Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 773: The Birth of a Hero? (7)


Basen was shocked to see Cale suddenly throwing the book. However, he could only watch with bewilderment as Ron and Choi Han were calm and didn’t even look at the book.


Cale sat up and jumped off the bed.

“Whether it is the diary or the top’s whip or whatever, I need to see what is left of my room first.”

Cale was annoyed, no, he was in disbelief, for the first time in a long while.

The fake Hilsman. ‘That guy should be a part of my biological mother’s family.

Yet he looted my room?’

Fire was burning in Cale’s eyes.


Let’s go to the Duke’s Estate.

Cale was about to say that to Ron when he flinched.

Ron was smiling benignly while caressing a small knife used for refreshments with his finger.

“Hooooo. He looted our young master-nim’s room you say? Did I hear that correctly, young master-nim?”

“…Huh? Uh, yeah.”

Cale was scared for a moment.

Ron looked as if he would chop the fake Hilsman’s head off with this refreshment knife while still having a benign smile on his face.

“Cale-nim, should I head there first?”


Cale looked at Choi Han on the other side before he felt his heart shrivel up in fear for the first time in a long while.

‘…How angry must this innocent bastard be……’

Choi Han’s face was as calm as usual.

Clang. Clang.

It was just that he was holding the hilt of his sword and taking his sword in and out of his scabbard.

Choi Han was focused on a random spot in the air mumbling to himself.

“…Our nest… Our home……”

He even seemed angrier than when the unranked monsters were destroying Puzzle City.

Cale’s anger subsided while looking at Ron and Choi Han. Basen noticed that he had calmed down and came over to speak to him.

“Hyung-nim. Father did not ask me to tell you so that you would come back right away.”

Duke Deruth just thought that it was something Cale should know as well.

“We are taking good care of the note left behind by the fake Hilsman so father said that it should be okay if you come check it out in a few days.”

Basen hesitated for a moment before continuing to speak.

“You also need to receive the hero’s medal they are discussing.”

He gulped after seeing Cale’s gaze turning toward him but continued speaking.

“If things go well, it might be the first time a combined Eastern and Western continent Medal of Honor comes up.”

The representatives of the different kingdoms who were still in Puzzle City were discussing this battle right now.

“It will be the first of its kind on the continent, something nobody has ever received before. There may never be anybody else who receives such a medal either.”

It was not a medal of honor from one kingdom but from both the Eastern and Western continents combined.

It meant that it was a deed accepted by both continents, the highest honor that could be given to someone who had saved the world from danger.

“Of course, there are levels for medals of honor as well.”

Basen looked at Ron and Choi Han.

“The others will receive continental medals of honor as well. However, hyung-nim, you…”

Basen made eye contact with Cale again and calmly continued.

“Hyung-nim, I believe you will receive the highest ‘Hero’ level Medal of Honor.”

Choi Han saw that the siblings were looking at each other and moved his gaze to Basen.

‘Cale-nim’s younger brother.’

Basen was also the one who was most similar to Deruth. He looked nothing like Deruth but Basen’s actions made Choi Han think about Duke Deruth.

‘He’s also oddly similar to Cale-nim.’

The siblings looked at each other for a long time. The older one was the first to speak.

“There is no need to be recorded in history.”

The corners of the younger brother’s lips moved at that moment.

The older brother looked at his smiling dongsaeng and grumbled.

“Why are you saying this when you know that as well?”

Basen nodded his head at Cale’s statement.

“Of course. Then I will take care of things so that you can head back to the territory, hyung-nim.”

* * *

Puzzle City City Hall.

The building that had regained its energy was one of the busiest places on the Western continent right now.

Inside a large meeting room within City Hall…

There were only a few people seated around a long oval table where numerous people could fit.

They were the representatives of the different kingdoms who were still in Puzzle City and their faces were quite bright.

“Then we will proceed with that as we originally discussed.”

“That sounds great. I believe that everybody will be satisfied.”

Nobody seemed to have any hesitation at all.

However, one person… Queen Litana was looking around the table with an odd gaze.

‘…Caro, Whipper, Breck, Askosan, Mogoru……’

The kingdoms of the Western continent.

‘…There are some from the Eastern continent as well.’

Some representatives of the Eastern continent were here as well.

“…How odd.”

“Excuse me? What did you just say, your Majesty……?”

She waved her hand at the Askosan Kingdom’s representative’s question.

“It’s nothing.”

Litana smiled but she did not seem happy.

‘Commander Toonka is not here and crown prince Alberu is not here either…there aren’t many true representatives here.’

Both the Caro Kingdom and Breck Kingdom had only sent delegates and the real representative was not here.

‘…I can’t tell whether the real representatives had some important reason they could not come or if they chose not to come on purpose.’

Litana’s face stiffened.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Askosan Kingdom, one of the three kingdoms up north, started speaking at that moment.

“Then we will divide the Medal of Honor levels like this!”

“Sounds great!”

As the Prime Minister of Caro Kingdom who had come in crown prince Valentino’s place happily responded…


The door opened without any knocking.

Litana’s gaze headed to the door.

There were quite a lot of guards outside the meeting room right now. The fact that someone was coming in without any issues meant that it was someone who were equal in level to the people here.

“…Sir Clopeh.”

Litana stood up from her seat.

“…Guardian Knight.”

The crown princess of the Norland Kingdom groaned.

Clopeh looked around before walking over and sitting down on an empty chair.

“Hello everyone.”

He was one of the heroes who had participated in the battle at Puzzle City that was called ‘The White War’ and the representative of the Paerun Kingdom, the strongest of the three Northern Kingdoms.

Clopeh Sekka.

He had an aloof smile on his face as he looked around at the people seated around the table.

“Ahem. Is your body okay, Sir Clopeh?”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Askosan Kingdom asked Clopeh.

“You see, I…”

Clopeh continued speaking with a smile still on his face.

“I heard that I would be receiving a medal of honor for this battle.”

“Ah! You’ve heard!”

The Askosan Minister of Foreign Affairs’ face lit up.

“We are preparing them for you, Sir Clopeh, and the heroes who worked so hard in this battle.”

The Prime Minister of the Caro Kingdom added on.

“It will be an honor that will never be seen in history again as the first Medal of Honor given together by the Eastern and Western continents.”

It was at that moment.

“Ha, haha-”

Clopeh let out a refreshing laugh.

“…Sir Clopeh?”

The people who spoke looked confused as he was smiling in such a refreshing manner.


Only Litana and a few others were looking at them with odd gazes.

Clopeh stopped laughing.

“Ah, how funny.”

However, there was still a smile on his face.

“You seem mistaken.”

“Excuse me?”

“…What do you mean?”

Clopeh nonchalantly continued as the Askosan and Caro Kingdom’s representatives’ faces stiffened.

“It is not mere medals of honor that will determine an honor that will never be seen ever again in history.”

Clopeh knew.

Legends. Myths.

Medals of Honor did not create those things. Medals of Honor were simply extras.

His hand pointed to a spear.

“History has already been made and is still being made right now.”

Not here but through the world.

Clopeh knew and believed that was the case.

“Sir Clopeh.”

The heir to the Norland Kingdom’s throne started speaking.

“Is it that you do not like the Medal of Honor, Sir Clopeh?”

The Askosan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs waved his hand.

“Oh please, no way.”

Clopeh looked at the Norland heir and responded.

“That is correct.”

“Excuse me?”

As the Askosan Minister of Foreign Affairs looked at him with shock, the Norland crown princess nodded her head as if she expected this.

“Sir Clopeh, what do you mean by that?”

Clopeh observed the Caro Kingdom’s Prime Minister who asked the question.

‘Crown prince Valentino is not here. The Caro Kingdom’s plate is smaller than I expected. Crown prince Valentino’s as well.’

Clopeh nonchalantly commented with sunken eyes.

“You are not trying to brush this aside with mere medals of honor, are you?”

“…Mere medals of honor?”


Clopeh had come here as soon as he heard about the medals of honor.

He had seen a great legend, something that would never be seen in the world again, with his own eyes.

He had experienced it together.

He had done such amazing things, but…

“Prime Minister-nim.”

Clopeh was annoyed. No, he was angry.

These shitheads who had quietly benefited were gathered here without people who had actually suffered to make it happen. These shitheads who had only blankly watched…

They were going to bestow medals of honor and wanted them to think of it as glory?

It would be one thing if the people who had fought together were making the decision, but these shitheads who had been hiding in the back are going to evaluate their deeds and decide on the levels?

The hero…

The legend…

Needed to be treated properly.

Of course, the hero he knew was a true hero who would not care about trivial things like this.

Clopeh looked at the Caro Kingdom’s Prime Minister. His eyes were as cold as a snake’s eyes. He looked aloof but had an extremely cold gaze.

“Prime Minister-nim, you’re fine.”

His gaze moved to the Askosan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs as well.

“You’re fine as well. I guess you simply watched during the White War?”

The calm tone that matched his aloof look was saying some quite sharp and pointed things.

“F, fine?! What are you-?!”


The Caro Kingdom’s Prime Minister slammed his hand on the table and jumped up.

However, Clopeh simply looked around.

The crown princess of Norland, Breck Kingdom’s Prime Minister, the representative of Mogoru-

One person after another. His eyes observed them without any emotions. It was as if he was confirming that they were not injured at all

The moment his eyes scanned all of them and landed on Litana, who was covered in dust, and the Chief of the Whipper Kingdom who looked exhausted…


Tap. Tap.

His finger tapped on the table.

“We shall discuss the details again.”


The door that had opened halfway when Clopeh came in opened all the way.

“That’s right. We need to talk about it all over again.”

Most of the people who were seated jumped up.

“Crown prince Alberu! Are you okay, your highness?”

Litana urgently ran toward him.

“Yes, your Majesty. I am fine.”

It was a pale Alberu Crossman. He entered the meeting room on a wheelchair. Tasha was pushing the wheelchair for him.

“…I see.”

Litana smiled sadly at Alberu who was saying that he was fine despite not looking fine at all.


Tasha closed the door, and as soon as she did that…

“How very weird.”

Alberu had his trademark bright smile on his face as he looked around the meeting room.

“You are having a meeting in the Roan Kingdom but there are no representatives from the Roan Kingdom. Oh my, how very weird.”

“Ahem.” “Ahem.”

Many people avoided Alberu’s gaze.

‘Yes. This is how it should be.’

Now that the danger that might throw both the Eastern and Western continents in despair was over, there would be some kingdoms that were out for their own benefits.

Those kingdoms who claimed they were allies or cooperating with them and would help with everyone would start to find ways out one by one. They wouldn’t be willing to help despite most of them not receiving much damage and being capable of helping.

Maybe this was to be expected.

Of course, there were some people who were able to look at Alberu without any embarrassment.

“It truly is weird.”

The Whipper Kingdom’s Chief Harol Kodiang, who had been silent, started speaking.

“I agree with you, your highness.”

The smile on Alberu’s pale face became even bigger as he nodded his head.

“We just need to fix any weird things.”

Tasha pushed Alberu’s wheelchair to the head of the table.

Alberu put his hand on the table and started speaking.

“Commander Cale Henituse has declined to receive a medal of honor.”

“Excuse me?”

“He declined it?”

Some people seemed shocked while others silently nodded their heads.

‘As expected……’

Clopeh’s eyes sparkled.

He had sort of expected Cale to decline the Medal of Honor. The Cale he knew was a true legend who didn’t care about things like that.

‘But still, this isn’t it.’

Clopeh was planning on letting the legend, the hero, get the treatment he deserved.

“We should first take care of the most important thing.”

The smile disappeared from his face.

“The most important thing is to restore Puzzle City.”

Alberu pointed out the window.

They could see that most of Puzzle City was breaking if not completely destroyed.

“Furthermore, the Roan Kingdom has been in a state of war during this time and had stopped everything else. We truly received a lot of damage. I’m not sure how the Roan Kingdom can recover from all these damages alone……”

Alberu noted the representatives of certain Kingdoms who were avoiding his gaze and not even looking out the window.

“Ahem, hem.”

The Askosan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs let out some fake coughs and put on a somber expression.

“Your highness must have a lot of concern on his mind.”

“I agree. We are able to help out on a reasonable level.”

One of the representatives of the Eastern continent added on to the Askosan Minister of Foreign Affairs’ comment. However, although they were speaking with sorrow, their eyes were clouding over.

The Roan Kingdom had gotten too strong.

There was a need to suppress them.

‘Plus, if you think about it, all of this happened on the Roan Kingdom. Not ours.’

‘It should be enough that we dispatched our Knights Brigade. There’s no need for us to do anything else. It’s better for us to find a way out as quickly as possible. If the Roan Kingdom’s finances take a hit, we may be able to swoop in and take their mages.’

The eyes that were thinking about these things were clouding over.

The representatives of Norland and Breck Kingdom were silent and seemed to be deep in thought.

The Caro Kingdom’s representative was warily looking around.

Alberu simply looked at them. The Jungle’s Queen Litana clenched the armrest as if she was not satisfied with this and started speaking.

“Our Jungle-”

Knock knock knock.

There were some knocks on the door at that moment and Tasha, who had been at the door, opened it.

“Your highness, I heard that you were here, mm.”

The Knight Captain of the Roan Kingdom’s palace saluted and walked in before he stopped.

“What is it?”


Alberu gently asked and the Knight Captain hesitated for a moment. Alberu waved at him to tell him that it was okay and the others silently nodded their heads.

Some seemed happy that the Knight Captain’s arrival changed the topic while other seemed happy that there was a chance to lighten the mood that was getting heavy.

They were all looking at the Knight Captain with different reasons and the Knight Captain hesitated for a moment but finally started speaking.

Alberu had told him to look into it earlier and had told him to get him the answer immediately.

The Knight Captain decided that there must be a reason Alberu told him to talk about it here and started speaking.

“I have checked on all of our forces and here is the document about it. I received the information from the different troops.”

The Knight Captain handed the document in his hand to Tasha and asked crown prince about what to do.

“I will deliver your message to them once you look through the document and hand down the orders, your highness.”

Alberu didn’t even open the document he received from Tasha and looked around.

Most of the Roan Kingdom’s troops were focused on Puzzle City right now except for the minimum required to defend each area.

Furthermore, the heroes were here as well.

These heroes and forces were people who had taken down a god, even if it was a sealed god.

As the representatives here realized that…


The corners of Alberu’s lips went up. He gave an order to the Knight Captain.

“Have them all wait in Puzzle City for now.”

A chill descended upon the meeting room. Clopeh Sekka and Harol Kodiang were smiling while Litana and the representative of the Breck Kingdom sighed with a hand on their foreheads.

However, the rest of the people’s faces stiffened.

Alberu looked down at the people around the table with a cold smile that was far from his usual radiant smile.

“The war…”

Alberu asked in a gentle tone.

“The war is over, right?”

* * *

Cale, who was packing his bags without knowing about this chilly discussion, met up with Raon at that moment.

“Human! Are we headed to the Duke’s Estate? Why are we suddenly heading there?”

Instead of resolving Raon’s confusion, Cale made a request to the clueless Raon.

“I’ll explain later so please just cast the teleportation for now.”

“I got it, human! That’s as easy as drinking cooled down soup!”

Raon fluttered his wings and was about to cast the spell.


He then flinched and pointed to a corner of the room with his chubby front paw.

“Human! Are you not taking that?”


Cale’s face turned stoic while looking at the God of Death’s divine item he had thrown over there.

“…I guess I have to take it.”

“I’ll go pick it up for you!”

Raon picked up the black book.

“Human, here-, huh?!”


The black book suddenly opened and the pages started moving on their own.

“Uhh, uhh-!”

Cale, who had urgently turned his head after hearing Raon shout in shock, scowled.

‘What the hell? What is up with that?’

He reached his hand out wondering what was going on with the divine item.

“Give it to me.”

He thought that he should move the divine item away from Raon just in case.


Raon released his grip on the black book at that moment.


Cale watched the black book move on its own. To be more specific, he saw it quickly fly through the air. He saw it fly toward him.


The black book was wide open as it flew toward him.


As Choi Han rushed toward him in shock…


The open black book smashed right into Cale’s face.

The pages of the black book wrapped around Cale’s face and as Cale frowned feeling as if he was slapped despite it not hurting…

– My, it is so hard to chat with you. Let’s chat. Hmm?

He could hear the God of Death’s voice in his mind.


“H, human!”

“Young master-nim.”

Ron supported Cale who was falling back while Cale’s eyes slowly closed.

‘…This, am I f…fainting……’

Cale was fainting after being slapped by a book.

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