!”

Someone pointed to the sky at that moment.

Others raised their heads.

Between the sky and the roof of City Hall…

People’s gazes were divided between the two places.

– Human! I’m ready!

Cale raised the hand that had moved down with the temple. He then lightly clapped.


The light clap was a signal.


Black light started to wrap around the black castle.

A teleportation magic circle was created on the platform supporting the black castle and it started glowing.

Cale raised his hand as if he was saying goodbye.

– Okay, human! I’ll be back soon! Bye! See you in a bit!


The black castle reacted to Raon’s teleportation magic circle and instantly disappeared from the sky.



The people who watched the two buildings in the sky move couldn’t hide their awe.

Cale was in awe as well.


He looked down at Puzzle City and mumbled to himself.

“Are all the urgent issues taken care of now?”

He heard a voice behind his back at that moment.

“Did you send the black castle back to the Forest of Darkness?”

Cale looked at the robed individual stepping onto the roof and nodded his head.

“Yes I did. Your highness.”

Alberu, who was supposed to be in a wheelchair… Approached Cale while wearing this robe.

“It would have been bad if I didn’t hear about it from Ron.”

The reason Ron was able to have the Knight Captain with him was because he had gone to find Alberu to inform him about the temple and the black castle moving in advance.

It allowed Alberu to temporarily leave the meeting room to hide himself while finding Cale.

Alberu was silent for a moment before he asked.

“Is everybody okay?”

“Yes, your highness.”

The Dragons were thankfully fine. Eruhaben was even young again.

“Did everybody teleport away?”

“No. Some of them remained here as they are going to move with me.”

On, Hong, and Rosalyn had left the black castle and should be heading for Cale’s bedroom right now. Raon was planning on returning to Cale after moving the black castle and saying goodbye to the other Dragons.

Alberu nodded his head and started speaking.

“I don’t know the details because I only heard a few things through his whispering… But based on what Ron told me, that, mm.”

The corners of Alberu’s lips were slightly twitching underneath the robe.

“That, ahem.”

“Please just speak comfortably, your highness.”

“Ahem. Ahem. I heard that your room in the Duke’s Estate was looted?”


Cale sighed while Choi Han touched the hilt of his sword.

Alberu held back his laughter as he sternly asked.

“Then are you heading to the Forest of Darkness as well?”

‘I’m sure he is.

I don’t know who it was, but that punk who looted Cale’s room is going to have a difficult life.’

Alberu was certain that Cale would immediately head to the Forest of Darkness or the Henituse Duke’s Estate.

“No, your highness.”

“Yes, you should g, huh?”

“I’m going to Endable.”




That place is chaos right now though?’

Endable was worse off and in a more serious situation than Puzzle City.

Alberu’s face stiffened while thinking about the conversation he had with the vampire Duke. He subconsciously spoke his inner thoughts.

“You should just rest. What the hell are you going to do-”

Cale’s face instantly stiffened.

“Your highness. I’m going to rest.”

“You? When?”

The crown prince spoke his mind once again.


Cale was at a loss for words for a moment.

Choi Han looked at Cale with pity and tightened his grip on his scabbard.


Alberu sighed.

‘…This punk doesn’t even know how they are planning for him to receive the divine item.’

The Church of the God of Death seemed to be willing to put their lives on the line to plan an extravagant ceremony.

In addition, there was probably a need for a year end celebration, a festival, and even an official Medal of Honor presentation ceremony.

Furthermore, Duke Deruth seemed to be thinking about forcing Cale to stay at the territory in the name of getting some rest.

‘He’s heading to Endable without knowing about any of this?’

Alberu was frustrated thinking about which of these many things he should start with to smack Cale back to reality.

“No matter what.”

Cale opened his mouth again.

Once he checked on Lee Soo Hyuk’s reincarnation and confirmed information on the Hunters…

“No matter what-”

He wanted to rest no matter what.

Cale got chills on his back the moment he was about to say that.


He heard an urgent cat’s meow and saw a young red kitten jumping onto the roof.

It was Hong.


He had a bad feeling about this.

An ominous feeling he could not figure out started to rise up from underneath Cale’s feet.


Hong quickly walked over and pulled on Cale’s leg with his front paw as he spoke.

“Umm, Billos is here, nya!”


‘Who is here?’

“He came with a giant black eye, nya! He looks homeless, nya!”

Hong was urgent.

“H, he seems to be poisoned, nya! It’s serious, nya! It really really looks serious, nya!”

The bastard son of the Flynn Merchant Guild.

The person who had been a strong candidate for the future merchant guild leader but had fallen and was on the run.

Billos Flynn.

He was someone connected to Cale.

“Let’s go.”

Cale quickly headed for the bedroom.

They were able to get there pretty quickly as they rushed.


The bedroom door opened and he could see someone lying down on his bed as soon as he walked in.

“…Young master-nim.”

Billos must have been poisoned as his body was covered in red dots. His clothes were ripped and dirty and his hair was a mess as his eyes focused on Cale.

He reached his shaking hand out to Cale. However, it stopped in the air without being able to grab Cale. His fingertips were shaking as if he couldn’t tell what was going on and was seeing an illusion.

The Billos who had a face like a piggy bank…

The clean and confident merchant who had full faith in his own abilities was not here. There was only an unsightly man on the run who had lost a lot of weight.

Cale’s face stiffened. The first time he met Billos at the tea shop was clearly recorded in his mind.


Billos’s voice was extremely quiet and weak as if it could stop at any moment, but his eyes were burning with passion.

Cale made eye contact with Billos.

“…The Merchant guild… The House of Flynn… Please… Destroy them……!”

Cale looked into Billos’s eyes and grabbed the hand moving in the air.

He then asked.

“Is it the Hunters?”

Cale’s face turned cold and the corners of his lips twisted up once he saw Billos’s eyes open wide.

“I guess I have no choice.”

He needed to push back resting for a moment.

– Part 1 ‘The Birth of a Hero’ completed.

– The story will continue with Part 2, ‘The Laws of the Hunt.’

Author’s Note


Finally… Finally…

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The first digit in my age has changed, and my weight… Ugh. Anyway, this series and I have built a lot of memories and emotions together.

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Most importantly, I truly want to thank the readers who have been with < I Became the Trash of the Count's Family > until here.

Truly, truly, thank you very much.

Would you believe me if I said that the readers were in my mind while writing this author’s note despite not knowing your faces or voices?

But it is true. The comments and words of encouragement left by the readers are filling my mind right now and making me emotional.

Thank you very much once again.


Part 2: The Laws of the Hunt will start July 1, 2022.

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Starting from December 31, 2021 to June 30, 2022, side stories will be posted at the end of every month.

There are a total of seven side stories and each side story will be between 3 – 5 chapters.

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The side stories will be based on stories I had thought about but had not been able to write because I was focused on the main episode.

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I ask for your understanding.

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I will see you again with the greenery of the summer.

Of course, I plan on stopping by to say hello every month with the side stories. Hahaha!

Thank you very much.

– Sincerely, Yu Ryeo Han

Translator’s Note



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