Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 761: Seeing it all (6)

Cale, who had been standing firmly, started walking toward the White Star.

“Those are ancient powers.”

He then gave a short comment to the others standing behind them.

“I’m taking them.”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up at that moment. The sculpture on the wall… The sealed god that was depicted as a beautiful human… The eyes of the sculpture turned red again.

‘Yes, you’re making your move too.’

The god started moving the moment Cale said that he was going to take the ancient powers.

They were aiming for the same thing as he had expected.

“I guess…”

Choi Han quietly mumbled as he walked past Cale.

“We can talk later.”

Cale got chills on his back, but chose to ignore it for now as he walked toward the disappearing White Star.

“…You will need to talk with me too.”

“Oh my, looks like you are in trouble, young master Cale. Sounds like we will need to talk too.”

He truly got chills after hearing Mary and Rosalyn’s cold voices, but Cale did his best not to turn his head.

He did not have time for that.

The White Star was turning into dust from the bottom up.

His body was turning into dust and scattering away quickly.


The White Star couldn’t even speak properly, but there was no look of resignation on his face.

However, Cale didn’t have time to be looking at his face either.

‘You crazy bastard. You sure had a lot of them.’

The spheres of light slowly floating up one or two at a time from the White Star’s disappearing body…

Red, green, white, black, etc.

Cale subconsciously sighed as the number of spheres easily surpassed five.

‘…Did the White Star really have so many ancient powers?’

When he had that question…

And when he subconsciously frowned at that question…


He heard a loud noise.

The red light that shot out of the sculpture’s eyes crashed into black aura.

The black aura exploded and the red light disappeared with the explosion.

‘As expected.’

Cale smirked again.

When he first saw that red light and threw the golden plaque toward that eerie light… Cale had realized it at that moment.

‘He’s weaker now.’

“He’s weaker than in the illusion.”

Choi Han, who was calmly making that assessment, didn’t even look at Cale as he continued.

“As expected, he has his limits. A sealed god is limited.”

Rosalyn soon raised her voice.

“Of course! That power just now is probably something he gathered by swallowing up people’s despair. That’s my guess since his attacks are getting weaker each time.”

Rosalyn smiled as she commented.

“This god doesn’t have much left. It won’t be long before he can’t do anything.”

It was not long until the sealed god couldn’t do anything other than watch while in his sealed state.

Cale knew this as well.

‘It makes no sense that the sealed god would be able to attack freely in the real world.’

If that was the case, the sealed god would have broken through the seal a long time ago and spread his despair throughout the world.

The reason that the sealed god could attack like this and lash out was probably thanks to the Hunters.

Now that he knew that the reason these temples appeared in the different worlds was because the Hunters… He had no choice but to think that way.

Cale left the sealed god to the others and quickly approached the White Star, whose body had turned to dust and only his head was remaining.

The spheres of light did not move and roamed around the White Star as if they were tied down.

It was probably because the White Star was not truly dead yet.


Bang, bang! Baaaaang!

The attacks continued.

“Isn’t the temple going to break?”

Rosalyn laughed as she shouted while Choi Han calmly responded.

“I want to destroy it all.”

He then added on.

“But not everybody is out yet.”

“No. I was the last. I think that Commander Toonka gave up on the test early on. The hall changed appearance once I came out.”

There was a reason Rosalyn was so relaxed.

“It was a path back to the entrance we came in. That showed up.”

“…I guess I have nothing to worry about it if everybody is out.”

‘These vicious people.’

Cale grabbed some badges from his inner shirt pocket as he shouted.

“Choi Han, you can’t break that sculpture!”

The sealed god was sealed in that sculpture on the wall. He had no idea of knowing what would happen if that sculpture was destroyed.

‘Breaking the sculpture might release the seal.’

Of course, he didn’t think that that would be the case.

‘If that was the case, those Hunter bastards would have destroyed the sculpture and called forth the sealed god.’

The sealed god would have also asked Cale to break the sculpture and not Embrace it.

‘If the seal broke because the sculpture was destroyed… It’d be quite the shabby seal for having been done by the gods.’

This seal probably could not be resolved so easily.

However, Cale was planning on not touching the sculpture nor the wall for now because he wanted to prepare for the what ifs.


The White Star’s face was disappearing now too.

A black sphere of light shot up as the last piece.

‘That’s the last one.’

Cale had a feeling that this was the last of the White Star’s powers.

Those powers would now start moving toward special locations or items once the White Star completely disappears.

Cale lowered his body and looked at the different colored orbs. He was prepared to use Embrace at any moment.


The White Star looked at Cale after hearing that comment.

The last thing remaining was the face covered by that white mask that covered half his face.

That face turned to dust and disappeared as well.

It was unbelievably quick.

It was so quick that the eyes couldn’t even leave a greeting.

The White Star disappeared like that.


The white mask fell to the ground.

Cale, who was holding some golden turtle badges, reached his hand toward the lights.


The lights shook intensely and looked as if they would shoot out like arrows. Cale tried to use Embrace on those spheres of light.



However, Cale stumbled and his body tilted to one side at that moment.


The temple was shaking.

The temple floor was roaring as if there was an earthquake.

Crack, crunch!


The floor was breaking.

‘This damn god bastard!’

He was sure that this was the sealed god’s doing.


The rumbling just now made the badges in Cale’s hand fall to the ground.

Cale grabbed whatever he could grab.


As the ancient powers looked ready to escape… Red light shot out toward them.

It wasn’t just one or two rays of red lights.

Endless amounts of ominous red lights shot out from the sculpture. Choi Han and Rosalyn moved to stop them but it would be bad if even one of them managed to touch an ancient power.

‘Of all things……!’

Cale frowned while looking at the thing in his hand.

Clopeh’s video recording device.

It was the cracked video recording device he saw earlier.


The temple floor was still shaking. Cale raised his body and tired to Embrace them again.



However, a ray of red light that they did not manage to stop struck the ground.

It thankfully couldn’t aim for the ancient powers, but it struck the ground close to Cale that Cale’s body tilted again from the aftershock and the shaking of the ground.

– L, look at how weak your legs are!

As the Super Rock shouted with pity…


The automatic video recording device that fell out of Cale’s hand crumbled into pieces.

– …Cale.


– I guess becoming healthy… doesn’t mean that your lost athletic abilities came back. Looks like you’ll need to build some muscles.

Cale’s body was overflowing with more life force than ever before, but that was unable to help him gain the muscles and athletic abilities his body had lost.

He heard Choi Han’s coarse and extremely angry voice at that moment.

“I knew it would be like this! Look at how he acts all fine but keeps falling down because he has no strength in his legs!”

Cale avoided looking at this unfamiliarly shouting Choi Han and moved to do what he needed to do.

Cale was the only person here who could Embrace the ancient powers.

Of course, it would be fine for the others to get the ancient powers.

However, there was one problem that they all knew, which prevented the others from easily jumping in.

The problem was simple.

‘Nobody knows which one is the sky attribute ancient power.’

There were more than five spheres of light. Nobody had any way of knowing which of these ancient powers was the sky attribute ancient power that required dead mana.

“Young master-nim!”


The red lights shot out to attack again and Cale lowered his body to crawl.

At that moment…

“Young master-nim!”

He heard Mary’s voice again. However, Cale didn’t have the time to turn around.

“I sense dead mana from those spheres of light!”

However, Cale’s eyes clouded over after hearing those words.

The necromancer, Mary.

Unlike Cale, she was able to sense dead mana. That meant that Mary should be able to tell which one was the sky attribute ancient power.

‘That’s go-’

The moment he was about to think that that was good…

“There are two! I sense dead mana from two of them!”

‘What? …Two?’

“The black one and the blue one!”

The temple shook even more intensely the moment Mary shouted. It was so bad that even Choi Han stumbled a bit.

Furthermore, Cale realized why this god bastard was aiming for the White Star’s powers.

Mary shouted again.

“The black one, the black one is more ominous!”

Cale’s mouth opened.

“…It’s the Demonic race.”

The White Star. That bastard had made a deal with the Demonic race.

Cale, who remembered a memory he had stored away, attentively observed the black sphere of light and realized something.

Unlike the other spheres of light that looked ready to shoot out at any moment, the black light was just floating there.

‘…Makes sense. If the contractor disappears, the contract needs to wait.’

It needed to wait for a new contractor.

The sealed god seemed to want this power connected to the Demonic race for some reason.

He might have calculated that this was his way of connecting with the Demonic race.

The Demonic race was a race that worshiped the sealed god, the God of Despair, after all.

Cale focused his gaze on the black sphere and grabbed whatever he could grab.

“…Of all things to grab!”

It was the only remaining trace of the White Star now that he was gone.

The white half-mask was in Cale’s hand.

‘Is this an item from the Demon World?’

This white half-mask was not a regular item.

“Young master Cale! The ancient powers-!”

However, Cale did not have time to think about that.

Oooooong– oooooong–

The ancient powers finally started moving.

They were shooting out in all different directions.

Cale raised his body about half way and ran toward the ancient powers as if he was falling on them.

He then started Embracing them.

Ooooo— ooooooong— oooo—

There were eerie noises and the intensely vibrating spheres of light stopped moving.


Cale groaned.

The stopped spheres of light… These powers were pulling Cale toward them.


It was different from the slightly easy Embracing process until now.

In some ways, it should have been expected. These were the White Star’s strong ancient powers and not regular ancient powers. Furthermore, there were multiple of them as well.

There was even a power with the contract from the Demonic race.

– Shit, Cale!

He heard the Super Rock’s voice and then Rosalyn’s voice.

“We need to stop it!”

Red light was shooting out like crazy from the sculpture’s eyes.

The temple was shaking so much that Rosalyn and Mary had to sit on the ground while using their powers.

However, Rosalyn soon smiled.

“Young master Cale!”

Numerous colors of light started moving toward Cale.

They moved very slowly at first.

But they soon charged toward Cale rapidly.

It looked as if a rainbow was surrounding Cale.

Rosalyn forgot for a moment that she was fighting and observed that beautiful sight. She then noticed the frown on Cale’s face as well as the variable that had appeared.

“…Oh no!”

The green sphere of light…

It rejected the white half-mask and started exiting its orbit toward Cale.

The green light then shot up into the ceiling.


Rosalyn became anxious as the green sphere of light shot up higher than Choi Han’s height, her shield, and Mary’s black spider webs.

‘The sealed god will-!’

The green sphere of light had shot up instantly.

Red light shot out toward that sphere of light.

The sealed god was making his move toward the only ancient power that had escaped from the orbit.

Cale’s voice pierced through the temple.

“Hey you!”

Cale was anxious and had subconsciously said that to get someone’s attention.

However, the person surprisingly knew that Cale was calling for him.

Cale and Clopeh…

Clopeh, who had not taken his eyes off Cale, reacted immediately to Cale’s voice.

Cale saw this and immediately shouted.

“Throw it!”

Clopeh quickly picked up the thing in front of him.

He picked up the red diary.

Clopeh then threw the diary toward the green sphere of light.

The green sphere of light.

Cale had felt the aura of this power when it rejected the White Star’s half-mask and escaped.


He felt the power of wood from this green sphere.

It was similar to an aura he had felt once before, as if they were twins.

The Annual rings of life in Cale’s possession…

Was only half of the wood attribute ancient power that Drew Thames left behind.

The White Star had the other half.


The red diary opened.

– Good job.

Drew Thames warmly whispered to Cale.

– This is mine.

The green sphere of light that had been shooting up toward the ceiling changed directions.

The ominous red light was unable to follow it.

The green sphere headed toward the red diary.


Cale could hear Drew talking about being full in a tired voice the moment the green light struck the diary.

– I’m complete now. Cale. Won’t you become the patriarch of the House of Thames?

Cale stood up.

He brushed the dust off of the white half-mask.

All of the lights that had been surrounding him had been Embraced into the white half-mask.

Cale looked forward.

“You’re the only one left now.”

Cale smiled brightly while looking at the beautiful person, no, sculpture engraved into the wall.

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